Nikon AF-S 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR lens now in stock

Nikon Nikkor AF-S 800mm f-5.6E FL ED VR lens
The Nikon AF-S 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR Lens is currently in stock at B&H for $17,896.95 with free shipping and 2% in rewards.

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  • Ric

    This will be bitchen on my J1!!!!!

    • Neopulse

      You’ll see people on the moon with that setup.

      • Ric

        I bet I could see Martin the Martian.
        “I’m going to blow up the earth. Isn’t that lovely?”

      • 103David

        Yeah, but they’ll be mooning you.

    • groucher

      That would give 2700mm equiv (with the 1.2 converter) with no loss of aperture and 60fps @ highest image resolution. You could hold your head up at the local bird sanctuary with that setup.

    • MyrddinWilt

      I am gonna wait till the f/4 version comes out.

      • kreislauf


  • Jarret O’Shea

    I’ll wait until it’s $200 off with the Nikon deals.

    • DistrictGopher

      Only if you buy a D3200 body with it.

      • Morris

        what about the nikon 1 ?

    • Nas


      • banzaii

        GOOD ONE, J.O. ! or just purchase four 200mm f4. cheaper.

        • george

          You might as well get 80 50mm primes, you get way more total reach with those 🙂

  • greg

    I’d really like to see a comparision once with this monster and a cheapo 500USD MILC, ( like the Sony HX-100v ( 28-1000mm )- which I own… well the picture quality sux, but it has Full HD, 60fps video, and it is fun to shoot video from hand with 1000mm focal length ! 🙂

    • Kynikos

      Like you said, “the picture quality sux”.

      • greg

        Not for video ! Sony HX100’s photo quality is really bad, but video is excellent. I am having a Sigma 50-500, and planning to buy a D5300, so probably will make the comparision myself. 🙂

    • El Aura

      A very big difference (for stills) will be in the low light performance. But also in good light will the HX-100V be noisier (or NR-impacted) and much less DR.

      On the lens side you’ll also get clearly better images (maybe not as large a difference as from the sensor side, but then you cannot decouple sensor size and lens quality because such a small camera and lens can only be achieved by a pretty small sensor).

  • bgbs

    What kind of price is that? They might as well sell it for $25K because at the price it doesn’t really matter what price you put. In my books, a lens shouldn’t cost more than $5K.

    • mikeswitz

      Tea bag much?

    • Mansgame

      I’ve learned to expect that some Nikon lenses are not made with me in mind and not even for the pros in mind. It’s mostly for news organizations who either buy one and share it between their staff photographers; Nat Geo, or for free lancers who rent one when they’re on assignment and need to take pictures of king or queen somewhere and they can’t get closer.

      • Ronan

        Yupp, some lenses are produced in VERY little amount and cost a LOT. Those usually go to agencies. Nikon is fine with that since they will meet their quota.

        • Morris

          lets break the rules ! i’m second!

    • Dauv

      Just ordered this with an extension tube. Can’t wait to take my new set up to the zoo.

  • skaarj

    Why not a 400mm 2.8 with 2x TC with a free D4 and some change over to buy beer.

    • dhbanes

      probably because of this.

      • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

        The 400/2.8 is not even close to the same detail with any TC, yet alone the 2x. The AF performens also takes a big hit the TCs.

      • skaarj

        Holy crap that MTF chart really does make me want to spend over $9000 more. I almost made a mistake.

        • jorge

          LOL!!! This comment made my night!

      • Maji

        That MTF chart is almost close to perfect. The 400/2.8 MTF is nothing to sneer at but looking at it makes me feel that the designer was given a free hand to play with the glass combo till he came up with the perfect MTF.

  • Stef

    oh goodie. perfect for my DF 🙂

    • Morris

      i think the best pair is the paper-kodak use and trash film camera

  • Amir

    A simple question is:What will be the big differences between Nikkor 800mm 5.6 and Kowa TSN-884 Spotting Scope for wildlife photography?is there any comparative chart or results?

    • Azahari Reyes

      The contrast, sharpness, autofocus + manual focus vs manual focus only.

      One test done last time but on different scope and lens

    • Spy Black

      Actually, a better comparison might be against high quality telescopes. There is a Taiwanese company named William Optics that makes high quality yet relatively affordable telescopes that would possibly be a better comparison.

      These scopes have no aperture control, autofocus, or image stabilization, but they are otherwise high quality refractive lenses. The closest match I could find to the Nikkor is a 783mm F/7.68 optic:

      Again, not as versatile as the Nikkor, but for a high-quality telescopic optic, this would be a better comparison. They also carry a 925mm F/7 optic that looks quite attractive:

      • Captain Megaton

        They might look at you funny though if you showed up at the Winter Olympics with one…

        • Spy Black

          Obviously action is something virtually impossible with a telescope optic (unless you’re a wicked photographer), but for most other uses they’re certainly usable, especially when you consider their price for a quality refractor optic.

      • There are several excellent telescopes in that range. Tele Vue makes a 660mm f/5.2 for about $7,200. Stellarvue makes a 900mm f/6.9 that sells for $6,000.

        • Spy Black

          I’m sure those are nice scopes, but now you’re getting up there in price. The William Optics scopes are more affordable and still very high quality.

          • Ronan

            William Optics are not that great… far from it.

            They are consumer grade telescopes with consumer grade optics.

            • Spy Black

              I don’t know about that. These other manufacturers may also make high quality optics, but William Optics isn’t pulling any punches. Their client base includes professors, among others. While I’m sure both of those other scope manufacturers make good products, William Optics are no slouches.

      • Aeroengineer

        I have a Telescope Engineering Co 140mm apo refractor. f/7, 980mm. Optically superb. However, as a lens for a DSLR, it is a tad cumbersome. In addition to the shortcomings identified above, the scope weighs 19 lbs; the non-motorized alt-az head weighs 20 lbs, and the wooden tripod weighs 20 lbs. Of course, there is always the monopod…

        • Spy Black

          Yeah no doubt they require more effort to use, but I was commenting primarily on having an optic with similar optical quality that you stand a chance of actually affording.

  • Funduro

    Oh well, 95 cents higher then my lens budget allows.

  • Ronan

    Best long focal length primes, thank you Nikon!

    Lemme go remortgage the house 😀

  • Scott M.

    Hey! B&H leases this lens for $617 a month. Wonder what the minimum is?

    • Scott M.

      Ok, I looked into the leasing program. You must be an established business, professional, government organization or a church. The minimum is 2 years. So $617 a month means $14,808 for 24 months and then you can’t keep it. Good credit card payment is a better deal.

      • Jorge

        Aaaha! The government to spy on us!! lol

      • Neopulse

        A church?

        • Scott M.

          B&H sez “non-profits or houses of worship.” They want an organization that has reliable credit worthiness.

          • Neopulse

            I’m gonna be on the lookout for priests/bishops with 800mm lenses then.

            • MyrddinWilt

              Plenty of churches have big audio/PA rigs and likely rent audio/video equipment from B&H.

            • Neopulse

              Ah yeah, that you are very right about.

            • Morris

              they are all in their bedrooms pointing at the window

            • Taggart

              Little Timmy says, “Bihsop, is that an 800mm lens under your robe, or are you just happy to see me?”

        • Morris

          everybody knows the Pope himself have got that thing in his bedroom and spies tourists in the streets.

      • zoetmb

        Yes, but you can’t ignore interest. At 6%, you could pay it off in three years with payments of $540. At 9%, you could pay it off in three years with payments of $560 a month. At 12%, it would cost $580 a month.

        • KnightPhoto

          Actually I really appreciate these calculations. I had completely written off this beast, despite me being an FX-shooting birder. But saving $500 / month for three years is not out of this world impossible. Maybe I’ll start thinking about this seriously. I bought my 5541 tripod a few years back in anticipation of a “someday” 800mm, never expecting the price to be what it was.

          BTW you can get this lens for $16,500 here plus benefit from the recent decline in the Canadian currency which makes it an even better deal:

  • Neopulse

    Still waiting for the Otus to be back in stock :-/

  • broxibear

    Is there a “retro” version for the Df ?

  • D. Carlos

    Thanks for this indispensable info.
    I just don’t quite know yet what to do with it 😉

  • Jon Ingram

    Does it come in pink?

  • 103David

    Can I buy two? I want to make a stereo camera.

  • My, that’s a big one.

  • jec6613

    That’s $368 in rewards at 2% back, just enough to get the TC-14E grey market to go with it.

    • De Mentia

      It already comes with a matching teleconverter.

      • jec6613

        But only the 1.2x. It works with the 1.4 too, you know.

  • Joseph Li

    just ordered one……….

    in my fattest dream

    • Morris

      honestly, for my uses and needs a shorter lens would be fine, i want to walk lost in the forest and get ready for a shot, i dont want to bring my car and make bodybuilding every bird i see, it’s like if someone produces a 5 kg wrist watch all in gold and the best tech and materials on the planet, but then …

  • Bimo

    WHO CARES???

  • kazziz

    I have it already for months in Poland in our store…

    • Morris

      you fool, and you let it rotten in the store ? GOGETITNOW

      • kazziz

        I’d love to sell it 🙂

  • JackB

    Does it come an assistant to lift it?

  • Marcel Speta

    Nice lens, but too expensive. For me as a bird photographer would be very usefull (especially for small birds), but the size and weight is the limit I think. Travellers might have problems to take it on the aircraft board like Nik 600/4. So …. 400/2.8 + TC is usally the option. I know the MTF looks great for this lens, but this is not everything…..

    • fred

      Maybe bokeh is harsh.
      Now if I put my extension tubes on…that will increase magnification at minimum focus distance….any good for macro??

    • Morris

      by the time you touch something, or adjust your tripod with it, the birdy made poo on the hood and is gone the day before, that might be good for sleeping lions 2km away

  • Arthur Tazo

    Darn! Limit one per customer.

    • Orfeu

      Just when I was planning a money making scheme…

  • george

    I’ll pass…

    I’m waiting for their updated version of this one:

    • Oh Yes!

      Join the queue.

    • MyrddinWilt

      One of those was used to take the first picture of the new Pope as he met the crowds on the balcony.

      It must have paid for itself because that picture is absolutely everywhere in Rome. Even though it is actually a rather marginal shot.

      The lens was made for use in one particular baseball stadium in Japan.

  • george

    It just occurred to me, for that price you can get:
    14-24mm f/2.8
    24-70mm f/2.8
    70-200mm f/2.8
    35mm 1.4
    50mm 1.4
    85mm 1.4

    And still have enough left for a D800 🙂

    • llaaa

      but then you do not have a 800 5.6 🙂

    • Morris

      then pile them up so you can get the lizard 5 miles away!

  • BJD

    As for me, I’m just getting it to save the $30 bucks on Lightroom! #BlackFridayDeals!

  • Morris

    i’d like to know what would that FAIRLY be in Uk Pounds or Euros in north europe, something not fair at all ?

    • Andy

      More likely they’ll be using the camera gear exchange rate of 1$ = 1€ = 1£

      • JorPet

        Well, here in WA, that lens would be right about $20,000. Our prices don’t show tax, so you typically need to add up to 10% for taxes we pay. In Europe, all prices are with VAT. They should have to post the actual price and then show what VAT does to the price.

  • Mike

    …..another short range birder lens – probably.

    According to Thom Hogan reviews of the Nikon big lenses non are brilliant at distance. Canon big whites are better for distance work.

    • Not Really.

      Thom seems to struggle when it comes to using long lenses.

    • jec6613

      He actually said that of the 200-400, not of the other exotics.

      • Mike

        …actually read Thom’s reviews of the 400/2.8 VR and 500/4VR – same problem as the 200-400 although not as bad.
        Fine if you are a birder otherwise very poor value for money.

    • neversink

      Thom Hogan’s reviews are good… Much better than Fockwell….. However, I always test my lenses and I have found the 500 f/4 absolutely superb on both the D800 and D4 bodies. Given the weight of the 500, for me, it was the better choice the the 600 or 400.

  • dave

    There’s definitely some “1-upping” going on between Canon and Nikon in the super expensive telephoto lens department.

    I wish they’d concentrate more on the enthusiast end of the market. I’m sure a lot of people here would rather see smaller lighter FF bodies, improved 24-70mm f2.8 with VR and primes with VR etc.

    • me

      You are…just later. You want the two of them to be doing this because this sort of extreme engineering gives them knowledge that they use elsewhere.

  • Andrew71

    This will make a great stocking stuffer. Thanks for posting. Gotta run, my Learjet is waiting.

  • Fred

    I do so hope they sell them both.
    What Nikon users are Crying Out for now, if not Mirrorless, is a 24MPX body without AA filter, Truly Quiet mode included, weighing no more than 500 gms as in film days!

    • Ronan

      With the ability to switch from black to retro-silver by pressing a button!!!

  • Fred

    and FF of course.

  • saywhatuwill

    Oh good, I can use it to take pictures of my cat!

    • Taggart

      Even if she’s a block away!

  • arbitrage

    I think that with the free shipping thrown in, I will be able to afford this one now 😉

  • Me

    I want a pancake version of this with no aberration and it should be a kit lens.

  • broxibear

    Here’s an unboxing of this lens…

    • Been There

      Oops, he almost dropped it.

    • AnonyMouse

      What’s up with the music in that video? Shades of 70s porn films.

    • zoetmb

      Look how the booklets were just thrown in the top of the box and they weren’t even wrapped in plastic. I think he got a used one! Send it back. And I don’t like the beige-yellow color of the case…and how come it’s not a 2.8? Big fail Nikon. I’m not buying it…I’ll wait until you change the case cover. Better do it fast or I’m switching to Canon.

    • Jim

      Just FF to 3:15 (unless you like watching paint dry.)

    • At least by just carrying that lens alone, he might lose some of that belly fat..

  • frank

    This would look perfect between my collection of Lunars.

  • Jeff Hunter

    That thing’s a monster! It’s closer to being a telescope than a camera lens!

    • bernard

      Do we use this item to take photographs, or to shell Omaha Beach?

  • Had a dream that I ordered one last night. Freaking crazy waking up and trying to remember if I really did or didn’t go for it 🙂

    • guest

      Don’t say this; I’m on my fourth glass of wine…

    • Morris

      im watching vids on youtube starting from the 200 f2G all the way up, gotta give more tries on any kind of lotteries this Xmas, lets see

  • Stanley77

    Do I get to keep the shipping container as I might have to live in it after buying an 18 grand lens.

    • NoMeJodas

      No. But the lens box should be big enough 😉

  • bartsad

    Think it’s time to smash my piggy bank open

  • Martin

    Many people seem to assume this lens is huge.

    The 800/5.6 is actually only 5 mm longer and almost a pound lighter then the 600/4. It is even a few grams lighter then the 400/2.8, but then almost 100 mm longer.

    Interestingly it balances pretty well (much like a 500/4) and is surprisingly easy to hand hold.

    If you can read Swedish, here is a article written after using this lens for a few weeks this summer 🙂

    • Morris

      but you didnt add the weight of the mule 🙂

  • Orfeu

    Holy crap! Now I finally have a reason to hire cargo mules on my next trip to Yosemite! Does it come with a month long free gym membership and acupuncture and physical therapy for lower back pain?

    • Grevture


      But seriously, this is not such a cumbersome lens. It is only marginally bigger and not even heavier then several of the earlier big telephoto lenses – all which are regularly used on monopods or even hand held.

      It takes a little practice, but using them is not all that big a deal.

      Neither is carrying them: 4,6 kilos is not all that bad.

      What becomes cumbersome is for example for pro sports shooters at big events which end up lugging around two or three camera bodies with say a 600/4 (a pound heavier then the 800/5.6), a 200-400/4, a 70-200 and a 14-24 for possible close up shots …

      • Morris

        you minimize the weight and size of it, but you must think of walking kilometers with other equipment, tripod, some water and extras, and it wont be a flat road (hills), every 100-200 grams or 5-10 cm extras, are not ‘only that’ are more over more over more of smaller models. to make it shortly, everybody in this planet can push this lens up, not many can handle a day in the wild.

        • Grevture

          But people do that today with 500/4 and 600/4, and evidently that works just fine … And the 800/5.5 is actually a full pound _lighter_ then a 600/4.

          If a birder/wildlife shooter need to go really light, none of the big telephotos is a option. Then you rather end up in the AF-S 80-400 or Af-S 300/4 territory.

          My point is that the 800/5.6 is not any more cumbersome then any of the other big telephoto lenses. I hauled one around for four weeks last summer and even compared to my 300/2.8 its more of a gradual increase in weight and bulk, not the dramatic difference a lot of people try to make it.

          • Morris

            ok, im gonna order it, if i get tired after 500mt i know who to blame 🙂

            • Grevture

              That’s the spirit! 😀

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