New low price for refurbished Nikon D600: $1,299.99, Nikkor 58mm f/1.4G lens in stock

Refurbished Nikon D600 DSLR camera is currently listed with a new low price of $1,299.99 with free shipping and one year warranty (via Cameta Camera). The deal is available only trough this link (the same camera is listed for $1,399.95 at Cameta Camera). For a list of all refurbished Nikon products, visit this dedicated page.

Update: the Nikon 58mm f/1.4g lens is now in stock:


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  • LevanV

    Next step – it comes for free, when you buy D610

    • Cyrille Berger

      I would buy one of those, keep the D600 and resell the D610.

      • Mansgame


      • alpcns .

        I bought two. They are fantastic cameras.

  • Oleg_M

    Piece of crap. Thanks, I don’t need it even for free.

    • Tiviri Tavara

      Agree, you don’t need it because you wouldn’t know what to do with one in your hands

      • Ronan

        It has a P mode so he will be fine.


        • bob2

          No, he needs the Lady With The Hat icon. Otherwise it’s too advanced for Olie.

  • Ken Elliott

    This makes me wonder if the real reason for Nikon introducing the D610 is to allow them to push a bunch of inexpensive full-frame cameras on the market to get market share. Yeah, it might be unlikely. But I’ve known this to occur in other industries. This might drive more lens sales, and be a way to move as much F-mount glass as possible before FF mirrorless cameras start to take over.

    As a “refurb”, they can have them “available” before the holidays, and “out-of-stock” at other times. Any time they need more, they could simply re-badge D610 bodies as D600.

    Yeah – unlikely.

    • Ronan

      Kill 2 birds with one stone.

  • sly

    I own a D600. At this price is such a good value, I think the best on the market. I never understood people that say the D600 is a “Piece of crap”, well I understand that most of them does not own it and base their feeling on forum rumors. Never had any dust issue more than normal ones, anyway I clean my sensor often. The body is well sealed, enough for me, IQ and low light performances are amazing, focus can be better but is not so bad for a non-sport photographer, I usually take my time to take a picture so it does not really mater.
    A full frame Nikon DSLR for $1300 that really a great value.

    I met several professionals that just jump on the body since the price went really down to have a second or a third lighter body for this price.

    • Up $#!t’s creek!

      Running off of the d800 focus issue this camera was another disaster for Nikon aside from the quality of pictures it actually does take. They still refuse to directly admit the original units had faulty shutters which prompted the “faster” d610. It will be interesting to see how carefully controlled manufacturing is with the dF

      • Global

        Well. Come on. In fairness, you can’t compare the D600 to the Df. The Df is much worse.

        The Df has has such shoddy quality control issues that Nikon couldn’t even get the video to work at all, not to mention some genius accidentally designed the Df so that an optional handgrip can’t be used, and they completely forgot to include a second memory card slot…. so instead of a D600 style disaster, they are just relabeling these things as “features” to senile people. 😀

        The D600 is a mid-end camera – the Df is a low-end camera.

        • Ronan

          Hi troll that’s too scared to login (hi robert).

          I tried the Df and it felt fine. Not sure where the lack of quality you are talking about is coming from. Did you even notice the silver version isn’t paint but actually properly finished (unlike Fuji/Olympus).

          Oh wait… you probably never even tried one…

          • Andrew

            I think Global is having some humor at cheek’s expense.

            Clue: [Nikon can’t get the video to work]

          • intopix

            Right on, Ronan!

        • intopix

          Video? When did the Df have video?

        • intopix

          Who are you to claim that Nikon “couldn’t even get the video to work”?

          Were you in the engineering team that developed the project during a 4-year effort?
          Nikon has had video since the D90 (or earlier,? I don’t exactly remember) and, now, they would have become SO INCOMPETENT that all of sudden they don’t know how to include a video feature in their camera?


        • Robert Mossack

          I can’t believe so few picked up on the satirical nature of your post Global (couldn’t get the video to work…hilarious!). I guess it’s true, humor and sarcasm are not always detectable over the internet. 🙂

    • Ronan

      110% agreed with you.

      Just dumb internet trolls. I wouldn’t be surprised if they never even held one.

      • ronin

        Trolls. You seem to use that word a lot. I don’t think it means what you think it means.
        It does not mean, for example, someone with whom you simply disagree.

        • mikeswitz

          ronin…I mean Oleg…I mean robert. I think we have the very definition of a troll all wrapped up in those three names with the same ip address.

      • Mansgame

        Well, you work for Nikon and have been trolling those who had problems with their D600 so no surprise.

    • MB

      It is not the issue but how you handle it that counts …
      Nikon was very clumsy at it, first they just deny it, then they kind of acknowledge it but saying it is normal (?), and finally they released a new camera effectively stating that the issue is beyond repair.

      Instead they could have just published some magnified image of some part of shutter saying that they identified the problem and everyone is welcome for a quick and easy fix (even if it is just a regular cleaning) and with an apologize for any inconvenience.

      Same thing Canon have done so many times

      This stupidity will unfortunately cost Nikon dearly, and one fantastic camera D600 is will go into history as total failure.

      • intopix

        I couldn’t agree more with you.
        Although I do NOT have a 600 (I am a Nikon fan since 1963 with half a dozen cameras), I would have raised hell for the their attitude if I had spent $2,000! A defect can occur with any manufacturer but it must have the courage and the intelligence to acknowledge it.
        I am ready to buy a 610 but I certainly not rush…

    • One More Thought

      You are correct; the D600 is a fantastic camera.

      It’s funny that some are still bashing the D600 and Nikon, when in the previous post we read about the guy who used the D600 while climbing Mt. Everest…not exactly the easiest of environments.

      So while some bash away, we have a real world example of the D600 shining as a camera in use.

      • Mansgame

        Strawman’s arugment. Taking his camera to a mountain is different than having oil spots and Nikon denying the problem and not fixing the issue.

        • One More Thought

          My point is that the D600 is a great camera for many people. The guy who does the Camera Store videos in Canada noted that his store has sold hundreds of D600s and not one has been returned for the oil spot issue. Even he has a D600 and no problems.

          Sure there are problems out there, but again, your experience is not the experience of all.

          • happy999

            Even if you discount the D600 problems (I had one and returned it), Nikon support & service model is TERRIBLE. Have a look at postings- they specifically call out Nikon for being the WORST by far below Canon, Sony, etc., and they have hundreds of pieces of gear being serviced.

    • Mansgame

      Really? You don’t see how someone who paid $2100 for this camera only to have to have spots on his pictures, be told there was nothing wrong with the camera, paying to clean it, then seeing more spots, then finally sending it to Nikon and getting it back only to see the problem return and his $2100 camera being worth $900 used is a problem?

      And yes, I own this camera. The sensor when clean takes beautiful images but that’s the problem, it doesn’t stay clean long enough to enjoy the camera.

      • mikeswitz

        c’mon you don’t any camera, now do you? maybe an iPhone.

      • One More Thought

        Mansgame: At some point you have to get over this. What are you going to do…let this trouble you for the rest of your life? On your deathbed are you going to be screaming out at Nikon for your D600 problems?

        Boycott Nikon, whatever…most people are tired of hearing the whining and complaints. The problem has been well hashed out and it’s time to move on.

        Not to minimize your problem but it’s not the end of the world. We’ve all bought products and had problems with some . Be grateful you can afford such a camera; many people cannot even afford the basics of life.

        I’ve done volunteer work with terminally ill kids and trust me, every one of them and their families would trade their problem for yours.

        As for the depreciation in value of your camera, welcome to the digital age. Every digital product depreciates quickly, problems or no problems. And you shouldn’t buy a camera thinking of it as investment.

        So get over it. There’s such a thing as perspective and grace in dealing with the difficulties of life.

        • Mansgame

          As far as you know, I have very real, real life problems which is why I don’t tolerate this garbage from a company that took my money. Your argument can be used with anything:

          Guy robs you at gun point but lets you live…why complain? Those poor dying children would happily trade places with you.

          Guy runs red light and totals your car…why get mad? Those poor dying children would happily trade places with you.

          Your girlfriend is cheating on you? You gotta get over this! Those poor dying children would happily trade places with you.

          Seriously though, deprecation as you know has a certain acceptable rate. D700 depreciated after 4 years. That’s acceptable. Dropping almost 50% in less than a year due a defective shutter (or other issues) is not acceptable.

          • One More Thought

            There is complaining, and there is over complaining. One can overdo anything and with all due respect, you have exceeded your limit on complaining about your D600.

            You lose all sympathy when you complain incessantly.

            And let’s face reality: other than the earliest adopters, most everyone else who bought a D600 knew going in about the dust/oil issue. And most everyone had time to return it if they were not satisfied once they used and inspected their unit. On top of that, one could always contact Nikon, etc…many have done so and gotten their shutter replaced.

            Plus, many have not had the issue. So I wonder why someone buys a camera with a known issue, tries it out and sees they have a problem, and then just keeps it and complains and whines to the public.

            Nikon didn’t take your money; you gave it to them, and had time to reverse the transaction, as well as other means of recourse.

            But regardless, some people just like to complain, complain, complain. It gets old. All of us on these forums know about the D600 issues. No need to rehash it for us.

            • happy999

              I don’t blame him at at all. Nikon’s service is f*cking terrible, as evidenced by the experience of anyone that’s had to deal with them lately, not just on the D600. Their bad service was also noted by lensrentals- bad enough that when their own employees buy into systems, it plays into their decision.

              For the buyers that got screwed, venting their anger in any D600 threads from now to infinity is a healthy outlet, and justified. Nikon hasn’t changed a d@mn thing, and is content to continue with their horrible service model. Carrying over that D600 anger into other discussions would be excessive, but bashing it here, where other potentially buyers might be lured in by the bargain-basement price, is fine.

              You come across as a Nikon fanboi that doesn’t like it when people justifiably bash your gear. This is a discussion board- you act like Mansgame is walking around in everyday life ranting about this, or like you actually know him, and you lecture him about anger. I bet you’re a real hoot in real life on topics like politics and religion.

              At any rate, it’s OK- with the way Nikon’s financials are going, they’ll be joining Minolta soon enough, especially with Sony dropping bombs on them like the A7/A7r. Sony, Fuji, Tamron, Sigma, and the other innovators in the market are bringing the pain. With Nikon being a one-trick pony, they won’t last.

        • T4N4T0S

          I’m sorry but saying that no one should complain about something because other people has bigger problems is just stupid. He did not steal his camera, he paid for it with his well earned money (unless you know otherwise) and by the way you don’t know if he volunteers or not but certainly it does not add anything to this discussion.

          Good thing a lot of people complain for bad products, why do you thing consumer protection was created.

      • sly

        Whatever the raison. All you say, the dust issue on some bodies, the bad way Nikon handle the problem, etc …. makes this Body @ $1300 a very good deal !

  • Alex

    I got one for 1800$ 3 months ago…In 3 months it will be almost
    free. Thanks for making me throw money out the window Nikon! Nikon gear looses
    it’s value much faster than canon.

    • Joven

      It’s not throwing it out the window if you still think you feel that you got $1,800 worth of camera. I bought it a year ago at $2,100 when I moved up from a D5100 and I don’t regret it. In a year, I was able to get shots I wouldn’t have been able to get on my D5100. Did I have to clean my sensor? Yup. Is it still an issue? Nope.

      Great little camera.

    • Tiviri Tavara

      Hey, wake up, it’s 2013, welcome to the digital era.
      Two weeks ago I bought a new smartphone for $60. This phone sold for $400 9 months ago.

      • bob2


        Check out the current prices of a Canon 1DMk2 or Nikon D2X, formerly $5,000 supercameras. Life moves on.

    • Ronan

      They all lose value at the same rate.

      Heck, grab a iPhone 5S for FREE right now. Isn’t that thing $700 with no plan and $250 when it came out a few months ago?

      Also, i don’t know why anyone would buy an expensive electronic a few months before black friday sales…

    • Degsy

      Alex or D! ?

  • droll

    Finally, the price of D600 drops to the appropriate level. Remember D600 is an officially flawed camera. Previously, it was way overpriced as a flawed camera.

  • Spy Black

    Love it. Best deal out there.

    • Kynikos

      Yep. Mine is problem-free (shop said they had my back if I needed to exchange), converted to IR, and I expect all the IR camera I’ll ever need and more besides. Paid $1850 awhile back, no regrets.

      This is an amazing deal, and the ‘refurb’ angle removes so much risk. Buy it, test it immediately, enjoy it for years.

    • Mansgame

      Enjoy your oil spots. Hey, maybe one of those refurbs is the the one I returned.

  • stormwatch

    D600 at this price is the ultimate Nikon’s camera, a superb way into the FF world of true photography (and too shallow DOF for video usage)…it’s such a shame that a company which was just yesterday considered as an serious player, in a matter of few weeks managed to completely wrote off one of the finest DSLR’s which ever hit the market, and come up with the same, but much more expensive product like the D610 is (0.5fps, WB adjustment, and a3D plane view is the pure new firmware thing) But what is more worrying, they managed to put out another contraption….the Df…so much fuss about prepackaged D600 with non italic logo, silver paint in a form of a ring and a few silly positioned knobs for the 3k Euro…man…mold building up in the corners of the Nikon CEO offices is really of a severe toxic nature…

  • Patrick

    I see more refurbished items of nikon than i not right??

    • name

      that’s because Canon is perfect, as their employees are not permitted to sit down. They are also routinely beaten and starved if they make any mistakes.**

      I suggest you sell everything Nikon immediately and purchase everything Canon (including the mug).

      **Sarcasm alert

  • Z

    I see trolls are busy today …

  • D!

    This is the price that this Camera worth!
    1/4000 ,simplified AF,small controller,cheap viewfinder etc…
    This should have been the anoucement price remplacing both D300s and D700 and It should be 999$ right now for x-mas.
    It’s a good value for a FX but this is a cheap version,I don’t even know If I still want to buy It at an under 1000$ price maybe I’ll wait 2more years and a real Camera to come out.
    DF is already a failure due to his price and no video capability!
    (D800 does not count It is an experimentation,a good one tho)
    (D4 is not good enough one CF only,low MPX and lower battery)
    Nikon loose again ,Canon win.
    …and I’m not talking about video(I better not)
    6D is the best cheap full frame DSLR
    5DMRKII the best full frame semipro DSLR
    1DX is the Bestpro DSLR
    1DC is the Best pro cinema DSLR
    70D is the best APSC video/photo enthousiast…

    • Neopulse

      Ummm… troll much? You shouldn’t be around a camera if you have this kind of thinking. I think you should wait longer than just 2 years to have a camera.

      • D!

        Actually I am selling my Nikons geear to get Canons at the moment ,So I’m really pissed at Nikon for their BShtttt!!!!
        You free to ignore the fact,good luck in your photography life.

        • Neopulse

          Post the links of the stuff you’re selling, chances are someone here will put it to the use it was meant for.

        • bob2

          Good riddance then! You’ll find that Canon (and every other camera maker) will also have snafus and production errors somewhere along the line on some camera. You’ll be a very dissatisfied consumer whichever brand you choose.

      • Simba

        Canon must be paying trolls to put stupid comments in Amazon,, and, etc. I have seen many of those.

    • bonem

      Hi. Based on your post I found the perfect camera for you for the next few years while cameras get better and more to your standards.
      2.1MP and is a beast! Nerf or nothing!

      Go home Troll, you’re drunk!

    • MrSkelter

      Hi Theodoros!

      • mikeswitz

        No, no. It’s robert. Theo’s grammar was much better.

    • mikeswitz

      Hey everyone, roberts back!

      • umeshrw

        With a new name.

  • jk

    even if it is under 1k , you should not buy it cause it will develop annoying dust spots all over the sensor.
    get the D610 or the D800E.

    • The gambling here is that those D600 may have the new shutter.

      • Ronan

        Even if it doesn’t, the problem usually goes away after a few thousand clicks and 2-3 good cleaning (which can be done at home).

        • ronin

          Oh. Well, then.
          Here’s my money. Happy to complete your manufacturing process and then clean up after you.

        • Mansgame

          False. 15,000 pictures and dozens of cleanings and it’s still there.

      • Dave Ingram

        My D600 had a shutter replacement in April, now back at Nikon Canada for a second servicing. The spotting/oil isn’t nearly as bad as before but it is noticeable (and a pain to remove in post, especially the large “blobs”). Pics of April and September sensor dust and oil at

        I get the “clean it yourself” message, but for a camera that I originally bought for $2K I expect better. I shouldn’t have to clean this thing every month and according to Nikon Canada wet cleaning does void the warranty. Only had to clean my old D80 once in 5 years.

        Now looking into trading my D600 and kit lens in for either a D800 or Df – can get about $1000 on the trade which sucks but might be worth the lack of pain and a better made camera. Selling it myself might be an option but there’s so much bad press about this camera that I don’t know if I’d get much more for it … especially if you can get a refurbished one for $1300.

        In the meantime, I’ve got a very nice Fuji X100S to use for the 10 days that it’s going to take Nikon to clean/service/fix my lemon.

        • Spy Black

          Unless others have had similar streaks like that, that may not be a product of the shutter. I’ve had a fair amount of spotting, but no vertical streaking like that ever. I won’t say it can’t happen, but not even Roger Cicala’s Lens Rentals roster of D600s (where the whole thing started) have exhibited that kind of phenomenon, and his D600s get far more use than any one individual shooter.

          • IslandNature

            The September spots post-shutter replacement aren’t as extensive as the image that Disqus auto uploaded (that’s the April sensor) – see the Tumblr post for a comparison. The replaced shutter shows dust spots at small apertures, and blobs at low apertures – no lines of spots. (Posting as @IslandNature, Disqus must have grabbed that profile instead of Dave Ingram ).

    • Dee Melbihess

      Takes about 5 minutes to clean. And it goes away rather quickly. I see no point of real concern unless you are just trolling.

      • Tom F.

        So if you’re shooting a wedding for pay, and facing the prospect of dealing with a Bridezilla if your late on delivery, you would take that chance to have to re-touch hundreds or thousands of images with p/s clone stamp? Maybe if you ever shot a camera you’d re-think that.

        • Rich

          There is the possibility to use Image Trends-SensorKleenPro and automatically erase the dust and debris in a set of digital SLR images (MS-Windows).

      • Mansgame

        5 minutes before every shoot? Do you even own this camera? Have you seen the massive amounts of oil first hand? I have. My shutter has been replaced twice now by Nikon and it still has spots. It comes back. Someone, screwed this up bad at Nikon and they’re not admitting as to what happened.

  • dclivejazz

    Wow, even with my frustrating experience with the oil splatters and the month it took Nikon service to fix it, gotta say this is an incredible deal. I doubt the refurbished ones have the replaced shutter–that would take an extent of effort that Nikon doesn’t seem to make. Still, it’s a great camera for that price. If it’s your second camera, you might be able to afford the time it would take Nikon to work on it if you have any issues with the sensor.

  • Jon Ingram

    Wow, great deal. Seriously, good deal. If your concerned about oil, fire 4K at home, demand a shutter replacement and your done. Wish I could afford another body right now…

    • Mansgame

      lol that is adorable. You think a shutter replacement fixes the issue. So cute.

  • Joseph Li

    It’s amazing how some debris and oil issues can cause such a fantastic 24mp, one of the best image quality camera to be so cheap, almost DX cheap. In many ways D600 makes the full frame completely affordable to many, the issue is actually a good thing. Oh just wait and watch the market be flooded with full frame amateurs shooting for free lol

  • Chris

    I paid about $900 more for mien less than a year ago. Honestly when the time comes to get new gear for me, I’m done with Nikon. My camera has the spots on the sensor, and now you can get one for dirt cheap, it retained zero value. I LOVED Nikon, and used their equipment since the D40 was brand new, and always recommend it over Canon, but they complete burned D600 owners by devaluing it and releasing a new camera instead of fixing their loyal customers.

    • Joseph Li

      I feel ya…that’s just sucks
      but do enjoy the great camera, then that $900 you lost wont be for nothing

    • Global

      In fairness, this always happens to early adopters (who by the way, keep buying items when they are first/newly released, REGARDLESS of which brand they buy — and continuously will feel the pinch of lowered prices later on). Ask yourself: If the price of a D600 had stayed at $2000, would you feel better about yourself or your purchase? If yes, no issue. If no — its only because you are buying technology as soon as its released or within a year of release.

      The kinks always get worked out, the price always comes down, and the discounts and value are always to be had… 1 year+ after release of any new technology. I felt the same pinch when I bought a Nikon 35/1.4 G lens, and then a year later Sigma comes out with one that kicks its ass for half the price. Did I want to cry about it? lol.. sure. That’s a huge chunk of change. I could have bought another lens with those savings AND had a better piece of glass.

      But the key point is — I made the decision to buy what I wanted, when I wanted, and it was newly released technology. I don’t blame Nikon for that. They should get their QC up and be pushing sharpness standards in their lenses, etc, etc… because that affects the resell value. And the resell value is how we early adopters can afford to buy the NEXT big thing right after release. But I still had a great lens. And you still have a great camera.

      I think it might be fairer to say that we’ll “put off” purchasing Nikon items, until the dust settles (so to speak), rather than buy right away. That hurts Nikon. But they still have excellent products worthy of purchase, as long as the price comes in line eventually (still laughing at you, D3X! — a similar sensor now found even in the D3200. Likewise, the D4 sensor specs will be the next generations D3500, which is why the Df is NOT a good deal, as that sensor is already more than half a generation old. D4 like sensors will be everywhere within two years. We can’t blame technology for getting cheaper, if we buy it as soon as it comes out…).

      • Mansgame

        Early adopters? You mean like the original D3 and D700 owners whose cameras held value for a solid 4 years?

    • Mansgame

      Same here. My D40 dropped $100 in value in a year. That wasn’t even 20%. D600 has almost dropped by 50% and given it was much more expensive to start with, it’s real money. I’m not sure I’ll go with Canon yet, but there are plenty of options now.

    • JohnMcClane

      Are these tools or stocks in your portfolio? I’m sorry but too many
      people are treating this like their mutual fund manager scraped some extra off the top.

    • intopix

      True! They made a huge mistake but… I remain a Nikon fan. Maybe I am wrong.Will see.

  • saywhatuwill

    My Nikon FE and N8008 are worth nothing right now. My entire Hasselblad system which cost an arm and a leg (over $10,000) aren’t worth more than a Nikon D800 nowadays. Now that’s a hit on depreciation. So, those complaining they lost a ton of money on a camera, feel good you didn’t lose as much as those old systems. Also, people spend more on airplane tickets, concerts, sports events and other things for 2 – 3 hours of fun than what was lost on a camera that brought pleasure for months instead of hours. Depreciation of the camera price doesn’t matter unless you’re selling it. If you’re not selling the camera don’t worry about what it’s worth now.

  • Global

    Clever girl, Nikon!

    The D600 was Nikon’s secret strategy to move frustrated D400 users into FX (to capture more marked-up FX lens sales). Who would have imagined that a D600 with a few mere oil leaks would cost 1/3rd the price of a Df….. a body so poorly designed with defects that Nikon couldn’t even get the video to work in it, messed up the optional grip so badly they had to drop it, and whose designers completely forgot to include a second memory card slot.

    Of course, it also seems that 12 of the 51 AF points, which worked so well on the D700, D7100 DX & D800, worked SO POORLY on both the Df and D610 that Nikon simple covered it up and labeled them as having 39 AF points (which fortunately work well), but we’ll call that a wash.

    So.. a D600 for less than a D300s, and 1/3rd the cost of a “crippled by negligent luxury” Df camera? All for the cost of a few oil drops that need to be cleaned every other week at $5 a pop using proper cleaning tools for the first year? Good enough. At least we now know that the proper price of an FX full-frame camera is — properly — $1500 or less. Nikon’s marketing can never re-hide this fact.


    • happy999

      Sold? Why not take the opportunity to dump Nikon for their incompetence? Take a look at the Sony A7 for a couple hundred more? At least they’re innovating. Most of these Nikons are already using Sony sensors anyway. The adapters appear to work great with the A7/A7r, and with the “r” version you get the D800 sensor in a much smaller body for $2300.

      • CSIROC

        The D600 is a fantastic camera. It had a quality control issue. EVERY company has quality control issues. I’ve got an early PS3 from your beloved Sony that had the common bluray laser failure. The same company that originally sold PS3’s on the idea that they could have other operating systems installed (like Linux) – then removed that ability with a mandatory update and no way of reversing it. Hows that for customer service?

        If you put ANY company up on a pedestal, be prepared to have it fall back down on top of you. Get used to the phrase, they’ve done right by me *in the past*

        • happy999

          Correct. Customer service changes over time, Currently Nikon’s sucks. Just as I switched to Panasonic TVs when Samsung sh*t on me, I’ll happily change camera systems.

          Sidenote: Anyone stupid enough to think support for Linux on PS3 as anything other than a number crunching lego deserved to get burned. Every old school tech company was experimenting with open source at the time. I suggest you google “Gillmor And Schwartz ponytail”.

  • colorblindphotog

    Just picked one up. Amazing deal. Comes with a 1 yr warranty!

    Should I keep my D700 as back-up? Or sell it now?

    • saywhatuwill

      If you can afford the D600 without selling the D700, I’d keep both. It’s good to have a backup should one fail. I remember going on a trip with my reliable camera only to find the shutter wasn’t sounding all that great when I got to my destination. No backup camera (the only time I didn’t bring one). Turned out the shutter failed.

      • colorblindphotog


    • Mansgame

      Well, considering you’re going to be sending it to Nikon for multiple shutter replacements and cleanings, can you afford to be without it for weeks on at a time?

      • colorblindphotog

        @ saywhat–good idea. I recall always bringing 2 or 3 backups of everything for assignments, but now it’s purely for fun.

        @boysgame–I’m not worried–I’m sure Nikon has fixed this problem. Even my Leicas have hiccups from time to time, and they get fixed. I assume you have a car, and it needs things updated (my first Honda Accord went through several recalls, and I still thought it was a great car). But if you like to worry about things that don’t matter much, you can live in your fantasy world.

        • Mansgame

          It’s adorable that you think Nikon has fixed this problem when I know first hand they haven’t.

  • Rameses the 2nd

    FX camera at this price is a no brainer. I would buy one right now, if I didn’t have D800 already.

    Stuff gets dirty when you use it. Cleaning a sensor is not the end of the world. I wouldn’t pay full price for D600, knowing the issue is there, but at ~ 40% discount, I can live with a minor annoyance.

    • Mansgame

      Exactly, stuff gets dirty when you USE IT, not when it’s BRAND NEW.

  • Tony Bologna

    At this price I could look past the checkered history of the shutter. I cannot however look past the focusing system. My D7000s 39point system has frustrated me beyond belief and now that it’s continued on in the D610 and Df Nikon has continued to turn out cameras I’ll be ignoring.

    • mikeswitz

      buh,bye ollie, don’t let the shutter get you all oily on the way out.


    Look at the posts here to get an idea of the “issue” with the D600. I counted one guy who replied TEN DIFFERENT TIMES telling us all about the horribleness of the D600 (guarantee there will be a reply to this one as well). Meanwhile, I can barely take the time to post once that I am beyond thrilled with my 3 week old D600 refurb that has been absolutely spot free through the first 2000 clicks (yes, I took a reference photo the moment it got in – I know the dirt/oil issue is real…just like I knew not EVERY D600 had the issue).

    If you are that paranoid, buy a D610 for $700 more. If you already have a D600, get it fixed. Yes its a pain to deal with Nikon, but the problem is well documented and if you complain to them as much as you complain on every forum in existence, you’ll have a new camera in no time. If you bought ANYTHING electronic expecting it to keep its value, I have some wonderful ocean front property here in Missouri to sell you.

    Personally, I am beyond happy I ignored the internet hype. I have a FANTASTIC full frame camera for $200 more than my D90 kit from three years ago. Time to go take some shots…

  • Bill Ferris

    I got my refurbed D600 in early October for $1,589 and still absolutely love it. My first actuation was number 211 for the shutter and I am now at actuation 7,454. I’ve done one wet cleaning and one dry cleaning. (Last weekend, I used a Giottos Rocket Blower to clear dust from the sensor.) Do I care that the body is now selling for nearly $300 less than I paid? Absolutely not! If anything, I’m excited to see more photographers having access to and use of this outstanding camera body. At 1.6 kilobucks, it was an amazing value and at today’s prices, …words don’t do it justice.

    The D600’s IQ is comparable to best DSLR’s on the market. I’m getting that performance having paid 1/2 to 1/4 the cost of the top end pro DSLR bodies. What I do with that performance is up to me. There is absolutely no technical or equipment-related reason why I or any other D600 shooter can’t create images as good as any photographer using any other DSLR body. None. The only limitations are my creativity, competence with the camera and willingness to get out and shoot.

    Any Nikon DX format shooter who’s been thinking about making the jump to FX should stop thinking and get this body…or the D610. The D610 at full price is a great value. Refurbed D600’s at today’s prices are practically a steal.

    • sly

      I cannot be more agree. The IQ, dynamic, range and low noise performances blown me up completely. The first time I used it in dark condition I was very surprise of how far up I can go in ISO and keep a great dynamic range. It happened on this pictures of an eagle in Torres Del Paine Chile, it was the end of the day pretty dark, the sun was set and the scene was very “contrasty” :
      At ISO 1600:

      I was “wow that great”. My friend went in the frame, so to have both in focus (I mean almost) I went down to f/5.6 and crank the ISO up to 5000, thinking that the result will be crap or “okay”:

      “Wow ISO 5000, virtually no noise and great dynamic range, I love this camera”. Since these two shots I loved it. At $1300, go for it, it is a great value.

  • andy

    READ THE FINE PRINT. Cannot ship to US. They will charge your card. But will not ship to you if you are in the states.


    • K’

      What are you talking about?

  • dodgedak

    Long time lurker… 🙂 . Just received the refurb. When i set aperture to f16 or f22 with a 50mm f1.8 g lens, I see a number of dark oval/round spots on the along the top left edge, and one or 2 round spots in the middle. I am guessing these are oil spots rather than dust. Serial number -303xx and shutter count seems to be 2000+. Looks like they may have replaced the shutter but didn’t clean sensor ?. I tried for exchange but they just want to do refund.. My dilemma – should I keep it .. hoping I can clean the sensor off the oil spots and hope the oils spots dont return, or return it for refund. I understand it has a 90 day Nikon warranty and then a 9 month Cameta warranty … Camera looks to be in great shape.. Moving from Pentax .. hoping to step into full frame.. Will have to decide .. any feedback appreciated… thx..

  • peterortphoto

    When I clicked that link it added another $50 on. I guess the deal has changed. Ended up just getting one from Amazon with overnight shipping for $5.99. Ftw

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