NikonRumors is 4 years old today

Four years ago, exactly at 7:39:29 am (EST) I purchased the domain name It has been one hell of a ride ever since. I am a bit embarrassed about my first blog post, but at that time I really had no clue what I was doing. Anyway, thanks for being a reader over the years and stay tuned - I think we will have an interesting summer ahead of us.

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  • Congrats Peter!! You deserve all of the praise you’ve received!

    I thank you for your amazing effort and for giving me the ability to do what I love and to contribute to the community. I believe NR is the best photography website on the net and it’s an honor to be a part of it!

    Many blessings and here’s to 4+ more!!


    • Cary, you are part of NR – thanks for the great reviews.

  • Thank you all!

  • M

    well done!

  • BartyL

    Happy Birthday NR, and thank you Admin for an entertaining and interesting site.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Happy B-Day Peter. Keep up the great work!

  • PeterT

    Congratulations and a big thank you for your great work!


  • Zerocool

    Happy birthday, thank you for all the info and community!

  • Michel

    Thank you Peter for an informative and entertaining site. Congratulations on four years of running Nikonrumurs and may you continue to keep us all returning to read your insights
    Best wishes to you, Michel

  • Komalkumar

    Super Good !! Carry on – I spend most of the time on NR when i am not shooting 🙂 My only wish is that you should keep posting new posts every day 🙂

  • juicebox81


  • Congratulations. You and your readers have helped me quite a bit. Thanks to all of you.

  • EduardoS

    Congratulations! You are doing a great job with the site.

  • Leo

    Thank you for all you do and many more happy moments Nikon dreaming from your great info and superb readership comments.

  • Foolishcfo

    Congratulations Peter! Can you call me a cab? I’ve had too much champagne celebrating! Let’s see you start the new year off by reporting that our D800’s are on their way and that Nikon is set to announce the D400.

  • Bondi Beach

    Thank you for the site, and to all the contributors for their knowledge and humour

  • doug

    wow $28.28 for the biggest Nikon rumor related website in the whole globe.

  • Hom Thogan

    Congratulations and thanks for all your effort and time put into this site. NR is like my morning coffee. Need some every day and would not know what to do without my daily dose. Thanks!

  • Admin [I prefer to think of you as named by your title – akin to the head man of a British espoinage unit], you’ve shown the world how to run a commercial journalism site with integrity and dedication. I’ve no doubt that therer were many days you didn’t feel like posting, but you [just about] always do, and you never fall into the twin traps of denegration and fanboism. As a marketer for a technology manufacturer, I’m terribly envious of Nikon (and the others from Photo Rumors) for having such an astoundingly effective herald – you’re doing more for that company than any dozen of their own staff. Bravo.

    • Astrophotographer

      Ahh, your comment reminded me of a post I made in ’09

      here is i again:

      Have you ever wondered what is NR?

      NR is a vast enterprise employing thousands on agents on six continents (the Antarctic franchise has been problematic). These agents work tirelessly, 24 hours a day to bring you the latest Nikon rumors.

      And at the center of it all is the mysterious leader of NR, known only by his code name “Admin”. From the vast NR headquarters he relentestly manages this network. This bain of Nikon’s marketing department leaves no stone unturned, directing his minions to get to the bottom of every bit of information on Nikon’s plans.

      No one know what this mysterious person looks like, but there is one indistinct image of “Admin” managing this empire at NR’s control center:

    • thank you, there is always room for improvement 🙂

  • Jabs

    Congratulations on your fourth year Anniversary and here’s looking to many more years.

    This web site is unique due mainly to the personality and tenacity of the web site owner and that we have to offer many thanks for.

    The way that you get out of the way and not become some ego-maniac trying to control everything here is amazing PLUS when anyone of us gets out of line (lol), then you are firm yet gentle = really important and endearing qualities appreciated even when not said often, by most of us here.

    Thanks for all the great details on our favorite brand of camera and since Nikon is on a roll, then even more work for you to do – sigh!

    How is your D800 doing and how is life in general? I have been very busy, but still read much here but now post less, as not enough time – THANKS again Administrator!

  • John

    Happy anniversary, and keep up the good work!

  • Sim

    Thanks Admin for your great work!
    I really enjoy reading this site!

  • Vin

    Very good work, well done, I have been reading your NR page for two years. Waiting for the Nikon D800, or what it has become for about 4-5 years. Shooting with some Nikon’s and others for over 20 years. Lately I have not been able to stop myself from putting in my 2cents, and enjoy your input, & others feed back, about all things Nikon, & the photo world. You are definitely making your mark on it. A+!… Vinson

  • Erik

    Congratulations! I’ve been a regular reader since 2009!

    Thanks for keeping us informed!

  • Pierre

    Happy birthday NR

  • JC

    Congratulations! NikonRumors is one site that I visit daily. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  • Axel

    Congratulations NikonRumors! You got screwed on the cost of your domain though.

    Really, thank you so much for a superb site, and all the research. Many good years to you!

  • Anonymus Maximus

    Happy birthday,

    and many more to come!

    Thanks for the effort to keep the rumors flowing.

  • JM

    Peter: Congratulations! you are doing an awesome job.
    I don’t know if Nikon execs love you or hate you but you certainly make my life as a Nikon faithful customer so much easier.
    Keep up the good (sorry: excellent) work,


    Thanks a million NR. You keep us all from migrating to the “dark side” — May the force be with you — Live long and prosper ! Nanoo – nanooh!

  • MichalK

    Congrats Peter

    We are all very grateful.


  • AXV

    Congrats but godaddy sucks!
    They are the only ones charging for private registration. I’m so glad I blew them away last year!

  • another Peter

    Grats! keep up the great work!

    Been a daily reader ever since I discovered this site a few months ago.

    Always wondered, did Nikon ever try to get in touch with you? Or their loyers…? If so, how often?

  • ChrisP

    Hi Peter,

    Happy Birthday to Nikon Rumours, and congratulations to you for always being there “firstest with the mostest”

  • Jake

    I’m a relatively new reader – and I love this site. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Landscape Photo

    Congratulations !

  • Stefan

    Happy birthday, you make a very well job.

  • Joseph G

    You are one of the few websites I check every morning, keep up the great work.
    However, I would dump godaddy, if you haven’t already done so. They seem not
    to support a free and open internet.

  • Diah

    congrats!! … and keep it up!

  • pete

    Congrats! You are doing a great job. Definitely one of my favorite Nikon Site.
    All the best for the next years 🙂

  • Gra

    Happy Birthday NR and Peter.

    Fantastic job.

    When lots of other wannabe entities have fallen by the wayside, you have a great little thing going. Keeps thousands of us entertained, and not just at the trolls!

    When you have Thom Hogan interested, and posting and obviously Nikon watching, it’s a successful venture. Also highlights how many (expectant) Nikon fans are out there…

    I’m fascinated by what Nikon’s accomplished since the multi disasters and what they’re trying to achieve with their current releases…sans coolpix of course lol…Seems a mysterious path they’re on, and at least NR plays a cool part in giving us some sort of insight.

    Well done.

  • itsme

    Happy Birthday!

  • Chris Long

    Thanks for the effort Peter – brilliant site brilliantly done! (english – ish)

    Me and my D4 salute you

  • Wen Cockerel

    Happy Birthday, and congrats on an informative and entertaining site! All the best for the next forty years…!

  • ryo

    Thanks a lot Peter for entertaining me.
    One of my daily web stop for sure… even several times a day 😀

  • John

    Thanks for all the hard work….I visit Nikon rumors every night just to see what happening in the Nikon world. I appreciate it

  • Pixelhunter

    Dear Peter,

    Most of the time we shoot our pictures alone, but at NR we all are unified. Thanks for all your dedication and efforts to keep us together.

    Good look and fun for Nikon’s next 1.000 launches.


  • Every day when i wake up and before I go to bed for the last 2 years. That means i missed 2 years but i guess when you close 20 years it will not be that much of a difference 🙂

  • NR is a drug I need everyday, but it is not without economically disastrous side effects – it calms my nerves but aggravates my already severe case of NAS

  • Alwyn

    Congratulations, great job so far.

  • Fred

    A nice birthday present would be confirmation of the a D9000 as a D300S replacement and a D600 as the D700 replacement – with the D400 ‘entry level FX’ to follow in a year or 2.

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