Amazon now shipping Nikon D800 pre-orders

Amazon sent out email notifications today that they are shipping the Nikon D800 to existing pre-orders. The first deliveries are expected on Monday. On their website, the D800 is listed as "usually ships within 1 to 3 months".

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  • Daryl

    Jeff Bezos can breath a sigh of relief for his own safety 🙂

  • Brian K

    I received my D800 from Amazon today around 1:00pm via UPS, signature required. Shipped last night from outside of Indianapolis.

    • Jason

      wtf happened to b&h? No emails, although the order was on feb 7. i lost 5% cashback by not ordering from Amazon, and now stuck without the body or the savings. Not good.

      • Ryan

        Same! I even phoned them two days ago and they said I would be in the first shipment, yet I have received no emails or anything. I don’t even have an estimated delivery date, and quite honestly that is all I want. Anyone get their B&H D800 deliveries yet?

        • MJ

          Yes, nothing from B&H! I pre-ordered and have been very disappointed with their lack of communication. No e-mail, I talked to their customer service and they could tell me nothing. I sensed they were annoyed I even asked, cause you know a $3,000 purchase isn’t a big deal? I’d just like an estimated date….

          • David K

            I pre-ordered a D800 from B&H and I have never bothered them to tell me when it will ship. I assume they will fill orders in the order they received them. So far I have received three emails from them (march 1, 9 and 18). The latest one read:

            Thank you for your pre-order of the exciting new Nikon D800digital SLR camera.
            We know you’re excited about this camera and we’re as enthusiastic to get it to
            you as you are to receive it.

            This moment we do not know how many cameras we’ll receive from Nikon USA nor do
            we know the exact date we’ll receive each shipment from them. As this situation
            evolves we will update you with whatever information we’re able to share.

            Your patience and patronage are both greatly appreciated. Thank you.


            B&H Photo-Video, and Pro-Audio

            • Mark J.

              I called B&H this morning to find out what was up with my Feb 6th pre-order and the guy was clueless basically. Told me that NPS members got a lot of the first shipment, and that the rest of the first shipment was sent out already. Asked when second would be since i was obviously in that boat, and he told me he couldnt really say, but that he would expect end of April due to passover closing for 2 friggin weeks..

              Thank god i found a local retailer that had a spare and as of earlier today still had a good dozen or so one could place an order for and have in store Monday. So i get mine Monday now.

        • Rich in TX

          I have spoken with B&H, they informed me that only NPS customers have received the D800; that regular customers will not receive any until the first week of April (estimate). He would not tell me a firm day nor would he tell me my position on the list.

          • femq

            Screw B&H. I saw realtime shipment screens at Bestbuy, and there are numerous D800s in transit for delivery to store shelves within days, all over the place.

            It’s pretty clear why B&H is doing this, to keep certain people buying gold glass from them.

            • rich in tx

              The BB’s around my town do not carry anything higher than soccer- mom cameras (D7000, etc).

              I will have to be patient.

          • I’m glad I preordered from B&H and local. Got my D800 last Thurs from my local shop. Who knows what B&H is up to. There’s something to be said for doing business with people you can look in the eye.

      • Rex

        I’m certain that there are a few dozen happy BH employees along with their friends with brand spankin new D800 bodies to play with this weekend 🙂

        …that’s what happened to the first batch.

        • David K

          Maybe B&H simply has not received any of the new cameras yet. I assume Nikon ships them via ground delivery, so different regions of they country will receive them a few days apart.

          • CB

            Actually, nikon switched to overnight deliveries for this launch.

            most stores should have gotten them at about the same time.

        • Femq

          Does anybody know if B&H goes through boxes of gear and cherry picks the better built models, lets say for ‘their friends’. For example, everybody knows that even the best new lenses can have small debree stuck between glass, that starts becoming visible at f/11 … Or, some camera specimens have better tweaked autofocus…

          That would piss me off.

          They better explain their reasons for the delays we are seeing from them. This is bullsheetze.

          • Jonathan

            No. B&H Employees are not even allowed to open new product to demo it without manager permission in many instances. Further, most D800s would go to the warehouse, which is staffed by people who don’t necessarily know much about photography, and is located in Brooklyn, and not the store, where the people who would know work (and is located in Manhattan).

          • U.

            Just to clarify, for those with limited experience with B&H and New York retail culture.

            First of all, B&H is not a photographic store. It is a huge industrial operation handling all kinds of products. Photography is just one department.

            The handling of orders is done by low-paid employees working in what is really a semi-automated factory. And quite obviously B&H employees are not all “Nikon fans”. As exciting as the new Nikon bodies are, to the majority of B&H employees they are just products that need to be moved. Remember, the B&H store is located in the heart of Manhattan and it is, a … New York operation. Most of its employees are simply trying to survive in New York. The last thing in their mind is opening boxes, etc.

            We should also keep in mind that in New York City expensive items mean nothing and the Nikon inventory being handled by B&H is measured in tons. We, as individual consumers like to think of our orders as being “personal” but the reality in an industrial operation in New York leaves no room for that. Oh, sure. They will send you the personalized emails but those messages are all machine generated.

      • ShooterMcGavin

        I put my order in with B&H on Feb. 7 at 3:30 a.m. ET. I haven’t heard anything (beyond their vague, weekly form letters) and my order status is presently listed as “backordered”.

        It does make me feel a bit better hearing that apparently no one else has received a shipment from them either. Hell, I haven’t even heard of an NPS member getting theirs from B&H yet.

        So perhaps there is still hope that we’ll be including in their first shipment… whenever that happens.

        • CMan

          I believe bh posted on Facebook that their first shipment is being drop shipped to NPS members

          • Ferrum

            Yes, and Nikon has shipped them their first batches of non-NPS cameras (as of yesterday).

            What’s interesting is that they (B&H) don’t seem to have any stock problems with the 5DMk3…looked up Canon Rumors and that’s completely true for all retailers. Does that mean Canon produced more, or is Nikon selling better? The 5DMk3 hasn’t been out that long to get good stock stabilization, has it?

            • ShooterMcGavin

              You’re both right. Here are the posts…

              “(B&H Photo Video Pro Audio)

              “…Nikon USA is drop-shipping NPS orders for the D800, D800E and D4 directly to customers. They’re beginning to ship cameras to us for non-NPS members and we’ll fulfill orders we have in the chronological order we received them. As always, your eagerness and enthusiasm are understandable and your patience is appreciated…”

              “(B&H Photo Video Pro Audio) Most iof our first allotment was reserved for NPS members. As we get more we will ship in the same order as we received orders from customers. – Henry Posner”

      • Adorama gave me the same line. No email, no estimated date and no warning that even though I made my order on the 7th I would probably not get it for a month or two or August. The day I see one for sale anyplace else it will be bought and they can kiss my happy butt goodbye. I have bought alot of product from B&H and Adorama over the years. I bought the 70-200 VRII lense, a couple of extra batteries and a few sundry items just for this camera. I have the lens and everything else but no body. The words I have been reading in relation to Nikon and the D800 fiasco are incompetent, inconsiderate and ill advised. Mighty big words for a company to swallow and survive.

      • I just spend a couple of hours at one of the local Best Buys in San Antonio, Texas. I was able to place an order for the camera and was told it would ship between April 10th and 28th. The girl ordering the camera for me told me that she would not have been able to place the order if the camera was not in the warehouse. Soit is possible that the cameras are in the warehouse and Nikon has done this as a publicity stunt. If this is true all the back orders should go out from Adorama and B&H between the 10th and 28th of April. If this turns into a stunt to get the cameras into the hands of thier pro users first, after all being a member of the super secret photographers club better have some percieved perks, then I have bought my last Nikon. They may have sucked 10 grand out of me over the last five years but no more. I will move to another brand. One that does not play games just to generate “buzz”.

        • Now that I am done whining I will wait patiently for my camera. It chaps my hide when expectations are not met.

    • Yakka

      I received my D800 from Amazon today too.

      • SteveHF

        Can anyone who has received their order from Amazon comment on the quality of the packing? In the past I have received electronics with just a single sheet of bubble wrap that only protected one side of the item. I know Nikon service says NOT to return cameras in the display box so I’m hoping Amazon is not relying on that for protection. Thanks!

  • PicturePerfect

    I hope this doesn’t unduly excite people because Amazon told me only hours ago that ‘THEY HAVE EXHAUSTED THEIR INITIAL SHIPMENT AND WON’T HAVE MORE UNTIL NEXT MONTH.” Judging by the few responses here I am guessing that Amazon did not receive a significant number of cameras. That suggests that most of us (I preordered Feb 7) may be waiting for a considerable time before Amazon has sufficient inventory to address a significant portion of the preorders. Sorry to be a wet blanket but that’s what Amazon told me after I pressed for status. They are out of inventory right now until April.

    • twoomy

      I pre-ordered on Feb 7 7am and I didn’t receive any status change either. Delivery estimate: April 16, 2012 – May 2, 2012.

      Oh well, we may be pleasantly surprised in the next week or so if we’re lucky.

  • PicturePerfect

    A couple of hours ago Amazon told me, after pressing the CSR, that they are out of inventory until next month. So it would seem if you haven’t been told yours is shipping you may have a longer wait. This is my second attempt to post this so I hope it doesn’t get deleted again. I’m not trying to spread misinformation or rumors. This was direct from Amazon. Out of inventory until sometime in April.

  • AXV

    Mine hasn’t shipped , I preordered on the 6th (lanuch date). And it seems best buy is out of stock everywhere now so amazon cancelations should be a lot.

    Damn you amazon!

  • Rob

    I think most people were informed last night that their order was shipped, and got the tracking numbers at that time. As Brian has pointed out, overnight shipping buyers have already received theirs. Maybe they didn’t get all of them out and sent more today.

    • Yeah. I chose 1-day shipping, and ordered on the 6th within minutes of them opening the flood gates. They didn’t ship mine until 9:47 EST this morning. Estimated arrival for Monday (why not tomorrow, I have no idea).


      • InfraRed

        Same story for me: Feb 6th, 10:00pm PST; shipping this morning at 9:47am from Coffeyville, KS.

        • Rob

          Well, this makes me feel good….9:36PST but for an D800E…Been wondering if I got in early enough and sounds like I may have!

  • Artem Bulashev

    I felt like I shell contribute to the forum =) That is what I found:

    ” D800 ADORAMA SHIPPING confirmation!!!
    I know it’s almost time for the d900 and no one cares anymore but I just got my tracking number from adorama for my NPS D800’s! I paid for overnight shipping should be here Monday!” – Posted by “nick kessler”

    • Brock Kentwell

      When do you order? I ordered mine from Adorama before they even had it on their web site.

  • Joaquim Prado

    and Ritzcamera with that wierd date! any received from ritz?

    • Ian

      Admin, any murmurs about the “E”? (well, other than sometime in April that is)

    • Artlover1901

      Yes !

    • Jetfire

      Did not receive one from Ritz but when I called this morning they said all they had where out already and they have 74 backlog to go if I wanted to get added. I don’t know if that’s just that store, area or national for Ritz.

  • Mock Ken Well

    Doesn’t matter whether I receive or don’t receive the hands on review will be up by midnight, please have a gander and press my links, I support my habits, er…family……

  • Royster

    There is a rumour that Nikon UK have increased in the uk the price of the D4 by £500 and the D800 by £200 – was told that it was a systems error by Nikon.

    • Tony

      Yes, this is confirmed by price increases at both Jessops and Jacobs. Those (including me) who have pre-ordered but not yet received a D800/D4 are going to be distinctly unhappy. If the General Manager of Nikon UK were Japanese he would take the honourable route out by falling on his sword.

  • InfraRed

    I pre-ordered mine on Feb 6th around 10:00pm PST. It shipped this morning at 9:47am from Coffeyville, KS and is currently scheduled for delivery on Monday.
    I can’t refrain myself from checking the UPS site with my tracking number every couple of hours 🙂

  • My D4 came in today. Here’s the unboxing. Might have to get the D800 6 months from now.

  • Tony

    In the UK, Amazon have been sending out “we do not have a specific date” e-mails to all but a lucky few.
    On top of this, Nikon UK have apparently announced an immediate £200 increase on the D800 (£500 on the D4), which will apply retrospectively to pre-orders that have not yet been paid for. I wonder how this fits in with Amazon’s Pre-Order Price Guarantee: “you will be charged the lowest price offered by between the time the order was placed and the item’s release date”. Presumably they will try to invoke the clause: “Pre-order Price Guarantee does not apply in the case of mispricing”.
    In any event, whatever the technical strengths of the D800, Nikon UK management are looking increasingly incompetent.

    • Tony

      Looking again, the Amazon “pre-order price guarantee” only applies to selected items (books,etc.) – which will presumably not include the D800. Too bad. I suspect Amazon are not going to be very happy with Nikon UK (and neither am I).

  • Backpackerjmk

    Anyone heard anything from B&H??? Did they get any D800s at all?

  • Evan

    wow, I ordered on the 6th, shortly after they posted it and I haven’t not gotten a shipping confirmation… I’m also still waiting for an nex-7 from amazon. Those guys must really hate me.

    • Pacis

      when did you order your nex 7?

    • JStrait

      Same here. I preordered 2/6 at 10:32pm PST. Still stays estimate is 4/13-30.

      Guess I won’t be getting one of those surprise tracking numbers in my inbox anytime soon. Seems from posts here like quite a few who ordered just a few minutes before me did get their’s shipped out yesterday 3/23.

  • Sam Posten

    And those of us waiting for our Amazon D4s continue sitting around with no new info. Sucks 🙁

    • BenCK

      I got my D4 from Amazon on Tuesday.

      • Sam posten

        What was your order date?

        • BenCK

          Very early morning on January 6th as soon as Amazon started taking orders.

  • Frank Rizzo

    I spoke with B&H yesterday and they confirmed that they got the shipment of D800 but the person told me he didn’t know how many, but did say they got them and will be shipping out, unfortunately mine hasn’t shipped, but i am keeping my fingers crossed

  • Banksie

    I’m not sure why people didn’t just order with their local shop (?) My local camera stores all got their allocations delivered on time. I’m at the top of the list at the store I deal with (for one of their D800E allocations; 2nd week of April is what the Nikon rep has told them as of yesterday.)

    And if you’re just skimping because of sales taxes, you still have to legally declare pay those taxes (‘use tax’) on your annual state’s income tax return (in those states that have sales taxes.) My store always matches B+H pricing on everything. Plus you’re building a relationship with the shop and supporting your local economy and community. And those owners and employees are your neighbors.

    • Jonathan

      For some of us, B&H is the local shop.

      • Banksie

        There’s about half a dozen NPD stores and an equal number of NID stores in the greater NY metro area. B+H is just one of them.

    • TheShot

      The hell you do. I’m a student going to school, and if I buy the camera online with no sales tax, wtf am I supposed to do? File taxes because I bought a camera? Forget that.

      • Banksie

        Sorry, I forgot that students should be exempt from all taxes. Oh, and enjoy your state and federally subsidized student loans. And if you’re at a public college/university, I guess all that tax revenue collected from people like me to help keep your institution running is completely meaningless to you.

        • bobby

          c’mon really? Before you get on your high-horse wouldn’t you rather keep your money instead of it going to the stuff your whining about?

    • Ferrum

      My local shop is an hour away. And they said they don’t know when they’ll get any D800s…Nikon doesn’t let them know till a shipping notice appears. Apparently Nikon told them 90% of the first shipment goes to NPS.

    • Alice Adler

      Some of us don’t HAVE a local shop. I am hours drive to any kind of city that would have a camera store. If it wasn’t for Amazon I’d never get half the stuff I need. Heck, I even order dog food from Amazon. God bless the UPS man!

  • AC

    I have heard nothing from Adorama. I called best buy this morning (on the west coast) and they said there had not been any received in my metro area (6-8 stores) and they showed a possible arrival date of the 25th (sunday). I’ll get to a store sunday morning and hope for the best.

  • Bo

    I ordered D800 through amazon. this will be my first DSLR . ( i used F3a all this time)
    amazon tells me i will be waiting for my camera from april 14- june 6. June 19th is my birthday. I dont have much experience with digital cards since i used film all my life.

    would you guys get CF card or SDHC card? and how big ?

    • Eric

      CF cards are faster than SD cards.
      I would suggest that you get one of each, as high capacity as you can possibly afford. 64GB is not beyond reasonable if you can’t download for a few days. On my D300s, I write RAW to the CF card and JPG to the SD card, and have 32GB cards. I came close to filling both with a couple days shooting in Africa last month. On a D800 I would have filled the CF by 3x what the D300s does.

    • NA

      Im afraid to ask but when did you place your order with Amazon?

    • Jan

      Good suggestions from Eric.
      The advantage coming from film as i do (Mostly LF and MF) is the disipline to shoot only when you know it’s good.
      Look for cards that have fast reading/writing speed as this can be important if you are into sports photograph.

  • Bruce29982

    Feel incredibly lucky to have mine in hand, shipped from that Indianapolis DC last night in time for today and now I have it in time to take on a photo tour I am leaving tomorrow morning for. Surprised by how low the serial number is too, sub number 1,000 for US version.

    Looks like Kansas DC didn’t get their inventory turned as fast so those would be the ones that went out this morning is just a guess. No more till April would make sense with the Nikon shut down for year end inventory that had been mentioned before.

  • Crimed

    I’m waiting and hoping for a ship confirmation or update and I ordered from Amazon at 12:21 AM Feb 7 PST. If everyone who got ship notices would post their order time corrected to PST we could figure out roughly where Amazon is in the “fulfillment” by time.

    • BenCK

      Amazon started taking preorders at approximately 9:22pm PST on February 6th. I placed my order at 9:23pm PST (and then posted the first links on here to Amazon). My D800 arrived today.

      • FX DX

        Thanks Ben. I used your pre-order link to order mine on 6th. My D800 will arrive on Monday from Amazon.

        • David


          • JStrait

            10:32pm PST 2/6 – (estimate is 4/13-30)

            I’ve seen posts here of shipped D800’s with order times of: 9:23, 9:37, 10:02, 10:15 and even 10:45

            • JMail

              WTF. I ordered by 2/6 10:26 PM PST still no sight of D800 shipment e-mail as of late Saturday. What kind of screw up shipping system Amazon is using? I will never order anything from them. This is completely screw up.

  • NA

    My status still says March 23 – 27th delivery date. Yet, I canceled my B&H order on March 8th and placed my Amazon order that same night. Not getting my hopes up too much but I must admit that I’ve got every part of my body crossed….

    • HS


      Where are u located what state?

      I ordered the same day ….

      • NA

        I’m in Brooklyn, New York
        What about you?

        • HS

          Im SF, CA … damn … ohh well Im gonna have to wait … I’ve been calling all the local store around here and nobody has it …..

      • MZ

        I offered the same day-march 8th. The shipping estimate of also march 23th to 27th.

  • NA

    …..keep checking Amazon for Status changes.

  • Still no confirmation of any shipments of D4 or D800 here in Finland, I know that there are few who have got the either D4 or D800, but no confirmation from where. I wonder if there are any real shipments of new bodies here in Finland, one of the biggest, if not the biggest online shop, got only two D4s so far!?

  • Jai

    jesus if all you american peoples are having shortages, how the hell do i expect to get my d800 in australia!

  • Chad

    I didn’t pre-order the D800. I called Best Buy @9am this morning to see if they had any, and they said they had one for pickup. An hour later I have a D800…..What Luck, maybe I should try the lottery!! 😀

    • JStrait

      Where are you and what BB store?

  • I was forced to approve a delay on the Amazon site or my order would be cancelled. Anyone else get that?

    I placed my order on February 7th. Standard (not super saver) shipping was requested. It’s pushing me into April.

    Also seeing several people post on Craigslist for $4000. One claims to have sold one already…gotta love supply & demand!

    • Braaji

      Same problem with me to approve delay before April 20 otherwise my order will be cancelled which I placed on Feb 6 just when it was available for pre-order.
      First delivery was March 21, then March23, when i call amazon last night, I was told delivery estimate April 13 to April 30

      • AXV

        I’m on the same boat, maybe they are shipping the ones who did not approve and had one day shipping (that’s BS if you ask me).

        • Rob

          Approving the delay doesn’t hurt you in any way. In fact, everyone I know that has gotten theirs shipped had approved the delay. The only thing you gain by not approving it is the auto-cancel after a month.

      • NA

        If that is the case, when will anyone that ordered after Feb 6th get theirs?
        For anyone else that has received from Amazon, when did you possibly place your order? This isn’t looking good for the rest of us.

      • I ordered Feb 6, AND approved the delay. With one-day shipping, my camera will be here tomorrow.


    • matt

      I approved the delay yet my Camera Shipped today. West Coast

      • jeff

        That is great news. I know a lot of us were worried that approving the delay would put us in a separate list or put at the back of the line. Excellent! Before it was changed to “shipped”, did you have April 13-20th (or similar) estimated shipping date as well?

  • pegdrgr

    I placed my order with Amazon before 10:10pm PST on Feb 6th. This morning my status changed to shipping soon with a shipping date of Monday 26th. I did change my shipping address this morning, so that may account for why it didn’t just ship out today. Or, I may be in lag mode and they have not put my status back to “shipping some day when the Nikon gods smile upon me”.

  • Non_AI_Nikon

    Got the shipping confirmation of my D800 from Amazon USA at 8:46 PM EST today, 3/23. What a relief! I ordered at 1:21 AM EST on 2/7.

    • Albert

      Ordered 10:46PM PST, Received shipping confirmation today 3:16PM PST.

      Looks like the latest time so far that got shipping is after reading is mine:

      Ordered 2/6 @ 10:46PM PST


      2/7 @ 1:46AM EST

      Anyone else have anything later than this?

      • Rex

        Now that pisses me off! (Not you Albert but the lack of shipping consistency from Amazon)

        My order is 2/6 @ 10:24PM PST and my status is still “Not Yet Shipped” with an ETA of April 13-30.

        Makes no sense at all…

        For shats and giggles my order number is 102-8093704-27954XX.
        Do you mind sharing your order number? I XX the last two digits.

        • Albert


          Sorry buddy, i have no clue and it pains me to see that there are others highly anticipating this and Amazon system is different.

          my number is:


          I notice that mine was shipped out of Reno, NV warehouse. I’m wondering if they are doing it by a list by region, so a specific east coast list and a specific west coast list.

          I wonder if we need to also specify which region you live in. Since i’m out in Los Angeles Area.

          I hope you all get yours soon.

          • JStrait

            It’s possible the time you received that email was quite a bit after you actually placed it. I don’t think there’s any record on the Amazon email itself, only on your email account or the source heading.

          • Rex

            Thx for the info Albert. I am in northern CA and typically anything I order from Amazon comes from Reno NV as well. Strange.

      • Ryan

        Ordered mine on 2/7 @ 2:06 AM EST and I’m scheduled for April 16-May 1. Looks like I may have barely missed the cutoff.

      • Nokin

        I ordered 10 min before Albert at 1:36am EST (10:36pm PST) and still have a Not Shipped – Delivery Estimate of April 13 – 30, 2012 !!! Amazon is not following the time of order list. 🙁

      • ZoranC

        I have placed my pre-order before you and I am also in Los Angeles. As of now my pre-order is still not showing as shipping, not even close to that.

  • AXV

    Has anyone received their D800 and not get 1 day shipping? (Or at least get their tracking number?)

  • TheShot

    Why the hell hasn’t Adorama received more!!! They said on their twitter they received very little and they were all for NPS orders. This BLOWS. So damn depressing.

  • Alan

    Calling Amazon customer service isn’t doing anyone any good. They simply don’t know anything other than how many calls they have personally gotten on a subject.

    Amazon has mismanaged this one horribly. First there was the January debacle, then they came back with a date too early, then they told everyone across the board that they wouldn’t ship for weeks, then they did ship quietly, but not in time for the weekend.

    I understand they have limited information, but this really was a mess. Particularly the last declaration of April right before shipping. I wonder if it would be that much worse to just tell people “you are order number x” so people know where they are in queue, then if they get information on a shipment say how many they expect.

  • dino s.

    Ordered mine on Feb 22, it’ll be at the store tomorrow for pickup. Ritz Camera in-store preorder.

    • dxa

      I hope you get mugged when coming out of the store with it in your hand, and who knows, that could be me stealing it…

    • TheShot

      Which city? I’ll mug him myself.

      • dino s.

        Uh….I meant tomorrow next year….. please don’t mug me 🙁

    • dino s.

      I got some bad news… UPS don’t deliver to the store on Saturday. I gotta wait until Monday to pick up my camera. Boooooooo!

  • Bk

    Ordered mine from amazon 2/6 @ 10:40pm PT and no ship notice. I think the door closed in my face…

  • leoking

    Picked up D800 today at best buy in Canton oh. They had two in stock this morning:)

  • JR

    Did any of the lucky people who got the shipping confirmation from Amazon receive an “approval required” email with April delivery dates on Wednesday and approved it?

    • Nokin

      There have been other comments by people who approved the delay and have received their D800 already so that does not appear to be a factor.

      • JR

        Thanks. I’ve been blaming myself for giving my “required approval” too quickly but knowing that it may not be a factor helps to calm me down.

        • AXV

          Did you choose 1 day shipping? You didn’t right?

          • JR

            Yes, I did.

    • matt

      Yes I approved and it still shipped today

      • JR

        Thanks!! that gives me hope!

    • Ray

      Yes, At first my D800 showed a ship date of march 20. Then on March 20 it went to shipping April 15 to April 27th. And I did receive an email from amazon stating I had to approve the new ship date, which I did immediately. last night my shipping changed to march 23 with a receipt date March 26. About 1 hour ago it now shows shipped and had hit my card. I ordered on February 7 at 12:57 am EST. I hope more receive their ship dates soon….I feel blessed with all the demand to be getting mine monday. I was one of the suckers who pre-ordered the D4, still have not received it, and then sold my D3S on ebay, only to have the D4 delayed 3 days after my sale…so this D800 is a blessing…..

    • Steeptrails

      Yes, I approved the “delay” until April. It shipped a day or two later, and I received it on 4/23.

  • hana

    Amazon mismanaged this horribly. They even sent me an email a couple of days ago apologizing that they had to change my shipping date from March 20 to March 22. Now it’s listed as April 16-May1. They upgraded it to overnight shipping though. Woopsie doo. I would buy from just about any other retailer now just to avoid having to deal with them.

  • ShootNikonOrDie

    Does anyone has any experience with Adorama? It looks like they also mismanaged this D800 fiasco really badly. I called them three times – twice yesterday and once today – and I got three different answers from their CSRs.
    (1) We have not received any shipment from Nikon yet. Expecting a ‘large’ order anytime today. You are pretty high up in the list (I ordered few days after announcement – I think on the 11th Feb), you should be getting shipment notice today once shipment from Nikon arrives (around 12 noon ET on 2/22).
    (2) We still have not received anything from Nikon. We dont know how many units we will get. People who ordered before you will obviously get before you. I dont have access to the list to tell you how far down you are (around 3 pm ET on 2/22).
    (3) We dont have a single unit in stock right now. All the units that we received have been shipped to customers already. I dont see an unit allocated for your order yet. We are expecting our next shipment from Nikon soon. You are going to get one alloted for your order (now, if they dont have access to the list, how the heck is this possible?). But we dont know when will be that next shipment from Nikon. (around 10 AM ET on 2/23).

    With all these, I have never received any single email from Adorama stating it is back-ordered, delayed, expected shipment date or anything. It appears that some people have got a “back-ordered” email. Not me. It is clear that either they have this whole thing screwed up very badly, or they are just randomly shipping instead of chronological order. They call themselves being in business for over a quarter of a century. They should fix this to be consistent to every customer. I have been loyally buying from them since 2001. After this experience, I do not know. But whenever I visit their store, I fall in love with their displays and salesmanship. In my opinion, they have wonderful people over there. But they are mis-managed badly. VERY. They need to fix this. If Nikon is not open with them, at least they should be open with their customers. If just one customer like me can receive contradicting messages from CSRs, imagine the whole customer base. Correct it Adorama, before I yell “YOU SUCK!”.

    • Eric

      I’ve been getting the “backordered” email regularly every couple weeks since ordering. Did get one this last tues or wednesday I believe.

      When I called, they also told me they have no “list” and thus couldn’t tell me where I stand. They did say that their first shipment went all to NPS members, which is consistent with whats written on their twitter page.

      Staying cautiously optimistic that sometime early next week we’ll be getting news of more d800s being shipped.

    • CJ

      I pre-ordered mine from Adorama at 9:33 EST on February 7th over the telephone, before they started taking pre-orders on their website. Customer service has had no information, however my CC was charged randomly for $100 yesterday at 2:00. I haven’t ordered anything else from Adorama, so I’m hoping it’s preparing for a charge early next week. When I placed the pre-order, the guy had suggested I was number 20 on the list… although, I’m not sure how accurate that is, because most Customer Service reps have said they have no list. So we wait and see.

  • Ruslan

    I placed my order on March 8. Delivery Estimate is still Monday April 16, 2012 – Tuesday May 1, 2012.

    No email notifications yet. I hope it won’t be pushed to June when I go on vacation 🙁

  • Bruce

    I ordered on 2/7/12 and today B&H told me they only received 10 cameras with no more expected until MAY!!! Very disappointing!

    • femqpdy

      WTF B&H? This is bullsheetz!

      You CANNOT be serious!!

    • Nicky G

      I call BS on that.

    • Mark J.

      Even if they had gotten 1,000 units, you ordered WAY too late. Feb 6th at night was when people made the mad dash for B&H. I got my order in at about 9:40pm on Feb 6th, and they were telling me late April at this point.

      • Ferrum

        Depends on your timezone. For East Coast people, you couldn’t order at night on the 6th. The announcement didn’t happen till about midnight, and preordering wasn’t open until after that.

    • Shelly

      I could have bought a D800 from my local bestbuy but thought B&H would come through soon enough–I’m really having second thoughts about B&H’s ability to meet the demands of being a major retailer for Nikon.

  • Nicky G

    I don’t think ALL of the resellers mismanaged this release — something tells me a big part of it is on Nikon, and a big part of that is probably very very high number of orders. I spoke w/ B&H today and the very nice gentleman told me they had not received the order yet from Nikon. Not much B&H can do about that.

    • Shelly

      Pretty sure that can’t be true. All these other places got shipments from Nikon but not B& H? Come on now. How can this be true?

      • Ferrum

        Right. And not only that, but Best Buy actually seems to have them in stores in different places (as early as Wednesday from the sounds of it).

  • Esh

    I was at J&R (downtown Manhattan) and the counter manager told me that they have not received any D800 as of yet. But he gave me a trick for my order to come from the first batch.

    He said that if you buy in the store you will ship first. He only had 4 orders for D800 thus far but hundreds online and phone order. Its only in store that gets right out.

  • MoneyMan

    My BH order was confirmed on Feb 6 at 9:50pm PST. No updates except the ones everyone received.

    As such, I’ve put in orders at Amazon, two local camera stores, and Adorama. Further, I have offered up a 500 dollar finders fee to any friends and family that sees one at Best Buy. Lastly, I’ve offered up to $3800 to folks unloading theirs on craigslist, but no response.

    I gave BH an honest shot – I typically use them for all camera stuff. They obviously didn’t want my money badly enough this time, though. That’s fair – it’s just business. Now it’s just a matter of who wants my money the most – that’s the beauty of capitalism. The race is on!

    • Mark J.

      If your in the Seattle/Northwest i know of some places. Talls Camera is taking orders for a Monday/Tuesday shipment, and 2 guys on Seattle Craigslist have them for sale in the $3,500 range.

      • MoneyMan

        Thank you, Mark. I actually am in Seattle and made offers to the postings on CL (including a 4000 dollar one that was up for a bit), but never heard anything back.

        I had initially budgeted 4k for the D700 replacement in early 2011, so I’m not shy about going up to 4k if I need to.

        I will call Talls and see if there’s anything left. I’m guessing one would have to order it in person – something I’d rather not have to do if it’s not located downtown. That’s why I offered up a 500 dollar finder’s fee. 🙂

        • Mark J.

          Yeah, they required pre-payment up front for the Monday/Tuesday shipment. But actually called up their warehouse while i was there to confirm i would be getting it then. So totally worth it to me. They got 4 locations around the area. Northgate Mall, University Village, Southcenter Mall, and Bellevue Square. I would hit up the U-Village location as they have the most knowledgable people. The mall locations kind of suck.

          Good luck on finding one. I’m pretty sure if you called today you can snag one still. The guy really sounded like they had more than a few left.

  • Paul

    Nikon stops shipping for a week starting 3/24 & B&H
    Shuts down for a little over a week
    starting 4/5. That’s about a two week delay or mid April

  • John

    D800 disappeared from website
    Still no estimated delivery date in Italy

  • Ordered mine from Amazon UK on 14th Feb (day it was listed), got a shipping notification around 19:30 last night, arrived all shiny-like this morning @ 0800 precicely!

    Me = one happy camper 😀

    • Robin

      Congrats man! but am really envious of you.

      I ordered earlier than you on Feb/07 but unfortunately from B&H sorry make that B&S for a lot of BULL and SHIT. Hard to believe that the largest camera reseller in America, no change that to in the world, received only 10 I repeat only 10 cameras* in their first shipment!!!!! and the next shipment is not expected until May!?!

      What a bunch of lies, its disgusting!

      *see Bruce post March 24, 2012 at 12:19 am

  • John

    If the May estimate coming from Bruce is correct then I’m going to be an extremely grumpy monkey. This is my first DSLR and I’ve planned a once in a lifetime family vacation over spring break expecting to have this camera body in hand to record it on. I’ve spent money on lenses for a camera that I don’t have and won’t be able to use unless it turns up before Easter. I knew there would be shortages and delays but this is a very disheartening turn of events.

    • cosmic

      There was a 100% chance that this was going to happen.

    • Anne

      It was you choice to do what you did. Because of all the delays that preceded the announcement of this camera, I would think that additional delays were highly possible.

      You won’t be able use the camera unless it turns up by Easter? Really??? So then you’ll be cancelling your order?

      It’s unreal to me how people are going crazy over this. This is not the first time there have been shortages. It’s just my opinion but I really think folks are overreacting. This is not a life or death situation. We’ll all eventually get our camera and have hundreds of thousands of shots for several years. None of us will even remember this “ordeal” once we get our cameras.

      And for the guy who says he’s willing to pay a 1000 dollar premium for the D800, are you serious? Why??? Why not just buy a D7000 for that grand and you’ll have two bodies in a few weeks or months? SMH.

      • John

        Well, as I stated , this is my first DSLR. I’m not a Nikon fanboy nor do I meticulously follow the minutia of the Photography world. I agree , it is not a life or death situation. I did not indicate that it was. My kids have spring break the week after Easter and I’m taking the family to Europe before my son leaves for college in the fall. I was simply expressing disappointment a) in the communication that has been delivered by B&H b) in the fact that if it does not arrive by Easter I’ll have spent 6K on gear that will not be used for its inaugural purpose. Will I still use the camera when it arrives to the best of my limited ability for as long as I can? Of course. But it’s a shame that I will not get to take with us if that is indeed what happens, that’s all.

        • Anne

          I’m sorry you may miss your opportunity to take photos with the D800 on your vacation. Perhaps you can rent a DSLR to take with you on your trip?

          Not to put the jinx on you but I took my first DSLR on a vacation last year and it was “lost” in the taxi on the way to airport (after 600 vacations photos were taken) along with my 50mm 1.4, kit lens and other accessories. I was devastated. If I were you, I would leave the D800 home anyway. When I get my D800 it will probably never leave my home. My current D90 (I bought it to replace my lost camera) will become my travel camera.

          Unless you are planning to take it everywhere and never let it out of your site, I wouldn’t recommend taking this 3000 dollar gem (along with your lenses and accessories) on a vacation with to many variables that are outside of your control. Maybe you could pick up a D5100 for the trip if you don’t want to rent?

          I’m not thrilled that I have to wait but I honestly love B&H and Adorama. I’ve purchased stuff on backorder before and there method of communicating is the same as what we’re experiencing now.

          Good luck.

  • If Canon won´t increase the resolution I will change my system from Canon EOS to Nikon

  • I am keeping my fingers crossed that this not to good to be true. I went to the local BestBuy today and had them look up the D800, they said the could have me one by March 30th so I bought one. I sure hope that March 30th 2012 and not 2013.

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