Nikon D800 sample available on flickr

An update on my previous post: several readers noticed that Shinji Watanabe's flickr stream (NSFW) contains at least one image without EXIF data with a maximum/original resolution of 7360 x 4912 (just like those D800 samples):

Note that some of the images were taken with a Hasselblad H3D-39 that can go "only" up to 5412 x 7212. The image in question has a resolution of 7360 x 4912.

I bet that some of those were taken with a Nikon D800 camera.

I also bet that they will be removed in 3, 2, 1...

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  • Wow thanks Admin! 😀

  • I am wondering, what about the other samples with sizes 5412 x 7216? Hmm…

    • Those are from H3D.

      • then why remove the EXIF from the other images, I believe those without EXIF data are taken with the D800

          • taken on January 9th, 2012, the rest of his pictures were taken in 2011

          • This is that shitty image I was talking about. :3


              This picture has some motion blur, due to a slow shutter speed. This is why it looks somewhat soft. It’s especially obvious in the arm and hand that’s under her arm. I can also easily see it in her face. I would not pass judgement on the image for this reason.

            • jerl

              The motion blur pretty much makes it difficult to make any judgements on image quality. If anything, though, this shows you the requirements on technique 36MP is going to have.

            • rhlpetrus

              It looks upsampled. If ISO 100, it’s much noisier than the images I get from D7000 at full res. It was created with Adobe CS5, from Exif.

            • jen

              looks like a bad continuous lighting to me.

          • yrsued


            That Image is Hideous!!

            Goes to show you that you can have a great tool, but if you don’t know how to use it, it yields CRAP!!

            Now you get LARGE Crappy Images instead of little crappy Images.

            • guess it take one hideous thing to know another hideous thing

        • Agreed.

      • sade

        100% agreed!
        Some of his other photos in flickr that also does not have exif show higher dimensions. For example there is one with dimension (5412 x 7216) which is about 39MP.
        Peter! by your argument, they must also be D800 samples since they do not have exif.

      • Thanks Aero 🙂

    • Medium format have a different ratio. The Phase One IQ180 I got to use once was much less “rectangular” of a file.

      • rhlpetrus

        It is 3:2, actually, 1.498.

        • Well…

          I’m not going to claim to have used a Phase One of any kind, but a basic Google search reveals the IQ180’s sensor to be 10328 x 7760 pixels, which is basically a 4:3 ratio.

  • That’s one shitty image indeed…

    • Josh

      Just like your personality!

      • Gabe

        And his work. Check out his work on Flickr. Pretty useless if you ask me!

        • Pierre

          I cannot agree with you, I find some of his shots fabulous, my guess is that some of the noise is added post-processing.

        • Pierre

          And he won lots of prices. I would be very happy to be the author of his portfolio.

          • Petia

            prizes, if I may.

            • Pierre

              Thaks, my excuse is that english is not my native language, not that my spelling is better in french :>

        • nikkor_mf

          Shinji sure can rock an H2:

      • Honesty is not shitty.

        • Aero have a look at his other work. it’s not too bad. besides it’s just a test i don’t think it was meant for the world to see as a prime example of what a D800 is capable of.

          besides his work is better than yours #realitycheck

        • sigh

          shitty vocabulary is for sure shitty, son…

      • Andre


    • I just looked at the full rez version and I concur… Either the processing “ruined” the image, or the focus was just a touch off. (which may be intentional?) It almost looks like it was scaled up from a smaller file.

      • rhlpetrus

        To me it looks upsampled or shot at high ISO. No way a base iso from D7000 looks like that.

        • Roger

          Watanabe-san always extremely post-processes his pictures….

  • Hasselblad Samples*

  • Brent

    That model needs to eat a hamburger…or 10.

  • Martin

    Damn, all I can say is that we can count every ribs of the model…

  • kede

    Most of them are Hasselblad H3D-39 Just saying…

    • kede

      hmm.. too late sorry

  • MattC

    Wow, amazing detail… I’m viewing on a 27″ 2560×1440 monitor looks like only 3 of them are with the d800?

  • palombaro

    D800 resampled at 12 mp is super… try VS

  • Petter

    I would also remove the exif if I had a brand spanking new 36megapixel camera and couldn’t even get a sharp image..

  • Woah. This one:

    has incredible detail. As for the D800 samples..ehh. :[


    • Josh

      Agreed. When I saw the supposed D800 image I was a little disappointed with the apparent quality. The image you linked is much nicer.

      • RK

        and unfortunately the linked image is one of the H3D ones as the op said :[

        much saving up would be required for a H3D-39 although looking second hand probably only 3x a new D800

  • It’s not Hasselblad H3D-39, the Hassy has resolution of 5412 x 7212:

    at least one of those images has resolution of 4912 x 7360

    of course it could be a crop from a bigger sensor

  • CoolWHip

    Hot model but terrible image quality.

  • I wish he was a bit of a more of a traditional, everyday photographer. Alot of his photos are simply..well..odd. This should have been given to McNally.


  • inginerul

    Is it really that hard to see the fact that this image suffers from motion blur, especially in it’s lower part ?

    What exactly do you expect from a 36 Mp 135 format camera ? How good are the images from the sony 24 mp crop sensor ?

    If you want IQ, get the D4, the D800 will try to offer the canon 5D mark3 alternative. No more mister nice guy D700. Get the D800 and shoot with the finest glass at the lowest ISO if you want to feel that your money were well spent.

    • RK

      The motion blur means its pretty hard to judge resolution or micro contrast, but the image does give a decent indication of noise, which does not look to great if the shot is base iso but would be fine for around 400-800.
      The noise in itself is not to extreme but of the kind that is difficult to process away (in ACR at least), very definitely an average rather than good mark on that front.
      There are also a few bits of hair with no motion blur which seem to indicate that this thing can be sharp under the right circumstances.

    • Worminator

      The D800 is going to have the pixel quality as the D7000, and have twice as many. Extrapolating the IQ is not rocket science, why people should expect it to compete with the Hassy on its native turf (fashon photography) …

  • viewing even the sharpest portions at 100% looks pretty poor. i’m guessing it’s upsized. perhaps to try and gain this very attention?

  • Does anyone else think it’s weird they’re even calling this the D800? It doesn’t really take the place of the D700, this 36MP sensor need is for an even smaller niche crowd, with different needs than the D700 users. I wonder if they’ll drop a 12-16mp full frame under 2500 bones. Here’s to dreaming?

  • CR

    Sorry Girls, don’t p into your skirts.

    That’s a badly reduced Hasselblad or whatever jpg. No reason to believe it’d be a D800. It’s fake and pretty bad quality, at least.
    If that’d be the original file and a representation of a Nikon DSLR any of the current range, I’d p upon Nikon and switch to LOMO instead for quality reasons.

    Still the motive/picture is nice. No offense against the photographer.

    • RK

      The only problem with that hypothesis is that it is longer i.e. larger than the H3D along the long axis (the H3D-39 providing a bigger overall picture megapixel wise as it is a different aspect ratio).

      In other words you can tell they are not crops of a each other as the nikon is longer than the hassy and the hassy wider than the nikon.

      • RK

        Although, I could be wrong and they could be reduced 60mp files, but I don’t see the photographer using a 60mp camera anywhere else on that flickr stream

    • rhlpetrus

      It is 3:2 aspect ratio, not Hassy’s resident ratio. It looks like a handheld shot at poor lighting, possibly at higher ISO, not base (if from D800).

  • Getting closer.

  • Model has Marasmus .She better eat something .

    • Pierre

      Maybe, maybe not, asian are light-frame. I had a girlfriend that looked just like that and she was eating twice as much as I did. She was quite hyperactive and was probably just burning faster.

  • Che

    So if the D4 is touted as Sports/Journalism and the D800 as Landscape/Studio so were exactly would a wedding, receptions, outdoor portraits shooter fall under? Imagine 300 36mb images for a wedding or something like that. Where would that wedding group fall under?

    • bobby

      I’m not a wedding photographer but I’d probably shoot what Ive been shooting that’s been working well for me or buy a d4 since its specs say its superior to any other dslr nikon has produced to date.

  • fizzi
  • kiollo
  • Clearly if something is high megapixels it must be a D800, it would of though the image quality would be better (they must of been taking things at the extremes?)

  • rhlpetrus

    The size of TIFF file in the other post is about correct at 8bits, projecting from D7000’s files.

  • rhlpetrus

    Weird, the guy is basically a Canon shooter, lots of 7D images. And Hassy as well.

  • tigrebleu

    Disappointed? No reason to be disappointed.

    Which so much resolution, every lens flaw, minimal focus error and slightest vibration-induced blur will be visible if you zomm in 100% on such an image.

    Can’t wait to see the dynamic range. If it’s not improved by at least a stop over the D700 from ISO 100 to 3200 at least, I’ll get myself a D700 and a D7000 for video. For less than the price of a D800! lol

  • Dean Forbes

    This is all baseless speculation. So easy to get you all baying like hounds . . .

    • It is a speculation, but it’s not baseless – see my previous post

  • Doug

    5 days, 5 days, 5 days, 5 days

  • rhlpetrus

    There was another link to an image at ISO 6400 that now is private. Was it same image?

    • rhlpetrus

      If same image and it’s at ISO6400, wow, awesome!

      • Myl3s

        No, no it’s not. The 6400 picture looks WAY worse, like a 5 year old had too much fun in photoshop with some pulled stills from a movie.

    • no, this was a different image that had EXIF info, that’s why it was removed

    • Doug

      OO, yeah i know it doesn’t have anything to do with this new ( just like my last few posts), but it seems like the D4 wi-fi thingy will be compatible with Android as well.

  • kiollo
    • St.

      How do you know?

  • Jim

    He’ll have to Photoshop out the nose hairs and the bedbug (or whatever bite ) above the navel.

  • I can’t see the point of shooting a model at 6400 unless you were testing a new camera, so I’m a believer they come from the D800.

  • Sandy

    If they are 6400, I think it looks pretty good, that would print well pretty large.

  • Daniel

    No, that image is obviously upprezed for poster print.
    Check the 1:1 pixels, to see it has been uprezed.

  • F

    So confusing!
    Having up-res’d images before I can see the similar noise patterns that occur when you blow up the image.. however, it is also very possible that he was just looking to see what the D800 was capable of at 6400 ISO under ‘not’ very powerful continuous lighting.

  • Chris

    How about this? Wonder if it was up-rezzed. Or just a low quality output uploaded witht he high quality/raw version kept private? Possibly from a D800?

  • Dotin

    Admin, can you check if this is real? It states D800 on the EXIF.

    • Darrin

      According to the exif data, the shutter has been actuated over 25k times. That leads me to believe it is not a D800.

      • Jan Roddick

        So you dont think a prototype is tested for reliability. Of course this i s the Nikon D800

    • Hey if you read the d3s comments from 09 everyone was whining about how they wanted a d700 successor w/ more megapixels and 2 card slots. Congrats guys.

    • treehaus

      He used a 17-55 f2.8 which is a dx lens.

    • cb

      check his HP (, there it is stated that this image was taken with a D300… Probably that guy just wanted to make fun of some people by editing the exif…

      • @cb, Close. It was actually an attempt at a joke on a fellow flickr photographer and friend. We had commented to each other who’d be standing in line all night to get one like some iPhone junkie.

        Unfortunately this backfired and Nikon Rumors and a few others picked up on it and he totally missed it.

        @treehaus, While the DX lenses are made for the smaller sensor, they work just fine on a full size sensor just at a lowered resolution. If in fact the D800 does have a larger sensor (I’ve read up to 36Mpixel) a DX lens would still be useful for those that have one. I’m just saying, it doesn’t really mean anything, especially if I were a beta tester.

        Anyway, just wanted to be straight up. The image has been replaced with the original EXIF as it always has had on my website.

        Careful not to believe what you see on the web. 😉

  • treehaus

    Both the photo and movie links are now down, bugger.

  • Jan Roddick

    And now the full resolution image from the D800 is gone.

    • which can only confirm that the movie and the image were taken with the D800

      • Myl3s

        Confirm, no, I think thats going to far.

        up the NR percentage a little, maybe okay.

        I personally believe whether or not he shot on a d800, what we saw today, the film and image detective work by many of us was a viral marketing ploy, and one that contained disinformation. He shot a movie on a Nikon, maybe a d800, maybe not; but all the stills are faked.

        • My percentage is already at 99.99, cannot move it up 🙂

          • Myl3s

            Wow! only in the rarest of circumstances will you go so far as to give a 99.99%!!

            Okay, I’ll take your word they’re legit, but be forewarned, if you’re wrong I’ll be pointing here the next time you drop a 99.99%”er

  • Someone is definitely going to have egg on his face, let’s find out who in 5 days – please don’t forget to visit [NR] on February 7th so we can continue our little discussion 🙂

  • Bob

    Admin, you should hire a private investigator in Tokyo to follow around these two guys that apparently know each other.

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  • So if the D800 is high megapixel, with HD movie, then apart from crazy high ISO what does the D4 have to offer? The D800 will be what 95% of the people here would ever really need…

    Unless they nerfed the AF, and made the the D800 similar to the 5D MKII, high megapixel, HD movies with poor AF… I don’t see the point in buying a D4, unless really high ISO is what you need… But in reality if you still can’t use high ISO images made with the current full frame offerings from Nikon then I doubt an extra stop will solve your problems…

    So the question is, why buy a D4?

    • Moe Jacknally

      1. More fps than the D800
      2. no ugly pop-up flash like the D800
      3. a nice d4 strap
      4. i believe the D800 is not compatible with the new Wifi Transmitter
      5. ethernet port
      6. camera grip included
      7. faster memory card
      8. slightly larger rgb sensor
      9. shutter longlivity

    • robUK

      Just because the rumoured D800 specs would work for you, does not mean it will work for everyone. There is a very wide range of shooting situations and different types of photography. For me and my genre of photography I think the D800 performance will be too slow and the workflow also too slow. I tried my D3x once in such circumstances, but my old D3 outperformed it.

      But this does not mean that I cannot understand why Nikon should produce a D800 or why some photographers will need it!

      Reuters bought 20 D4’s so they must have a reason.

    • Dominik

      Sport, weddings, events, photojournalism, astrophotography, time-lapse… the list goes on.

      I’d argue that the sensor in the D4 is much closer to what ‘95% of people need’, not the other way around.

      I feel sorry for anyone desperately saving up for a D800 who won’t be making a similar investment in glass because they’ll have a sensor that is far beyond the limitations of the lens mounted in front of it.

      Even with everything dialed in right (pro glass, great lighting, perfect technique and careful processing), you’re still limited to a very narrow aperture range with optimal sharpness, somewhere around f/5.6, with Nikon’s finest pro glass to get the most out of that sensor.

      Stopping down to smaller apertures (i.e. f/8~) won’t resolve much more detail than the current full frame cameras because diffraction will be even more visible. That diffraction might not be visible in the final print but then in the end you might find you could have achieved the same result with 16mp.

      Anyone expecting superior ISO performance to the D700 should also expect to be disappointed.

      I’m sure the D800 will be a great camera but 36mp is major overkill. This decision was clearly influenced by marketing and not engineers, knowing that most people think more megapixels = better. Somewhere around 18-24mp would have been perfect because this is not a medium format size sensor.

      • Hmmmm,

        Strange reading.
        Do u actually think that people who pay 3K-4K for a camera go on the
        ‘more megapixels=better’ road ?
        I think they deserve a bit more credit .

        Maybe they (nikon) just wanna steal people away who are hesitating to buy a medium format camera, cause lets face it, they are expensive . . .
        And of course you get what you pay for, getting equal quality from a 3-4k cam instead of a 10k cam wont be the case either.

        I’m totally not into the mp race myself, but if they dont increase them we would still be shooting a 3mp camera.
        Lets just see how this baby will perform b4 making judgements shall we ?
        I have no problem whatsoever with 36mp (but than again I’m only a amateur photographer without any knowledge of the real deal) as long as it delivers good quality and it doesnt give me 16mp of picture and 20mp of noise. . . . .

        Of what I’ve seen from the skinny girl picture I’m already impressed.
        If thats a genuine ISO6400 shot than why whine about 36mp ?

        • Dominik

          Do u actually think that people who pay 3K-4K for a camera go on the ‘more megapixels=better’ road ? I think they deserve a bit more credit.

          Of course some do. People are obsessed with numbers. Plenty of people buying this camera will be rank amateurs with deep pockets. I’ve met several people who bought a D700 as their first DSLR and never take it off auto.

          It might have 36mp crammed onto a 36x24mm (FX) sensor but that’s not medium format. I am absolutely certain it will produce great studio shots in the right hands much like the D3x but it’s no Hassleblad or Phase One. Nikon and Canon could easily build a great medium format camera but that would require a new range of lenses with a larger mount.

          Glenn, at some point we have to accept the fact we’re looking at diminishing returns. Nikon have their reasons for sourcing this particular sensor from Sony and I have no doubt it will be a successful product, but I would have preferred to see something in the 18-24mp range.

          • glenn

            Buying a D700 and not going of auto?

            You’re right bout a 24mp would deliver higher quality, that
            speaks for its own.
            “It might have 36mp crammed onto a 36x24mm (FX) sensor but that’s not medium format”
            Thats why I typed
            “And of course you get what you pay for, getting equal quality from a 3-4k cam instead of a 10k cam wont be the case either.”

            • Dominik

              It’s kind of like buying the latest Ferrari as your first car. Crazy, but many D800 buyers will be new to photography and simply want the best technology they can afford. With those people I mentioned, they simply bought a D700 to take photos of their children.

              I have no doubt the D800 will be a successful camera for Nikon however it’s difficult to shake the feeling that 36mp is a step too far for a 36x24mm sensor.

  • Someone

    The egg will land on your face.
    Come here on the 6th Feb and see the D800 new being revealed, 36mp, one with and one without the low pass filter.

  • @Big D,

    I’m not saying the guy actually had a D800 but for argument sake let’s assume he did.

    Nikon may be more interested in his ability to test the camera under certain conditions rather than his ability to produce an image. He may have a wide selection of lenses and other gear both Nikon and third party. When testing a product, you’re not necessarily looking for an artist or photographer. Simply put, most good photographers don’t have the time nor the temperament for working with a potentially buggy product much less taking the time to write up detailed reports. And assuming he is testing the product as a product review may mean he’s more interested in performance of the camera than taking a great shot. Most examples I see showing noise at various ISO settings are not great shots.

    Let me stress I don’t think any D800 images have yet to be released.

    In regards to the replacement for the D3x being a D800. I don’t think that would be the case. However I could see a D800 using the same sensor as a D4x. We know the sensor in the D3x is the same as the one in the Sony which sells for a fraction of the price. It’s the features and construction of the camera, not the sensor that justifies the price. The D800 could be lacking a number of features found in the D4 and I do suspect that will be the case.

    At any rate, hopefully we will all find out in a few days.


  • Reto

    What a surprise. The pic’s have been removed.
    Does anyone knows where they still can be found?

  • dar

    Not sure if this has been posted already as I’m drunk, but here’s a new-ish image on flickr with the same org rez.

  • chris
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