Nikon D4 demo/hands-on videos (WOW!)


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  • Phei

    Thanks admin for keeping us up!

    • Sahaja

      Keeping what up? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • fred

        Quiet, I am coming!

  • henry

    Great, where’s D800?

    • Sahaja

      Yeah – not so long ago people seemed a virtually certain that both were going to be launched almost simultaneously.

      Just speculation, but I wonder if Nikon have had some second thoughts about the 36mp sensor?

      It is not unlikely that they tried different D800 prototypes with different sensors and may be able to decide to change anytime up to when they start manufacturing the cameras that will go on sale. That could account for the delay.

      Though others will differ, I’m still interested in a high MP D800 – and I hope that /doesn’t/ change. This delay makes me nervous.

      • Steve

        Umm, what delay? A delay would suggest that Nikon have delayed the D800 and that’s not the case at all. Just because something appears on a rumor site doesn’t make it true.

        Frankly, IMO of course, Nikon would have been idiots to launch the D4 and D800 at the same time. You end up diluting media buzz across the two lines, probably loose a few high end sales as people think they can be happy with the cheaper model and of course put additional stress on your infastructure to produce and deliver both bodies. The D4 is the more important camera to release as a) the Olympics are looming large on the horizon and that’s the perfect sales pitch for the D4 and b) Canon have their own high end beast, the 1D X, coming out in March and if Nikon can keep up (or better yet beat) that device in performance then they’ll want to go head-to-head if possible.

    • hmmm, I think I like this D4 more than I thought I would. Just reading the rumors in earlier posts wasn’t really exciting me that much because it sounded very similar to the D3S, but seeing these vids I see that Nikon IS AGAIN changing the game.

      Still can’t wait to see the 36Mp D800 though. It’s probably more in my price range.

      I can’t even imagine what I’m going to tell my wife……

    • enesunkie

      Great, where’s D400?

  • Kien

    Wow, I’m thinking of getting a D4 instead of D800, which I was waiting for.

    • A.T.M.

      +1 choices choices..

    • yes, me too! hard decision :/

  • Anon

    Wow. The wireless Control is really fantastic. Nicely done. Love the idea of being able to capture a photo via the iphone or ipad and then be able to send it to the internetz instantly. And of course stop/start video is a game changer for cinematographers using DSLR’s. STILL hoping we’ll see 60fps at 1080p in the near future, that’s all I want…

    • S.K. of Chicago

      I’m hoping this opens the door for wireless intervalometer-type functions.

      • iamlucky13

        If Nikon hasn’t included it, which there is no reason for them not to have done so, it should be possible to write a local script that uses the connection to act as an intervalometer.

        In fact, an intervalometer is one of the most obvious applications of such an interface (others being motion sensing and immediate upload of images right after you take them).

        And imagine shooting in a studio environment where you’re walking around taking test shots while you adjust your lights and reviewing the results on your tablet. I bet David Hobby can’t wait to get his hands on this setup.

        • The d3 and d3x both have this ‘intervalometer’ function – so why would they not include it in the d4’s firmware ?… however using the ipad/iphone to keep track and change settings on the fly would be loverly.. as is the stop/starting via iPhone for video function.. which is crazy good.. currently i have to use a IR led hardwired to a 3.5mm plug and running a sound bite on the iPhone to turn on and off the video via my iPhone.. not the same but works fine – only problem is for ENG style stuff with a rig – getting the iPhone to stick to the handle via nano clamp is bad – bad – bad idea haha.. grr

  • Sam

    Any idea on what the extra dpad on the back is for? I can understand 2, but not 3.

  • Okay, now THAT IS COOL!

    I didn’t think Nikon could give Canon “a run for their video money”, but this is pretty awesome. I can see they’re putting that ~1MP metering sensor to good use…

  • Gerry

    I would like one.

  • Weird how I can see this page because I clicked on the Facebook link, but it’s not on the homepage.

  • Wow, VERY cool, hats off to Nikon!

    Canon has MANY things to learn of the Nikon D4.

    Hopefully this will encourage Canon to implement MORE FEATURES in HDSLR, as we’ve been requesting since so long ago:

    We hope most of these features are also implemented on the D800, that will push Canon and other manufacturers as well. We don’t want to see crippled cameras that need to be hacked to get the full potential…

    One curious thing though, none of these manufacturers gives 1080p60 to the users, which is obviously possible due to the huge computational power these cameras have inside. Do manufacturers have secret agreements? Sometimes it looks like.

  • Kurt Low

    Thanks Peter, you’ve done a great jon !!!

  • Did that guy say that it’s not an app? It’s a webpage built into the Wt5? Now THAT is cool. Nicely done Nikon. Means I won’t be left out in the cold for once because I hate iCrap.

    • iamlucky13

      I couldn’t hear it well because I’m on my laptop, but that would be one effective way to implement it. The best part about doing so is control becomes nearly platform independent. As long as you have a sufficiently capable web browser, you’re set. Consumer level network routers have, of course, been set up this way for around a decade now, and there’s lots of cheap ethernet webcams that run the same way.

      The page may actually be generated by the D4 itself. That would mean you can either use this feature wirelessly through the WT-5, or over the wired ethernet connection they added.

      No doubt this control interface is instead of a scripting engine, which is unfortunate, but it looks like it does most of what one might want to script, and if someone really needed to, they should be able to run the scripts remotely using this interface.

      I’m one of the luddites who generally scorns things like tablets and touch screen phones as mostly gimmicky toys, but there are a few really neat things they can do, and extensible human-machine interfaces like this is one of them. There are some industrial controls and measurement tools that could really, really benefit from this type of interface versus even using a laptop.

      Of course, you should be able to do everything he demonstrated from a laptop, too, if you prefer, even if you’re halfway across the planet from a connected camera.

      Way cool. Nikon surprised and impressed me with this feature.

      • thecsman

        If it’s a web interface, any computer and compatible browser devices will be able to use it. Fantastic decision.

  • Paul

    The built-in wireless control interface is pretty cool!

  • Anybody else notice an “HDR” option in the menu video? I only see the Active D-Lighting and “ADL bracketing” in the official spec sheet, but maybe Nikon has cooked up something akin to Canon’s 1DX built-in HDR system? That’d be sweet!

    When can we just make each pixel ISO-independent? Is that even possible from a throughput / data pipeline standpoint?


    • I’m almost sure some manufacturers are already working on something like that.

      Maybe not each pixel completely ISO-independent, but something close…

    • Murray

      In camera HDR is a function I believe. Shoot a bracket, HDR it. I think it only saves jpg of hdr, but you still get the raws. Great for field HDR previews and then tweak the raws for the final.

  • D4_Buyer

    Admin / Peter,

    Still a chance of Amazon pre-order tonight, or should I go to bed? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Paul

    Now we need a remote control tripod head for pan and tilt.

  • Last video states availability for the D4 as the 16th of Feb.

  • Robert Falconer

    Funny how all the Nikon haters and D4 doubters have suddenly fallen silent.


    • Maybe they’re finally sleeping? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • metsatsu


  • Feri
  • BOOM !


    OMG !!!

  • Kevin

    Hello Admin,

    Will I be able to pre order at anytime soon??

  • just wow .

  • hem vaidya

    Wow! That HD video is looking SWEET!

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Hey Peter,

    Joe McNally just mentioned NikonRumors on his blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “…Hereโ€™s one of my first questions. What are those wonderful fellas over at Nikon Rumors gonna do now? I mean, how to fill up the time? Theyโ€™ve been bulldogging this camera now for months. I suggest they all go out, have a nice meal, and get hammered. Their work is done. At least until the D5. Which is a helluva camera, by the way. Iโ€™ve been shooting the prototype.”

    • yes, and I answered him in my latest blog post ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Been there guy

    This D4 is a boat anchor.

    All of the sudden, all of the video people are taking over the still photography now.

    I hope the video gear heads win a Tony award or tow next year with their newly found love—D4……… their wet dreams!

    • Sahaja

      Yeah, though many will love it, this Juggernaut is way too big for me – and I don’t care about video. I’m still waiting for the D800 – and even hope it is slightly smaller than the D700.

      Meanwhile the Fuji X1 looks nice. Too bad Nikon didn’t make their mirrorless that size – but with the Nikon 1 tech inside.

  • Jabs

    The real STAR of this Presentation was that the capability is built-in the D4 body and not in an external software package or Control System = GAME Changer for sure.

    Yeah – Go Nikon.

    No more complaints about merely 12 megapixels and no 1080 HD Video in an FX camera, but alas, they will still complain about something.

    Nikon ROCKS!

    Companies will probably be rushing to Integrate this feature and take advantage of it from Remote Applications and such.

    Anyone for Remote Video shots of the Olympics with D4’s and V1’s tucked in weird places like on top of goggles or under horses – LOL!

    Seems like this feature is also available in the upcoming D800 and the reason for that Chicago Motorcycle Commercial – can’t wait to see it.

    Imagine setting up a Remote body plus a Wireless HDMI output unit?

    Sweeeeeeeeeee! – LOL.

    Real Time mayhem in HD too.

    • have you checked out the latest GoPro Hero 2 ?.. coming soon is a module that lets you see and control from your smartphones, including wireless hdmi – i.e.: live video and the ability to stream live to the net.. that’s going to rock.. coming soon.. the the hero2 is out already – but the module is coming soon..

  • @ Admin

    Nice work. Those informational videos are great.

  • EnPassant

    The most funny thing being mentioned was the dedicated “Ken Rockwell” picture control button! ๐Ÿ˜€ Will he claim Nikon added it because of reading his blog?

  • bob

    Anything on manual video controls?

  • Radu

    Interesting… The price for D4 according to James is 4799 and the preorder is 5999. 1200$ just for the preorder thing? Or this was in British pounds and not in US $?

    • big m

      British pounds, including VAT

  • gobsmacker

    There’s an underwater case already available for this camera? See 1:56 of the kayaking video by Nikonasia. That’s an underwater shot.

  • Can anyone explain me this wireless controller thing ? Is it an App ? When available ? What do you need on the camera side ? the new wt5 ?

    Thanks, Peer

  • studio460

    “Wow!” is right! Great job, Admin! Right on the money! Congrats!

  • bomtibom

    These videos are clearly fake !!

    It,s easy to see that this camera doesn’t exists in reality. And the guy speaking is obviously CGI made with motion capture.

    The pre-order links posted here, are links to phishing sites and clicking them will send you straight to internet HELL !!

    • Look who published the videos, they are real.

    • Murray


  • broxibear

    Just had my first chance to read and watch all the information coming out about the D4, and bloody hell there’s a lot of it, well done for staying with it Peter.
    I’m a photographer not a film maker, so I’m not really in a position to make informed comments about the video capability of the D4…obviously it’s a massive step up from the D3s but I’ll let the video/film people discuss that part of the new camera. The one thing I would say however is that Canon have always had the step on Nikon in video (just as Nikon have had in stills) and the Mark III will appear soon…when eveything calms down I’m expecting the status quo to remain the same.
    From a stills point of view the D4 is what I expected, as Jared said in his video the Nikon tech staff said a 1 stop imrovement over the D3s after 3200 (ie the D4 6400 images have the noise of D3s 3200 images and so on through the range). The AF is slightly better, matrix metering slightly better, screen is slightly bigger…I’m using the word slightly a lot because from a stills pov I think that’s what it is.
    Unless they need the video capability I don’t see D3/D3s owners dumping their cameras for a D4 in a mad rush (unless they were about to upgrade anyway or their cameras were wearing out).
    Nice looking camera, still not sure about the extra buttons on the back but it may well feel different in the hand, I’ll go and have a play with one when I can. If my budget allowed would I upgrade my D3 yes of course, but I’ve got other equipment to upgrade before it like lenses and lighting so it’ll have to wait…I do have a few lottery tickets I haven’t checked though lol.
    Thanks for staying up all night and posting the info Peter…I needed my beauty sleep and went to bed hours before it all kicked off.

    • thanks broxi, sleep is overrated ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Banksie

      My budget allows for lots of new stuff. But it doesn’t make financial sense to upgrade since there’s nothing I can’t do with a D3s that I will be able to do with the D4 (if I was a DSLR videographer it would be a different story.) This the way I always determine the upgrade path: until I can’t do something with what I have, I’ll use what I have. And that’s also what allows me to have more money in the bank. And I’ll always be financially prepared to upgrade when absolutely necessary.

  • Mat

    I have not seen prices for the WT-5 Transmitter, any idea how much those will go for?

  • Wow… I think I was just sick to my pants… ๐Ÿ™‚
    I shoot Canon but even so that’s one kickass camera.

  • Tom

    On the posted youtube video showing the D4 Menu Screen setup at second 43 the second item down was GPS. Whats up is does this have built in GPS?

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