Amazon Nikon D7000 kit pre-orders also shipping

Just a quick update: Amazon has started shipping Nikon D7000 kit pre-orders, Adorama is expecting a shipment on Friday (they may get them even earlier).

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  • hornagain

    Assume kit only?

    • yes kit only – expect the body only aprox. 1 month after the kit is released

      • Richard S

        Why is that?

        • asdasd

          you see why is that, because butload of “pro photographers” cannot wait 1 month, paying lol price hoping that eBay gives them some money back on lens with plastic mount.

        • PHB

          Because switching from one packaging configuration to another slows down the line.

          The priority at the moment is to build up as much inventory as possible for the Xmas market, most of which is going to be for the kit form.

          The lenses themselves were likely made some months ago and are sitting in a warehouse that they would like to empty.

  • Akira

    I *really* wish I knew bodies shipped later than kits when I preordered.

    • Seshan

      same, But I don’t want to cancel my pre order now.

      • JoshL


        • Sdiggity

          I can’t imagine why you would pass up that amazing kit lens! 😉

          • The invisible man

            As long you point that lens to the sun with ISO 3200 you can get a descent shutter speed !

          • Quoll K

            I haven’t pre-ordered so I’m still tossing up whether to get the 18-105 or not. I haven’t upgraded my body in a long time so I’ve never been able to pump the ISO very high, so I’m wondering if that will be enough to compensate for the slow lens. (I have a couple of primes already, but no zoom lens)

            Just had a look at some shots with it and the bokeh is impressive. (The 18-200’s nasty bokeh really turned me off it).

            • The invisible man

              @Quoll K
              I would not go slower than f/4

          • eyerobot

            The 18-105mm just seems like a lackluster lens for the $300 it costs in the kit.

  • Ren Kockwell

    It’s always been that way. When is the D800 shipping?

    • About a month after the D800 kitShips, I expect. 😉

  • ukj

    hopefully Canada next

    • The invisible man

      Canada delivery will take much longer, they have to translate the manual in French
      first !

    • Comment Leaver


  • Benjamin

    Some news for german readers:
    I was at a local photo store in hamburg, germany, yesterday. And the sales guy told me that they will be one of the first stores in hamburg to get D7000s (about 50 pieces, kit and body only). And that they have info that they will arrive in about 10-14 days.
    Estimated sale price 1099€. But he repeated that i should not buy anywhere else cheaper when it is available, because they sure will lower the price when the cameras have arrived.

  • @NR Admin, so you think November 21st is an accurate assumption of when the body only product will ship to those that pre-ordered September 15th?

    • maybe you will get it by Nov 21 – body only usually starts shipping a month after the kit (at least this was the case with the D90 and D300s)

      • c.d.embrey

        I’m thinking about switching back to Nikon, so I’ve not paid any attention to what happened in the recent past. With Canon they ship both bodies and kits at the same time. I was at the local camera store the other day and they had delivered Six 60D Bodies And No Kits (the last one was delivered while I was there).

        Will we really have to wait to get a D400 body? What about a D4, do they come as a kit? BTW what Kit Lens came with the D300s, a 17-55 f2.8 or some POS plastic mount?

        • Eric

          Pro bodies do not have a one month delay since almost no one would buy a lens at the same time as buying a d4 for example.

  • jms

    – body expected(?) sales start nov 5
    Nikon D7000 Body
    (Levertijd: Verwachte Verkoopstart: 5 November)

    • Sven

      Here in belgium , some say the end of october , others say mid november and some stores dont even know ….
      Hope it comes realy soon ….

  • I dearly hope it’s true, but in the UK Warehouse Express who my pre-order’s with said:

    “We have them on order with Nikon but still no confirmed delivery date at present. There shouldn’t be any reason why the body should take any longer than the kits to come in to stock.”

    Waiting until November for body only would be totally lame.

    And whilst I appreciate that kits are good sellers, a £1100 body is sufficiently ‘premium’ to be able to assume this will sell in AT LEAST equal numbers to people who already own older/lower spec gear who want to upgrade.

    • broxibear

      I was told around November 17th for the SB-700, maybe the D7000 will be in the same shipment ?

  • RMT

    So what’s the verdict on the D7000? First reports were fenomenal ISO performance, then followed by sharpness issue (by 1 person, infecting everybody) and then by dead pixel reports during live view.
    Anybody do a ISO 100 or 200 test yet? ISO 6400 is nice but will only be used 5% of the time.

    • NorGate

      I’ved tested the D7000 last week during the Nikon Digital Live here in Tokyo .
      I haven’t been able to play with the settings because we only have atleast 2 minutes to test it with their model . And it’s all JPEG in P mode . I’ll be uploading them on my Flickr this weekend .
      I’m not happy with my shots , maybe because I didn’t know what I’m doing . Poor me 🙁

      • jdsl

        So do i.
        I don’t like the feel of the shutter.
        I used my D90 to shoot those two beautiful models instead 🙂

    • Eszter Reg
    • Illegal Machine

      Picked mine up yesterday. Fantastic ISO performance. Low noise even at 3200iso.

      I find the LCD screen to be SO GOOD it makes the image look a little better than it actually is. That’s mostly my opinion, I suppose.

      In video mode, I have a handfull of stuck pixels. I was concerned until I ran a serch and found the number of stuck pixels I had were small compared to some. These pixels can be seen in live view AND when playing the video back on a computer.

    • Akira

      I shoot news, which means bad light, moving subject, and a preference towards no flash. I’ll probably use 6400 more than 100.
      On that note, I hate it when people do ISO tests in good light. Noise gets louder as the ambient falls – 6400 in a decently-lit room is not the same as 6400 outside at night.

      • NorGate

        Exactly ! That’s what I really want to see too . Are there any links for this kind of low light test shots ?

    • I guess I must be that one person:

    • Maybe by you and 95% of everyone else but my work is almost always in dismal light which is constantly changing in amount, direction, location and color with moving people rapidly – dancers. After reading enough reviews by tons of folks I’ve finally decided that I must be in a tiny niche.

      Very few reviews give me a good idea of what to expect under my regular working conditions. DPreview, for example, good as they are, never seem to get there for me. So, no doubt the camera makers should just come to my door with all their most advanced products so that I can give them the real acid test (ha). I’ll just label myself the world’s best beta tester. So , hey, I can have my camera porn dreams too. lol

  • Then… I look forward to the first comment with a mail from amazon confirming the shipment of the camera.

  • EricDH

    So, mr. Adolf H can be happy after all…….

    • Funduro

      I hope no one tells him about the “hot ” pixel issue. He would really have a screamfest over that.

      • Jim

        If someone makes another subtitle spoof, they should add hot pixels to it…

    • JohnL

      Actually, he will be furious because he cancelled his amazon order.

  • Nick_UK

    I’ve been told by my shop in the UK that they will be getting stock in the first week of November 🙁

  • Jonathan

    my amazon order is processing and i called in…they still haven’t had a specific date yet…..

  • The invisible man

    Here is free tickets (to print out) for the “salon de la photo” (french photokina in Paris).,104024.msg1824666.html#msg1824666

    • The invisible man

      November 4 to 8

  • Either by end of this month or early next month is considered great news to you guys! Nikon Malaysia told me that they will only start releasing the stock to retails by end of November here in Malaysia… 🙁 When can I get mine?

  • Get Real

    I canceled myD7000 body only and went with the D300s. For one I got tired of waiting and lack of Nikon making a statement on when the body only would ship got me a little po’d..Now I have the D300s in my hands I know I made a good choice.

  • zack

    Admin, I know you make money out of this advertisers and rightly so, but is it possible to go a bit less heavy with these Flash banners? Recently my comp crashed twice due to some serious ad-spinning. 😉 Cheers

    • you and Steve Jobs together 🙂

    • dave

      You should look at different ads, then. I went out to the Hero wearable HD video camera site the other day and now most of the adverts I see now are for the Hero. Pretty tame and no crashing.

    • anon

      use firefox and adblock plus

      • haha

        sssssshh! don’t tell:D

  • Anybody know of a retailer carrying the D7000 battery? EN-EL15?

    • The invisible man

      Did you try Ebay ?

  • NDLBox

    Arrgh, should have pre-ordered from Amazon… last week J&R said it would ship that Friday or early this week… but today I got a backorder notice that said no eta and suggested I look at “similar products” with a link to a bunch of Canons!!!

  • Allen

    Just checked Amazon and mine shipped! 2 day shipping with prime so my expected delivery date is tomorrow. Ordered 9/17 in the middle of the day.

    • Ian

      Kit, I’m guessing?

      • Allen

        Yup, upgrading from a Canon and I’m going to see how long I can go with the kit lens and a 85 f/1.8 before the lens bug starts biting.

        • Sam

          I give you two day 😛

  • baked bananas

    A review from the well loved Ken Rockwell should be coming up shortly, thus verifying its phenomenal iso performance. Ok so what he’s a clown, always begging for money for his wife and kids but his camera reviews are quite right on point……for the most part.

    • Rocking Kenwell

      If you put 180 D’40’s in a big box and take pictures, it would be better.

      D40 x 180 = D7200 which is clearly better than D7000!

    • iamlucky13

      I much prefer the DP Review in-depth reviews. They’re much more consistent and spend less time trying to generalize opinions for all possible uses, a far less often self-contradictory (“The 18-200 is the only lens you’ll ever need” and “Every photographer should have this prime).

      Ken is amusing sometimes and occasionally has bits of insight, but his reviews tend to be all over the place.

      Another poster commented that high-ISO reviews are typically done in good light, but more noise tends to show up in poor light (due to the longer exposures, I’d imagine). This is clearly true, but at least when you have reviews done in identical conditions, it’s relatively easy to compare between models.

      Anyways, low noise is one thing, but I hope the D7000 doesn’t get there simply by water-coloring the finer details away like the D3100 seems to. Which raises another point: dpreviews usually include RAW noise tests.

      • jdsl

        i think, you know longer hear negative reviews from DPReview.
        everything will be recommended.

        • iamlucky13

          This is true, but I don’t check their reviews for their recommendations. I read them for the test data they take under consistent conditions. It makes it easy for me to compare cameras.

          Also, they give different levels of “recommended”, and in comparison tests will state a preference for a top model. When they say “Recommended (barely),” that’s a bad sign.

    • Funduro

      Speaking of Ken. Did you read the story about the 500+ HP SUV his wife bought? He spends an awful lot of time bragging how much HP it has versus all sorts of super expensive cars.

  • Twinmoons

    Curse the kits, I want my body only order now!

  • Nicky

    Does anyone else think that the pictures from the D7000 look soft? To me they do. I’m not sure if it because of person who is using it, not knowing what they are doing or if it is the camera.
    What do you guys think?
    I get sharper pictures from my D3000.
    I am thinking about canceling my order and ordering a D90 body in Nov. and getting the $100 rebate.

    • jojo

      I got my D7000 and slapped on my Nikon 80-200 2.8 and I got to tell you I got the sharpest images I have ever seen from a DSLR. My buddy who uses a D700 agreed and
      thought they looked as sharp as any images from his D700. He was so impressed he went to BB and got one for himself, we are so stoked with this camera. I can’t explain why there have been reports of the contrary, my guess is, the D90 and D300 and 300s users are the ones bashing it.

      • Nicky

        I cancelled my D7000 order. I am going to wait till I see more pictures and reviews on it.

  • Stan

    Nikon D7000 in stock at Calumet use coupon code OCTOBERSAVE to save $100.

  • John B

    I went to Best Buy today to play with a D7000 (which I already pre-ordered), and it was awful. Order was canceled. D300s is on the way.

    D7000 owners: have fun with that shutter button and rickety, plastic build quality.

    • henry

      Would not spend a dime on 2 year old technology.

    • Funduro

      Ok your point taken. Your “feel” was the deciding factor. BTW did you “feel” the D300S too? Choice. That’s why the manufactures make several different models. I would like to get a full frame digital camera, but cost and needs rule that out. What I like about the Nikon D7K is that it has next gen electronics, weather proofing and sensor performance. To many persons act like they need the SRT10 version of everything (big & fast) otherwise they think people will talk behind their backs. Nikon is not marketing the D7K camera to pros. Have fun with the D300s, post pictures.

    • Sven

      Right. I guess its all a matter of perspective. I cant tell you how many times I’ve bought electronics (whether it be digital camera, MP3 player, cell phone or whatever) after reading comments like that and I’ve been perfectly happy with my purchases. So many people really don’t do their research and get what is right for them, then get angry, and flame the product all over the web. Since I’m upgrading from a D70s I cant image its “awful”. I can’t wait for my D7K body to arrive!

    • eyerobot

      It’s not a ‘plastic’ build.

  • Kingyo

    ^^Thanks Debbie Downer 🙂

  • Funduro

    Does someone know what country the D7K get made in?

    • Nicky

      Ok, I am going to try this again for the 3rd time… Since it didn’t post the first 2 times.

      It is made in Thailand.

    • broxibear

      I’m pretty sure they’re made in Thailand.

      • broxibear

        Oops my avatar changed because of a typo ?

  • John B

    I’m sorry, but I’m just being honest. Regrettably, I already sold my D90 – which felt 100x better in my hand as compared to the D7000. The D7000 shutter button leaves a lot to be desired – feels like a super nintendo controller button – soft and mushy. On the D7000, you’d have no idea when the shutter is pressed half-way. Some of the other buttons on the D7000 wiggled around inside of their surrounding molds. There isn’t a secure grip feel to the D7000, and it just felt cheap… no thank you!

    • DeathKnight

      Overly-handled crappy display model perhaps? I have a hard time believing it is as bad as you say it is given that it has a magnesium alloy skeleton, and is heavier than a D90 (which certainly doesn’t have a “cheap” feel… and the D90 is slightly heavier than my D80 which isn’t “cheap” either).

    • lightsaver

      I’m holding mine right now and it is the opposite of what you are describing. Strange. Good luck with your new camera.

    • Cminor

      Huh? The D7k feels anything but cheap, and I’m coming from a D90.

    • Troll alert: as what Nikon, or Canon, camera in the DSLR range has ever felt so ‘cheap’ you would not buy it if it’s in your price range?

    • limirl

      You sound like the eternal pessimist…D90 100 times better. Talk about exaggerating !

  • d7K Less

    Wake me up when the shipment of D7000 bodies arrive.

    • brent


  • Booga

    Adorama buyers: comment here when your item change the status, shipped, ready to ship, etc…

  • johntrevor

    So excited . . . can’t wait for my D7000 body. . . I’m hoping all the negative comments are just false . . .

  • Dan

    I’m waiting for my D7000 kit that I pre-ordered from Crutchfield. No word on a ship date, yet.

    I’m relatively new to the hobby; I’ve only been shooting for about 3 years. I’m upgrading from the D40 which has served me very well.

    I’m also insane with anticipation…

    • NDLBox

      I’m returning to the hobby and upgrading from a Nikon n6006 and Minolta XD11 – yeah… film. Oh well, waited 23 years for a DSLR – I can wait a few more weeks I suppose.

      • Funduro

        Funny, I’m also putting to away my FE2. The D7K will be my first DSLR. Have fun, I know I will.

        • ndlbox

          You should be able to do pretty well on eBay with that. I was shocked at how much my n6006 kit went for. I’m keeping my beloved Minolta – I’ve had it since I was 7.

  • Ronald
    • RMT

      Does everybody today only shoot at ISO 1600 and higher (and video only?)
      Who’s testing base iso performance of the D7000?
      (please don’t say Ken Rockwell)

  • The Thread have 1 day ….and I have not seen the first comment with the confirmation that amazon delivery cameras. Then it is just a sad rumor?? 🙁

    • trust me on that one, Amazon has started shipping the D7000 kit

    • Allen

      I got my order from Amazon today 🙂

  • Cowbell

    1. Prices for those trying to make money off the d7000 will go down now that pre orders are shipping at major sellers.

    2. Those looking to recoup some cost from selling the 18-105 are flooding the market and the price will go down.

    • ndlbox

      I was worried about point #2. Oh well, might as well keep it for the few times I’ll only want to bring one lens…

      • ndlbox

        Currently pretty active on eBay at the $190 price point… I bet that drops below $150 when the flood of people who want the D7000 body only show up!

        • Cowbell

          I will pick one up for general use when they hit 150. I love the hysteria. This camera will not improve anyone’s photography. It is D300s with a better video mode and more compact body.

  • Welcome to Live Chat at the B&H Consumer Photography Department … You have been connected to Jacob C.

    Tommy : Nikon D7000 expected to ship between October 17-22… it’s the 22nd, any new news for us waiting on the d7000 body?

    Jacob C: we should have them in stock by the end of next week

    Tommy: will you be taking any pre-orders on the bodies?

    Jacob C: They will not be shipping until the middle of next month

    Tommy: ahhh that sucks. what about the grip? will that be around the same time? mb-d11

    Jacob C: yes it would be around the same time

    Tommy: ok thanks, so no pre-ordering …

    Jacob C: sorry, no preordering…

    • me

      I’m confused.. He says they will be getting the d7000 body next week, but they won’t ship until mid november??
      Or am I reading that wrong?

      • I’m assuming the ones they are getting in next week will be for the ones that were already pre-ordered maybe… who knows.

      • Akira

        I think he meant next week for kits and next month for bodies.

        • me

          Except that kits have already started shipping..

  • RMT

    There’s a used D7000 at Amazon for US$ 761,50.
    Anybody want to risk it? Tell us how it went!

  • Linc the sink

    anybody have any idea when the d7000 will be available in the middle east?I’m from dubai and as of now no stores have the d7000.d3100 arrived about 2-3 weeks ago

  • so i got my kit from best buy as a walk in, and tonight shooting my kids lighting their pumpkins, i saw 4 huge obnoxious dead pixels, so that quality issue is real. for video its just a complete deal breaker, so back it goes…

    • Did you see the “dead pixels” on video, or did you get “hot pixels” shooting low-light photos?

      • three dead pixels shooting video at iso1600. I got the d7000 mainly for video as i have 2 d300s for food photography, the the d7x is my food videography camera.

        BUt as far as image sharpness was concerned…TACK sharp. I was shooting with a 35 1.8 and the photos were tack sharp. If someone is having issues with image sharpness they may not be setting focus points or focusing correctly.

        but yeah, the dead pixels in the video was …well, lets just say people where wondering why the bald guy was crying at the return desk at best buy.

  • Tallen

    Just got an email from Amazon that my D7000 Kit has shipped!

    • TR_T-Rex

      When did you order yours? Any chance that it would be shipped if I order now?

    • cosine

      When did you pre-order yours ? ( The d7K kit i.e )

  • okay.. can anyone clarify if the image is close to D700 or still far away? and the dead pixel issue is it only for video not photo? And is it true about the soft image? I can get D700 new for $1929.08 and $1382.51 here in Malaysia… and have to wait around 1 month more for the d7000 body..

    If I buy D700, I dont have any money left to buy lens except 50mm 1.8, if I buy the D300s, I canget D7000 with flash later on.. but if D7000 got still image problem (dont care much about video, better have crappy video than no video at all).. than I might have to think again.. can anyone suggest what my best option? If I was richer I’ll get D700 even before rumor about D7000 came out..

    • sorry to miss out, the $1382.51 for D300s

  • Next

    I’m thinking of buying the nikon d7000 but when I saw some pictures uploaded on flickr, it looks soft and noisy.

    • Nicky

      I agree. A lot of them look soft. The pictures that people have posted on dpreview look soft also. I’m really not all that impressed with them.
      I am going to get a D90 body instead at the beginning of November when they come out with the $100 rebate.

  • Kbekka

    My D7000 FINALLY got shipped today from Ritz Camera. I ordered body only.

  • Justin Vincent

    Ordered on oct 4th

    shipped out today (the 29th)

  • This rumor is real !
    My camera was shipped on 20°, exactly. Still have not received it, because I’m in South America, but should be arriving next week

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