Nikon D7000 top and side view

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  • Purty. πŸ™‚

    • LGO

      Indeed! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kelly France

        it will film only in 24p as the D3100??? Or also 30p 1080 and 60p 720?

        • lolcatmaster FTW

          this one will do 1,000,000 p!

    • LGO

      Hey … why the blurr on the photo of the D7000 lens.

      Is there a new DX kit lens coming out too?

      • WoutK89

        Still says 18-105 on the bottom pic

      • I did not do the blur – the pictures were takes from a forum.

    • Bul

      It has U1/U2 modes! Surely it must have focus adjust???

  • alvix

    nice source..worth watchin in the future…

  • maia

    Seems like a great camera!

  • TAY


  • John

    Awe come on Nikon – with a design like that it MUST be able to meter with non-CPU lenses, even if you can only have one stored at a time (unlike the 9 with the D300) that would be great.
    It does look like it has Mup (mirror up) which is a good thing – a very good thing for sure.


    • hah

      just chip them. You can find plenty of DIY tutorials on how. nikon is moving on. they got plenty of cpu lenses.

      • John

        Easier said than done.
        Can’t chip a 50/1.2 AIS easily at all.
        Some of my other lenses I would not want to mess up trying to chip them.
        Besides, Nikon still sells non-CPU lenses, so you’d think they would still support them on their higher end cameras. It’s only a software feature, so it would be nice for them to keep it on their high(er) end bodies, which the D7000 seems like it is turning out to be.


        • Manne

          From a marketing point of view, why should Nikon support a top-level MF prime from the 80s (okay, still selling today) on a middle-class DSLR body? Go buy a top-level body πŸ˜‰

          Another question: I still don’t understand, what is the seemingly magical point of an 50mm/1.2 above a contemporary 50mm/1.4, delivering much better IQ with a trade-off of just 1/3 f-stop?

          • Elton

            The coma on the 50mm f/1.2 noct is very different from the 50mm f/1.4. If you’re doing night photography how it handles point sources wide open is far more important than the extra light.

            • Bob

              @Manne–agreed 100%. Why should Nikon give it all away for free?

              @Elton–If you’re shooting a 58mm Noct-Nikkor ($2K+ used), you can afford a D300/D700 and up. Or a 5D Mk II with adaptor. Or know enough to use full manual with meter. The Noct-Nikkor is corrected for comma, which shows up as distorted point light sources on the periphery of a 35mm sized frame, and which coincidently, is cropped out by a DX sensor. The idea of using a Noct-Nikkor on a D7000 and worrying about comma is a non-issue. And yes, I have tested the Noct-Nikkor and have open access to one.

        • fotosniper2000@yahoo

          it’s more than software. the higher bodies have a coupling ring that turns with the A ring

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      buy a d300s cheapskate.

      • Bob


  • minivini

    Any info on the compatible battery grip yet?

    • padlockd

      Yes, I’m looking forward to that too, as long as it’s not hideously expensive.

      • jastereo

        I certainly wouldn’t count on it being any less expensive than the 150$ MB-D80, in fact, pretty sure it will be more.

        • WoutK89

          I dont mind it being expensive like that, as long as it adds more than the usual extra grip + battery. I want features in there, GPS, Wi-fi, extra fps and such πŸ˜‰

          • Kev

            GPS in the grip would be fantastic!

            • An interval timer in the grip would also be nice. There’s an aftermarket version of the MB-D80 that has that.

            • fotosniper2000@yahoo

              why? when the body has intervolometer?

  • hornagain

    That’s it!

  • gs

    wery small bady, i think smaller then D90

    • Manne

      I hope it’s not smaller than the D90. Who’s supposed to hold it?

    • Sam

      I was thinking it looked bigger actually.

  • Rockland01

    Will MB D10 fit as well???
    If so, then this camera will sell like hotcakes; if not, will still sell very well.

    • WoutK89

      Nope, is too big for sure.

  • Landscape Photo

    That’s closer to a D90 than D300 in its design. See the 18-105mm VR. Nikon has always preferred to kit with lenses balancing the body weight so that it won’t tip forward, and balancing the sensor resolution & price point too.

    Function-wise, the pluses of D7000 can be debated, but we may still expect a DX D400 & FX D800 whenever available.

  • Any Nonmouse

    Looks like it’s lost the AF button that was on the top of the D80 ad D90. Hopefully they’ve moved that function to the switch below the lens release.

    • padlockd

      If you look at the previous post, it looks to me like it’s below the lens release. Yay!

  • Mike

    Looks more like the same D90 plastic rather than the rumored magnesium alloy?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not a magnesium alloy body, I never thought it would be at this price and class of camera.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, they made the dial, hotshoe & ears from magnesium alloy πŸ™‚

      • And is it weather proof sealed as was rumoured?

      • Mike

        Just noting this from NR’s rumored specs (seems right on all other aspects):
        Nikon D7000:
        β€’ 100% viewfinder
        β€’ Dual SD memory card slots
        β€’ Magnesium-alloy body
        β€’ 16.2MP CMOS sensor (DX)
        β€’ Expeed 2
        β€’ 1080 HD video @24p | 720 @30p (not sure about those)
        β€’ 20 min video recording (up from 5min on the D90)
        β€’ Save images from video (similar to the D3s)
        β€’ AF during video
        β€’ Stereo mic input for video
        β€’ 6 fps
        β€’ Virtual horizon (like the D300s)
        β€’ One touch video and/or live view (similar to the D3100)
        β€’ Improved ISO range: 100-25600
        β€’ 39 AF points
        β€’ Wireless flash
        β€’ Weather proof (like the D300s)
        β€’ New battery system
        β€’ Expected price: $1199 for body only
        β€’ Update: no swivel display

  • yoyo

    i see Mup on the dial

  • yoyo

    and i can see the new 39 AF point arrangement

    • LGO

      You got me there with the mirror lock-up …. πŸ˜€

    • Any Nonmouse

      Looks like:

      to me.

  • twoomy

    Oh baby, oh baby, you’re beautiful D7000! More camera porn, please! MORE. CAMERA PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ELK

    D7000 looks too good to be true!

  • Come on manual controls over video ! hehehe

    • Richard S

      Totally the make or break for if I buy this camera or have to wait for the next one!! I’m hoping sooo much!!!

    • I will second this….without manual video control I’m going to get a canon 60d and a lens adapter.

      • Agreed, or the Sony A33 /A55…. probably the t2i or 60D though.

  • AG

    Don’t mean to be a winee… but Nikon could have done a better job upgrading the product it makes the most money with… But it looks more of an evolution and D300 leftover parts recycling…

    AF-On was always there, just needed to be assigned to the AE-L button…

    I don’t know about others but i’d have preferred to see hard buttons for AF selection and Exposure regions rather than shooting modes wheely…

    Why is that there’s always a fuc#up somewhere… I guess tomorrow we’ll also find out that 60fps video will only be available in the upcoming D### and D#successors…

    • nikography

      I’m happy with what it offers as a photo camera, but I got my fingers crossed for 60p video and no more of that ugly jello effect. cause I don’t wanna switch to canon..

      • i hear that same thing alot…manual control, 60p or alot of nikon shooters are going to switch to canon…I just hope nikon heard it too…

        • WoutK89

          Yep, they listen to 20 people, and put it in, they are really scared for someone that has like 30 dollars of gear invested in Nikon to go to Canon πŸ˜‰

    • Justin

      Yeah I hear you, I have my D90 function button set to AF Area, but I would really like a dedicated button/lever for it like on the D300. I switch that a lot more than I change the drive mode.

  • Peter Frans

    I need like a towel now for my drool ….

  • Abhinav

    If it has AF tune in I will get D7K if not D300s 😐

    • Same here… not willing to wait another year to replace my D70s….

  • Mock Kenwell

    Hey admin! Can we pre-order the 35mm f/1.4? I can’t seem to find the link…

  • Vladi

    Body looks too small, plasticky, same size as d90.
    Not for us who got bigger hands πŸ™

    • AG

      Wait a minute…. it looks like D90 with minor upgrages… it feels like D90 with minor upgrades… it takes the same grip…. must be D90’s replacement…. gee…

  • OK, I was asked to remove the source link – the pictures were already removed from that forum anyway.

    • Do you have to remove pictures too?

      • No, I guess they were afraid I will crash their server with traffic – it has happen before.

      • Just for the record – the pictures were posted on a public forum (no registration required), I did add credit/link back, but then I was asked to remove it.

  • Ola

    U1 and U2
    WOW, Finaly. Super great!

    • Anonymous

      U2 is a rock band πŸ˜‰ This body rocks…

    • jastereo

      +1 Huge plus!

  • metalorange

    There is no connection for a cable release on the front like on the D300. This means that it won´t have true MLU. I don´t think MLU is possible with the ML-L§ infared remote.

  • Ugly grip.. Now we know that its the d90 replacement

  • jhnw

    One thing that is clear from these pictures is that the D5000 line is going to continue. This is one serious looking camera and Nikon will need a camera between this and the D3100. So a D5100 should appear once the current inventory of D5000’s is gone.

    One thing that is not clear is whether a DX D400/D9000 is in the cards, but I’m beginning to think it might be.

    Anyway, way to go Nikon! Canon should be getting more worried with each announcement.

  • jcddvm

    OK, so it’ll either be this or the Panasonic GH2 for me. I’d hate to dump all my Nikon glass, but I’m so tired of hauling tons of stuff around… I wonder how the weight will compare to my D200?

  • zupi

    Body is smallll, I sold my D300 2 months ago I gues I will just buy D300s. I will never be able to live with small body

    • Big-G

      Some of us like small, hard (magnesium) bodies! …For you dirty-minded people, I am talking about cameras here! πŸ˜€

  • Joe D

    Been jonesing to move back to crop (got FF but it’s too big and heavy at times). Since Nikon is way ahead of canon in Iso and Dynamic range, if this is similar or better, I just may switch.

  • NK

    I am loving NR more now.
    hours before the announcement NR is having its own showdown of rumours.

  • Christian Gates

    Are you sure that these are real? It’s missing the multi-exposure and AF-point selection buttons from the D90, and it doesn’t have the AF-point selection switch from the D3/D700. That means that you need to use a menu to modify how the AF works (I’m not talking about the standard AF-C, AF-S, M switch below the lens release)!

    I use this all the time on my D700…

    This is a big step backwards in usability if my speculation is real.

    • Manne

      I have my beloved D90 on my desk right now. Where do I find the multi-exposure and AF-point selection buttons? I don’t find any.

      • Fourbeer

        Yeah. I use those two buttons quite a bit.

      • Christian Gates

        Ah – I called it the multi-exposure button, but it’s really the AF-C, AF-S button, on the right. That’s now a dial – my mistake. But the AF mode button is the one labelled “AF” and let’s you migrate from the auto-area select to single-point etc. AF.

        I don’t see that on this camera.

    • rogger

      I use a lot this button in my D80. I can’t imagine changing this feature into de menus…

  • Dave C.

    So here’s the big question for me: if I pick up a D7000(assuming great IQ and screw drive for the lens) do I sell or keep my D40?

    • Joe D

      Why upgrade? The D40 is all you need …

  • What do the U1 and U2 settings on the dial mode stand for?

    • Julio G.

      User programmable modes 1 & 2, I think.

    • Sam

      User programmable modes

      • mikon

        I guessed correctly.

    • mikon

      I’m only guessing, but perhaps they’re for some user defined presets?

    • Bob

      It’s the built in iPod with U2 preloaded. U1 are all of U2’s outtakes.

  • lucho

    I love it!

  • Big-G

    I hope that this camera is positioned the way the D70s was. In its time, the D70s was a big step forward from previous Nikon bodies and priced very competitively to take market share away from Canon’s Digital Rebel. Heck, it even competed aggressively against other Nikon bodies (image quality of the D1x). It looks like the D7000 definitely competes against the D300s in many respects and at about ~$200 less!!! Wow!

    Nice to see the idiot modes left of the dial too. For this reason, I’m guessing the screw drive will still be there. This is not the average consumer’s camera.

  • Jim

    Looks a bit beefier than the D90 to my eyes. Seems taller. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow…

  • nihilistsage

    This is going to be my first DSLR and I am mighty excited about it πŸ˜€

  • Elton

    Really looks nice. Lots of camera. I don’t see the 10-pin connector though, so a new cable release, and no connection to bluetooth GPS loggers. No PC socket, which will be an issue for the high-voltage battery pack for the SB-800. And I too lament the loss of the focus-selector switch and the bracket button on the trusty D200. Still, I was waiting for the D700 replacement. Really like the IQ of the D700 I borrowed. If the IQ is similar, I might stay in DX. With the Tokina 12-24, I’ve got the wide end handled.

    Interesting that the 35mm f/1.4 is not a DX lens.

  • ukj

    this is for anyone living in Vancouver Canada broadway will take your name down on a list for the d7000

    • ukj

      Broadway camera that is

  • Ant

    Ok, my thoughts as a D40x owner looking to upgrade.

    – Higher MP count is a nice to have
    – Higher ISO as long as it’s usable
    – HD video is a nice to have, I’ll fiddle around with it
    – Magnesium body and additional toughness is a real benefit
    – Bigger higher res LCD.
    – No need to change lenses, expanded lens choice thanks to AF motor
    – AF points (probably)
    – Top LCD, improved handling

    – No, can’t think of any as long as IQ is good.

    • d40-owner

      There are a host of features you overlooked:
      – Auto correction of Lateral color aberrations
      – Live View for precise focusing
      – flash commander mode
      – U1/U2 modes
      – etc…

      • Ant

        My laptop (and brain) were running out of juice.

        There’s loads of potential benefits, the trick for me will be learning how to make the most of them.

  • iamnomad

    He weeps for full-frame.

  • Charlie Martin

    Looks like we have a winner. Personally, I don’t give a rats ass about video. Looks like the D7k is the equivilent to Nikon’s FA camera, an excellent secondary camera for pros or a primary camera for prosumers.

  • Drey

    Do you guys see an AF drive switch on the body? =(

    It looks like a beefed up D5000 up front. The D300s still looks way cooler up front though.


  • Nicky

    I can’t wait to get a D7000. Will be replacing my D3000.

  • drew

    I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it!!!


  • drew


    Then I can move to full frame in 2011.

  • maj_mercado

    looks like they are positioning the d7000 as pro to prosumer level.

    with the magnesium body, long battery life, 150k shutter…

    the shutter button is now also black…. I’m speculating that this will be the top end of the DX line with the d300s / d700 lines merged to a single FX line

  • Jonathen

    This camera is WITHOUT A DOUBT larger than the D90. It’s shown here with the same lens as is the D90 on, for example, B&H’s website. If you compare the two side-by-side, then you can tell that it’s both wider and taller.
    This camera is definitely an upgrade from the D90. For example, look at the belt connectors here compared to the D90 and then compared to a more pro-level camera. Now the camera also allows for CF memory cards alongside SD cards. Also, those annoying presets like the “Macro” and “Portrait” options have been taken off of the dial as well as off of the camera altogether (at least from what I’ve seen)! That ABSOLUTELY makes this an amazingly grand upgrade from the D90!

    I am unquestionably going to get this camera when it comes out! Especially since it’s pretty much the same price as was the D90! AHH! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  • fotosniper

    it’s official, Canon sucks!!! poor canonites they must feel so bad buying junk from a copier company.

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