German magazine spills the beans about Nikon’s announcement next week

In the September edition of the German photo magazine "Foto Digital", which was sent to subscribers today, there is an article about the new Nikon D3100 and the four new lenses.

Nikon D3100 (updated):

  • 14 MP CMOS Sensor (23.2 x 15.5 mm)
  • Live View
  • 3 inch Display
  • 100 - 12800 ISO
  • ISO setting manual or automatic
  • 11 AF points
  • full HD Video (1920 x 1080)
  • price 650 €
  • new EXPEED2 processor
  • improved objects recognition for the AF control
  • improved in-camera menu
  • user can save picture profiles

And the 4 new lenses after the break:

  • Nikkor AF-S DX 55-300/4,5-5,6 G ED VR (ca. 420 €)
  • Nikkor AF-S 85/1,4 G with Nano coating (ca. 1650 €) - UPDATE: the new lens contains 10 lens elements in 9 groups (the old version has 9 elements in 8 groups)
  • Nikkor AF-S 24-120/4 G ED VR with Nano coating (ca. 1220 €)
  • Nikkor AF-S 28-300/3,5-5,6 G ED VR (ca. 1000 €) - UPDATE: it will contain 19 lens elements in 14 groups

Pictures coming soon. Everything is as previously expected. No big surprises, except that ISO range: 100-12800? Wow!

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  • VanSmak

    First!…..ISO Range is exceptional for an entry level DSLR!

    • Marc W.

      Now lets hope the high ISO performance is good.

    • Do you guys remember the rumor that the D90 replacement was suppose to have a very good, D700 like, ISO – now we know what the range is going to be.

      • Anonymous

        The max ISO is the same as the 14.2 MP CMOS sensor fitted to the Sony A500, released August 2009, so hardly something to get that excited over.

        ISO rating Auto, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800

        • Banned

          Exactly, at same ISO it’s probably going to be a lot crappier than full-frame, there is no free lunch.

          • AS

            Sorry, but before you make comments, please read the article 🙂

            Anonymous: the sensor may be the one in NEX 5 (not Alpha 50 with has 12 Mpix, by the way).

            Banned: nobody said anything about a comparison of the noise ratio between D3100 with D700 FF .

            • Anonymous

              AS: My bad. I meant the A450, released beginning of 2010 which has the 14.2 MP sensor and the same max ISO.


              If it performs vastly differently to that I’ll eat my hat! 😀

            • Three words:

              D3x vs. A900

              I agree with @banned: there is no free lunch. Will these perform like the D700? Unlikely. Can they be improved over the current DX sensor cams? I’d be surprised if they weren’t at least a little cleaner, even at higher MP. Maybe a stop improved over the D300s?

            • PHB

              There are two possibilities here. The first is that Nikon has developed a radically more efficient sensor, the second is that they have changed their criteria for setting maximum ISO.

              Either would make perfect sense, we won’t know which is the case until we see the tests of the camera.

              Some while back the Japanese camera makers agreed on a standard whereby the maximum ISO rating they would publish on their cameras would have no more than a certain amount of noise that is roughly comparable to Kodak Gold 1600 film on 35mm. The minimum ISO is set to the point that has the optimum noise response.

              That is why the D3 series cameras all have Hi and Lo ISO settings that go above and beyond the normal range. There is an optimum gain range and the cameras let the gain be set above or below if needed.

              It would be very easy for Nikon to produce an ISO 12800 camera by simply ignoring that convention and labeling the Hi range as part of the standard setting.

              The other possibility is that they have improved on the D3 series sensors and are deploying the new technology on a Dx body first. This would obviously be the better situation. If true and the criteria for rating ISO have not changed, then the D3100 will have the same noise handling as the D3s – give or take a stop.

              While it might seem obvious to bring new technology out on an FX body, that is not necessarily possible since an FX sensor is harder to make. Also Nikon’s first and last priority is their volume line which sells by the million.

              If they have not fiddled with the measurement standard, it would explain the lack of a D700 replacement this year. There would be no point in bringing out a body that was going to be made redundant so fast.

              I can think of a few tricks that might be used to control noise. One would be to use a Peltier effect heat pump to cool the chip. Another would be to design the amplifiers differently, yet another would be to improve light gathering. It is certainly not impossible that this has been achieved.

              If so, the D90 replacement should be stunning and the D4 series is going to be something very special indeed.

            • PHB

              Of course, if the ISO count is honest, then all the FX crowd were really buying was the ability to buy the 2010 DX camera in 2007. Which might well explain the sour grapes, but hardly excuses them.

              If the D3100 is this good then expect that there will be a D400 that is better and a D4 that is even better still.

            • Thanks for sharing your thoughts PHB! Sure gets the mouth watering dreaming about the possibilities.

        • Nikon alwyas does a better job than Sony with teir own sensors, D3x’s is the one that shows the most difference, compared to A900.

          • +1 John Locke-looking man

          • gabe

            yeah, nikon uses more in camera raw nr 😉

      • StickingZoom

        OK, so let’s make a preliminary summary:

        The high ISO performance is perhaps better than that of the D90, and with this it’s better than that of the D5000 and D300*.

        It essentially makes the complete DX range outdated, including the DX pro line.
        But the D300* won’t see an update …
        And the D5000 is not discontinued…

        So basically Nikon nukes their whole entry level model range with just 1 announcement. Incredible.

        • andyh

          i agree…

          the d3100 will absolutely destroy the d5000 sales.
          smaller body, better video, more MPs, and better low light performance?
          these are the things entry level DSLR customers look at…

          i cant see the articulated LCD keeping the d5000 afloat for another year before its replaced.

          • Anonymous

            Blame Nikon’s flawed strategy of retaining a virtually unchanged entry-level model for 2 years (since the D40x) for this. Time has finally caught up with them.

            • you guys are working on some assumption that the d5000 has been selling all that well. it’s been getting it’s lunch money stolen by the t2i and the t1i before it for the past year.

              @StickingZoom – if you think that the sensor alone makes this better than the D300 then you are entitled to that opinion but it seems to mean that AF, build, features, ability to use non asf lenses, off camera flash capabilities etc mean nothing…

          • steve

            I was at a little photo even not too long ago. I kinda snickered inside at the guy with the D200. I had a newer body with newer sensor.

            I wasn’t laughing when I saw how much better his pictures were than mine. It wasn’t the camera, but the user.

            • Worminator

              Camera companies hard-sell the myth that you will take better pictures if you buy the latest and most expensive camera. They sell more cameras that way.

          • Rob

            Destroy, as in sell millions of D3100 cameras making Nikon large amounts of money against flagging D5000 sales.

            • Worminator

              Yeah, but it does up-end the range in a way we’ve never seen before. Always, Nikon has introduced features in trickle down fashion: high end cameras got the new features first, mid range next, and the entry level was left running last years technology.

              Now, if you want the highest resolution (APS-C) and best video, you have to buy the cheapest model. Go figure.

              Well, the D90 replacement comes on top of the D3100 pretty much, so it’s only the D300s that is left looking a bit uncomfortable.

        • LOL Why do you think that is?. Could it be that the “pros” who buy and use the D300/s really care more about the overall package rather than the couple of insignificant features that the D3100 is better at.. that are not really used in 99% of their shots. What do you think?

          • Exactly. My thought was that these “pros” mentioned are of questionable origin. And, looking at the above posts, they run in packs.

            I love the conclusions that people make when new announcements are on the horizon. It’s the idea that Nikon only has up to the next model planned, and the future is now doomed because they haven’t though ahead of that one product/announcement. Naysayers: did you ever think that Nikon has OTHER cameras to announce after the first in the “new” lineup? Maybe they have a replacement for the D300s? Maybe they have a replacement for the D5000? Heck, they might even have another option for the D90?

            Nah, they have poured hundreds of millions of dollars and years of research into this one and only body, the D3100, the one camera to rule them all. And THEY’RE GOING TO FAIL!!!! AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!


            Just another case of the unsatisfiable on attack. If they hadn’t created this new body, they’d be the “stodgy old Nikon” that’s doomed to fail. And on the other hand, by producing it they’ve proved they’re the doltish little Nikon that can’t run such a simple business. These guys are a hoot.

            • Ding JieXi

              Dude you rule, got me laughing.

            • StickingZoom

              You’re reading the posts wrong.

              1.) The D3100 is on paper the better camera than the D5000 which for now is not discontinued. So: The model numbering scheme will be hard to explain to a non Nikon Fanboy. Not really a marketing stroke of genius.

              2.) The sensor of the D3100 is probably better than that of the D300*. You wont care about that when you think about buying the D300, I would certainly take that in consideration and I expect I’m not the only one.

              3.) If the D95 is announced as rumored, then this camera will make the D300 an even worse looking option making point 2.) even worse.

              Is Nikon doomed? No.

              Can the model number in consistency be resolved? Yes, call the new D95 D8000 and discontinue the D5000 and everything is fine.

              Is it a wise move to release a camera that makes a more expensive camera (that wont be updated in the near future) in the same sensor size class look old? I beg to disagree.

            • PHB

              Yeah, like isn’t it rather obvious that the D500o is also going to get an update this year, just not the same week as the D3100?

              Since the D3100 does not seem to have the swivel screen, I would not be surprised if that turned out to be the differentiator on the D5100.

              They may even remove the D5000 from the lineup altogether.

              I don’t see any real issue with the D300s. There is more to a camera than ISO response. Just like there are long waiting times for Nikon Pro lenses, there are going to be longish periods at the end of the pro-cycle where the existing models are outperformed by the bottom end models.

              This will be fixed next year with the D4/D400 launch.

              If the ISO rating is genuine, not due to dropping the standards, then there is absolutely no reason not to go straight to 24MP on the D4/D400. Though by the same token, once there is an affordable 24MP FX body, I might well switch to FX since one body will provide plenty of resolution in DX mode, while also allowing for even higher resolution in FX mode.

          • StickingZoom

            I’m not questioning the body quality or AF of the D300*.
            What I do question is whether a professional photographer will “look over” the fact that the D300 he’s buying for twice the price has an inferior sensor.
            And you’re not saying pros don’t care about the sensor now, do you?

          • Worminator

            “Could it be that the “pros” who buy and use the D300/s really care more about the overall package rather than the couple of insignificant features that the D3100 is better at.. that are not really used in 99% of their shots. What do you think?”

            Owners of the D300* won’t lose sleep over it. People looking to buy a D300s, on the other hand, are going to see “obsolete” and hold off.

        • Eric Pepin


          i promise my d300s is ten times the camera as the d3100 and even next generations d4000 or whatever its called. Technical image quality on a tripod means little to a working proffesional.

          think before you post.

          • On the other hand I have seen people taken breathtaking images with a D80 and horrific images with a d3s

            • I’ve seen people take breathtaking photographs on a disposable camera and horrific images on a leaf digital mf camera. I’m not sure you have a point. However, clearly the D300 is a “better” camera for the working professional than this upcoming D3100 is, whether the sensor is better in the new camera or not. I’d go as far as to say a D2X is a better camera than anything in the D3XXX or D5XXX range for the working professional.

            • I see your point. I just dont like that the newer sensors are going into lower cameras. I think I am having d700 replacement problems. Im getting cranky. Im waiting till potokina and if I dont see something for me Im pulling the trigger on a 700. Yes I do have a camera already so I dont need the posts about buying it now,

      • David Mulligan

        Do you think that the D95 ISO will be equal or greater to that of the D3100?

        • I would say same or lower, if indeed it is higher MP. Unless they have another sensor design that they are using specifically in the higher MP sensors for cameras such as the D95 or D300s replacement.

          • dave

            Interesting, but you’ve drawn you conclusions based on some invalid assumptions, specifically, that Nikon will put the latest and greatest in the bottom end. But Nikon doesn’t work that way. The sensor in the D5000 is the one from the D90, after the D90 had been out almost a year, and the D5000 sensor had no improvement over the D90. The D3000 had the sensor from the D80/D40x/D60, and performed virtually identical to those other three prior cameras and WORSE than the D5000 and D90 which had MORE pixels. No, the D3100 sensor is nothing new and I doubt Nikon did anything to tweak it. This is the value end of the product line and Nikon isn’t going to spend any more than they have to. It will be the Sony sensor with very little tweaking.

            The D90 has been a shining star and aside from a 20% boost in pixels, the T2i still has trouble competing with it. So the D95 is where Nikon will put it’s biggest effort.

            It’s also possible that in these economic times, it might make sense to merge the D3000 and D5000 lines into one D3100 line and merge the D90 and D300s into the D95 line. Maybe, maybe not, who knows.

            • You may be right.

              Personally, I’d be dollars to doughnuts that Nikon doesn’t merge D90 and D300 line. I’d also be surprised if the D3000/D5000 merge. Nikon has a good variety of bodies across all lines, something Nikon has slowly worked toward over the last number of years. I only see a short term gain and long term loss in merging the lines.

      • Jabs

        Look here too about Sony’s upcoming announcement – MAYBE Nikon has to announce AFTER them – HINT, HINT!


    • “First!…..ISO Range is exceptional for an entry level DSLR!”


      My Pentax K-x which i bought the better part of a year ago has exactly the same ISO range. At ISO 100 the images are very clean and free from noise. At ISO 12800 there is a fair bit of noise but it is very well controlled and there is a sharp well-defined image within the noise. I am very happy with the K-x’s ISO performance from low to high. I *hope* the Nikon 3100 will be similar in performance but those two extra megapixels may well be the straw that broke the noise control camel’s back. ..

      • I Am Nikon

        Well you’re using a Pentax.

        that’s a nuff’ said.

  • Ronan

    Looks very nice 🙂

    Waiting for the pictures to come and confirm this!

    • Marc W.

      The first picture I want to see is the lens mount to look for a AF motor.

      • Ronan

        Won’t happen, they ditched the motor to keep the body small (D40).

        • Marc W.

          Then how come the Nikon Pronea line of APS film cameras were much smaller than the D40 and still had an AF motor. As crappy as the AF was, it still drove a 50mm 1.4D lens.

          • PHB

            Because they didn’t take F-mount lenses and so had a totally different set of mirror sweep constraints.

      • Andries

        On the 3100? no way.. hopefully on the d95..

      • from what I see, there will be no AF motor in the D3100

        • the article says that the D3100 has a new EXPEED2 processor

          • Anonymous

            Well that kind of goes some way in undermining the article because EXPEED isn’t a single piece, or even a specific collection of silicon, but rather a marketing term Nikon gives to image processing. Everything from the shittiest Coolpix to the D3x has EXPEED – do they all share the same image quality? Nope!

  • Char

    Nice. I wonder if they write anything about their personal opinions on how it performs….

  • Niceeeeeee 🙂

  • bob

    articulated LCD and continuous AF?

    nothing more? about D90 / D700 replacement?

  • Ronan

    Admin, any word on continuous AF?

    Also, is it just in a “rumors/news” section or a review of a pre-prod camera?

    • no, this is in the news section, it’s real

  • Anonymous

    This is clearly the new sony sensor. It is too sad that Nikon cannot do anything without sony.

    • Banned

      They use Sony sensors for entry-level because quality doesn’t need to be high. For top-cameras it’s another story.

      • NiknWontRepairMyGray

        They also use sony sensors for higher level dslr and they are great!!!!

    • Tabitha Green

      Who cares if they use a Sony sensor? They’ve shown in the past that — with the d300 & D3x — that they rock them somethign proper, really kick the competitions ass. As long as they deliver the goodness, who cares from where they come?

  • Anonymous

    Heh heh, the D3s crowd will be mad because the crappiest Nikon dslr will have better video.

    • Jeremy

      The D3s user that spent $5K for a video camera kinda missed the boat.

    • Ajit

      Well the QUALITY of video/ image range/ noise control will be way lower even if the the D3100 has seemingly higher specs.
      That said, it’s quite amazing about the feature set that is being introduced into the lowest tiered dSLR in Nikon’s line-up.

      • @Jeremy: The D3s user may have been motivated in part by the video, but isn’t likely to have bought it solely for that reason; the D3s has a host of other features and capabilities that put the 3100 to shame even if the video performance and controls are better than on the former camera. Comparing the D3s to the 3100 is like comparing a Corvette to a Pinto. 🙂

        @Ajit: Agreed. And seeing such a robust feature set in the bottom of the Nikon line, IMHO, bodes well for the next generation of prosumer and professional bodies. I’m positively salivating over what the D95 will bring to the table, and I’m sure the D700 replacement will have some surprises in store as well.

        • nikkor_2

          “Comparing the D3s to the 3100 is like comparing a Corvette to a Pinto.”

          … or like comparing a circa-2005 Abrams M1A2 tank to a circa-1916 Renault FT-17 😉

    • “Heh heh, the D3s crowd will be mad because the crappiest Nikon dslr will have better video.”

      Only if they have a pea-sized brain.

    • Heh heh, the D2X crowd will be mad because the crappiest Nikon DSLR will have better low light capability.

      Heh heh, the D1 crowd will be mad because the crappiest Nikon DSLR will have moar megapixhells.

  • Valadice

    No d95 🙁 sadness

    at €1220, 24-120 f4 is looking good. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

    No VR on 85?

    • Al.Z

      Hi Valadice and co.,

      I think it is actually a better optical design decision not to include VR on the 85er. VR can only degrade IQ as it needs *one more* floating element to obtain it and as far as classic lens designs go, putting in more glass will not do.

      • Valadice

        Hehe, I just like shooting hand held in low light situations. Thus VR would be welcome. Either way, would make a great purchase down the line.

        Also, I have shaky hands 🙁

        • Less caffeine?

        • Al.Z

          I agree, VR helps for us shakers 🙂 I have the same problem too… But in the recent years I have come to discover great AI-S optics with ingenious and *simple* 😉 optical formulae that render some of the best looking micro-contrast and oof smoothness I have come to encounter.
          Having also used VR-enabled (z00m) lenses, I have come to impression that today’s lenses sacrifice a lot of the *natural* look the old lenses give so effortlessly. That is, however, my view on things.
          As Thom once wrote, VR helps but use only when absolutely necessary. You should be able to find the article on his website.

          Bests all!

          • Valadice

            True true.

            I think something we have to realize is, while it helps those who need it, and it can be turned off for those who don’t want it.

            @Ron Adair,
            I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

    • Roger

      No VR in 85 is a proof Nikon hasnt gone completely mad and knows better than to listen to the “I want VR in every lens including 16 Fisheye” people.

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, this looks a very mediocre or simply crap announcement. Just a week later sony will deliver actually new products.

    WTF is going on with Nikon? I mean who the hell cares about the plastic crap D3100? This camera can be consider as almost a coolpix because in this category Nikon is not better at all than Canon, sony etc. Nikon is goddamn slow

    • Anonymous

      Same old problem for Nikon – they rely on a competitor to provide their sensors. Nikon releases will forever be synchronised with those from Sony until this situation changes.

      • Rafael

        agree, I just hope Sony doesn’t stop producing DSLRs cause then we Nikon users wont get new sensors. damn..

        if Sony dies, then Canon will really kick our butt in the sensor department, sad.

        • LOL.. when did sony start DSLR? I am sure it was after nikon had sony sensors! If sont stopped dslr production nikon will still be creating nikon camers with sony sensors as they did before sony made dslrs…

        • Roger

          Canon will kick “our butt” in the sensor department.. just like 1D Mark IV kicks D3s’ butt, right? Canon is only about 1,5 stops worse than the Nikon LOL

          WAKE UP, MAN, IT’S NOT 2004 ANYMORE.

    • superstar

      Crap announcement? have you seen the lenses?! Who gives a F about the camera, gimme that 85mm! Yay Nikon! You sound like D3100 is just for you, be happy.

    • ato3

      WTF is going on with Canon? I mean who the hell cares about the plastic crap XS, XSI, T1i, and T2i? This camera can be consider as almost a powershot because in this category Canon is not better at all than Nikon, sont etc. Canon is goddamn slow.

      • Anonymous

        @ ato3 – obviously you cannot read. That is exactly my point that Nikon did not nothing new. In fact, it is late even with these features as most of them were already implemented by Canon and sony in this category. You do behave like a 8 yrs old kid who cannot accept any criticism of his favourite toy. Grow up and look at the situation as an adult.

        @ superstar – I was talking about the camera. But since you mentioned the lenses, they look great as long as Nikon actually can deliver them and we won’t have to face the usual out of stock signs.

        • @anonymous

          I’m not sure if you are one or many here on this site, but you (specifically) need to grow up. Calm down. Take a Ritalin. Eat less sugar. Whatever. If you love Canon, go to the Canon sites and brag them up there. I think it’s safe to say the majority of us don’t care for Canon over here, hence the reason we’re participating in discussions ABOUT NIKON RELATED CAMERAS.

          Now, just so I don’t leave you only with criticism:

          I actually can see the logic (and benefit) behind Nikon announcing new tech and features in the lowest bodies first, then the higher end gear to follow. Tech gets incrementally better every day that passes. By announcing these features in the low end of the spectrum first, any improvements will be inevitable in the higher end bodies, rather than the other way around. Of course, there will always be disparities across a product line, but this is one way to help ensure they are not slanted against the higher dollar and higher caliber gear.

          Oh, and Nikon also needs to be profitable. Like it or not, it’s the D3100 customers that keep the really great gear coming for you and I. Without those low-end sales, Nikon would be considerably less competitive in an insane tech market.

        • BornOptimist

          By your logic then, then all Canon cameras with video was late because that was first introduced in D5000. And Sony has not a single DSLR with video, so they are for sure not the groundbreaker.

          • enesunkie

            First introduced in the D90, but we get the point (and a point well made).

      • Singapore

        LOL @ admin

    • Anonymous

      Who cares about the “plastic crap D3100”? Probably ten times more people than care about a “magnesium crap D4″…?

      • Dite

        Well said.

      • PHB

        And certainly a heap more people care about that D3100 than care about the $2000 pro lens that Nikon just launched.

  • Singapore

    Wow! I’m looking forward to the D95. I’m sure it must be an awesome camera. Even the D3100 would probably suit my needs (except for the lack of AF drive). How much more will we get for an additional 350€!

    The 55-300 also looks good, I hope they can get it just below 400€.

    The other prices are, as usual, ridiculously high.

  • Denko

    650 Euro? that’s like $831… twice the cost of today’s D3000… either its a bundle price or a grand shift in camera body numbers has happened. Who knows maybe the D3100 is the D90 replacement… that would be funnnn:iiii.

    • Yeah that’s pretty steep, 800 bones for a D3000 replacement.. does that mean 1500 for the d90 replacement?

      • Joe D

        When you do Euro to USD conversion you have ot factor in VAT. I.e. Socialism Fuel.

    • any nonmouse

      Don’t use the Euro to USD exchange rate, you will get a too-high number (look at past announcements for examples).

      Cameras are more expensive (considering exchange rate) in Europe.

    • Think mirrorless. It could slot in below that price point.

      The other issue is that the MSRP is never the street price and that Euro prices and USD prices rarely sync with the exchange rate like that: 1 euro usually means 1 USD.

      • Interesting thought. I read somewhere on here (not sure if it’s the comments for this post or one of the others, and I’m not going to go back and read all that again 🙂 ) someone saying they wondered what would be Nikon’s less-expensive entry-level now that the 3100 is theoretically more… shall we say, “pimped out.” If Nikon does go the EVIL route, that could slot in pretty comfortably as the bridge between their (disappointing) P&S line and their (much better) point and shoot line.

        • Corrections dept.: For the second instance of “point and shoot,” substitute “SLR.” 🙂

    • suboniki

      in germany we have 19% vat and all prices for B2C included vat

  • SNRatio

    Well, seems like tweaked Sony sensor, and a very good entry level camera. Too bad they didn’t keep MPs down, to get even better high ISO performance. But maybe this is Nikon’s way of playing it safe, they don’t need to be very innovative here to stay competitive.

    Now, if they could only update the 24-85 AF-D as a “retro-design” lens, with AF-D and aperture ring, good corner performance fully open and a modest price. They still need a non-pro good normal zoom alternative in addition to the 24-120/4.

    • Anonymous

      You do know that AF-D = AF-G, but the difference is the aperture ring (AF-G lenses also have Distance info)

  • moo

    Shame there’s no VR as rumoured on the 85mm, that would have made it even better. Still, I’m sure it will be an amazing portrait lens as it is!

    • D40-owner

      If they optimize the lens for ultra bokeh, sacrificing VR for it, then the knowledgeable users of this lens will not complaint.

      • WoutK89

        Exactly, only gadget freaks think that putting all existing in a lens will make it “good”, but sometimes keeping an innovation out will make it perform even better.

      • John

        Really? True that the full frame portraiture users don’t really need VR, but the rest of us would like a nice fast prime with VR at about that focal length for a range of other types of photography (concerts, candids, etc.) esp. with the D700 or its successor.

        That said, I’m sure the Nikon brass could care less, because that would require them to think outside the box and they’ve repeatedly shown themselves completely incapable of that.

  • I went “WOW!” too at the ISO. But since this is an entry-level model, I’m quite sure that anything above 3200 will probably be unusable. Unless this is one of the surprises that Nikon has in store for us 😉

    • I’d gladly take usable 3200. Even my D90 really maxes out at 1600 for usability in low-light, and I usually try to avoid going over 800 if I can.

      • Me too. I try not to go above 800 for my D300s. Actually after comparing, ISO800 of the D90 and D300s is about the same as my D60, perhaps just slightly better!

  • That is really high ISO. Wonder if it does well.

  • Recent Convert

    That Euro-price presumably contains the VAT (which is around 20%, isn’t it?). The US/Canadian price (which is always before taxes) should therefore be about the same amount as the Euro price, maybe a ‘tat more.

    • El Aura

      These prices are German prices, they can be differ slightly between different Euro-countries, not least because of different VAT rates. They thus include the German VAT rate, which is 19%, therefore divide by 1.19. Moreover, even pre-tax Europe tends to be a bit more expensive than the US.

  • stickingzoom

    I’m taking delight in thinking how that german magazine guys will get roasted after blowing up such a tightly kept secret .

    • Delie

      Maybe, but then these ‘leaks’ generate a lot of interest so I doubt Nikon will be too fussed. It might be staged too, who knows? Having said that, it’s left me wondering what will be announced at photokina now – so it’s worked on me anyway 🙂

  • alejack

    you won’t see VR in primes below 2.8 that is why the 200 f2 is so expensive. try the 105 2.8 macro i love the lens and because of the vr it works great with low light and the extra mm will make more bokesh when pointed to something near, plus its only 800

  • Rob

    no VR on the 85mm keeps some cash in my pocket. sure it will be brilliant but at 85mm I really think this lens could use it to be hand holdable and versatile.

    • Singapore

      As much as VR would be great to have, it also has the drawback that it introduces floating lens elements into the lens barrel. This makes centering probably an even trickier taks and I’m pretty sure that effects the robustness of the lens as well. With such large apertures and narrow focus fields, it’s even more critical to have a well aligned design.

    • Roger

      No, all VR would do is compromise the design of the lens. That’s all.

      No VR on 85 = proof Nikon know what they are doing.

  • Lee Shekter

    I’m sure I’m not the first one to think this, but since Nikon and Sony share sensors, why not just buy a Sony DSLR which has the advantage of having built-in VR, especially if one is not already heavily invested in Nikon accessories (e.g. lenses, software, etc)?

    • elliot

      Because a camera is more than a sensor. Are you new to photography? Look at any number of Nikon, Pentax and Sony DSLRs that use the same chip and see major differences in handling, ease of use and even image quality.

  • Marco

    Excuse my ignorance. I would like to buy my first dslr and thought of the D5000, however it seems that the D3100 is superior in many things!
    I’m from Argentina and here it usually takes two months to come from Europe. It worth the wait?

    • Well, it looks like the D3100 may cost almost twice what a D5000 costs, so that’s something only you can decide.

      • Marco

        Of course, I did’t realize. Here the D5000 cost € 650 directly from the importer …

    • I Am Nikon

      If you really need a DSLR now, then go buy a D90 instead. It’s tons better than the D5000 and it’s price is going down fast.

      But if you can wait for a month or two, then wait for the D3100 instead.

      • enesunkie

        Or wait a little bit for the D95!

  • Anonymous

    Any word on manual controls for video?

    • I’d be highly interested in this too.

      Also very interested in frame rates for video.

  • Zoetmb

    Assuming that these lenses are real, and that the old 24-120 is actually discontinued, this will mean that Nikon has only one fewer lens in its product lineup than Canon. By my count, Canon has 62 lenses in its active lineup and Nikon will have 61. (Doesn’t include any upcoming Canon lens announcements.)

    Of course, it’s the particular lenses made and not the totals that count, and also whether you can actually buy one, but it belies the notion that Nikon has a far smaller lens lineup than Canon.

  • it could just be the replacement for both the 3000 and 5000 and that is why the price is a little higher – around 750 us then 1200 at launch for the d90 sucessor then the 300 series at around 1500 with the first two settling into 650 and 1050-1100 after Christmas.

  • No VR in the 85? That would have been nice… 🙁

    • I would prefer superior optical quality in place of the VR 10-1. VR can be useful, but I find I use it way less than I think I will. If that comes at the expense of image quality, even slightly, it’s not worth it to me. Especially with a lens with so much potential.

  • Richard

    FPS and what resolution of the screen? if the body alone cost 650 euros that is kinda high, consider T2i body selling for 670 euros in that site, D3100 price is much higher than D5000 and close to D90 body price which is kinda tough sell. This camera better than 60fps 720p and 30fps 1080p or won’t be compete enough with t2i.

  • I update the Nikon D3100 specs from the article – nothing new really.

  • Gahl

    NEX-5 sensor size is different (smaller) that the sensor used by Nikon.

    NEX-5: 23.4 x 15.6 mm (3.65 cm²)
    D3000/5000/90/300s: 23.6 x 15.8 mm (3.72 cm²)

    How could they use net NEX sensor in a Nikon? I may be wrong but wouldn’t that change the 1.5 factor of the Nikon DX format?

  • ThinkingD5000

    Just went to nikonusa website and the D5000 is listed at $630. That is a recent price drop right?

  • What is up with the Autofocus Video any word on that?

    • The article doesn’t say anything about AF during video – the text is very generic, no details are provided. BTW, you did not believe me on that youtube video you made when I first wrote about the D3100 🙂

  • It looks like the autofocus video did not make it into this go around. I will be interested to see the quality of this camera.

  • I wonder if Nikon have upped the length of time you can record video for? Five minutes just seems a bit too short for my liking, especially if you were planning to do any documentary type shooting.

    • I’d love an increase in recording time.

      • Why would you possibly need to a shoot a single sequence of film that last longer than 5 minutes?

        • Biggest reason: interview footage. It is not practical to tell your interviewee, “Oh, can you hold that thought, AGAIN? My recording time just hit its limit. Sorry, I really AM interested in your experience as a Jew in the German war camps.

          Also would be nice for live events, as it’s fairly difficult to capture such with such a short clip time.

  • Becksmann

    Any word if there will be exposure bracketing in this model?

    • enesunkie

      Doubt it.

  • John

    Nice! Hoping the video is good on the D3100 might be a good back up camera for just video for me and the D700 🙂

  • Dweeb

    Yawn, more stuff for the Christmas tree. Except the 2000 dollar prime lense of course.

  • Hoping for the following in video mode:

    – 60/30/24 fps
    – Full manual controls
    – Longer recording times (>10 min/clip)
    – Higher bitrate
    – Raw video recording (wishful thinking)

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      In a dpreview thread, one poster claim that the d95 video will be 1080i, not 1080p. If this is so, then the video function is still a big let down!

      • Guess we’ll have to see, but honestly that won’t bug me much. So far, I’ve been fairly pleased with the sharpness Nikon has been able to squeeze into their 720p files.

  • Phil Koenig

    It seems, based on the fuzzy pic, that the new 24-120 includes Nano coating. (And has that Gold line at the front) That wasn’t noted in your text description.

    I’m really looking forward to a high-quality walkaround lens that isn’t a huge costly monster with an anemic focal-length range like the 28-70 or 24-70. I could use a replacement for the 28-105D on my FSLRs and DSLRs. I hope the geometric distortion is low like the 28-105 too. 🙂

    Re: the 85mm/1.4 not having VR – I don’t think anyone else has in-lens VR on something of that aperture-class either – Canon certainly doesn’t. I would think that those wobbly elements are not always optimal for image-quality either.

  • Phil Koenig

    F/2 is not F/1.4. And those 200’s are $5,000-$6,000 lenses the size of stovepipes. 🙂

  • SimonC

    Finally, a competent entry level DSLR from Nikon that isn’t outclassed by its competition. While the expected improvements in high-ISO are welcome, I think the real show stopper is going to be the continuous AF in live view.

    I am frankly surprised at some of the negative comments here about the D3100. By far, this update is far beyond the jump from D40->D40x->D60->D3000. Pretty much across the board, the camera has improved significantly. I expect it to have better IQ than the D90/D300s (3 year old sensor tech).

    Nice to see the 24-120 f/4 and 85 f1.4 upgrades, too. Let’s hope they aren’t affected by the AF issues that plagued early copies of the 24 1.4.

    • I didn’t see anything about continuous AF during video capture. Would have been a game changer in the D-SLR space. (Ignoring the self-proclaimed “pros” who think auto-focus during video capture should be banned no matter what.) The Sony NEX-VG10 still looks to be the most promise product launch this year:


  • I’m German but nobody here seems to know that article. If you’d like to scan the page(s), I’d like to translate for you guys! 🙂

  • JonS

    Silly question but will the 24-120 have internal zooming such as the 16-35VR or is the focal length too large?

  • Kensmokecrakrokwell

    This looks good. Expeed two? Didn’t the d700 have expeed one? With similar iso ratings? I think this camera will have iso capabilities equal to…… better than the d700. Want better video in a slr? Just shut the f#@k up, stop wasting cyberspace and get a canon. Need more megapixels? Quit your bitc#ing, save your dough, get a hassy or d3x. Yeah…I’m waiting for the d700 replacement…I feel like the geek guy in the video…and I admit I’m somewhat of an asshole. But something great is a brewing. I know it. And you know it too. The wait will be over soon. Just you wait. I can finally say… from the bottom of my heart…


  • Click

    I think the disappointed people have missed the significance of this release.

    If this is to be an entry level camera, it must meet an entry level price point. Since it’s specifications clearly exceed the current entry level models, it makes sense to establish a price higher than the old models until all inventory is sold before dropping the price.

    Next, if this is agentry level camera, at a lower price point than the pro line models, eventually the pro line models must be replaced with models that have features which exceed the entry level to justify the higher price values.
    If the entry level camera can do this much, and The d90 and d300 are out of stock in many places, do you think the d95 will be a camera of inferior capability?

    It may be a DX sensor with iso qualities of the d700 for a lower price, but that to is not a bad thing.

    Raise the bar, sell volume to the masses and generate revenue to fund R&D for the future. Sounds like a reasonable plan for the long term success of a business and cameras are a business, not an artistic experiment.

    • SimonC


      IQ should absolutely destroy D3000/D90. And that, my friends, is good because the D400/D4 generation will be even better. Some of you just don’t think big enough, always expecting an entry level DSLR to suck in IQ. The game is changing.

  • Eric Pepin

    if you guys wanna buy a 85 1.4 new from a store with the new warranty for under 1800 (once a few discounts are applied to the 2 grand new lens) do it now.

    Decide if AFS and Nano coating are worth about 800 bucks to you.

    • Roger

      You mean, AFS, Nano, and the new optical design which is likely better than the old one?

  • Rob

    Yum, nothing like a new camera. Can’t wait to play with one of these.

  • What’s the story about the VF ? That’s defines the “class” easily.

    Mirror -> Entry level D5000
    Prism -> Prosumer D90

  • d

    I have ordered the 24-120. Not really possible but my name is first on list a dealer

  • James

    If the dimensions on the D3100 sensor are correct (23.2mm x 15.5mm), then the crop factor will be 1.55:1. Creeping towards Canon.

  • Sky

    Wait… weren’t the 3100 had to have the AF during video? It’s not in the specs… looks like they’ve changed the decision?

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