Fellow Canadians, you may see lower Nikon prices on Monday

The rumor is that Nikon will lower the prices of some products in Canada on Monday May 3, 2010. Just like last time (Nov 15th, 2009) this could be an adjustment to the currency exchange rate.

I cannot give any ratings to this rumor for now since I am waiting on additional information.

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  • Tom

    Bout time eh! 🙂

  • Great and I just bought the Nikon 24mm f/1.4G….

    • JBakes

      I bet you that the new lenses (24mm, 16-35mm and 70-200VRII) wont see the price reduction because they are in higher demand.

      • Global Guy

        Yeah, not likely . The 24/1.4 will go down in price because its about $200 overpriced right now (at least). The 70-200 VRII also has gone down about 200-250 US$.

        Don’t buy first — buy second or third — if you want Nikon’s market pricing. Or wait for bundles (like last month/this month).

  • Priceman


    awaiting a better reason to buy a D700 (or D700 replacement)

  • [NR]Admin, are you a Canadian, too?

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Sounds that way. Otherwise he/she would have said “Canadian Fellows” right?

      • Global Guy

        If he knows what a Milk Bag is, and is not thinking of anywhere on the female anatomy, then he definitely is Canadian.

        • Mike

          LOL, eh!

        • Canuck expat

          I was there last week and was quite shocked at the price difference on the cameras compared to US, especially with dollar at par. I’m surprised they would make the adjustment but Canadians deserve a break. Car companies should learn as well.

          And I did see milk bags for the first time in a decade!

        • Milk bags are an eastern Canada thing. Doesn’t exist in western Canada. We still think milk comes in a box or jug, and occasionally, from a cow.

          • ArtTwisted

            agreed, when i lived in edmonton no milk bags, ottawa though is full of em.

        • designwallah

          No milk bags outside Canada? Pity!

    • no, I am in the US of A but I still consider Canadians “fellows” 🙂

      • josh

        That’s too bad, but I’ll try not to hold it against you. Haha.

  • Joe

    Oo nice, was planning to get 70-200mm VR 2 tomorrow. Guess I will hold off until Monday.

  • bob

    it has begun!!!!!!!!

  • CanPhoto

    it’s about time! oops i just bought a sb900.. oh well.

  • D90

    What about other countries? Do you any Info dear NRadmin?
    Heres a hobbyist who love to see the D90 offered at a reduced price in India.
    Thank you.

    • Mike

      Canada’s dollar has been near or at par with the US dollar for sometime now, so unless “other countries” have experienced similar currency valuations, they likely will stay put.

    • no, no info for other countries

  • lunar

    ya, remember last time they had the price decrease, it was like 40$ out of a 19XX 24 70

  • Conan

    awesome~~i’ll go to bestbuy to check it ~~

  • Nikondreamer

    Whoah!! I am waiting for something like this. Hopefully more price reduction. Oh wait ! It has to happen before $$ goes down again.

  • m

    looks like the price of d300s body only on amazon slipped back to its list price of 1699.95 after being at 1453.54 for a long while. i checked a few other sites that were matching amazon’s pricing. but now even they hv been updated with 1699.95. is it bcoz of the rebates being rolled back??? [NR] admin..any thoughts..

  • The invisible man

    I speek french, do I also get a discount ?

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Depends on your accent.

    • bernie javier

      ABSOLUMENT, Monsieur L’invisible. Just visit the AS iS aisle.

  • Me

    Let the Loonie soar!

  • Andy

    Well, admin, if you’re ever in Montreal, fling a e-mail my way ahead of time and I’ll show you where to get the best smoked meat sandwich in town.

    • Johnny

      …but be ready for an hour-long lineup! ^_^

    • Mike

      And the best strip clubs in Canada too. 😉

    • Canuck expat

      It had better be Schwartz’s. God I miss that stuff.

      Go Habs tonight in Game 7!!

      • joe

        Waiting on the D700 price to fall either because of a replacement model or any other good reason…

        I’m a Pens fan but am cheering on those Habs too !
        Halak has been awesome – hope he and the rest of the Canadiens send Ovie to an extended off season…

  • Jesus_sti

    Yahoo …. finaly !

    • Anonymous


  • Marco Ro

    There’s a rebate going on in italy that will end april 30th: if you buy a D700 you’ll get a SB-900 for free.
    I thought this was to clear D700 inventories before the arrival of the new D700 (whatever name will be) but maybe it’s “simply” a planned price reduction.

    • Richard

      Any link to an Italian web dealer with the combination D700 + SB-900?

      • Marco Ro

        This is the official page of the italian Nikon distributor: http://www.nital.it/promozione/
        Don’t think it’s valid outside of Italy (it’s a rebate: they will send the SB-900 to your address after registration on the site). Be careful if buying trough Internet because many web shops sell a “European” Nikon and not an italian “official” (i.e. distributed by Nital) Nikon. They even created a special “Nital card” bundled with nikon products and without it you can’t have service & repairs for free… And for sure without it you can’t have your SB-900.

        • Richard

          Thanks, probably best for me to buy from Holland. Here in Sweden the price is to high.

  • Gary Sjah

    Too bad the GST/PST are not going away anytime soon.

  • Recent Convert

    Just wondering . . . Why do the “dislike” votes gather more than 25% for this post?

    • The invisible man

      Jealous people 😮

      • disco

        must be the gang from southpark

  • faiz


    Thanks for the news, ill keep a lookout.


  • Michael

    Australian prices were increased dramatically two years ago in response to a falling A$ versus yen . We have since had the $A rise dramatically against the $US and regain half it’s loss against the Yen. No price changes in Australia but at these rates it makes no sense to buy here as I can pay GST and shipping and save significantly by buying online from the US.

  • James

    There are a few exceptions but generally cameras and lenses are pretty comparable now, so some tweaks to get them closer would be great.

    However, where I’d really like to see parity is in the accessory line, batteries, motor grips, flashes etc. For example, a Nikon EN-EL3e in Canada will set you back at least $70-$90, in the US the same OEM product is @ $40. The MB-D10 is $70 cheaper south of the 49 too.

    • ArtTwisted

      agreed. accesories is where the companies make a killing . Most battery chargers in canada are between 40 – 100 bucks, even on coolpixes chargers are in that range… they make more on one charger then on the camera.

  • Tom

    Hello all. My first post here. My wife and myself are Canon converts. We had a Rebel XTi that flat-out died after two and a half years. The dealer in town wanted $300 just to crack it open., plus parts, so we’re looking at a D90. (Our current is a Canon PowerShot XS 10 IS. We have 27,000 photos in Aperture,so we take a lot of pics.) This website has helped so far. I am now waiting until Monday before grabbing one. We have two dealers in Cranbrook. One is a very well-known photo shop, which has their D90 on for $1193, with the 18-105 lens. Another fairly new dealer, Andres’ Electronics, has it on sale for $1098, plus an AFS DX 55-200 mm Nikkor lens for $148, if you buy a camera. Some say that 55-200 lens isn’t worth the price. Do any of you have it? One of the pros from the photo shop says that lens isn’t a very good one. Slow to auto focus, and a but fuzzy. Just wondering what you folks who’ve owned Nikon for a while think. Thank you.


  • Ryan

    Henry’s Flyer: Some price reductions:

    10.5, 2.8 fisheye -$100
    10-24 3.5-4.5 -$150
    85 3.5 -$50
    d90 -$100
    d5000 1$50
    p100 -$50
    D700 -$300
    D300s -$120
    14-24 2.8 -$200
    70-200 VRII -$200
    60 2.8 -$100
    105 2.8 -$120

    The actual flyer is not yet on the website but is on flyerland here:

    • thanks Ryan – coming up online soon

  • Tom

    What? I could get a lower price in town at both Nikon dealers. One is $1193, and the other $1098.

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