Nikkor AF-S 105mm f/2.8G ED IF VR Micro lens now made in China

Starting February, 2010 the Nikkor AF-S 105mm f/2.8G ED IF VR Micro lens is being produced in China instead of Japan. See the slideshow below for more details (source: Eri_c@flickr):

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  • “IF they can keep the quality…”…. it will be OK. But they CAN NOT.
    “IF they drop prices”.. but they will not…

    Great. Another product I cannot and will not buy because it is made in China. Boycott Chinese goods, unless you want to be a photographer at walmart some day.

  • Famous12345

    So I have been looking at this lens. A local store has one made in Japan. Will this one be worth more down the road if I chose to sell it than one from China?

  • carlos

    if Nikon start doing this, they will be like SONY when they start to Make their TVs in china, mexico and else where, check now what are the top 10 tv in the market.
    I think, Nikon are in a money Crisis, that’s why they are not launching anything a part of the scrap of d3000 and d5000, who is buying this?
    chek the web site of Canon and compare what they have with Nikon,
    I am a Nikon lover but ………..

  • Conan

    I smelt kinda China bashing here~~lol

  • Radu

    I have an 105 micro made in China and it works long as they keep the standards I’m fine with it

  • kry

    Hey, does it make sense to sell a 2008 Japan made lens, and then buy the same lens but 2014 and China made? I found someone who’d buy my used lens, and found a new one a the same price I’d sell the old one. Plus, I can have some cash back from Nikon.

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