We are on – announcements tonight!

This will be a sticky post with the latest updates, scroll down for the rest of the stories. Similar to last time, I will update this post and create a separate entry for the indirect blog readers.

10:48 pm - It has begun! http://press.nikonusa.com/ is down. Announcement probably @ 11:00 pm, not midnight.

7:31 pm - Bob Krist clarified the lenses he used to take the pictures on his blog - 18-70mm kit lens from the old D70 and the 16-85mm. You can read his comments at the end of this thread. And make sure you visit his website tomorrow tomorrow for some interesting news 🙂 (not, the news is not Sony/Zeiss related).

5:05 pm - Those are the full names of the two lenses for tonight: Nikkor AF-S 24 mm f/1.4 and Nikkor AF-S 16-35 mm f/4.0G ED VR. Nothing else will be released.

2:09 pm - this lens, spotted last night at the Super Bowl is definitely NOT one of the new lenses.

1:45 pm -Take a look at this photo from Bob Krist's blog. The EXIF data is 35mm @ f/6.7 and Maximum Lens Aperture of f/4.1.

What lens could have 35mm focal length and max aperture of f/4? I don't think such a lens exists (up till tonight that is). Please correct me if I am missing a mode (unless he is not shooting with a different brand name - Sigma, Tamron, etc).

Almost all other pictures on his blog from the past few weeks were taken with focal lengths between 16-35mm (there is only one picture shot @ 36mm). The weird thing was that they were all shot with DX bodies. My understanding is that the expected 16-35 f/4 VR is a FX lens.

I also would like to remind you about this post. Coincidence?

Bob, we know what you got there. Looking forward to seeing your pictures on Nikon's website tonight. Why didn't you use an FX body for those shots?

Full EXIF data here.

8:40 am - The Japanese site dc.watch published an interview with Mr. Nobuaki Sasagaki, marketing chief for Nikon Imaging (English translation).

On the question about upcoming products:


"We will have several large aperture prime lenses and light compact zoom lens this year"

7:50 am - Some Nikon events are scheduled in some countries for tomorrow. As you probably know this means announcement tonight at around 11pm or midnight US Eastern time. One of the sources is a known "Nikon" person in a public forum which I will not mention here. I also have two other, independent confirmations. That must be it!

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  • Tom

    Great work Admin!

    • mnm

      It has begun.

    • Anonymous

      D900 BEGUN!

      • Apparently dreaming has begun 😛

        • Anonymous

          you mean:

      • Anonymous

        D900 BE GONE

  • cant wait! I at the tippingpoint of buying a D700 and 24-70mm but i would really like a camera that could film aswell (without beeing connected to a computer…)

    • WoutK89

      Keep waiting then 😉 The announcement will be lenses only as far as Admin has info on

      • Paul

        I’m thinking it’s just going to be those 2 lenses as well. Maybe a surprise on top of that if we’re lucky.

    • F-stop

      just wait till PMA …

      • Louis

        hopefully PMA will really be it! D700_ SHALL BE RELEASED!

        • rune

          Wakeup call to Louis:
          D700 has been released!


          • Ben

            I think the ‘_’ was meant to be a place holder for ‘s’ or ‘x’, i.e. D700s or D700x.

    • JorPet

      I’m right there with you. Bonus money comes in the first week of March and will pull the trigger pretty quickly after that. Hoping that an announcement of the D700 replacement comes in by then.

    • RealRaw

      My Nikon F100 do lots of different films from B&W Ilford Ilford Pan-F Plus ISO to vivid color Fuji Velvia (and it has never been connected to a computer)… and thanks to the Coolscan 5000, it has much better resolution than the D3X!


      Then, all I need is a brand new Coolscan… c’mon Nikon!

  • there will be nikon d700s, no d4
    only hd filming, and hopefully some higher iso, diffrence from d700, same 12mpx …

    • WoutK89

      IF the D700s will come, it is the D700 with the new features of the D3s:
      Better sensor (better high ISO)
      Video mode and adjustments on the body for that
      Maybe some lay-out changes on the buttons

      • Louis

        that would be awesome, but better yet may be the addition of say up to 16MP, so that DX lenses still render decent resolution. …might be worth something….

        • Sash

          …and for the price of only 2000$ 😀

        • Chris Lilley

          Why do people treat MPx as if they were a linear measure?

          Twice the resolution of 12MPx is 48MPx. 16MPx is a rather small step up from 12MPx in terms of linear resolution.

          • This one drives me batty too.

          • +1

          • Ding Chavez

            I wouldn’t say 48mp is twice the resolution of 12mp because he pixel size would have to be 1/4 of the size. If you were to talk about a lines of resolution then yes the lines of resolution would be twice as much but we’re measuring in pixels and lines of resolution is mainly used for videos and not pictures.

            You wouldn’t expect a man that is twice as tall to be twice as big now would you, or would you?

  • Bob

    Exciting times… You’re doing a great job man. I guess I’m responsable for 35 % of your page views. 😉

    • WoutK89

      But who is responsible for the remaining 30% if I also am filling 35%? 😀

      • f/2.8

        Canon users.

  • Anonymous

    the more often you leave your source out, the lesser of an interest to read this site.

    include your source next time!

    • mnm

      Ummmmm are you serious?

      • SZRimaging

        It’s a troll from Nikon. They are just trying to find leaks 😉

        Although, I bet Nikon does controlled leaks, just like Apple.

        • Banned

          Of course they do…….. I can tell you 90% of the “leaks” are Nikon’s.

          • Mikael

            Then again, I doubt neither company does this when it comes to an update of a product (not when treating a new segment of the market), as this would reduce the current sales of such product.

            Example: If it was well-established that there was going to be a new 80-400 within a month, they would sell ZERO of the current 80-400. But as the 24 f/1.4 has no current Nikkor equivalent, I say spread away.

          • SZRimaging


            Not sure you have paid attention to Nikon’s supply chains or not, but as of late, the trend is to run it out of stock well before the update. As has happened with numerous lenses, and is happening with the D700. Even the D300 was treated like this (according to the camera shop I visited on Saturday).

          • PHB

            True enough, but methinks you have cause and effect backwards.

            I don’t think Nikon decide to launch a product and then try to sell through the remaining stock. I think they make stuff in batches and schedule a new production run to be ready just before they run out.

            Just in time manufacture may apply to the camera bodies (but I suspect not for the pro models) but it almost certainly does not for the pro lenses. since they are going to be looking to make as many as possible from the same batch of glass to ensure consistency.

            I think that it is highly unlikely that Nikon would tell Sony to do a fab run with the old D3 sensor. So any D700 bodies being made at the moment would have the old sensor. And since the response of the D700 is no better than the D300s, those opting to buy it to go fullframe are making a rather peculiar choice.

    • Nikondreamer

      Are you crazy? To reveal sources? You must be kidding.

      Good job admin. You are the best!

    • MirrorSeeFool

      There’s a way to destroy what he has built up so far!

    • Ken Elliott

      Reveal sources? That would be foolish. If he gave out my name, Nikon would take away my D5x and I’d quit feeding him the old-to-me but new-to-you stuff.

      • Alex

        They only gave you a D5x? That’s what Nikon was handing out 2 years ago for insiders.

    • Chris Lilley

      “include your source next time!” says someone posting as “anonymous”. lol

    • I know who that is – just ignore him, he has caused trouble in the past here as well.

      • Chris

        Interesting that a quick google search seems to indicate that most other gossip sites are repeating what is posted here!

  • Woody

    What about the DSLR’s? Is this it for PMA this year….a few lenses and new Coolpix offerings? What about a new mid level DSLR ($1000-$2000)?

  • SZRimaging

    So, according to the previous posts, we are at the 24mm and 16-35mm f4 with possibly the 50mm f1.2, right?

    No new bodies? Because, darn it, I need a new body.

    And a 135 or 105 f2 DC.

    • F-stop

      I would love to see a new 135 or 105mmm DC ..

      • WoutK89

        Is a G-type lens able to give the same results a D-type lens would with DC-feature?

    • no 50mm f/1.2 today – this would be a very big surpirse

      • SZRimaging

        Got it. Wasn’t sure if they just hadn’t leaked anything about it to keep it a surprise. Guess we find out in 9 hours.

  • Martin

    Nikon’s breaking the mold. Perhaps we ARE in for a surprise after all.

    • Ah, but WHEN are we in for a surprise? Perhaps that’s due for PMA.

    • PHB

      No, the moulds are fine, they are using them to make the blanks from which to grind the 24mm f/1.4…

  • Guys, please remind me not to party on Sundays.
    I bet for a D900 and a D700s soon.
    I’ll also like a nice 200mm 2.8VR. (the 180mm is older than my mom !)

    • LGo

      The Nikkor 180mm f/2.8 easily beats my 70-200mm f/2.8G in both VR and VR II version when shooting wide open.

      Despite its age, that 180mm f/2.8 AF-D happens to be one of the 10 best lens for the D700 – and I am say this as an owner of a Carl Zeiss ZF 100mm f/2.0.

      • You know my mom ?

      • I used to own a 180 2.8. As nice as it was, I would definitely not trade my 70-200VR for it! Maybe I’m just lucky and got a good sample. At 2.8 I don’t really care about vignetting and it’s gone my 5.6, which is where I’d be at for landscapes.

        If the original 70-200 isn’t on that list of 10 best lenses for the d700, something’s wrong. Of course, that list is probably different for everyone.

  • oscar

    … please bring me a new Full Frame DSLR… 😐

  • Why do you keep teasing me, what wrong have I done 😀
    Sounds too good to be true, but it was about time Nikon does something to its fast prime lineup (actually there isn’t such thing atm)

  • twoomy

    NR admin, you are the man! Thanks for keeping us updated and also for giving us honest assessments of how true or reliable you think your info is. This is the ONLY place on the net to get my Nikon rumors from.

    • preston

      (or woman)

      • man

        • WoutK89

          Hehe, indeed, Admin is 100% man, I hope 😛

          • f/2.8

            Woman. Only a woman can get all that out of men.

  • Jørgen

    Canon are releasing the 550d in this moment.

    • Seismo

      Canon seems to be pulling way ahead with 1080 HD video features. Their consumer cameras have it now; here’s hoping Nikon does something soon. A D700s with 1080 HD would be nice…

      • iamnomad


        If Nikon’s D700s/x/800 doesn’t have at least what Canon’s pumping out (seemingly at a regular pace), there are going to be quite a few unhappy Nikon users our here. Can only hope that Nikon Japan has good re-con, intel and won’t skimp on technology, but to be honest, I’m pretty skeptical at this point. I hope I’m wrong.

        Perhaps the primes are an indication of good/better things to come.

  • Recent Convert

    Admin: Great work. Don’t listen to those who want you to lay open your sources . . .

  • Anonymous

    i hope for an update at the wideangle range. Haven’t invested in this range yet. I bought the AF-85mm f1.4 D and the AF-135mm f2 DC. I also bought the MF-105mm f1.8 which is a great lens. Need an AFS-24mm f1.4 and an AFS-35mm f1.4. Not to mention the AFS-50mm f1.2. If they are going to produce these lenses I can wait for a year to replace my D700 but it has to be an 18MP at least camera.

    • Anonymous

      AFS 50 1.2 is a long way out.

      That’s a lot of glass and electronics to cram in a real small space. It’ll require either new AFS tech. or a complete redesign of the optics to move the focussing elements further away from the mount.- or both.

  • Begun it has!!!
    Here we go again 😀

  • Bob

    Looking at the specs of Canon 550D – Nikon really has to come up with full HD and manual video if they want to seduce photographers that also want to film.

    • Martin

      Yeah. They better hurry! That 550D / T2i looks pretty good on paper.

      I must admit. I’m happy Canon is fighting back. Nothing wrong with some competition. They’ll just keep on “pushing” each other.

      • Vladi

        18mpx 1.6crop sensor? Thanx but no thanx.

        • Richard

          These are images from a pre-production 550D which DPReview labeled as “Beta”, but there is nothing glaringly wrong with them that I see (yea, web pix don’t show everything). Some of the images were captured at ISO 3200 and looked clean. We will see if these images are representative when others get actual production units for testing. Unless there is a problem with the 550D Nikon faces a very real challenge for entry level consumers. http://www.dpreview.com/previews/CanonEOS550D/page13.asp

          P.S. Oh, would you be saying “no” to a 1.5 crop factor 18 MP camera? If so I guess you would not like an M9.

          • LGo

            The Leica M9 is a full frame 18mp camera.

          • WoutK89

            The M9 is 35mm/ Full Frame 😉

          • Richard

            Oops! I was thinking of the M8 which is cropped and quoted the 18MP for the M9. There really is no fundamental reason a good 18MP crop sensor can not be made.

            Anyway, the posted images for the 550D do not look bad, but all the usual disclaimers to such early release images apply.

          • Alex

            I would say no to a M8, after all the issues, it is obvious a good 18 crop can not be made, even by a company as prestigous as Leica.

          • Jon Paul

            You can download the full size images there (rightmost button on the top flyout).

          • deez

            I sold my T1i due to unacceptable noise at not that high ISOs (the D5000, the other camera I was contemplating, blew it away). The 7D has better ISO performance, and Canon says the 550d is “similar” whatever similar means. Wait and See I guess.

    • tim

      I agree, nikon needs to wake up! Dont get me wrong i shoot Nikon all my life, and love there lenses, but this is getting ridiculous! 18MP at almost 4FPS on a cheap camera, and they cant give us that even on a D900??? Come on!

  • ABC

    i guess all this hype for the past several months about the d900 are just RUMORS after all….leaves no choice but to purchase a canon 5d 2

    • James

      We dont need to know your buying c@non. Just go to the store and buy it!

      D@rn it!

  • F-stop

    I really hope they redo the DC lenses..and some f1.2 AF-S ..would be great..and yes the 50mm AF-S will get grabbed lol….

  • Jay A

    NR Admin has it pegged….confirms what I’ve heard from a local NR in August….except for a 85mm 1.4 upgrade that was suppose to happen

  • nobody

    Admin, is that translation correct?

    “Several large aperture prime lenses” = 2 or 3 or more.
    “and light compact zoom lens” = only 1???

    • plug

      Oh dear! I still have my heart set on a 300 f4. With the low light capabilities of my D700 and the need to keep weight down the f2.8 is too bulky.

      Several? to my mind 2 is a couple, 3,4 is some, 5+ is several. But I suppose I’m being optimistic.

      • WoutK89

        It’s a sentence about this year, why cant it be several (5+) then? Isn’t that what we/you want?

  • ZinhaEq

    Can’t wait for it. I seriously hope for 50mm f/1.2, even though I am on the other hand sure, it won’t be released so quickly, if even.

  • Azmir

    Exciting times, really. On several aspects. Firstly the fact that we can expect some primes, especially that 50mm 1.2 AF-S…the AI-s version is already so sweet. Then we have the possibility of new DSLRs, primarily the hype about the D700 replacement. And lastly, the fact that some or most of us are in different parts of the world and hence different time zones. The announcement is set for tonight at 11pm US Eastern time, but i’ll be at work and probably on my lunch break when the announcement is out. Where will the rest of you be at?

    • WoutK89

      11pm Eastern time, is 5 am local time here (GMT +1)

  • Bert

    I don’t understand, why wait on the 35mm 1.4? Why not announce it at the same time as the 24mm 1.4? If Nikon gets both primes out at the same time, then they hurt Canon big time. All the Canon pros that are on the fence is because of those 2 lenses.

  • RumpelHund

    Now that canon is out with something new nikon will try to steal the attention from it.

    Closing gaps in the lenses lineup is OK with me, but by new customers, and most likely nikon marketing, some video would be more appreciated.

    On the other hand: how many buyers know what they get video-wise at nikon or canon sub1000$ models? Who needs it?!

    So I would expect a little chance for some new DSLR with video from nikon tonight. Along with the 24/1.4 and 16 VR (which is an outstanding option for video since consumer vidcams mostly lack real wide angles).

  • low

    im hearing the same thing. lets stick it to canon baby!!

  • SimonC

    The question is, are they going to release more than just the 24/1.4 and 16-35VR?

    • WoutK89

      Some accessories right? 😛

  • Lardinio

    Does light, compact zoom lens refer to just the 16-35/4 VR or are there some others. I would like to see a 17-55/2.8 VR DX, which may be won’t be built like a tank and come in at a competitive price.

  • Mike

    “light compact zoom”. Screams variable aperture to me. In the 3.5-5.6 tradition. I wonder if thats the 18-135 VR for DX or 24-120 VR II. Anyway, whatever, I’m totally pumped about the 24 1.4. The 16-35 sounds nice, but I’m quite happy with my new, previously loved 17-35 2.8. In the immortal words of Eddie Murphy: “Hercules, Hercules, Hercules!”. (gotta be a fan to understand that).

    • f/2.8

      They may also have a line of constant f/4 zooms in their plan, starting with the 16-35.

  • shivas

    the greater question will be whether one should pre-order given the issues with the 70-200 VR2. . .I pre-ordered my 35 1.8 and 50 1.4G before, if these primes are reasonably priced, I might repeat and rinse . . .:-)

    • WoutK89

      “given the issues”
      I had a look at one in the local media store, and I cant see any issues, except that it is damn sharp and so you see slight misfocus very easy. Or do you mean the Shortening when at MFD?

  • Weston

    just in time for the Opening Ceremony, hopefully we can order the 24mm soon.

  • Pat

    If 16-35 f/4 is indeed one of those “compact zoom lens” he refers to , I would bet on us seeing 24-105/24-120 f/4 VR and 70-200 f/4 VR from nikon this year for full frame. a compact, light AF-S 80-400 is another one as well?

    perhaps there would be a 16-55 f/4 VR for DX as well?

    • If I could only buy one lens this year, I would want it to be the upgrade to the 80-400. If I get tempted by the D900 (or whatever), then a new 24-105 or 24-120 F4 VRII would also be high on my list.

      • SBGrad

        I’m in the same boat, the ONLY lens I am considering buying this year is an 80-400 replacement. However, we’re not going to get it, for a very siimple reason– the Saints won the Super Bowl, and we only get 1 miracle a year.

    • WoutK89

      “70-200 f/4 VR”
      what is the obsession about this lens? It is not better than a 2.8, only smaller/lighter/somewhat cheaper. If Nikon were to make a lens that they havent covered makes more sense (60-240/4.0, to name something)

      • LGo

        I have the Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G in VR and VRII, and would absolutely want a lighter/shorter/cheaper 70-200mm f/4G VR! 🙂

        • WoutK89

          Since it is not better 😉 wouldnt you rather see something Nikon doesnt have covered quite the same in one lens?

          • nobody

            smaller + lighter = better (-:

            Seriously, the Canon 70-200 f4 IS L was one of my bread and butter lenses until I jumped to Nikon last year. I’m really missing it. As well as a 24-105 IS L.

  • LeichteRanate

    There is a photo in Bob Krists blog. http://www.bobkrist.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/PhillySkyline01_10_0013.jpg
    The exif says the pic is made with a lens that has max aperture f/4.1.

    • WoutK89

      Compact camera?

    • LGo

      Wow! Great color, light … and DOF even at f/1.4!

      • LGo

        Just kidding! 😉

        • WoutK89

          It is the 16-35/4.0 (4.1?) taken a picture at 35mm and f/6.7

    • niko58

      I believe that the Nikon 18-200mm DX lens has a maximum aperature of 4.1 or 4.2 at 35mm and since he was shooting with a D300S, it might just be possible that it was the lens he was using?

  • Ken Rockwell

    I just bought a Nikon D700 2 days ago. Switching from a Canon 5D2 with it’s horrible autofocus slow frame rate and lack of weather sealing the upgrade to Nikon has been fantastic, not to mention all the other bonus’ I found in the Menu. I spend less time on Rumor sites hoping for a new Cameras and more time enjoying photography minus the frustration of equipment not working correctly.

    I also got the new 50mm 1.4 which is excellent, better than any Canon lens I ever bought…… truthfully.

    I am so happy with my new gear that I wouldn’t mind if a new D700 came out tomorrow with a new 50mm 1.2 and the price of the original D700 dropped 50% in its price. To me, it was worth every cent and I am extremely happy to be a Nikon owner. No more bending over and letting Canon F me in the A.

    • LGo

      Ken Rockwell … with a D700 and not a D40? Really??!!

    • Joe Fish

      I agree cos I sold my new 5D2 yesterday for the same reasons,
      Never ever Canon again !

  • Anonymous

    uhm, your google transition is incorrect, it reads,

    “The bright single focus lens and high performance entering the small-sized zoom lens”

    he didn’t mention anything about big aperture prime lenses at all

    • erich

      no, please read this article again, he says ” the needs are large aperture prime lens and small high performance zoom lens, he think that several lens will be put on market this year”


    • who said it’s a google translation?

      • WoutK89

        No one, cause he said:
        “your google transition”
        No translation whatsoever 😉

  • anonym

    hope they will be gold ring lens… :p

    • ZinhaEq

      It’s all about gold… 😉

      • WoutK89

        … mr. Powers

  • Bert

    It just hit me! Has anyone thought to email Ashton Kutcher? I bet he has all the inside info. Maybe NR admin and Ashton Kutcher are one in the same…can anyone say punk’d 🙂

    • I have emailed Ashton before… never got a response back. Maybe because I used my nikonrumors.com email address 🙂

      • jay

        You did not dispute you are Ashton himself. What if you used your Ashton email address, will you respond to yourself that way?

      • NikoDoby

        Demi texts me all the time when Ashton is sleeping 🙂

  • Bob

    I think this new Canon will hurt D90, D5000 and maybe even the D300s sales. Nikon needs to answer back and soon and not with lenses

    • LGo

      This is good news. This guarantees that the next successor to the D90 will be significantly better.

      • Joe Fish

        I dont need an 18Mpix DX- rush box, I need a 18Mpix FX Nikon …soon…

        • LGo

          Me too! 😉

  • clive

    A frustrated D700 user…we really need some fullframe zooms….if they can’t fix this then what is the point of paying up for a full frame camera. I don’t need expensive and heavy f2.8 glass…
    Just releasing one 16-35 f4.0 lens is not enough to compete with Canon lenses.

    • WoutK89

      Haha, and maybe the 16-35 is even DX, life sucks 😛

  • Anonymous

    here,there are new the ….x with 16mp and fullHD
    24-120 n vr and 28-300 on the line!
    another this year there’s no more camera!!!
    3zoom 2prime 1TC

  • Kevin Y

    awesome work once again Admin, congrats on the find

  • alvix

    mmhh..”several” lenses ….what number is it? ..I like the sound… S E V E R A L ….yeah…kinda beer and Homer Simpson..

  • edward nafzger

    Where are our nikon spies today come on guys and girls were are the new Dslr and lenses the clock is still ticking

  • WoutK89

    that lens is just the 70-300 without lens hood

  • dwnphoto

    Perhaps Bob is being sneaky, but as a regular reader of his blog I know that he uses the 16-85 3.5-5.6 VR quite frequently and the ByThom.com review of that lens shows the maximum aperture at 35mm at “about 4.5”. As to why not FX …. Bob regularly mentions that for weight reasons, he sticks to his 300s or D90.

  • Bill Layman

    BUSTED: In his blog, Bob Krist says his standard zoom is a Nikkor 16-85mm VR f/3.5-5.6. That lens is f/4.1 max at 35mm. (So this photo is almost certainly just from his standard zoom.)

    The odd thing is that the “EXIF” doesn’t name the lens like it usually does (and neither does “EXIF Tool”)–Hmmmm(?)

    • No, I would say not busted exactly for that reason – why is the lens info removed from the EXIF? Anyway, we will know soon.

      • Yeah, I noticed that too. It was processed with CS4 which definitely would have left that intact.

        I wonder if it was a) edited out or b) a pre-production lens with a chip that omits that info.

  • Alfamatrix

    any possibility for a 80-400/300mm f4 replacement TONIGHT?!! 😉

  • sept

    2 thumbs up to admin

  • Here is an email from a reader about connecting the dots on the Bob’s 16-35 lens and agree with it 100%:

    The lens he shot with in Miami was almost certainly a zoom. First, it was too big to be a prime. And secondly, Krist doesn’t use primes. He’s a big proponent of zooms in his travel photography work. Why would Nikon ask him to demo something he normally wouldn’t use. And third, the shot from a helicopter in low light is tailor made to demonstrate the benefits of VR.

    As to him using a D300 with a new lens, that’s not abnormal at all. Krist likes his DX bodies. He normally travels with two D90’s. He is a travel photog, and he goes the extra mile to reduce the size and weight of his kit. Hence, an f/4 version of a wide zoom makes perfect sense, since an f/4 would be smaller and lighter than an f/2.8.. Throw in VR, and it makes even more sense.

    Finally, take another look at that lens shot that appeared in Krist’s blog a few weeks ago (the one he couldn’t talk about). Look at the lens shade. Now compare that shade to the shade used on the current 17-35/2.8. Looks identical to me.

  • Anonymous

    don’t know if it’s been comented on anywhere yet, but that “2:09 pm” lens photo looks like a 70-300 vr to me. nothing special. certainly doesn’t look like a pro body based on the prism either, not that you can see very much. Although… you would think Kutcher could afford (or be given) a more expensive lens than a 70-300 VR.

    • the Kutcher thing was supposed to be a joke 🙂

      • WoutK89

        2:24pm, I made that comment already 😛

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