In stock alert: Nikon 35mm AF-S DX NIKKOR f/1.8G lens

353_2183_af-s-dx-nikkor-35mm-f-18g_frontHard to get lens - many readers have emailed me about its availability.

Nikon 35mm AF-S DX NIKKOR f/1.8G Lens in stock now @ Ritz Online.

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    If you order from Ritz I bid you Good Luck.

  • monty11

    Got mine from Robert White when it was supposed to be out of stock everywhere a month or so ago.

  • Eric

    mine is being shipped via Fedex right now from Ritz

  • AZ

    Fully available in Poland – price +/- $850. If someone is interested I can post a link to some online photo shops.

  • Derek Winchester

    IN Korea they are selling it with the d5000 as a kit lens. Price alone 370 000 won or 297$ American

    • Derek Winchester

      Just to be clear that price is for the lens only .

  • Gerard

    In the UK, they are relatively available. Just picked up one today from Grey’s of Westminster

  • Narna

    What do you mean hard to find?

    They are even available in Australia. Nice lens, I would have bought one myself if I hadn’t JUST bought the 50 1.8. Yes I know they’re not the same but one new lens to play with at a time is more than enough for me.

  • tebby

    These were all over sacramento, ca at the real camera store.. The guy had like 15 of them stacked up i was in disbelief as I watched all the online vendors and ritz not have any in stock. I knew I shoulda went to the locally owned professional.. hell he even had a few mb-d80’s I was waiting for B&H to restock.. that’ll teach me to not check on this little gem of a store first.

  • Soap

    Just got a cherry 35mm f/2.0D off of Craigslist for $200. I got tired of waiting. 😉

  • abouna

    I can’t believe the shortage stories. My local BM has them regularly. I picked one up when I felt the need without even thinking about it.

  • Eric

    tebby, what is the name and phone number of this Sac “real camera store”? thanks in advance.

  • Eric

    I also have a 50m 1.8 AF-D which I adore, but this AF-S will auto focus on my d40 at a wider angle.

  • A new Nikon fanboy

    They apparently are already gone.

    “Ships when received from manufacturer – Order Now!”

    If you want to get ripped off, you can get one from Cameta Camera via Amazon for $350 plus shipping.

  • Andreas

    London Drugs in Canada has 30 sitting in the warehouse.

  • Ric

    I still see the message “Ships when received from manufacturer” from that link.

  • I got a notice that mine was shipped two days ago from Amazon. Can’t wait to get it.

  • Bart

    In UK you can get the from Cameras World on Oxford Street

  • yrsued

    Funny how this lens sells, sells and sells!!

    I got mine form Roberts when it first came out, paid the $199.99 and they shipped it from their first shipment!! I guess it pays to be a loyal customer and they put you in the fron of the list!! They actually e=-mailed me the day before they were getting their first shipment and wanted to know if I wanted one!! BTW, Tempe Camera in Tempe, AZ has them in stock!!

  • Martin

    If anyone is still looking for one it’s available (as of now at least) from Adorama:

  • Ric
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