Nikon D40 discontinued in Canada


Nikon D40 is now semi-officially discontinued in Canada - Nikon reps sent out an email today to local stores.

Nikon D40x has been unofficially discontinued for few months now (refurbish only available  from Adorama).

This opens the door for a new entry-level Nikon DSLR @ PMA. In fact those are some of the rumors floating around the Internet: a new entry-level DLSR at PMA and the D400 will come short after. One thing we know for sure that the D400 will be released before July 2009. Why - see here.

The question remains - what will be the model of the new Nikon DLSR camera: D65, D60x, D10...

Update: there is a thread on dpreview that confirms this rumor.

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  • Anonymous

    nikon D⅓ would be a cool name

  • johnny

    I hope that with rarity, the value of my D40 will go up!

  • bo

    Nikon didn’t think things through really…what comes after D90?

    also D300->D400->D500->D600->D7? o bugger

    • NikonMan

      I hope you’re joking…

      10 years (or more) ago I was selling Nikon F50/F60 etc. when they ran out of numbers they used F55/F65 (N50/N60/N55/N65 in USA)

      history suggests that any replacement of the D60 will be a D65, also giving us D45 D55 D75 D85 & D95, plenty of possibility still without having to get inventive names for the cameras

      possible inventive names for future Nikons : DA, DE, DM, and then their continuances DE2, DM2, DM3a anyone? 🙂

    • I think I heard that they’re going to use D56.2 as the new model. That ought to give ’em some latitude.

      • Joergen

        Please don’t post again, we can’t understand you.

  • Kiki

    The logical thing for Nikon to call the next entry-level DSLR would be the D4000. Then, they could call a step-up to the entry level DSLR the D4001 and then a cheaper, less expensive version to the D4000 the D4002.

    In naming their products, does Nikon marketing know its head from a hole in the wall?

    • Maybe optimizing mnemonics(?)…

      like this – Nikon DX10 / DX100 / DX1
      Nikon FX10 / FX100/ FX1
      … for named potentials

      *also in future Nikon MX10 / MX100/ MX1

    • Juergen

      That is an insider competition with Pentax and Canon – Canon won not through their “EOS-1Ds Mark III” silly naming scheme, but by using three different names for a camera in different parts of the world like e.g. “EOS 450D” for Europe, “Digital Rebel XSi” for North America and “Kiss X2 Digital” for Japan – truly brilliant!

      Pentax scored a safe second with names like “*ist DS” (also without the ” quotation marks, of course).

      Nikon lost, they only made the third place with names like “D2x”…

      • Juergen

        Correction, last sentence should have read:
        Nikon lost, they only made the third place with names like “D2Xs”…

    • Anonymous

      I remember the Nikon N4004, N6006 and N8008 so your speculations – while you intended as humorous – are not at all impossible. 😉

  • MattM

    You know, instead of seeing a new entry level SLR nikon could just cut prices on the D60 making that the new entry SLR, they could also make a new enthusiast SLR between the d60 and the d90 as was mentioned in another rumor, priced just slightly above where the d60 is now. This scenario makes the most sense to me as it is an easy way to boost profits through these economic crises.
    Wishlist/forecast: affordable AF-S wide angle zoom!

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly – a D60X with the D90’s 12MP sensor and a price drop for the D60, and yet another price drop with a new D65 in time for Christmas !

    • Josh

      Yeah D60 as entry level, new model between D60 and D90 with af motor but without video maybe.

  • This time no any leaks about exact specs D400

  • neertjuh

    It was already officially discontinued in Januar in the Netherlands. All the dealers got a message that they weren’t able to order it anymore.
    It’s obvious that there will be successor before or at PMA.

  • JohnS

    Kind of strange after all of the focus on new AF-S lenses from Nikon (ie 35mm)…if there is a replacement it would seem that it would not have an internal focus motor since Nikon loves the small size of the d40 as well. I would at least expect a price drop in the d60 if not a new entry level model with all the talk about how beginner dslr users are a large new lens customer base. I’m with you johnny, but I’ll still love my d40 no matter what! and let’s keep the AF-S DX glass coming.

  • Leandro

    I think complicated unify Nikon D40 and Nikon D60 in the single product, because this unique product can’t has the same sales that D40+D60.

    I think the new Nikon D40 will use 10Mp CCD sensor….and new Nikon D60 will use sensor CMOS 12Mp.

    Leandro – Brazil

  • Zoetmb

    Even though Nikon needs cameras at the low end and before the economic crash, many were expecting prices at the low end to continue to decrease (weren’t some predicting $300 DSLRs?), I think we’re going to see new models introduced in order to mask price increases. I also think you’re going to see purposely confusing model numbers (lower level cameras with higher numbers) to make people think a model is higher level than it actually is.

    I agree with those who think that any new body at the lower end will be a D45, D55, D65, D75 or D85. But Nikon could also come up with a whole new scheme. They could, for example, start calling DX cameras DDnn and FX cameras DFnn (except that would be too logical). Of course if they put out a D80 and an DF80, that could be confusing. And for whoever asked, after the D90 could come the D95, but yes, what comes after that?

    I have a feeling they’ll do what they did in the film line. Even though the current schema is 1 digit numbers for the pro-line, 3 digits for the semi-pro line and 2 digits for the consumer line (which obviously never made sense either), they could start using 4 digits for the consumer line: D8000, D9000, etc. Or they could start calling the consumer line something else, ala Nikkormat.

    The problem for Nikon is that they emulated the film body numbering scheme in the digital line, never imagining that the digital world would demand new bodies almost every year or two, whereas film bodies were updated maybe every five years. (Eight years between the F3 and F4, between the F4 and F5 and between the F5 and F6).

    From the advent of the Nikon F in 1959 to the release of the F6 in 2004 (45 years), I count about 83 film SLR models (not including rangefinders, Nikkorex or Nikonos). In less than 10 years, there have been 21 Nikon-branded DSLRs.

    And Canon is not the only company guilty of using different names in different markets. Nikon used to do that with some film cameras: The F80 internationally was the N80 in the U.S., for example. The F501 was the N2002. They did that in an attempt to cut back on grey market sales.

    But I do think the Canon naming scheme is absurd: the EOS-1D Mark IIn is not full frame, but the EOS-1Ds Mark II is? That’s a bit too subtle for me. Besides, the Mark IIn sounds newer than the Mark II. Shouldn’t they have then called the EOS-5D the EOS -5Ds if it’s the “s” that signifies 35mm frame?

  • drp

    i wonder – might the D40 replacement be called… a D400?

    could Nikon be biting the bullet and going to 3 digits for entry 2 digits for mid and 1 digit for pro?

    that leaves them 400 410 420 430 440 etc. D90 becomes the D500

    D300 becomes the D10
    D700 becomes the D20

    ever wonder why the D300/D700 battery grip is a MBD10?

    D1000 becomes the new APS-C rangefinder ?

  • MB

    They are starting Dx000 now for entry level.
    First one will be called D5000.

  • Humored Reader

    I particularly enjoy the yellow X on the picture of the D40. It’s gorgeous!

    • it took me some time to do it 🙂

      • Humored Reader

        Really though, it gave me a chuckle.

  • I’m hoping the D10 is a D3/D700 sensor in a D90 style body, the first enthusiast FX camera.

    D40 successor could be the D45 or D55

    D90 successor could be the D95

    Maybe they should just do like Canon and start having Mark II, Mark III, etc

  • Jason

    Farewell D40 – the last Nikon body to use that fantastic 6mp sensor.
    It’ll be a tough act to follow

    • Eli

      Absolutely, but now that we’re basically done with the dark ages of the 10MP CCD sensor, we have the glorious 12MP CMOS. It’s even better.

  • Willis

    I own a D40… It will be sad to see it go. I hope its replacement will still do 1/500th flash sync…. hope its smaller too.

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