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Nikon Coolpix cameras (P530, AW120, P350) could be announced before February 11

There is a very good chance that the new Nikon Coolpix cameras will be introduced before the press conference scheduled on February 11th. The official announcement could happen as early as tonight. It is common for Nikon to separate their Coolpix (P530, AW120, P340 or P350) and professional announcements (I assume D4s). This is what we can expect:

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Deal of the day: Nikon P330 for half price

B&H is currently selling the Nikon Coolpix P330 compact camera for $196.95 (available also in white) which is almost half of its original price ($376.95): The P330 was the first model in that product line to have NRW/RAW support – detailed specifications and sample images can be found here. I already mentioned that Nikon will most likely replace the P330 at […]

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Nikon Rumors: what to expect in the next few months

This is an updated post on what to expect from Nikon in the next few months: Nikon D4s The Nikon D4s will most likely be officially announced before the CP+ show in Japan (February 13-16). Shipping should start in March. Those are the D4s specifications to the best of my knowledge. The D4s will also be […]

Nikon Rumors
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Nikon sees future in 4K video and advanced compact cameras

In a recent interview with TrustedReviews, Zurab Kiknadaze (Nikon EU product manager) talked about 4k video being “a bit tricky”and that Nikon is “looking into it for the future”:

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Nikon announced new compact cameras in Japan: Coolpix S3600, Coolpix S6800 and Coolpix L30

Today Nikon introduced several new compact cameras in Japan (the same models were announced in the US few weeks ago).  For more details, see this press release for the Coolpix S3600 and S6800 and this press release for the Coolpix L30. Nikon representatives recently stated that the company still sees future for compact Coolpix cameras.

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Nikon is still committed to their mirrorsless and Coolpix cameras

In a recent interview with AP, Nikon ensured their commitment to the Nikon 1 mirrorless camera system: Despite the challenging market, Nikon says it remains committed to the CSC format. ‘I think you can say from the launch of the AW version of the Nikon 1 that we are committed to investing in what could be seen […]

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More Nikon Coolpix cameras to be announced: AW120, P600, P340, S9600 and S9700

The Indonesian Communication Agency has filings for several new Coolpix cameras: AW120, P600, P340, S9600 and S9700. The AW120 will update the current waterproof AW110, the P340 will replace the P330, the S9600 and S9700 will be new entry level cameras (similar to the Coolpix S9500). The P600 seems to be a replacement for the P520 as […]

Nikon Coolpix AW120 P600 P340 S9700 S9600 cameras
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