Amazon now shipping Nikon D800 pre-orders

Amazon sent out email notifications today that they are shipping the Nikon D800 to existing pre-orders. The first deliveries are expected on Monday. On their website, the D800 is listed as "usually ships within 1 to 3 months".

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  • Andromeda

    I ordered @ 3:45am est on 2/7/12. Although I’m pissed I didn’t get mine yet and have been waiting for this for years, still wouldn’t buy it from BB. First of all hate the freaking taxes, and secondly I had $2k in amazon GC. Basically I end up paying $900 for my D800 and that’s w/o selling my D7k.

    • Bill

      The one thing that is certain, for me — out of the D800 experience — is that I won’t buy anything from Best Buy ever again. The one in Mobile, Alabama got two in on Thursday. I called, offered to buy and come by immediately, was told I had to wait until the street date on Sunday @ Store opening @ 10am.

      After I heard, (from here) about others buying them.. I called back to speak with the store manager to ask them to reconsider. They said “no.. we won’t sell them until Sunday”

      I even tried to have them transferred to other stores..

      Friday, around lunch — I found myself in that store looking for other gear and just half-jokingly said to someone in the camera section “will you guys sell me one of your D800?” His reply: “We sold both, this morning.”

      So, they tell me three times on the phone they won’t sell it to me. Once in person.. Each time, that they will wait until the street date, then sell them to whoever walked in the next day.


      • Jetfire

        It all depends on who you talk to at BB. Some there will help you and some won’t or don’t know how. I have been calling my local Best Buy every day getting different stories. I’ve gone from not carrying to having two on Thursday.
        One store won’t/can’t let my pre-pay for it, while another will. Call same store and one person doesn’t know anything about it while the next person say we’ve been getting calls all day.

        It seems the system won’t let them place order it but a few people there know how to work around the system to get it to go through and that doesn’t always work. The guy who helped me is into camera so he went the extra mile and said the GM is personal goto pick up the Cameras from the warehouse when they get there. I hope to have mine by the end of the week.

        • BluePorsche

          I agree that it depends on who you speak with at Best Buy. I tried several stores on phone and in person and the last store I stopped on Sunday in Roseville, CA I ran into the most knowledgable and helpful person possible… He checked stores up to 3k miles away for one that was “available” but none were so he placed on on order due next weekend, while conversing about which lenses I had and what type of phots I took. I will defintely support BB in the future.
          Of course my 1st-in Amazon order shipped today (a day after hedging with BB) so I offered my #2 BB (when in) to a friend who is still waiting.
          No one should blame the stores for shipping delays. I am sure they are selling all they get when they get them. This camera is just too awesome and demand will outstrip supply for a while.
          Note to admin: fantastic site, is one of my first priorities every single day.

  • NA

    So my Amazon shipping status still says March 23 – 27th (I ordered on March 8th, in New York) and I’m fretting that my status will get bumped to April or May on the night of the 27th….Yet, I hold out .000001% hope that they’ll charge my card, ship my camera and then realize that I ordered a month after pre-ordering opened up (after I canceled my B&H order) but by then it would be too late to retract my order :-D.

    • Andromeda

      Sorry man but no way you will receive this on March 23-27, I ordered on Feb 7th and mine says 13-31 april.

      • NA

        Dude, I know but I’ve got crazy stupid ignorant faith (and a lot of crossed body parts) and I believe Amazon might just screw this up in my favor. I’m not saying that I’m expecting on Tuesday but I sure won’t send it back if it shows up this week. You wouldn’t either. Best of luck to you…..we’re all gonna need it.

        • Andromeda

          Well, good luck with that! I was really hoping to get mine this week but no…

  • Ian

    I wonder what kind of numbers of the “E” are going to be sent out . Everything I’m hearing says that they should be meandering into stores around the 12 of next month, but only at a few designated sellers… So, no Best Buy reprieve for this one.

    I’m guessing the lion’s share of pre-orders went to the regular D800, but if the E is being produced in much more limited quantities, then we are probably going to see the same fiasco this time next month.

  • Mark

    I pre-ordered from Amazon around 8:00 AM EST on February 7th and was offered a delay until between April 16th and May 3rd, which I promptly approved. My D3 is working great and I am thankful that my existence on this earth is not contingent upon the day my D800 ultimately ships. Seems like I am the only one. This I know: I will get it when it arrives. Not before. No fussing over who ordered at what time and got theirs when will change that. Knowing this, I am at peace. I hope all of you find some as well. I do have a trip to Jamaica scheduled for late May but as of now I plan to take the D3. Good luck to all.

    • Anne

      LOL, I totally agree with you. Looks like you and I are the only ones at peace. I have a lowly D90 and I’m not the least bit concerned. This is a hobby for me, not a job so I don’t care if I have to wait. I have a camera and lots of lenses and other gear to keep myself occupied. And I would never makes plans for a camera that I didn’t already have in my hands.

      I think Adorama and BH Photo probably are being mum because they want to avoid the influx of orders from people trying to game the system by ordering everywhere. I’ve read dozens of posts where people have canceled their BH orders and jumped to Amazon or picked up the order at BB. I doubt BH is that concerned. It’s well documented that they make only 300 on each camera. If you’ve ever been to their store and seen the mob of folks in there you will know there company will persist without these hysterical and chronic preorderers, lol.

      • Crimed

        Adorama and B and H wouldn’t have done anything from late Friday until Sunday because of the Sabbath. Don’t assume they are being obnoxious since they always suspend business (including online ordering) each week at that time for religious reasons.

        • Anne

          Yup, I know. I’m local and I order from them all the time. I meant in general, not just the past few days.

  • Gino

    I ordered my D800 from Adorama 2 hours after they announced pre-orders were available. Yesterday, I emailed the store to get a status on my order, and this is the reply I received:

    “At this time we have the item on order. However, this is a brand new model and we have yet to receive our first shipment.

    Currently, there is no official ETA from the manufacturer. They determine when we get our first batch and how many we receive per batch. Orders are fulfilled in the order we received them, on a first come first serve basis. We cannot share line placement nor can we estimate what batch your order may be fulfilled in. Please bear with us as we are the mercy of the manufacturer.

    We appreciate your patience and loyalty. ”

    How did Best Buy and Amazon already get their shipments of D800’s, and Adorama has no idea when they will get their first shipment???? THIS SEEMS REALLY FISHY! Did anyone else order from Adorama???

    • JustWaiting

      I am in the same boat. Adorama seems to be saying different answers at different times which is really confusing. There was this other user who posted saying he/she called three times and got three different responses. As for me, I got a response from them saying they are waiting for their “second” shipment from Nikon. This response came in very late on Friday evening. I highly doubt it is Adorama’s problem. They probably can’t do dang about this! I think that Nikon made every reseller screw up thier customers. Way to go Nikon! Your products may be awesome. But your PR/Marketting/customer support really sucks! Just because I have invested so much on your glass, I just have to take whatever sh*t you throw at your customers!

    • Gino

      I find it hard to believe Nikon doesn’t have a supply chain management system in place that would allow them to look at how many D800’s were pre-order compared to how many D800’s have been manufactured, and give customers some kind of ETA when their order will be delivered!!!!!!

      I replied back to Adorama telling them how unhappy I was knowing that Amazon was shipping pre-orders, and Best Buy had the D800 in stores. This is the reply I got back and it contradicts the first email I received, which stated, “we have yet to receive our first shipment.”

      These guys can’t even get their story straight….

      “We sincerely apologize for the extremely long wait for this preorder. We started shipping out this item but only for limited numbers and for NPS members. We have this item on order but we have yet to receive our next shipment.

      As we are at the mercy of the manufacturer, we still do not have an ETA of when to expect the next shipment. We wish we could provide a more precise time frame, however we have not been provided an ETA from the manufacturer. ”

      P.S. It really burns me to see D800’s being resold on eBay by individuals who are most likely NPS members!

    • Bobby

      I got the exact e-mail word for word when I e-mailed them.

  • hq

    I pre-ordered with B&H minutes after the D800 link went live. I called B&H today and they said they got a limited shipment last week, and were all fulfilled (presumably NPS members). He said he has no further info- the rep told me he was told that the next shipment will arrive in May! (I doubt it!)

    I told him that Amazon pre-orderes were fulfilled, and he was really surprised.

    • Nokin

      Maybe he was surprised because it’s not true. Amazon (US) has only shipped to about the first 70 minutes of the pre-order customers.

      Nikon really dropped the ball here, they had six weeks to gauge demand from the pre-orders and could have held off (once again) on the launch date if they did not have the supply available.

      Also odd that they released so many of a semi-pro body to Best Buy when most Nikon enthusiasts had already pre ordered from Amazon, B&H or Adorama.

      Apple sold 3 million iPads the first 3 days of the launch without problems. No reason Nikon could not do as well. Nikon set their own launch date, they should have been ready to deliver.

      • Ferrum

        I think you overestimate the average company’s supply chain. Apple is an anomaly in supply, as they are in design. No other company would be able to deliver—through a shipping partner—millions of units of product directly to customer doors on the day of launch, not to mention stock to all of their retail partners and own stores. This is why they were shipping iPads for weeks ahead of time (and yet, none of them were leaked or improperly delivered). That’s the sign of incredible supply chain management, something which Nikon isn’t as strong in (clearly).

        That’s not to excuse Nikon. Even above average supply chain management would insure Best Buy wasn’t delivering product before every other channel (for a semi or semi-pro body).

        Also, I think the NPS priority gets Nikon too (or maybe gets us more than Nikon). Most of us who preordered through normal channels would probably have cameras by now, I wager, if it weren’t for the NPS orders.

      • Jetfire

        One Apple has not always been great on there launch supply. I think the Ipad 3 has been the best. I think the iPhone 4S supply has finally caught up.

        If Nikon would have held of until they made enough, everyone would be screaming about it.

        The reason Best Buy is getting so many may have to do with Nikon Dealer agreements. B&H is one store, while BB has many and Amazon probably didn’t have many NPS orders.

  • Anne

    When I get my D800 you will ALL know… because you will never hear from me again, lol!!!

    • NA

      Amen and AMEN!
      I’ll be so far from this site, it’ll be ridiculous.
      I won’t be posting for a long time.

  • SteveHF

    Can anyone in the USA that has received their order from Amazon comment on the quality of the packing? In the past I have received electronics with just a single sheet of bubble wrap that only protected one side of the item. I know Nikon service says NOT to return cameras in the display box so I’m hoping Amazon is not relying on that for protection.


  • Nikolaus D. Lentner

    My D800 arrived UPS on Saturady morning direct from B&H. Nice camera.

    • Ferrum

      Are you an NPS member?

  • John

    Just got a reply from Adorama (3/26 at 11:30am)

    good morning

    your {d4} order will go out when the next shipment of cameras comes in which will be in the next few weeks

    thank you

    I ordered one on the phone with them minutes after the store opened on Jan 6th (and before the online ordering was available with them).

    • Samas

      Sorry to hear that John!

      Are there any non-NPS members out there who have received any positive news from Adorama yet regarding the D800? They seem to maintain the same “Only NPS orders have gone out; for others, we have not received shipment from Nikon”. Is this true? Amazon and BH seem to be shipping to non-NPS members since ages ago! Well, four days ago! At this pace, 4 days seems like a lifetime! :-(

      • Ferrum


        Where did you hear that B&H has been shipping to non-NPS members? I’ve actually seen only one person comment about getting something from B&H. I preordered from B&H, and they told me today they had no info on when product would ship out.

        • Samas

          Here in NR site forums. There are a few posts from some non NPS folks saying they have received their shiny new D800 today, Saturday, etc. I dont know if it is true though.

          That is pretty much the same what Adorama is keeps saying. It is unbelievably annoying! Well, I guess Nikon has screwed this up big time! May be the resellers cant do much about that! Kudos Nikon!

          • Anne

            I haven’t read that anyone received a camera from B&H that wasn’t NPS, unless the person a few post above is not NPS. Someone asked but he/she didn’t answer yet.

            I believe B&H when they say they don’t have any D800’s to send out now. I have always had positive experiences with them (and Adorama) and I will continue to be a loyal customer. They have very knowledgeable staff and a vast array of photographic equipment. I wouldn’t buy a camera like this from BB or even Amazon. I want to know when I call the CSR will know what a DSLR is. I agree with folks who want to support the local camera store but B&H and Adorama are my local stores. They just happen to have substantial online sales. Last time I was in B&H (last month) a rep spent an hour helping me choose a camera bag. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I actually believe I will get my D800 in April. And if it’s longer than that, then I will just wait.

        • PicturePerfect

          I just got another email from B&H that they don’t know how many D800s they will get nor when they will get them. Doesn’t sound like they have been shipping.

          • Samas

            How about amazon then? Does anyone have any info regarding amazon? It is really hard to believe that whatever D800s that have been shipped so far in US are *all* NPS orders.

            Looking at some of the Nikon popular personalities… Mr. Hogan seems to have his delivered and is talking about the HDMI output in it. But Mr. Rockwell doesn’t seem to have one yet and seems to have been dating his new 5D M3 all weekend long… (and already says his yet-to-arrive D800 is better than M3! LOL!)

            It is all confusing…

            • Ray

              I just received my D800 today from Amazon which I ordered at 12:57 EST Feb. 7. I also have one on order from B&H and same BS from them. I also have a D4 on order with B&H which I ordered within 3 to 5 minutes of being able to order on the website. I have called numerous times and get the same, I appear to be very high on the list and should receive when the next shipment arrives. Hum…We will see….I am not a NPS member.

            • SteveHF

              Please see my question above. Did Amazon do a good job packing the D800?

  • Andromeda

    Just checked the order status with amazon now (placed @ 3:45am est on 2/7/12) now it says:

    We’ll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item. It will ship separately. You can cancel at any time.
    Not yet shipped

    • Braaji

      I place my order on 2/6 a few minutes after availability on Amazon, got 3 emails,
      First email Nikon d800 will be shipped on March 21
      Second will be shipped on March 23
      Third asking to approve a delay, after approval the delivery estimate is now April 13 -April 30.

    • Crimed

      My order was at 2/7 at 3:21 AM EST and mine says April 13-April 30 estimated delivery on the orders page. I missed the first shipment by about an hour and a half. Could they know the numbers on the second shipment and only have about 20 minutes worth of preorders coming in?

      • Crimed

        correction – I meant 2 hours worth

      • JStrait

        Doesn’t sound like it. I have the same estimated delivery of April 13-30 and ordered 2/6 at 10:32PST (2/7 1:32EST.) People are reporting getting theirs today and/or this week with order times of just a few minutes earlier than mine.

        Sounds like you’re in the next shipment they get (whenever that will actually be)

        • Crimed

          “Whenever” being the operative word!

  • AXV

    Damn you amazon!
    I shouldn’t have waited until late in the night on the 6th to order it, if it doesn’t ship this week I’ll have to cancel and wait the whole year until I can get it again. F*uck this.

    You purchased this item on February 6, 2012.
    Shipping Estimate Thursday April 12, 2012 – Monday April 30, 2012

  • JStrait

    Why cancel and wait a whole year? Seems like keeping the order and waiting a couple more weeks would be a better solution.

    …that is unless you want to by it at scalper prices on Ebay (damn THOSE f’ers) they’re selling for $3600 up to $4450!!

    • AXV

      Because I have to leave the country in one week. If it doesn’t arrive before I leave then I have to cancel obviously.

      • JoeyG 58

        Just change you shipping address and let someone else sign for it. The best place is a business

  • JStrait

    Just did a search on, AMAZING how many are for sale. (At ridiculous prices of course.. and almost all flagged already :)

    • Samas

      Exactly! Nikon should catch these folks and hang them by the b*lls. Poor enthusiasts / ametuers / pros are standing in line to get one, but these guys are finding a quick buck out of thin air!

      • Anne

        Yeah, I think that stinks. In a way, I think that if people got the cameras via NPS they should be prohibited from flipping the camera. That is, they serial numbers should be tied to the person. But then I think that Nikon should just make enough to go around and then no one would care and these jerks wouldn’t be able to make a profit. Basically, if they get 3 cameras and flip them, they can pay for a 4th camera to keep for themselves!

        I, personally, wouldn’t buy a camera from one of these clowns. If someone is low enough price gauge I wouldn’t trust them enough to send them 4500 dollars. Does the buyer get the receipt from the store where it was purchased?

  • CYan

    I ordered from J&R on 2/8 (the day they accept orders). Does anyone receive D800 from them?

    • Jim

      Same here, but no camera yet. My call in to J&R to change my shipping address also resulted in “no information” regarding when they would get any. I did notice their site has the D800 listed as “On Order” vs. “Coming Soon” which I think changed today. “On order” means they are expecting their order soon. We shall see!

      • CYan

        That’s what I noticed today too, but then I called them & again they said they don’t have any ETA yet, sigh!

  • David

    My UK amazon order should have been shipped yesterday (26th) but I got an email at 2am saying that they are waiting for more cameras from Nikon and won’t know when they will come in so they have not given me an est. delivery time.

    Did anyone else get the same reply from Amazon UK?

    • David

      I forgot to mention, I spoke to CS for Amazon and the guy didn’t have a clue what I was asking him. I asked him when they will get their next delivery in and he kept reflecting to their website and stating information I already knew.

      Any news from anyone else?

  • Eskay

    Ordered Early Morning Feb 7th on Amazon got this is mail today.

    We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on February 07, 2012 (Order# xxxx).

    “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”

    Still want it? We’ll keep on trying. To keep your order for this item open, please click the link below. Otherwise, we’ll cancel your order on April 26, 2012, if we haven’t located it by then.

  • Eskay

    Ordered Early Morning Feb 7th on Amazon got this is mail today.

    We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on February 07, 2012 (Order# 103).

    “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”

    Still want it? We’ll keep on trying. To keep your order for this item open, please click the link below. Otherwise, we’ll cancel your order on April 26, 2012, if we haven’t located it by then.

  • Eskay

    Ordered 7th Feb now Amazon requesting approval for delay or Order will be cancelled by April 26th

  • Andromeda

    Funny, ordered @ 3:45 am and no email from amazon to approve delay…

    • Eskay

      Not sure if i need to approve it or leave as is.
      They will cancel the order if i don’t approve in a month.
      They are not giving me a estimate date meaning it will be a long time may be a month before i get it.
      I ordered 800E the minute i could order it online. Then slept over it and changed it to 800 early next morning.

  • Microshooter

    Reading through the stream here but I didn’t see anyone comment that Nikon apparently suspended their warehouse shipping for the period March 24th to April 1st to complete a quarterly warehouse inventory. Having spent some time working in Japan, I know this is a real possibility. I read the dates in a realiable post last week. I suspect that the NPS orders were aprtially filled with the first shipments and the next shipments from Nikon …to their dealers… will not begin again on April 2nd. I am not NPS, ordered on 2/8 from Adorama and getting the same story as everyone else.

    • Jeff

      Why would Nikon deliberately release two major new camera bodies, and then close the warehouse for a week to take inventory and not ship anything? On the face of it, that seems like a pretty stupid move, both economically and for PR. The whole country is waiting for these cameras and these guys shut down shipping for a week. Would Apple do that? I don’t think so.

      • Andromeda

        The difference is Nikon’s management is STUPID. Good engineers but mediocre mngmt.

  • Microshooter

    It is an accounting thing… to report their inventory valuation each quarter to their shareholders. All public companies do this but not necessarily by totally shutting down their supply chain for a week. They can still build products hopefully and ship when the counting is done. My experience is that typically takes a manufactiring company a “weekend” to do….so maybe it is tied to the Japanese Cherry Blossom holidays. Kinda stupid to me when you have a super hot product. Ur right..I think Apple would find a way to get hot products out and sales in.

  • James

    Mine just arrived! I ordered my camera on Friday 3/23, at a local BB (not my first choice), and it arrived this morning before 10, via free UPS next day shipping from Louisville . Even as I was paying for the order I told the manager that I was highly doubtful that they would actually ship the camera to me and I would be back for a refund. I guess I have to eat some crow now.

    Thanks to Amazon for canceling my D800 and D4 orders claiming that they thought my account had been compromised.

    • JStrait

      Can you tell us how you managed to place that order?

      Did a salesperson find the unit in stock at a different store and place the order then with delivery? (assuming it must have been some middle-of-nowhere location.)

      Or did he just place the order some other unknown way… ??


      • James

        I spare you the long version of the story… After receiving some very bad customer service (longish story) I spoke to the store operations manager. The SOM apologized and told me that he would put my name on the first one that arrived. Later that night I received a call form another manager who old me they order one for me if I paid in full up front. Of course I was very skeptical, I really had nothing to lose, so I moved forward with the order. I had zero confidence that the camera would actually arrive until BB sent me an email with a UPS tracking number at 5ish yesterday. UPS confirmed that the shipping method was next day by 10:30 and here I am.

        All of the BB stores seem top have different policies so YMMV. I ordered mine at the Frisco Texas store FWIW.

        • james

          Sorry for the typos…in a hurry to get out the door.

        • JStrait

          Thanks for the info and the story. Well, I thought I’d do my due diligence and call them anyway (Frisco, TX BB) They said they had gotten 19 of sale starting 3/22 and all were sold by end of day 3/23. They were mostly all being kept in their warehouse (a store specific warehouse) which was why they had to be ‘ordered.’ That also explains why some of their stores accepted these mystery in-store ‘orders.’

          They also confirmed what I figured but was too stubborn to accept… that they were sold out EVERYWHERE till the next shipment. 😉

          • James

            I think they gave you sme bad info. Mine was shipped from Louisville via next day air. They also gave me a copy of the order form. It’s frustrating there is no consistency with BB.

      • Lee

        Hi James,

        Do you have a recipe for crow? I’m in the same situation. I called several BB’s in the North Dallas area on 3/23. Two offered to “order” it for me if I paid in advance. (Interestingly, the Frisco store didn’t offer it.) Many stores claimed they couldn’t. I went ahead and tried it — nothing to lose. I was promised a delivery date to the store of 3/30. I was very doubtful and sure enough it didn’t happen. In fact, it arrived early on 3/28. I owe lots of apologies to BB for the things I that ran through my mind about the chances of actually seeing a camera!

        For people still looking, I believe the stores “ordered” it from current inventory. Perhaps it was in the warehouse or it was transferred from another store. I’m not sure. If someone offers to order it for you, it seems to be real and they are not just waiting for Nikon to deliver one. You can even order over the phone and have it shipped to you, so you probably don’t have to live near the store to do it.

        I also noticed that after BB’s web site upgrade that just happened, you can now check inventory for the D800 at a number of stores based on zip code. I was unable to do that last week. If you find a D800 at a store and the store won’t let you pay for it and hold it over the phone, call a near-by store. Almost everyone told me that if I knew of a D800 at a store they could take my money and get it transferred.

        The key seems to be check frequently to know as soon as the next shipment arrives. Although “trucks” only arrive once or twice a week, the last batch of D800’s were apparently were drop-shipped to the store and arrived at an off time.

        Hope this helps!

        • James


          I know exactly what you mean and there is no recipe to make crow tasty, unfortunately. Just glad to have the camera in my hands, as I am sure you have found the AF, and IQ are amazing.

    • JStrait

      Just checked in with my nearby BB and they said they couldn’t take orders in any fashion and that the only way to do that would be to do an online order. The only way they could take an order would be if it were in the store (or in another store) “First come first served.”


  • Max

    Yayyy!!! My D800 from Amazon just got delivered!!!!!!!

    • ZoranC

      When did you order?

    • AXV

      And when did they ship it, yesterday?
      It would mean they are still shipping, so there’s hope!! Just changed to 1 day shipping.

      Mine now says:
      Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date. You can cancel at any time.

      • Andromeda

        same here, not sure what it means…

    • Max

      I placed my order on February 7th, 12:13 AM Central Time. It shipped out on Friday, and since I forgot to change my shipping to one-day, I got it today.

      • Andromeda

        that is 1:13am est….good 4u..I did it @ 3:45am est

      • AXV

        I ordered on the 6th late at night (don’t remember exact time but in amazon it says I ordered the 6th), I haven’t heard of one that shipped after friday, so if the stock ran out on friday I am very screwed. I hope they get more or didn’t run out and ship mine this week.

      • Braaji

        I placed my order on feb 6 just when it was available for pre-order, my delivery estimate is April 13 to April 30

        • AXV

          Still you are scheduled for april 13? Or has that changed?

  • Andromeda

    I’m thinking and hoping that amazon and others will soon receive big shipments otherwise they wouldn’t keep the orders open…Now it’s temporarily out of stock, normally they have that when they expect stock soon..

    • AXV

      Do you have any news on yours? I don’t sadly.

  • NA

    I have received the dreaded Amazon ‘accept our delay or we’ll cancel your order by 4/26/12’ email. Of course, they didn’t give an estimated date. I am now tossed into the wild with my hide also chapped and most now dream of days when UPS men ring my bell with new toys from Japan for me to play with. Oh when will I see such a day? I was so close.
    Anyway….time for me to man up and accept my fate. It’ll get here when it gets here.
    The race is on. My Baby boy is due in July. My baby D800 is due in…..

  • Roger Mathus

    Best Buy is saying SHIP TO STORE with delivery in up to 3 days for my zip code. That apparently means place order in store.

  • Roger Mathus

    I received my D800 on march 23rd from a regional store. I have been doing business there for 10 years and deal with the same person. I merely called when the D800 was announced and called to be placed on their list. On the 22th I got phone call that they were ready to ship. On the 22th, day of receipt by stores, there were several stores in smaller metro areas listing D800 cameras for sale found by GOOGLE search. They were gone quickly. Moro of this experience, support your local stores. Even one in Jersey area listing on Amazon with 2 available. Gone in 5 minutes. It appears that the big well known dealers did not deliver.

    • Andromeda

      And paying taxes??? No offense but I pass on any local store. For me the most important thing is the PRICE not feelings towards one or another. Moreover generally speaking amazon has the best prices/customer service/return policy. Last but not least, I paid around $900 due to a bunch of GC I had…

  • rainer

    while waiting and waiting for oder any online dealer or local ones 2 days ago I got my D800 here in Germany at a store which seems nobody would have expected: it’s Media Markt (!), a store like Best Buy in the USA. Big chain, cheap prices… i talked to them and they showed me a list: two days ago there where exactly 51 x D800 in selected stores of them in whole Germany. Mine was almost a week in a show case. Nobody of the usual customers there seemed to be interested in that Nikon highlight! It was so strange… hunting the whole internet and there it was… just waiting to be grabbed. 30min after I called them, another customer asked for that camera. Bad luck, now he has to wait for the next single one which will be in the store in 6-8 weeks… and I just love my one :-)

  • NA

    So my shipping date just got updated to ‘April 24th – June 4th’. This sucks.
    Why don’t just send me one from the Germany location? If they’ve got extra stock over there, I’m sure I can find a few people on this blog that would be willing to take them off of their hands.

    • Grant

      I just ordered one on March 27 and was given an estimated delivery range from April 20, 2012 – May 25, 2012.

      • NA

        Hey Grant,
        Who did you order from and what country/region are you in?

        • Grant

          I ordered from Amazon. I am in the North East US.

  • Pablo

    I’m very happy because I just picked up my D800 from Cameta! Called Monday, they said I’ll have one for you on Thursday and now is here in my hands! One week late, but I guess is pretty good for no Pre order!
    Now I have to sell my D7000 and quite a few lenses to pay for it!!! Already on eBay with other toys lol

  • Peter R.

    Anyone hear about d800 shipping dates from Crutchfield…..

    • Waiting

      My D800 is still missing…. Just 3-7 more weeks. C’mon Nikon!!!

  • WaCu

    Got my d800 yesterday at henreys canada ontario!

    • [NR] admin

      this must be from the second shipment

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