Another product “designed” for Nikon D3x

This one comes from a photo expo in Calgary thanks to A.N.
This is the fourth company that creates a product for Nikon D3x without even knowing if and when it will be released. You can check the other three companies here: SanDisk, Adorama (Sea & Sea) and Delkin.
The full scan of the ad can be found in flickr (NikonRumors photostream).
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  • Nick Adams

    typo – fourth not forth.

  • Feri

    I’ll get one!

  • OJ

    I was over there at the expo and I didn’t even notice it. I guess I was to busy wanting to play w/ a D3 and D90.

  • landon

    are these things really necessary?

  • Matthew Saville Photography

    Nothing but an attempt to increase traffic to their site by adding a hot phrase for googlers to click on…



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