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When could the next big Nikon official release be?

Maybe Photokina - Sept 23-29, 2008 for more info click here.

Let's see what we can guess till then - we still have few months.
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  • nyk

    I think nikon will anounce d90 mid of june or Nikon lost this class because 40d has no serios rival yes d300 much better but 500$ more expensive and I read canon will offer 200$ instant rebate in 1 mount this makes 900$ 40d body it is half of d300 and 100$ more than d80 so nikon have to answer eos 40d as soon as possible.

  • pz

    I agree, Nikon got to do something asap (also on the lenses front). Sigma is also releasing some serious products as well.

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