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The upcoming Nikon compact cameras will have a 2,350k dots optional OLED EVF

I already mentioned that the upcoming Nikon compact cameras with fixed lens and 1″ sensor will have an optional EVF that will attach to the hot shoe. I received some more details on the EVF: it will be a 2,350k dots OLED EVF. For comparison, two of the best EVF I’ve seen so far are 4.4MP (Leica SL) […]

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New high-end Nikon compact cameras with fixed lens to be announced at CP+

In December last year I reported a rumor about a new series of Nikon compact cameras with fixed lenses that will have different focal lengths and apertures. The cameras have been in development for a long time – rumors have been floating around since 2013. I am now pretty confident that at least two models […]

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This is the Nikon Coolpix B500 camera

Here are few screenshots of the upcoming Nikon Coolpix B500 camera I mentioned earlier today – it looks like a replacement for the current Coolpix P500 model (the official announcement should be in the next few days):

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Three new Coolpix cameras to be announced soon: A10, A100 and B500

A reader confirmed that three new Coolpix cameras will be announced in the next few days: A10, A100 and B500 (thanks Mistral75). I already reported on the A10 and A100, I am not sure what the B500 will be. We are also still waiting on new Nikon compacts with 1″ sensor. Update: you can see the […]

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What’s coming next from Nikon?

First, I have to give credit to the Canadian nature photographer Brad Hill who correctly “predicted” the D500 announcement (see my post here). Back in September last year I reported about a possible combined announcement of the “D400” and D5, but this rumor kind of faded away (see my post here). Check out also this D500 rumor from 2008 […]

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Another Nikon announcement possible before the CP+ show in February

I received some information from a reliable source that Nikon may have another announcement in the next few days (weeks?) before the CP+ show in Japan (February 25th-28th). The only not-yet-announced items on my list are the two Coolpix cameras and the new compacts with 1″ sensor. I do not expect the new Nikon mirrorless system so early in […]

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