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Nikon D6 rumored to be released in mid-February (plus updated D6 specifications)

The Nikon D6 DSLR camera is rumored to be officially released in mid-February. I keep hearing February 12, 2020 as a potential date, but this could also be for the internal presentation. Here is an updated list of rumored Nikon D6 specifications:

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The second Nikon D6 video is still about the D5

Nikon released the second video on the Nikon D6 official page. Just like the first one, the second video is about the D5, which is an unusual way to promote a new camera:

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Nikon D6 wish list

What is your Nikon D6 wish list? Brad Hill posted his (see also the rumored D6 specs):

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Nikon D6 rumors

Some Nikon D6 rumors: Sensor above 20MP but for sure under 36MP (my personal guess: 24MP) Improved dynamic range Improved AF system but probably with the same number of AF points Advanced video features with RAW recording (not sure if external or internal) Dual CFexpress memory cards Nikon D5 vs. Nikon D6 comparison

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Five additional Nikon D6 teaser videos expected

On the Nikon D6 official page there are placeholders for five additional teaser videos. Hopefully, they will reveal some of the D6 new features, because the first video was about the D5. The biggest mystery so far is the larger Nikon D6 pentaprism (Wi-Fi? GPS? Flash? Hybrid viewfinder? EVF? Nothing?): If you have any Nikon D6 […]

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Nikon D5 vs. Nikon D6 comparison

Here is the first quick Nikon D5 vs. Nikon D6 comparison based on the D6 press photo:

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