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Nikon D6 now shipping, manual available online

→ The Nikon D6 camera is now shipping in many countries (photo above is from Foto Soyka in Vienna, Austria). Check availability at Adorama, B&H, Amazon, WEX, Park Camera, Calumet and Camera Canada. → The Nikon D6 manual and reference are now available online.

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The Nikon D6 will start shipping in Japan on June 5th

The Nikon D6 camera will start shipping in the USA on May 21st (tomorrow), but in Japan, the new top-of-the-line camera will be released on June 5th according to Nikon Japan:

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Nikon D6 updates (new YouTube videos and sample photos)

The first Nikon D6 videos started to show up on YouTube together with the first sample photos:

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First Nikon D6 review

The first Nikon D6 review was published at Nikonland (Google translation) with a lot of product images and feedback based on using the camera in the field. Here are the pros and cons:

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Nikon D6 now ships to NPS members, regular orders to start shipping on May 21st

As I already reported, the Nikon D6 is now shipping to NPS members: Dear XXXXX, As a member of Nikon Professional Services (NPS), we would like to inform you that we are in receipt of your Nikon D6 NPS priority purchase request. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we will […]

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Sports photographer Clive Mason on working with the new Nikon D6 camera

As we are getting closer to the Nikon D6 shipment date (Amazon lists the shipment date as May 31, Calumet lists it as May 21, I think the camera will start shipping earlier to NPS members), Nikon Europe published a new article on the sports photographer Clive Mason working with the Nikon D6 – here is […]

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Nikon D6 to start shipping in early May

The new Nikon D6 flagship DSLR camera will start shipping in the first week of May 2020 (in Canada) – this information is coming from Brad Hill:

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Nikon D6 also delayed because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), new shipping date for the Nikkor Z 20mm f/1.8 S lens

I don’t think anyone should be surprised at that point, but Nikon delayed also the release of the new D6 DSLR camera until May 2020. This should not be a big problem since I believe the 2020 Olympics will be canceled as well. Here is the full press release:

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