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Nikon releases firmware update 1.01 for D4 and D800, fixes lockup issue

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Nikon released new firmware updates for their D4 and D800 full frame DSLR cameras. The major fix for the D800 is the lockup issue, other minor issues were also resolved: Nikon D800 firmware update B1.01: When a still image was captured while viewing existing images in playback mode, the monitor turned off, the memory card access lamp […]

Can you spot the problem?
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New firmware update v1.03 for Nikon D700?

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A member of the German forum dslr-forum.de received his new Nikon D700 camera and noticed that the installed firmware version A was 1.03. The latest officially announced firmware update for the D700 was A/B 1.02. Maybe Nikon is about to release the new 1.03 version?

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Nikon 1 J1 and V1 firmware update v1.12

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Today Nikon announced new firmware update for the mirrorless J1 and V1 cameras. The only fix in this update is for an issue that caused some frames to be duplicated in slow-motion movies recorded at a frame rate setting of 1200 fps.

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Nikon firmware emulator now available

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After the Nikon D5100 firmware was decrypted and we got the first unofficial ”Star Wars” firmware update, there is now a full hardware emulator including screen visualizer for the Nikon D3100/D5100/D7000/D* cameras that uses the Fujitsu FR MIPS processor. This will enable anyone willing to write custom firmware routines and then test them without risking their hardware being turned to […]

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Nikon D5100 unofficial “StarWars” theme firmware now available

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After Nikon’s firmware was successfully decrypted, we now have the first unofficial “StarWars” firmware update for the Nikon D5100. The new beta firmware includes only changes of the camera’s menu labels: Holocron – Playback menu Weapon System – Shooting menu Super Stardestroyer – Custom Setting menu Hyperdrive – Setup Menu Go to Dagobah Luke – Format Memory Card […]

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New firmware update 1.2 for Nikon Coolpix P7000

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Nikon released new firmware update 1.2 for Nikon Coolpix P7000 today. I do not remember when was the last time Nikon issued a new firmware for a camera that has already been replaced (by the P7100). The changes include:

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Nikon 1 gets new lens firmware updates and a discount

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Today Nikon released  new firmware updates for three of the Nikon 1 zoom lenses. The fixes include: An issue that sometimes caused the aperture value recorded in image data to differ from the actual aperture value at which the image was shot has been resolved. An issue that in some rare cases caused images to […]

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