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Nikon D700 cash back program starting tomorrow in Japan

From April 24 till August 2, 2009: 20,000 ¥ (around 200 USD) cash back on the Nikon D700 in Japan. Did the recent price increase started to backfire (yes, even Japan got a price increase few weeks ago)? Source

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Another Nikon Coolpix concept

Those two Nikon Coolpix concepts are designed by Nikolay Komaro: Via Tuvie

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The past few days have been slow on rumors and Nikon news in general – this is always the case after new products get released. If you are bored, check the Nikon Rumors Forum.

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Nikon D5000 in Best Buy this Friday

According to Gizmodo’s anonymous tipster, the newly released Nikon D5000 will be availble in Best Buy stores this Friday (April 24th) – a week before the officially announced release date of May 1st.

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Nikon related links/new

Two TIPA awards for Nikon this year: best D-SLR Advanced – D90 and best D-SLR Professional – D3x.  A list of all 2009 TIPA awards is available here. Nikon UK has announced that the ‘Sports Photographer of the Year’ and the ‘Photographer of the Year’ awards – both went to photographers using the Nikon D3. […]

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The next set of rumors: Nikon D400 & Nikon D750

I would not put much faith in those rumors for now (D750?) but I still find them interesting, especially the Nikon D750 back image: FF with swivel display – now this will trigger some serious discussions here 🙂 What say you – do you like this D750 with the swivel display and how much would […]

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