Nikon moves production of upcoming Nikon N1622 camera from China to Thailand

A new Nikon N1622 camera with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth was registered with the Indonesian Communications Agency POSTEL back in April last year. The camera was supposed to be produced in China, but a few months later Nikon closed their camera plant in China. The Nikon N1622 camera was never officially announced. Nokishita now reports that the N1622 certification was recently renewed and the camera will be produced in Thailand.

My guess is that the N1622 camera is either the Nikon P900 replacement or the new Nikon mirrorless camera.

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  • Lou Rivera

    I really think when the mirrorless comes out it will be full frame. Can’t see Nikon getting into the already saturated mirrorless DX market. That’s a tall order competition-wise. I think with the new non-F mount lens patents leaked and the frequent delays, they will make a big splash here. Of course, they better include an F mount lens adapter for free.

    • marymig

      Free adaptor….not a chance.

      • Nikon gave free XQD card and the card reader for D4 purchase. So, a free FT-Z (F to Z mount) adapter is possible. Or at least a reduced price for special kit.

        • Julian

          I’d go with an adapter included in a bundle. Here’s hoping its full frame.

        • TurtleCat

          The cost was likely factored into the cost of the product and became extra margin after the “giveaway” ended. Same would be true for a “free” adapter.

    • Fly Moon

      I don’t think it should be free.

      PS. I have 10 Nikon lenses

    • They need a serous DXM. Nikon’s been losing market share because of the poor D3/5×00 sales so they’ll probably replace these cameras with mirrorless ones. While there are a few DX mirrorless makers the only serious one as of now is Fuji. Both Canon and Sony have nice bodies but they’re lacking in the lens department.

      • outkasted

        you mean D5 sales…right? D500 sold very well for Nikon

        • PhilK

          You mean the original D5000 or the latest D5600/D3400 models?

          Peter claims the latter have been poor sellers.

          I really wish companies weren’t so secretive about their individual product sales numbers. It would probably open up a lot of people’s eyes (pun intended) if they knew what the relative sales of the different models were.

          • TurtleCat

            Except that would be a goldmine of information for your competitors.

            • PhilK

              Yes, which is obviously why they do it.

              Back in the day I would have had access to a lot of info like that since I was in the retail camera biz. Which is one reason why it’s frustrating I can’t easily get it now..

        • Should’ve been clearer, I mean the D3x00 and D5x00 models.

    • TurtleCat

      The market for APS sensors is much larger + the cost advantage. They would be very foolish to only have full frame. And I wouldn’t say the mirrorless APS market is saturated. Plenty of room left.

    • Thom Hogan

      I’m on record as saying DX will be first. I still stand by that, and everything I hear is that this is still true, it’s just not clear exactly when the announcement is.

      • Kob12

        Since Nikon has shown that it considers the DX line as for amatuers/semi-pro, judging by the lack of a good prime lens line, I wonder if the ML DX line is destined to the same fate.

        • PhilK

          I cannot guess what format will get introduced first but Nikon has been expending a lot of corporate resources the last few years expanding their FX lens line. I suspect they are very eager to leverage that investment as much as they can on the camera body side.

      • David

        Thom, have you tried any of those Speed Boosters? How does this sound? FX mirrorless with F-mount, and DX mirrorless with two options: some native Z-mount lenses for lightness, and a Speed-booster F-mount adapter that lets you mount F-mount lenses. I appreciate it defeats some of the purpose of mirrorless, but if nothing else it immediately makes so many wonderful primes available.

        I’m going to assume that Nikon would NEVER go through with such a plan, but if Nikon designed an adapter do you think that would be a feasible plan to get the system off the ground?

  • Fly Moon

    “My guess is that the N1622 camera is either the Nikon P900 replacement or the new Nikon mirrorless camera.”

    Let’s hope it’s the latter.

    • Whatever it is, they have been trying to get it out for almost one year. If they don’t announce it soon, they may have to cancel it as well..

      • Eric Calabros

        So one year ago they didn’t know they’re going to close the Chinese facility? Its strange in a company controlled by bean counters.

        • marymig

          Surprised there haven’t been any leaks.

        • My guess is that they delayed that camera, what ever it was, and could no longer produce it in China.

          • outkasted

            could it be the quality control mishaps they have had with the D750?

            • I think it’s more cost cutting than QA.

        • PhilK

          Doesn’t surprise me one bit that they didn’t know a year ago for sure that they would close that facility.

      • CERO

        I find it strange that they focus on these superzooms, yet no replacement fr the D610..

        Or do you think they are going to kill the D610 completely?

        • Max

          I’m sure they are going to

        • Surely Nikon has too many ranges? They could easily join 6&700 line together. Or will they just replace the bottom of FX and DX with mirror less? They could probably do with getting rid of 5000 range as well and molding it with 7000 , always thought they should put a flippy screen on the 7000 and get rid of the 5.

          • Mike

            It’s all price point. Whether it’s for financial reasons or personal philosophy of what a camera should be worth, the D3xxx, 5xxx, 7xxx lines are all there to attract price point shoppers. I actually like what Sony has done with their line up. Same camera, different generation is what dictates price point (a6000->a6500), or same camera, different sensor/optimization a7 series. I think there would be a big market to have D750 guts in a D850 body as well as a D5 guts in a D5 body. Potentially, Nikon could have D500, D850s, D850r (what the D850 is now), D850 (D750 in D850 body) using the same body using the same AF engine, and reducing manufacturing costs and market confusion.

        • Thom Hogan

          Nikon focused on superzooms (at almost all levels) because they found they could sell them in volume. The problem is that the superzoom buyer doesn’t tend to continue to buy. All those superzoom users didn’t really help the upper levels of Nikon camera sales in the way that was expected.

          • Espen4u

            Yes, a good set of dx primes would’ve been a smarter move. (And before Fuji soaked up the audience)

        • EnPassant

          In my opinion D750 is both the upgrade and replacement for D610. They use the same type and size of body. D610 is only kept as a budget alternative just as Nikon still had a lot of older DX DSLRs for sale.

          I think it is more likely we se a D760 soon rather than a D610 replacement as D750 also sell much cheaper now.

          Since all the latest APS-C cameras have 24MP and some MFT cameras comes with 20MP I think it would be wise to differentiate FF cameras with more MP. Using a modern version of the 36MP sensor (back-illuminated and 4K recording) would make for good sales.

          So for this year I expect Nikon will release a D760 and maybe a D5s DSLR. Other cameras will be mirrorless.

      • Thom Hogan

        There was talk in the past year at Nikon of discontinuing the Coolpix name. If that were true and they decided to do that, it would also be likely that they needed to do work to make any new compact camera “more professional.” But that’s pure speculation on my part.

        • PhilK

          That seems kinda dumb, really.

          If they want to discontinue one of their brands, my vote is for them to kill the Snapbridge brand before it taints their entire product line with its lousy reputation.

          • Thom Hogan

            My take on all the things I hear out of Tokyo is that they spent 2016/2017 in a “what business are we in” debate regarding photography.

            Note I didn’t say that they ARE discontinuing the name. I don’t know if they are or aren’t. All I know is that this was debated.

            As for SnapBridge, yes, it has been a mess. And that mess has lingered far too long at this point. We’re three years into it and the same problems persist. They need to do better, for sure.

            • PhilK

              Well if they were indeed having that debate then that’s a good thing, because it’s a debate they need to have.

              All of their larger competitors are far more diversified than Nikon is, and some of their similarly-sized competitors (eg Olympus) are as well.

              Now that they seem resigned to the fact of the shrinking Precision business, seems they are trying to at least make something of those investments. For example I see a lot of new effort to promote their glass business, including heavily pushing their ability to supply fluorite material to lens makers for both industrial/semiconductor and consumer purposes.

              So interestingly, while they are introducing several FL-containing lenses which will give them an edge over increasingly aggressive lens competitors like Sigma, it appears they would probably also love to sell Sigma, among others, lots of flourite for making lenses, too. 😉

            • paralysis by analysis…

            • Thom Hogan

              Nikon is a management by consensus company. That’s just the way they are. So serious debate like this shows that there wasn’t a clear consensus or that the consensus is changing.

          • John Turner

            Agreed, Snapbridge needs to go!

        • I welcome that move. Coolpix has to die.

          • br0xibear

            And DX too…All FX sensors, mirrorless or DSLR.
            Size wise there’s not much between FX sized cameras and DX, Nikon already stated they wanted to concentrate on higher end products so price shouldn’t be an issue if that’s the case.
            Make it simple for everyone, no more doubling up on lenses, less costs for Nikon, easy for users to understand, easier to market.

            DX has to die.

            • Yes, they don’t have any DX lenses anyway, buzz buzz 🙂

            • br0xibear

              Maybe this is the Backside Illumination Sensor Nikon will be using in it, they just published this patent…


            • PhilK

              Indeed, that design also has on-sensor PDAF. Wheeee!

            • PhilK

              Not only OSPDAF, but both examples provided in that patent description depict a camera that:

              A) Is mirrorless,

              B) Has interchangeable lenses, and

              C) Has an electronic viewfinder.


            • PhilK

              I think br0xibear hit paydirt with that sensor patent, that very well could be the new MILC sensor design…

            • BVS

              I still think that Canon, Nikon, and now Sony think of their camera lineups differently than we do.

              Whereas we see them as having two different and separate lines – DX and FX, I think they think of it as one line of DSLR cameras, some with DX sensors and some with FX sensors, and a bunch of lenses that work on all the cameras. Sure, they name them differently and categorize them differently on their website, but their overall paradigm fells like it’s just one lineup.

              Where it makes sense from a size/weight/cost/usefulness perspective (e.g. super zooms) they’ll make a DX specific lens, but for anything demanding more performance they just make one lens that works on all cameras.

              Having DX versions of all (or many) lenses that are only distinguished by a lesser build, worse optics, and a few grams lighter just increases costs and doubles the number of lenses they have to keep updated. Perhaps they also believe that anyone discerning enough to purchase
              primes, telephotos, etc. would probably opt for the better quality lens

              In the case of Fuji, they only have a full DX lineup because they don’t make FX cameras. If they made both they’d probably be doing the same as CaNikonY.

            • BVS

              Yeah, they should drop everything and just make the D5! If you can afford it then get out! 🙂

              I assume you’re joking, but I don’t think I’d call it “not much size difference”. D850 is more than double the weight as well:

            • br0xibear

              You can pick and choose the comparisons depending on your narrative…try the D850 and the D500, they’re almost identical.

      • Davo

        DL flashbacks. Nooooo!!
        Btw, were the DL’s Coolpix branded? I don’t seem to recall it was.
        But if they do kill the Coolpix name, a higher end compact line could replace it with some products similar to their original DL concepts.
        If that was to happen, it’d be a missed opportunity if the UI wasn’t consistent with their mirrorless line, which in turn should bear some familial resemblance to their DSLR UI.
        They need a cohesive series of product lines that doesn’t prevent their own users from seamlessly switching between products across different lines without feeling like it’s from a different manufacturer.

        • I don’t think the DL were Coolpix branded.

    • Espen4u

      My guess is that it’s the former, because the china plant worked mostly with 1″ sensors. Hope I’m wrong though.

  • CDW86

    I am hoping for a full frame mirrorless as well My guess is it’ll be the aps-c mirrorless first. So it doesn’t directly compete with the the D850. regardless, we will need a lens road map.

    • PanPetter

      I think the demand for D850 will slow down a few months down the road. Nixon needs to cater to a new audience as well, not just well-off already Nikon users with plenty lenses already at hand. D850 will not carry Nikon alone in the 12-36 months

  • Michiel953

    If production is moved from China to Thailand it doesn’t sound like a top-end model to me.

      • Michiel953

        Please don’t point out the obvious. I had a D810, now a D850 and can read what it says on the bottom plate.

        Maybe I should’ve said “If production was originally planned in China, that doesn’t point to a top-end product.”.

    • PhilK

      As Peter points out, Nikon produces a fair amount of higher-end product in Thailand these days, cameras and lenses both.

      My gripe is that all these companies went to China, trained people there to make their best products, probably lost a lot of IP to industrial espionage there as well, then when they leave, they leave all their facilities and all the trained workers to go to work for native businesses and ultimately end up eating their lunch as competitors down the road.

      All in the interest of a little lower production cost… for a while. :/

      Perhaps that is a key reason why a lot of Japanese companies are starting to bring production back to Japan now, to highly-automated facilities. It won’t keep as many people employed in factories, but it just might save their crown jewels.

  • A. F.O.

    my guess is….P950, with raw and 1 inch sensor 🙂

    • PhilK

      Whereas I suspect Nikon has lost most of their interest in 1 inch sensor removable lens cameras after Nikon 1 went nowhere. 😉

      Granted, they did handicap and limit Nikon 1 a bit, but if you want to offer a compelling alternative to smartphone picture-taking, I think you need a larger sensor.

    • BVS

      That would’ve been the DL24-500.

  • PhilK

    Re: “closed their camera plant in China” I have to remind once again that Nikon still has other production facilities in China.

    The plant that was shutdown is in Wuxi, in the Jiangsu province. Other production facilities are reputed to be in the following places and as far as I know are still operating:

    Jiangsu province:
    Changzhou, Nanjing

    Guangdong province:
    Foshan, Dongguan

    Zhejiang province:

    The Wuxi plant was primarily involved in Coolpix and Nikon 1 production. I think we all know what sales of those products has been like lately. 😉

    Wuxi was an older facility (built in 2002) and Nikon says it had only been operating at ~30% of capacity at the time of closure. Obviously it had become a non-performing asset.

    So this news is not really much of a surprise.

    In fact, many Japanese and other companies have started to close facilities in China as the production/labor costs have gone up substantially in recent years. Southeast Asia at this point is cheaper and many Japanese companies are bringing production back to Japan as well as “Made in Japan” still has a cachet to many people.

    • PhilK

      More details I could find on the various China facilities:

      Hikari Glass (Changzhou) Optics Co., Ltd (Fully owned corporate division that makes optical glass)

      Nanjing Nikon Jiangnan Optical Instrument Co., Ltd (Microscopes manufacturing, joint venture)

      Reputedly some sort of manufacturing facility

      Guang Dong Nikon Camera Co., Ltd. (Digital camera component manufacturing)

      Hangzhou Nikon Camera Co. Ltd (Camera lenses and parts, joint venture)

      Hangzhou Xiangxi (Camera parts, joint venture with Asia Optical, could be same as above? Est. 1999)

  • unimo36090

    future mirrorless aps-c/fullframe in the works. if nikon hires more software engineers/programmers/material engineers then i think its obviouse.

  • Allan

    Maybe part of the delay in bringing out a DX mirrorless line, was Nikon wanting to see how well the D7500 would sell , and how well the D500 would continue to sell. Some top people at Nikon might have needed to see these numbers to be convinced that it was time to move into mirrorless.

    They might also bring out both low-end and high-end DX mirrorless lines.

  • saywhatuwill

    I’m not a mirrorless fan, but after my last astrophotography outing I can’t wait. The D810, with great image quality, had some terrible mirror shake that ruined quite a few shots. I tried using the pseudo mirror lockup, but the unit I was using for astrophotography didn’t know it had to press the shutter button twice. I wish Nikon would just include a real mirror lockup like the old F cameras or bring out the darn mirrorless camera.

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