Nikon D500 camera 100th anniversary edition unboxing

A reader sent me a few unboxing pictures from his new Nikon D500 100th anniversary edition camera (US price is $2,799.95):

Photo credit: Niken Patel

Black Friday deals: Nikon | Sigma | Tamron

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  • sickheadache

    IT sure is Purrrty. I will wait for the 200th Anniversary. lol

    • A. F.O.

      People say the shutter is too much loud….is that right?

      • TurtleCat

        Nope. The shutter is not very loud. I would call it a bit quieter than the D800 and D750.

        • A. F.O.

          Thanks for the info 🙂

      • I’d rate it from loudest to quietest:



        It’s pretty hard to tell whether is louder or quieter than the D810. It gets more attention on Ch because it’s so fast. On Qc, it’s pretty quiet.

        Last time I shot performances with mine, I used a blimp. Problem solved! In my house I thought it was loud with the blimp. In the actual theatre, the room sucked up a lot of the sound.

        • Originaru

          Haha, to know hwo is the quietest you have to determine in which mode you are comparing to.
          On single shot d500 is and d810 are much quieter than d7000 for example…

          • A. F.O.

            ok. thanks!

        • A. F.O.

          Thanks for the info 🙂

      • Athanasius Kirchner

        Compared to what?
        The D500 is definitely quieter than any Canon that I’ve ever used (Rebels, 6D, 5DIII, 7D), and much quieter than the E-mount Sonys.
        But it’s still louder than the advanced A-mount cameras (A99II, A77II), much louder than a Pentax K-3 or K-5, and *very* loud against an Olympus E-M1 or E-M5 II.

        • A. F.O.

          Thanks 🙂

          • Athanasius Kirchner

            You’re welcome 🙂

  • Spy Black

    I thought you’re supposed to leave everything wrapped until you sell it to some sucker, er, collector for twice the price?

  • Very nice looking.

  • doge

    What is that little plaque thing? Is it at least functional in any way? Like a gray card on the back of it or something?

    • GearHeavy

      It’s a metal plaque that doubles as a doo-doo shovel.

  • Boaz Yoffe

    D500 is 1800$ right out of box, why on earth invest so much money in a box and a plaque?

    • EarlFargis

      You forgot to mention the fractional penny’s worth of paint Nikon sprung for to write “Nikon 100th Anniversary” on the body.

      It’s manufactured scarcity.

    • It’s a commemorative item. It’s limited edition. For collectors and such.
      You won’t buy one if you really want to use it for work.

    • brian dobyns

      Lot’s of businesses seem to be placing an emphasis in packaging and so many reviews of the unpackaging, like that makes the product that much better or worse. Quick search and this is selling for $2800. The camera has a life span of about 150k on the shutter and that extra grand isn’t going to extend that, is it?


    Card door not even painted ?


  • Raphael Bruckner

    So not interested in special editions

  • Rhonbo

    Is this supposed to go up in value? A thousand dollars more than the current body & grip black Friday deal.

  • alcazar Woody

    some pic are too cmos 20 mmega,expecting a dirty process dude!!

  • Max

    They should’ve given the 100 edition a surprise extra, like 2fps faster or extra button, illumination, something.and not announce it, just let people discover it. That would probably also cause more publicity.
    That would’ve made it interesting.

    I guess those collectors would probably never find out about the extra feature though cause they wouldn’t even use it lol

  • captaindash

    If money was no object to me I’d buy it for sure. Anything to escape the awful black of every single goddamn good camera. Photographers love to make pretty pictures, but my god as a group do they dress poorly, and not care at all about the aesthetics of the actual gear itself.

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