Nikon released multiple software updates with D850 support

Nikon just updated all of their software packages with support for the D850 camera:

Picture Control Utility 2 Version 2.3.1:

  • Added support for the D850.
  • Added support for the D850’s new White balance > Natural light auto option.

ViewNX-i Version 1.2.9:

  • Added support for the D850.
  • Added support for the D850’s new White balance > Natural light auto option.
  • Fixed an issue that slowed response for users who selected folders containing large numbers of JPEG images and then scrolled through the thumbnail list.

Capture NX-D Version 1.4.6:

  • Added support for the D850.
  • Added support for the D850’s new White balance > Natural light auto option.
  • Added the following features to support D5 “C” firmware version 1.20:
    • Added support for group-area AF (HL) and group-area AF (VL).
    • The color temperature for pictures shot using auto white balance can now be viewed in the metadata tab.

ViewNX-i & Capture NX-D Version 1.17.020:

  • See above

Wireless Transmitter Utility Version 1.7.0:

  •  Added support for the D850.
  • The current page number/total number of pages are now displayed at the top right corner of the Setup Utility.
  • Fixed an issue that caused only one type of profile (wireless LAN or Ethernet but not both) being imported from D750, D810, D810A, or D7200 cameras after their firmware updated for compatibility with the WT-7.
  • Discontinued support for OS X 10.9.
  • Fixed the following issue: if, immediately after downloading pictures in image transfer mode, the user reselected the same pictures and attempted to download them again, the pictures would not be downloaded.

WT-7 Firmware Version 1.2:

  • Added support for the D850.

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Facebook: Nikon D850 Page | Nikon D850 Group
Additional coverage: Nikon D850 directory

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  • Delmar Mineard Jr

    Oh no…first comment. Love seeing the structure of the D850.

  • silmasan

    Happy playing with D850 files guys!

    And dear soon-to-be-D850-owners, please share some pretty pics soon. 🙂

    • CERO

      The new multicore processors of intel and AMD (specially the threadripper) is going to love to churn on those D850 files.

  • Fly Moon

    What about Snapbridge? I don’t see anything at Apple Store!!

    • sickheadache

      Forget Crapbridge..It would be easier to just draw pictures and attach to a Carrier Pigeon.

  • Fly Moon
    • Bryan Szucs

      Anyone know if they improved snapbridge for the D850 or its the same version as before? (what I assume since I haven’t heard any new news about it recently)

      • JXVo

        D850 has Bluetooth 4.1 and Wifi b and g. This is slow (max 54 mbps) Don’t expect blistering pace from Snapbridge.
        Expect 55Mb to 60Mb filesizes in lossless compressed 14bit Raw so maximum theoretical wifi transfer speed for these raw files is about 10 seconds per image. In practice, a lot slower than that.

        • silmasan

          Wait a minute… from the manual I read that NEF/TIFF files can’t be transferred with it. And that the pictures are downloaded at 2MP size. Although it adds “(some cameras may offer additional sizes)”

          • CERO

            Those are the previews, dont they?

            • silmasan

              I dont know… Have no slapbitch-capable nikon to play with 🙂

            • CERO

              Gotta Pimp a bit to get one!

    • TurtleCat

      It’s the same version from a few months ago. They just updated the description. At least on the iOS side of things.

  • Keith Calvin Leong

    Soon it will be fast raw viewer then Lightroom in the next two weeks.

  • Bryan Szucs

    I see in the pic up top of the D850 metal frame (looking at the rear of the camera) does anyone know if this is the same exact metal/carbon fiber frame as the D810/D500 or if it’s an all metal frame? TIA

    • MB

      Nikon will not advertise this so until we see the front stripped I suppose we will not know…


      Regarding the top left near the pentaprim And the bottom at junction with grip i assume that it is not all metal frame,

    • Adam Fo

      Probably the same. You can see from the picture top and back covers are magnesium and the bottom CRP.

      • PhilK

        Haha looks like you left a letter out of that acronym.

        I kid, I kid… 😀

        • silmasan

          …otherwise known as CReP

          Cost Reduction Plans

          I kid too…:-P Let’s all believe the reasons (weight reduction + less blocking of wifi signals…)

    • sandy

      The front is the only non metal part from a description I believe I read here. That includes the frame.

  • Con Foley

    Somewhere after ViewNX-i 1.2.4 the software will no longer display non-Nikon images. It was nice to have just one jpeg viewer that worked with all jpeg images, but now ViewNX-i only supports Nikon images. Anyone else notice this, or find any work arounds?

    • Robert

      I have noticed the same. I agree it is nice to have one viewer. I also prefer C1 since I can edit Nikon files and occasional Fuji files in the same editor. If there is someone who knows a good jpeg viewer that is not limited to Nikon files, please enlighten us.

  • jtang128

    I’m still thinking a long time if Nikon D850 is a fantastic camera as the D810, so I hold on more reviews to talk about this camera, Most people think it is great. I knew it had some new good features. on my thought BSI CMOS Sensor designed by Nikon might not be a better than Sony sensor. I saw some of the image not really good on Nikon D850. let’s see and find out.

    • MrKalgon

      Because you were looking at cropped JPEG upload on any website with a massive file compression applied. That’s explain the loss of quality. It’s the compression.

      • silmasan

        The ones from Nikon are pretty good quality. This person jtang or John Tang has been repeating the same thing here and iirc on other sites since the first day, “D850 no better than D810” etc. Not sure what his agenda is.

    • It never helps to compare with other camera. Just check if it ticks desired checkboxes. Then decide.

  • Is it just me, or does the place the two hand holds meet on the body and the MB-D18 look odd? Looking from the front, it looke like the body bit overlaps the grip. Looks like it would feel perpetually out of alignment.

    • silmasan

      Yeah someone pointed this out on the previous article, I’ve just realized it now..

  • Paolo Torrielli

    Need compatibility for Capture Nx-2 with u-poin tecnology!

    • DieMusik

      I am in the same boat. I think I would hold on to my D800E as long as possible. Hopefully Nikon can and will resurrect Capture NX2 for their future cameras. The software is so powerful yet simple.

  • DieMusik

    I would love to upgrade to the latest Nikon DSLR. But, without being able to use Capture NX2 that is unlikely. My D800E is more than sufficient. It was the software that kept me at Nikon’s side in addition to best sensor performance. I love the simplicity and the U-Point technology. Nikon please update the software so that it can be used with your new cameras. NX-D is a huge step backward…

    • Jhw

      Nikon knows that. But it licensed its technology from NIK software, and that was bought and plundered by Google. I, too, hope Nikon figures it out because NX-D is a horrible step backwards to uselessness.

      • DieMusik

        Or at least give us the same NX2 with the existing UI and menu layout minus U-Point for the time being. NX-D’s menu layout is just so unconvenient.

        • Jhw

          I guess I’d go for that if I had to. I REALLY like having my edits added to the file. I REALLY hate catalogs and sidecar files. But i agree. If they can’t give us u-point, give us everything else. Please. Please. Please. I would update my D800 in a heartbeat (though I love my D800.)

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