Nikon D850 sample photos

Nikon D850 sample photos (see also the press release here and more press photos):

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  • First! – Only because like the last guy, I wanted to do it at least once in my life.

    • masterac

      damn it

      • Mosawr Team


  • Max

    it’s rolling in now.

  • Dragos Stoica

    Bring it on !

  • masterac

    the karate guy look scared, like nobody told him the balloon was going to pop

    • Proto

      Ladies in fabric looks like Joe McNally shots

      • silmasan

        Oh, you could be right! I can see about two dozen speedlights were used in that shot… 🙂

      • Mikycoud

        Darn right! I was gonna say the same. Joe could also have shot the first two ones actually.
        On this matter, why does Nikon, in their selection of promotional material, only show flash based shots? The d850 is marketed at a much broader audience than flash-using photogs. Huh?

    • Mikycoud

      Nope, I know what he is thinking:
      “What??? Seriously??? No OSPD focus??? No hybrid VF??? No Iso 50????”

  • Eli Wohl

    Not sure what we can see on sample photos that could have been shot on a D810 etc.

    • Look at the Dynamic Range and Highlight roll off on the wedding file! It’s killer maybe we got an extra stop or two of DR?

      • Steve

        You are tripping. Nothing the D810 doesn’t do. An extra stop or two, now my sides have split!

      • Greg Zarga

        Josh get real and stop dreaming, if d850 has a stop or two better DR, I’ll buy one for you if it doesn’t you pay 20% of the price for me;) LOL

        • akkual

          If the sensor is the same as D500 but bigger and it has the same native DR as D500, dxomark will give it about 0.5-1 stop more DR than D810 has. And I guess dxomark is everything. But yeah, they evaluate it against print size, which will benefit from oversampling. BTW. D750 still has the best sensor from Nikon on 1:1 RAW. At 1:1 D850 will be ~similar to D810 or even a bit worse on some things. When scaled down to let say 12mpix, D850 will be likely better than D810 judging by the measurements of D500 vs. D810 at 1:1.

    • KT

      They are mostly preaching to the choir at this point in the game, everybody is salivating at the thought of a new Nikon Pro body about to be unleashed. At this point, they might as well take a daylight shot with an iPhone and post it as a D850 RAW file and people will be Ohh Ahhh Look at that DR and color depth.

      • Daniel V

        Exactly, this camera wont make your cat photo better, it will just have more pixel. Everything from resolution to even DR has some threshold. We reached that level into the D800/D750 era of camera. Everything above that are just going to be incremental and not perceivable unless you are told so and have to dig into it with a loupe. For me as a hybrid professional shooter photo/video, the lack of what would I call simple advancement will make me keep my money in the bank. It been 10 years now since Nikon released the first video dslr and we are still stuck with low bitrate, 8 bit crap bitrate and autofocus/peaking. They could have expanded into the video market easily like Canon did, but they are too intelligent for that.

  • Brian Hess

    They could of done away with killer karate water balloon slicer guy photo.

  • Originaru

    Those wonderfull 45 Mpx pictures…

    • Haha! Yeah, it’s always meaningless until we get full res pics…

  • Evan

    I never understand these sample photo galleries. They’re so lackluster. None of these pictures are really exceptional in any way, to my eye. I suppose that they might be showing particular features of the camera (image 1 for DR for example); but if not it’s just a collection of mediocre images that could have been taken on pretty much any Nikon camera body.

    • Husselang

      They look like good pictures to me. Not exceptional perhaps, but samples shots usually aren’t 😉

      If RAW files are provided it should still be possible to assess the quality of the sensor, and get an impression of what kind of output to expect from this camera. Much more than that you can’t really expect until the camera starts to ship, and more people get to play with it.

    • Proto

      yup. only demonstrates better control of green cast

  • Erwin Vanbrabant

    now 1 more thing , not that its important, the PRICE of that beast

    • not sure yet – I hope to get it soon

  • T.I.M

    1/16000s max shutter speed ? (or electronic shutter)

  • Admin, you’re on a roll! Good job!

    • I have one more small detail – will post later.

      • KT

        Would that be the actual price, finally coming below $3600, much to the delight of the waiting masses

  • Delmar Mineard Jr

    Nice stuff. Big question…what is the price? I am betting on $500 more than the current D810.

    • and then some …

      • tom

        and dim sum…

    • Proto

      3299 if they want to sell large volume. D500 selling for 1900 now

  • Eric Calabros

    We wouldn’t need 45.7 million pixels for this 🙂

    • Those eyelashes are very important though lol

    • Slaven Smolčić

      It was enough D3 and 85/1,4D to Cliff Mautner to make such photo,and even nicer framed.

    • Andrew

      The skin tone is amazing. I love how they focused on the eyelid and blurred the rest of the photo. It gives it a surreal (dreamlike) look. Very creative.

    • Bo Egestroem

      we wouldn’t need a picture like this at all- just bad taste and no sense of modern fashion at all.

    • akkual

      Unless you want to print it 3m wide and watch it from 50cm away.

  • James Michael

    I want to see some RAW files, or at lease max res JPGs right from the camera (no edit). These show me nothing.

  • Constantine Aivazidis
  • Chris Phillips

    Peter BRAVO you nailed it….again
    you also managed to wake up my GAS devil.

    • very welcome 🙂

  • Fran

    Undoubtedly these photos are of bad taste. Whoever chose these photos does not want to sell D850 cameras. The images say nothing, nor about the quality of the image, much less as something artistic. Ridiculous.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    I’m surprise that they are not showing some photos showing off its Dynamic Range…. is it a sign ? I hope not !

    • How do you judge dynamic range using a JPEG on a website? Don’t worry, I’m sure Nikon will have achieved excellent DR.

      • Kob12

        Go to Ming Thein’s site and look there at the architectural photos he took with a Hasselblad X1D. I don’t know what DR we see there, but I’ve never seen such a great DR in any other online pic.

        • It is possible to make JPEGs look like they have great DR by producing them from a RAW file using non-linear gamma. My point is that a JPEG has limited DR (8 bits per channel) so it can’t be used to judge the capability of a camera that exceeds that. Observing the DR by looking at on line images will depend on how they are presented (and the calibration of your display device).

  • tom

    confusing. these are like sony photos

  • bobgrant

    LOL. People here crying about sample pics now? They’re actually professional caliber pics. Are they award winning? Likely not. But they show that the darn thing can take photos. If you’re one of the people who says “I can do that with a D810” you don’t need a D850. For 99% of good shooters, even the D810 is a minor IQ upgrade over cameras that came before. Upgrading gear does very little for most people.

    • jonebize

      Maybe Nikon should make something innovative, if it’s not worth upgrading!

  • TDL

    I don’t understand the hate. Yes they’re not very good either technically or aesthetically. But as far back as I can remember Nikon’s sample photos have always been “blah”, I’m surprised anyone was expecting anything more than this. I’d just wait until some decent photographers do some hand’s on reviews and post full size jpgs or even better: nefs.

    • James Michael

      They claim that the D850 is great, and they didn’t show off anything. If you got it, flaunt it. Those pics could have been taken with an old Nikon D50.

      • TDL

        Yeah, but my point was that as far back as I remember Nikon has always had mediocre photography for their releases, of just about everything. Remember the 105mm last year? I think they just don’t care, or maybe they just use “Jim from accounting’s nephew” since he’ll work for cheap.

        Ideally, being that it’s Nikon’s premier camera seemingly marketed heavily towards people who need “high resolution, hi iso performance, and speed”, you’d think they could hire a renowned sports photographer, as well as one for landscapes, and another for weddings, possibly street stuff too.

    • Cameraman1982

      less ‘hate’ if the actual price of the camera is the same as D810 😀

      • TDL

        Hopefully! I’m not that optimistic though, I’d expect around $3600-3700.

  • 120_300 OS for nikon

    The sample photo´s when D800/E and D810 came out were more of the wauw factor this is not sorry

  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    I was just thinking about something, what is the point about 8k time lapse? Believe, I’m happy it has it, but my tv is only 4K and my monitor is 5k; is it just future proofing or is there an advantage for it now?

  • nwcs

    While some of these are cool I think Nikon should show sample pics of how many of these cameras will be used: car pictures, boring picture of a street and building, brick wall closeup, etc.

    • Fdfas Jlkjl

      Don’t forget cats!

  • bgbs

    Wow, those are extremely highquality snapshots unlike those I’ve ever seen before.

    • Sandy Bartlett

      You expected full size raw photos on a leak?

  • David Stambaugh

    Until I see full resolution photos with EXIF data, I’ll withhold any excitement. So far, the photos all could have been taken with any other Nikon camera. To make me upgrade from my D800 and my D500 Nikon is going to have to knock my socks off.

  • eric

    Despite the photoshop work done on the photos, I’m sure it takes excellent photos. Instagram will be hoppin this fall.

  • Missing landscape and night sky samples. Aren’t they a big part of the target audience???

    • Actually, Nikon is aiming the D850 as versatile camera.

      • I know that. At 45MP, fashion, product and landscape are important forms to target. But this isn’t the real press release anyway.

  • Feroz Khan

    Anyone else thinking that the sample shots could have been better ?

  • kasabalia

    For such a big company like Nikon, I still can’t understand how they could publish this photos! No creativity, bad lighting, nothing to do with D850 specs…!

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