This Nikon collection can be yours for $53k

The pictured above Nikon collections is currently listed for sale on eBay for $53k. The collection includes several new and unopened items. Recently there was another Nikon collection listed for sale for a similar price.

Additional pictures:

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  • Looks like somebody is getting prepared for a very high price mark for the D850 😉

  • Bryan Szucs

    They are switching to Sony, this should cover a new body and two lenses 😉

    • EcoR1

      At least the system is lighter after the switch.

  • Polarkreis

    Uh, no! For that price range, I would purchase an ARRI Alexa Mini with the full package and viewfinder for around $45K.

    • Ric of The LBC

      or a Mini Cooper

      • localmile

        Tesla Model 3!

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Does it include the bed, the bedding, the night stands and the bed lamp? At that price, they better throw in the pillows and the MM print, too!

    • Max

      I really don’t want that bedding though XD

  • Nakayamahanzaemon

    I thought Paris Saint-Germain is preparing for Neymar.

  • zombietimeshare

    Darn, and all I was prepared to pay was $39,500.

    • JB3000

      Lucky for you the opening price has been reduced to $37,761 !

      • JB3000

        Just realized it’s cause he sold some of the stuff.

  • Rich

    Was anyone else expecting better photos?

    • Jay Hemdal

      He only has film cameras and didn’t have time to get the images developed, so he used his cell phone…

  • Seller’s other items : the kidneys removal tool for $ 49,372.70

  • Espen4u

    Lots and lots of old stuff that never got properly used, what a pity.

    • Joshua Cohen

      I agree. He has some good stuff but his pricing is high.

  • amdgoesbigorhome

    Looks like casual items that everybody could buy from eBay at any moment any quantity and collect separately. and total of this bunch could sum up around 10k – 15k$

    • Ben Brayev

      and you know this because you actually checked, or because you assume that would be the price? -_-

    • MB

      I doubt you can find the star of this collection, complete F2H in this condition, anywhere …
      But I also doubt this will all be sold as a single batch at this price …

      • David Swan

        I have an unused complete F2H I’ll be looking to sell shortly

    • reporteratlarge

      If I was going to buy something new to hold on to with hopes of its value increasing, I would not choose camera gear.

  • EnPassant

    That’s an ordinary, albeit partly rare, camera equipment. Not a collection.

  • Abiatha Swelter

    Aw, the F2AS’s are already sold. So never mind.

    • TwoStrayCats

      I still have mine. $15,000.

  • Ernesto souza

    switching to Canon ? 😀

  • Starting bid $40K? There’s around $13-16K worth of gear there. A lot of the cases and what not would be difficult to find buyers for at all. Speed lights ditto. It’s nice that some of the stuff is NOS, but I’m not sure there’s a large enough collector base to drive the prices to where this seller thinks they are.

    • Jeff Bridges

      Looks like they are selling pieces of the kit as well.
      The ad has been updated to mention some items have sold.

      • Yeah, seems wonky–how do you know what you’re bidding on? Might change by the time it closes…seems off.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      Certainly could do with some Nos in my car and I’m having some spells of laughter so they say (Nitrous Oxide) looking at some auctions as this, bit naughty some may say of advertising old equipment as ‘New’ condition.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    A bit expensive for 2nd hand items and is all the gear in good enough condition, e.g., no scratches, marks, dust, fungus growing in the lens and inside the cameras. Buyer needs to be beware and careful of clauses like Exchange upon Receipt, although they may be able to get some recourse from Ebay but will have to forfeit any P&P to send items back

  • doge

    You know what they say; One man’s trash is another man’s trash.

    This is all trash. With the exception of maybe the lenses all of this is worthless. Whoever buys this is a grade A moron.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      certainly cannot be classed as new and no way near £41,000 / $41,000 – more like £10,000 at the most

  • ZoetMB

    Well it certainly raises a lot of questions. Why does someone have so much old equipment supposedly brand new? I realize this person thinks that because some of it is supposedly unused, it warrants a high price, but it seems like his asking price is many times the actual value. He’s got 7 bodies, but 2 are sold. Used, five bodies wouldn’t go for more than $2000. Hard to tell, but looks like 10 lenses and he doesn’t list specifics. No esoterics. Maybe $1500 tops. $1000 in other accessories? That’s $4500. Add another 50%. That’s still under $7,000. And did the F2 have a black Nikon logo and not white or has that body been repainted? He claims he’s never put a lens on the new bodies.

    With one day to bid, he doesn’t have a single bid yet. Maybe that will bring the seller back to reality.

    • MB

      He already reduced the buy now price to US $49,593.30 … but this looks like at least 5 times more than it should be …
      I checked the images and this F2H is certainly not new, it looks repainted as you said and shutter button is missing …
      That fact was kind of obscured in the text … “The sign ( * ) denotes” new items, like Nikon F6 ( * ) or F3H High Speed ( * ), but Nikon F2H High Speed does not have * sign and he resents showing the inside of the camera 🙂 cute …

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      No way is this anyway are of new items – they’re been used or been in storage since purchase and auction is in violation or one more Ebay practices, e.g., false advertising for one, etc.

      • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

        Another give away to be used item and not new is within 1. Footnote ‘how can I be asserted that a screwdriver or any other object wasn’t used and left marks on the release button and so forth’

    • Jeremy Allen

      F2H, F3H and F2 Data are rare cameras. There weren’t more than a few hundred of each made. They are more valuable than the standard bodies. From what I’ve seen in the past, each of those are selling for $5,000+ each, esp in NOS condition. I still think he is way over priced for the lot however.

  • rafakoy

    Ridiculous. I have a bigger collection of film cameras and lenses I’ve acquired through the years hunting on eBay, and have never spent more than $200 for a barely used body in like-new condition (I got a Nikon FA brand new for $125 once). I don’t think I’ve spent more than 5k for my entire collection, that again, it’s bigger and nicer than this one.

  • Looks like somebody died and a family member who doesn’t know anything about it is trying to unload it and make some cash.

  • TwoMetreBill

    $530 worth of gear for 100x, is Nikon the new Apple?

  • Vince Vinnyp

    Do these take CF or XQD cards ?????

    • TwoStrayCats

      I believe those were cassette tapes.

  • E Jacob Cornelius

    Assembled and photographed in the Museum of Lower Middle Income Late 20th Century Bedding of Chinese Manufacture.

  • Claude Mayonnaise

    Awful choice of color for a bed spread.

  • TwoStrayCats

    The lack of EVF on these blows the deal.

  • Peter, this listing has all sorts of issues. Looks like he is swapping/adding/removing things from the listing while people are bidding. And opening a back is not disassembling a camera!

    You may be doing a disservice by sharing this to people who might bid in earnest.

    Now, there may be things of value–the F2H or F3H are neat. …if they’re even in the final lot when bidding is done! This just seems fishy. And I don’t think it’s just language barrier.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      Also by the blurb in the print not much of the items are in new condition and must have a big warranty as new period between purchase back in the 80’s or so and today’s date

  • Tom Taubert

    Thinking of film…I would probably purchase something like an updated F100; compatible with new and old stuff. Well built. New. Reliable.
    The FM10 is a pretty shabby piece of plastic. The F6 is too much. I don’t want to deal with light seals, metering, shutter, lcd problems, etc.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    sorry for getting all sort of legal but Ebay should pull this auction asap.

  • Nikita

    really rather have a new Grand Cherokee 4×4; but thanks

  • Joshua Cohen

    Anyone notice that the strap on the F2h is a knockoff “for Nikon”?

  • eric

    Crazy what people accumulate and sell.

  • Hugh Jasol

    Starting bid reduced $9k. Zero bids, and will end there.

  • L Photo

    A newby here, but I collect Nikon’s and (very very) early digital…keeps me poor and the wife unhappy!
    Contrary to most opinion here, his collection (in the original listing) is extraordinary.
    While I agree some of the pricing could be seen as a little optimistic,
    I sincerely doubt many people here have even been in the same town, let alone room, as a F3H, a F2H or an F2 Data.
    So to those passing harsh judgement, perhaps a little more knowledge might help you make some more informed comments.
    An F3H is not the same as a F3, an F2H is not the same as an F2.
    An F2 Data is effectively the first useable data back and dedicated camera… ever ( and extremely complex for the time…)
    These grades of cameras are many many many steps above a Nikon FA…

    There are many Nikon collectors who love the cameras for what they are and what they represent… and its a nonsense to suggest that only by actually using an old camera can it be appreciated.

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