New Nikon patents: 24-68mm f/2.8-4 full frame mirrorless lens and a multifunctional hot shoe

Two new Nikon patents were filed in Japan:

  • P2017-129668A - 24-68mm f/2.8-4 full frame mirrorless lens
  • P2017-130973A - multifunctional hot shoe (with additional connectors to accommodate an EVF?)

Here are a few more graphics from the multifunctional hot shoe patent:


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  • Hmmm, so here’s the full frame mirrorless kit lens…

    • Coastalconn

      For the D850 🙂

  • I don’t know what to make of the 68mm focal length, some sort of crop mode operation? Anyone have any smart explanations as to why? Crazy thought – curved sensor makes the 68mm into effectively 80mm?
    I’m likely very wrong so let’s take stabs at it!

    • Eric Calabros

      Its 2mm short of 24-70.

      • Ah I feel stupid now. I forgot that’s the normal zoom range for most folks. I don’t have any lenses with that mm range.
        Perhaps they trimmed that 2mm and it gives them much friendlier packaging – that patent shows a smaller no-evf-by-default camera, a la a V3 N1 – it’s looking like they will revisit that concept just in full frame, small body with add-on grip evf flash etc.

        Held a V3 for the first time ever 3 months ago. Felt lightyears ahead of my trusty J4.

        • silmasan

          I think he meant it’s common to round up (or down) the focal length. In other words, there’s usually a slight difference between nominal and actual focal length, if you look at the full specs of any lens. So this one will likely end up as a “24-70”. you’re going too far with your sophisticated mind. 🙂

  • Eric Calabros

    That external flash is looking so Nikon 1

    • MB

      Definitely Nikon 1…

    • Riley Escobar

      You would have thought Nikon had learned from the 1 series failure…

      • Spy Black

        The failure was in the deliberate crippling of the system, not the system itself.

        • Riley Escobar

          I used a V1 as my main camera for two years, and I learned to work around its shortcomings. I still have a V2 for those (rare) moments when I have the need for fast AF with a high frame rate.

          Neither of those bodies could take advantage of Nikon’s Speedlight system because of the 1 series only flash mount.

          There’s no ignoring the fact that the 1 series is a failure. Dead system=failure.

          • zzzxtreme

            I attach a wireless radio trigger which is mounted on an optical slave trigger which is taped to an sb-n5 plastic diffusor

            Now my V1 can control several flashes

            • Riley Escobar

              And the reason you have to go through hoops to do that is…

          • I don’t think you two are disagreeing 🙂

            I too have a V1 and the incompatible flash mount is a pretty huge wart on the system. In fact the new mount looks oh so very 1998. Why not go for something like a conventional hot shoe with a sneaky addition at the front that is USB? Instead we get a lot of dedicated lines for very limited dumb attachments.

          • I hated the toy-like lenses with no manual focus rings. And from the illustrations it looks like they might be making that same mistake today.

      • Andrew

        The Nikon 1 is a successful concept. The Nikon 1 J5 is a wonderful little mirrorless camera with some amazing technology. It has paved the way for Nikon to develop their full frame mirrorless cameras.

        The Nikon 1 J5 was in no way crippled; the frame rate and Hybrid Autofocus system is state-of-the-art. The specs on this camera is quite leading edge. Now we are waiting to see what Nikon’s engineers have been up to the past 2 years with the relaunching of their mirrorless camera line.

        • Spy Black

          You obviously never shot with a Nikon 1 camera.

        • Riley Escobar

          Was the J5 able to fully utilize Nikon’s existing system of Speedlights? That’s crippled right there.

        • The J5 has no viewfinder and it still hasn’t fixed basic UI issues that were solved twenty years ago. Then there’s flash compatibility, etc.

          I think you meant “distracted from” and not “paved the way for”.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      Possibly a new update for a Coolpix A and DL ?

    • ZoetMB

      Don’t confuse a patent filing with a design. Patent filings purposely just show a “wireframe” of the intended device and not any specifics. Treat it like a block diagram. Look at some Apple patents and you’ll see they look absolutely nothing like the resulting products. No one wants to telegraph to their competitors what they’re actually doing when they file a patent. They reveal just enough info to maintain the patent.

      • Actually it’s also the visual language of patents to show schematics and not products (especially since most patents do not reflect products that will ever exist).

  • unimo36090

    development time to the actual release? 2-3 years maybe more?

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    No, not another EVF-less mirrorless!!!

    • Scenic Spartan

      Hopefully it is just a prototype. Nikon better include a grip and built in EVF if they want to get serious in mirrorless cameras.

      • silmasan

        Not even that.. patents are usually very crude when it comes to illustrations. They also don’t want to give anything away.

        • Scenic Spartan

          That’s a relief

    • I think they’re allergic to EVFs that they can’t sell you for $200 extra.

      • Mike

        Could be worse. The CoolPix A had an accesory optical viewfinder you could buy for $500.

        • Abhinav

          They seriously need to price their products well .

    • Don’t worry, this is just a patent for the 1 series parts.

    • 1741

      Some models will others won’t

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Mirrorless FX kit lens? Looks pretty compact.

    • Eric Calabros

      10mm length when collapsed

  • An American in Canada

    Certainly the same looking/style EVF connectors as the GFX….

  • nwcs

    24-68? Probably will be marketed as 24-70. Might be a good lens option

    • paige4o4

      Definitely. Most lenses aren’t actually the same focal length as they are marketed as, but within about 5%. For instance the new 105mm f/1.4 is actually a 101mm lens at infinity.

    • Brent Rawlings

      When will Nikon display the focal length in the viewfinder?

  • animalsbybarry

    If this new hot shoe is on the D850 ( I am not saying it is) than with mirror up and live view it may function as a fully functional mirrorless camera

    A DSLR is limited in burst speed to how fast a flapping mirror can flap
    But this EVF can greatly improve burst speed if the camera is desighned to function as a high end mirrorless when in live view and we use the optional EVF on the new hotshoe

    Basically this can accomplish the same thing the hybrid viewfinder would

    • Spy Black

      Actually, that could be a very creative option to strictly mirrorless. Lock the mirror up and go full electronic if needed. Just as long as it’s a global shutter, you have the best of both worlds. As long as the EVF has a high enough frame rate, that would be outright brilliant. Whi needs a mirrorless camera then?

      • animalsbybarry

        The differrence between live view and mirrorless is the EVF
        One solution to building a hybrid mirrorless/DSLR camera is the hybrid viewfinder and making live view as functional as possible
        We do not yet know if this is what they have done with the D850 or not…from the photos the D850 does have this new multifunction shoe

        The illustration looks like this shoe is intended for a compact camera

        Perhaps at some future time all Nikon DSLR cameras will have superior live view capabilities and accept various viewfinders

        I have long ago suggested an EVF with a cord that can be clipped onto a pair of glasses…. perhaps an off camera cord and eyeglass clip can be an available accessory to allow a compact EVF to be used on or off camera

        Long lenses can be big and heavy, and holding a long lens in front of you is not an effective way to support it

        But mounting the camera/lens on your shoulder and clipping a tiny EVF to a pair of eyeglasses is a much better way to handle it

        • XXTwnz

          No that’s not all there is to it. They would have to add PDAF points to the sensor itself to auto-focus with the mirror up. It could be done but it would mean two different autofocus systems and therefore higher cost than a true mirrorless that only has on sensor points.

  • Adam Brown

    Just remember, most patents never become final products. These are just ideas that Nikon is tinkering with. They are likely developing multiple pathways before committing to a single path.

  • Is the upcoming mirrorless expected to have an F-mount or something new? (I hope the latter, so that the camera can be smaller)

    • Hans J

      Same here!!

    • Aldo

      You are correct. I love being able to put my sony camera in my pocket

      • Is the exaggeration and sarcasm necessary?

        • Aldo

          Sorry I thought we were over the size argument… most complain cameras are too small now. See A9 comments.

          • Well, then they’ll have a D850 and a “M850” with the only difference being the viewfinder, more or less. Sony has a clear distinction between it’s A mount and E mount.

            Of course at some time, the A mount will go, but at least in Nikon’s case, the D series will live quite some years longer…

            • Also, remember the Pentax K-01 (a mirrorless with the same mount as their SLRs). They’ve cut the grip and viewfinder off, but I don’t think this was such a succes…


            • Aldo

              I guess Im thinking of a ‘pro’ set up in which some size is actually welcomed. Like you say a d850M. I hope I dont get banned but someone in youtube put apart a d500 and showed how much empty space there is inside that camera.It could have been significantly smaller. That tells you that nikon ‘knows’ that people looking at this camera don’t want it too small.

              Do you think a nikon d850M should be the size and have the ergonomics of an a7 a9? Maybe a d760M but not the ‘flagship’ mirrorless Imo.

            • Captain Megaton

              It wasn’t. Partly because it didn’t have an EVF, partly because the technology at the time meant the camera was even thicker than it needed to be, and partly because using legacy SLR mount and legacy SLR lenses on a CDAF mirrorless camera is a dumb idea unless you are talking manual focus.

          • Reggie



            • Aldo

              Yes and you know why? Because in a way the a9 made the d5 and canon equivalent shooters take a look at the possibility of working with the a9 as they do with the dslr flagships. Size and ergonomics was an immediate let down. Im not talking about sony fanboys of course… they’ll love a sony the size of a dime.

            • Reggie

              So, do you believe that a small sub-set of users who has already selected to use large bodies is a representative sample of the population?

              One thing that never ends in internet comment sections, is the large number of commenters convinced that 90% of everyone else has the exact same set of preferences they do, and anyone that doesn’t is a moron.

              Some will surely prefer a larger camera, especially those with larger hands who don’t have to do extensive traveling and/or hiking. Micro 4/3 has been hugely successful, even among pros, because there are a whole range of people with different preferences than yours, and that is for a small and light kit.

              I went m4/3 for my diving rig because I’ve had to get under low weight limits with all of my diving gear on puddle jumper airplanes, for example. There are a whole world of uses for small, lightweight, but high quality cameras.

            • Aldo

              Yes a sample of the population the camera is targeted at. Isnt obvious?

      • Eric Duminil

        Thanks for the lol!

  • Hans J

    If its F mount its an F for failure = dead in the water.

  • law man

    If FF Nikon mirrorless use Nikon 1 hotshoe, I will not consider Nikon and switch to Fuji!

  • Visions

    Now that’s what i’m talking about. I’m almost certain the new mirrorless system will have a new mount, i’m not worried tbh they will make a good adapter for the F-Mount lenses so we’re covered.
    But these cameras need to have a built in VF it’s a must! I simply don’t understand why they would make a camera without one… It’s ilogical and these lcds screens are useless at bright day light.

    Nikon please do something at least as good as the Sony A7II(plus with Nikon ergonomics of course).

  • DLynch

    Oh Noooooooooooooooo! Looks like they are making a Nikon 1 that is full frame with all these pieces and parts to put together. This is beyond sad.

    • Brent Rawlings

      Wait! How about a truly interchangeable camera: sensor, viewfinder, focusing module, lens mount and whatever else is appropriate?

      • DLynch

        Not interested in building my own camera and carrying a suitcase full of components out to every shoot. Nikon can keep their Legos.

    • Markus

      What is wrong with the Nikon 1 Series?

      • DLynch

        I Q is poor, limited lensed, removable viewer, micro card, poor grip, and controls all too close to each other. Just to name a few. Had a V3 also and dumped it after a few months. I know some like the small size but too small for my liking.

  • Kiboko

    Hope they can put audio in that multifunction hotshoe.

  • Kyle

    Nikon 1 goes FF. Those parts look like 1 parts. Maybe even allowing existing adaptability to current CX lenses in some crop mode. Would be great!

    • Markus

      To be honest, if the V3 would be FX this would be freaking piece of technology. The only thing that annoys me, you can not an external flash and the EVF at the same time. Also it should use the standard flash mount.

  • Aldo

    This looks like a compact… I don’t think it’ll be nikon’s first ‘pro’ mirrorless body

    • Patent images do not need to resemble the final product. They need to convey the idea that is being patented. Don’t read into it.

      • Aldo

        what about that flash though?

        • What about it?

          • Aldo

            It’s a mini portable nikon 1 system flash… or is that too a disguise for the sb 6000 patent?

    • Antonio

      “This” is not a camera’s patent but the one of the hot shoe within a topic that also refers to the patent of a lens.

      • Aldo

        Right but the illustrations of the flash and body seem compact. I wonder if the dslr ff lens patents display a similar body as this one… if any display a body at all.

        • Antonio

          If you look at the lens illustrations the drawing that includes a “body” shows a bump that suggests the existence of a viewfinder, besides not meaning also more that within the patent registration.

  • speedy

    maybe instead of evf how about, flash, flash commander, gps, … not enough pins on the current hot shoe.

  • JasonsArgonauts

    Don’t panic about this being the final form factor guys! The patent drawings are ALWAYS dumbed down/incorrect when it comes to cameras. Same goes for the accessories. They’re literally just drawings to reserve and make the idea their own, not the final designs.

  • Erics

    Please don’t make the DF2 a mirrorless camera!

  • To pour fuel on the flames: could the lump on the side of the D850 prism housing be a release button for this type of EVF? ; )

  • thundrrd

    Too funny. You say hey they filed a patent for a FF mirrorless lens and a hotshoe that does this. All of a sudden everyone thinks … OMG, they are making the Mirrorless like that????
    Maybe … just thinking out loud here … you should wait until Nokin says, this is the new Mirrorless camera before you freak out.
    Oh wait a minute, I just noticed something … it doesn’t have an EVF built in … WTF is this garbage NIKON?????? Man, I knew they’d screw up the mirrorless … I’m going to Sony. At least Sony knows how to make a GREAT camera … so friggin’ done with Nikon.

    • relax, it’s just a patent

    • Fly Moon

      “you should wait until Nokin says, this is the new Mirrorless camera”

      What are you doing on a RUMOR site? You should visit and comment on instead!

  • Johnson Lee

    It looks like DL series and cannot change the lens 🙁

  • Captain Megaton

    It’s a patent for the accessory port previously fitted to the Nikon 1 V-series camera. The patent diagrams even are even illustrated with the SB-N5 flash, the GP-N100 GPS unit, and DF-N1000 viewfinder.

  • Nakayamahanzaemon

    Egami blog is now gone, so it’s hard to gain patent information.

    There must be one-and-a-half years between patent filing and patent publication. These patents were publicized this week, but filed in January 2016, which means Nikon began developing the full frame mirrorless system at least 2 years ago.

    • I think this is the new egami blog – I have been following them for a while and have used them as a source for some of the Nikon patens I report.

      • Nakayamahanzaemon

        This guy’s writing style is similar to Egami’s. You may be correct. As far as I know, we could see Egami blog until December last year. I don’t know why he/she quit.

        • Whatever it is, I hope they continue – it is really hard to read and make sense of Japanese patents.

          • Nakayamahanzaemon

            Don’t worry. I’m sure that 99.999% of Japanese people, me included unfortunately, have no idea what’s in it, even though it’s written in Japanese.

  • Oz Baz

    Interesting. Having f4 at the long end will be helpful in keeping it smaller. ? VR or IBIS in the host camera.

  • SkyMeow

    If they are going to have a new mount, I really hope it will have in-body stabilization.

    • Antonio

      Different issues as in body stabilization means moving the sensor and it should be independent from the lens mount and the F mount can pass the focal length information that’s needed.

  • cBBp

    I guess that the attachable EVF is cool but how do you attach a flash once that hotshoe is in use by the EVF.

    And I think I’d always want the EVF on. So…. Makes no sense

  • Mahatma

    Didn’t know normal lenses had mirror…

  • Shubhabrata Adhikary

    Which mount are the lenses for ? F-mount or something different ?

  • Mike Gordon

    Oh no Nikon! Did you not learn from the V3? One port for the EVF and Flash is a PIA!

    • Husselang

      I assume the EVF would have a flash connector on top?

  • Riley Escobar

    You’re missing the point. Imagine how much simpler your flash setup would be if the V1 had a standard Nikon hot shoe.

    • zzzxtreme

      Yes that’s unfortunate. The sbn5 is pricey

  • Looks like a short flange distance and thus a new mount. Not a mirrorless F.

  • Nikita

    full frame mirrorless? so the beginning of the end of the F mount?

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