Important: Nikon expands the previous D750 shutter problem recall, newer cameras could also be impacted

Nikon D750 shutter unit

Nikon issued another service advisory for the D750 shutter issue expanding the number of impacted cameras (now cameras produced from July to September 2014 and from July 2015 to September 2016 could also have a faulty shutter). I simply cannot believe we are still discussing this issue in 2017 and Nikon was producing faulty cameras as of September last year.

You can check if your D750 serial number is impacted: EU link | US link.

Here is the full text of the service advisory:


In July 2015 and with an additional notice in February 2016, we announced that the shutter in some Nikon D750 digital SLR cameras manufactured between October 2014 and June 2015 does not function normally, sometimes resulting in shading of a portion of images. Since that time, further examination of the issue has found that the same issue may also occur with D750 cameras manufactured from July to September 2014 and from July 2015 to September 2016.

Therefore, any D750 manufactured from July 2014 to September 2016 is eligible for inspection and repair of its shutter. Please follow the instructions in the “Identifying affected products” section below to check if your camera is affected.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

Please direct inquiries regarding this issue to your nearest Nikon service center.

Via Nikon HK

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  • ZZ


    • Proto

      Thats how i felt when D700 broke in a wedding way back. That was not covered in a recall, but the problem existed then.

      • Thats why we carry two bodies at weddings

  • gr8fan

    Just disgusting, their lack of thorough QA… and this comment coming from a fan boy of more than 40 years! 🙁

  • Nemmondom Meg

    I never had problem with recalls. OK it is costy for the company, but for me it means they are dealing with me, and if there is a problem they will take care. It builds up trust. But not if error is reported from everywhere than they recalling it as they can not veil it any more. This shows me they are sneaky, not reliable.

    • Semaphore

      Pretty sure almost nobody noticed anything before Nikon issued these advisories.

      • Nemmondom Meg

        It was continuous talk originally, and after the original recall it was continously told by everyone, nothing has changed the problem is still there with the new D750. So pretty sure lot of ppl noticed it.

      • Originaru

        Pretty sure they do everything to not let people know it.
        After the d600 fiasco they better be doing what’s right.

  • Northerntrumpeter

    I’m not too bothered. I sent mine in at their expense and they turned it round in a week, including a free service. Problem solved (if it was a problem?).

    • My issue is that after discovering the problem, Nikon was still producing faulty cameras up till September last year. This is not acceptable.

      • sickheadache

        Peter once again…Fake News.

      • T.I.M

        What about cigarettes ?
        Billions sold legally everyday !

      • koenshaku

        So this is the issue where it was the weird flare in high exposure shots that was reflecting at the bottom or top of the image right? If anyone had this issue I think they would have sent their camera to Nikon I haven’t seen it on my camera that I purchased in December 2015 and I have not seen it.

        First people complain about Nikon not acknowledging the issues with the D600 series then when they put out an advisory to acknowledge that not all the issues were resolved people still kick them for it lol. Their QA should be better I agree, but I don’t knock their honesty after the whole D600 series oil business lol.

      • Allan

        How many of these cameras did they see recently, before they decided to issue this service advisory?

      • dredlew

        They may not have discovered the actual issue, just parts of it. They may have just fixed the part they thought was the issue but there was more to it. You would need solid evidence and an even better reason to accuse them of intentionally manufacturing cameras with a known issue.

        As long as they are taking care of it without fuss, there is not much to complain about.

      • Arnau

        If I sent my d750 to nikon in September 2016 to replace the shutter, is it still faulty?

        • I guess if you just ask them, not us, you will get your answer.

      • Andrew

        I cannot believe that Nikon was producing faulty cameras. Manufactured products have a typical defect rate of 4.5%. If a company believes that a problem is not widespread then it has to make a judgment call about recalling it. If after owning your camera for 2 to 3 years the manufacturer has to contact you to inform you of a problem, then is that the type of issue that should warrant a recall? Especially an issue that deals with picture quality which should be easily perceptible.

        Recalls cost money and at some point, that cost will be transferred to Nikon’s customers. The things that warrant a recall these days would not have been thought about years ago. The fact of the matter is that defects are repaired without an issue and that is why service centers exist. That thing called a 1-year warranty exist for a reason, though in this case, Nikon has turned it into a 3-year warranty. That is commendable.

      • jareb

        May be they issued that recall only after having enough stock of a new problem-free shutter modules. Which also could be an indication that Nikon started production of a new camera with a compatible shutter – new consumer Fx (D6x0 or D7x0). Just a thoughts…

  • Eric Dye

    I still haven’t sent mine in from the first recall they did with the flare issue. I could get it to do it, but it was just never a problem in actual photos and I didn’t want to part with my camera for a month.

    • Just send before you sell it, than you have a new shutter in it. Good selling point:)

      • Eric Dye

        That’s a good idea! lol

  • rats_21

    I sent mine for some other repair (water and sand damage :sad) to their LA service center. they checked for service advisory for shutter issue. They say it was unaffected. I bought it recently in May during their promotion.

    • SteveWithAnS

      I typically wouldn’t recommend swimming in the ocean with a DSLR…

      • rats_21

        lol. I was not in the water. Tripod fell down during one of the stronger waves. Damage was not that extensive it seemed. Camera was working perfectly in automatic mode but AF mode button seemed to be stuck (not visually, looking at top lcd which always displayed settings related to af mode only). which made it non-operable in any of the manual modes. Anyway, they are replacing most of the parts as they always do in these cases.

        • SteveWithAnS

          Sorry for your loss, I hope nikon fixed your baby real good like. I guess we live and learn from our mistakes. Poseidon totally has it in for you though.

          • rats_21

            thanks. still waiting for it to get back. Been in parts hold for >2 weeks now.

            • CERO
            • rats_21


            • Allan

              Very slow boat from Asia.

            • rats_21

              yes, indeed!

            • rats_21

              the irony is that they have given me 2 service order numbers. one for original repair work and another one for service advisory. The latter changed to “shipped” today. lol. just trying to make sure they don’t ship my camera without repairing it.

            • Allan

              Maybe the boat hit the iceberg that broke away from the Antarctic peninsula.

            • rats_21

              fake news!. there is no such thing as global warming! 🙂

            • TheInfinityPoint

              Ouch hope it’s fixed when it comes back. I got my D610 back yesterday from the 2nd repair. First repair was for impact damage (my bad). 2nd was to fix extreme front focusing. Now I have to send it back AGAIN because they did not fix the front focusing issue enough. I recommend to test your lenses with your body once you get it back. I have NEVER had Nikon service repair my gear perfectly the first try. I’ve ALWAYS had to send it back a second time, and in a few instances a 3rd time. SAD!

            • rats_21

              thanks. hope everything turns out well.
              that’s pretty crappy service by nikon. This is my first time sending anything to nikon for repair. Let’s see how it turns out. 3 back-to-back trips for repair is too much. so much frustration and waste of time. I would be forced to take extreme steps if it happens to me 🙂 good luck with your repairs.

  • MB

    This is not the matter of QA … issues like this can only be discovered after the camera has been in use for some time … and responsible companies are issuing service advisories to worn users about these issues and in some cases are repairing the product for free to avoid potential problems …

    • Spy Black

      Worn users is right…

    • Semaphore

      Frankly if Nikon never issued an advisory, I think people would chalk it up to a quirk of the camera. I remember when Imaging Resource investigated the issue, it’s just a somewhat more extreme version of what other cameras like the D610 or the 1DX produced, and 2.5 degree change prevented it from showing up in real world shooting.

      • MB

        You are right of course … I could only give credits to Nikon for doing this 🙂

      • Just_a_passer_by

        it is not the “flare issue” here, so not the same issue as other cameras have too, there is a widespread misunderstanding here.
        This issue is that very rarely you get images with only upper part exposed right and with lower part exhibiting much much more noise, like iso 1e6, with sharp border between the two parts.

  • Abhinav

    Wt -_+

  • br0xibear

    You can check your serial numbers here to find out if your D750 needs to be sent in…

    • I will add this link to my post.

  • a2d2

    That’s the fine way to celebrate Nikon’s anniversary.Thank you Nikon.

    • Spy Black

      It is, actually, shoring up issues before starting the next century.

  • nwcs

    Holy shutters, Batman! Amazing how this keeps coming up…

  • T.I.M

    More the time goes, more I love my D800…..

    • Bob Thane

      All the people with left side focus issues might prefer the D750. 😉

      • CERO

        D810 you mean?

        • Bob Thane

          That too, but I’ll wait for people to get worked up about the long exposure dots again before I say that.

          • CERO

            Wasnt that fixed a long time ago?

    • An American in Canada

      You and me both. Now in the market for a D800E while I wait an extra year for the new D8xx to show all of its faults (and Nikon’s continued cost cutting and lack of quality control).

    • reductron

      The Peter-Falk Camera

      • T.I.M

        “ho, one more thing, did my wife told you about the D800…”
        Great actor, famous even in France!

  • T.I.M

    I heard that the D7500 have issues with the vertical grip (it does not fit right into the D7500 body).
    But it’s just a rumor, it could be that the D7500 was not design to be use with a vertical grip.

    • koenshaku

      el o el

  • TwoMetreBill

    The right fix is to delete the mechanical shutter and provide an all electronic shutter. Oh, dump the mirror box too for more reliability and a bonus of accurate AF. Delete all that junk from the camera and it would also cost less to manufacture and without all these reputation destroying recalls which they never get right.

  • Bob Thane

    Honestly, this is good news. This is generally such a minor issue (to the point where I haven’t heard of anyone experiencing issues for some time), and yet Nikon’s still taking an active stance on it. Seems they learned from the D600 issue.

    While it would be better if newer cameras didn’t have the issue at all, I’m not sure what the process is for retooling a factory to change how a camera’s produced, so it may just have taken some months to get that sorted.

    Keep in mind also that all cameras have this limitation, it was just a bit more pronounced in the D750. So I’m glad Nikon’s working on it still, even if they perhaps could have stopped producing D750s with the issue sooner.

  • Maciej Urbanowicz

    I’m good with it. No problems whatsoever with my D750, but I’ll send it to the Nikon to replace a shutter. Thanks Nikon for doing that for free.

    • Maciej Urbanowicz

      Just visited a service point of Nikon in Poland. They’ll replace a shutter and they’ll replace all rubber grips and clean the camera. I’m happy with the service. Can’t wait to get it back on my hands within 2 weeks (up to 2 weeks).

  • Bob Thane

    Also, it’s funny reading comments from D750 owners who are suddenly concerned. If you were using your camera and not noticing any problem, this doesn’t retroactively ruin your photos.

    If you’ve been happy with your camera so far, no worries. If you’ve noticed issues, you now have the option to send it in. Win-win.

    • johann jensson

      It’s more that i relied on it for important stuff like weddings (too poor to afford a second body) and now i’m reading that my shutter could be faulty and don’t know anymore if the shutter could suddenly break in the midst of the next wedding assignment…

      The trust in Nikon quality was tainted, now it’s completely gone.

      • Bob Thane

        It’s not that it breaks, it’s that in a specific light with a certain exposure level you’ll notice that lens flare gets cut off before it reaches the edge of the frame.

        While it might force you to crop an image, or make an image not look as good, it’s very unlikely to cause a wedding to be a failure. Other DSLRs from both Nikon and Canon have the same problem, just a bit less noticeable. The D750 fix adjusts the internals to make it perform in a similar manner. This has no bearing on the likelihood of the shutter breaking, so if you haven’t had any issues yet it’s likely that you don’t even notice the problem.

        • johann jensson

          Now i’m confused. I have no problem with the flare issue, i tested for that very carefully after i bought it.

          I thought the recall is about a shutter problem? (IOW, some issue w- the shutter mechanism – you can read quite often about shutter failure w- the D750).

          Do you have more information (link?) about the issue?

          • Bob Thane

            Ah, yeah, then you’re good. From the notice: “We announced that the shutter in some Nikon D750 digital SLR cameras manufactured between October 2014 and June 2015 does not function normally, sometimes resulting in shading of a portion of images. Since that time, further examination of the issue has found that the same issue may also occur with D750 cameras manufactured from July to September 2014 and from July 2015 to September 2016.”

            So this has nothing to do with any shutter failure, just the cutting off of flare. I haven’t heard that the shutter fails any more than any other camera (of course it does fail, but not out of Nikon’s mistakes), so you should be good.

            • johann jensson

              AFAIR, this shading issue you describe has nothing to do with flare. I had the impression (from forum posts) that due to irregularities in the mechanism part of the image is darker, similar to a sync issue with flash.

              EDIT: An example. User paradiddlesix66 on dpReview wrote: >>>… mine was affected by the ERR issue but was easy to work around. i decided to take my chances on a trip to cambodia. 4 days into it, the error issue progreesed to the “shading” issue, soon followed by the complete distruction of my shutter.<<<

            • Bob Thane

              Check out this article on it with examples:

              No idea what went on with paradiddlesix66, but it sounds like coincidence. All the camera reviewers and pros using the D750 have found no relation between the shading and any ERR or shutter destructions.

  • Rick Johnson

    Mine’s affected. I don’t notice it normally, but I do notice banding on one end at higher ISOs in certain images.

    • Shutterbug

      This recall is not for high ISO banding.

      • Rick Johnson

        Yep, aware of that. Just making a statement that the (my) D750 has various image problems in certain situations. My serial number is included in the range of “affected” devices, despite me not noticing the problem.

        If the fix is to replace the shutter, and it resets my shutter “life” count back to zero, it’s not a bad campaign to participate in on a body that’s over 2½ years old to me.

  • Gilboa

    This kind of nonsense I think is why Canon returned production of most of its cameras back to Japan. Which makes them more pricey than equivalent Nikons, but you don’t have recalls like Nikon does over and over again! I thought they sorted this issue. I think this is just endemic of the rot that has set in at Nikon over recent years. I wish they’d get that bloody act together finally! Or they won’t be around for much longer.

    • Semaphore

      Eh, it’s a bit of an overhyped issue. My D750 is one of the ones supposedly affected and I never noticed anything wrong with it. IIRC it only manifested in a very specific scenario; most people probably wouldn’t even notice it if they weren’t told to look for it.

      I regret not waiting longer before sending it in for a fresh shutter.

    • Shutterbug

      Canon has far more severe issues – just look at the 7D II. The only difference is they don’t offer any help to their customers, they just put it all through the warranty system.

      You have tow choices in the industry – put a service advisory out for every little thing, make people think your products are unreliable, but make free repairs accessible everyone OR stay quiet, screw a bunch of people over, force everything through the warranty system, and have a better but false perception of reliability. I would rather the first option.

      The D750 issue is so grossly overhyped that nobody even knew they had it until Nikon told them.

    • Max

      Canon bodies are more expensive than Nikon bodies? Not where I live…

  • gnrd

    I just checked my bleeding serial number yesterday as I was on the Nikon Canada site and it wasn’t included in the service advisory but today it IS included. yay.

    • yes, the update was just issued

  • Isaac Fulford

    Way to go Nikon! Now all you need to complete the D600 disaster with the 750 is a D760 with a new shutter and new auto white balance as the “upgrade”, oh, and let’s not forget snapfailure….

  • tomskyphoto

    I had the choice between spending about 1750 EUR for a D750 and 1900 EUR for an open box Df kit. Went for the Df and never looked back. Simply one freaking amazing camera. And yeah, it’s still “Made in Japan”.

    Maybe Nikon should reconsider their production strategy when it comes to more complex products like camera bodies. They have had way too many issues during the past years with a lot of their enthusiast/semi-pro and even pro models.

  • Shutterbug

    Grossly overblown issue. Once again, nobody would even know if Nikon didn’t keep announcing it. Just look at companies like Canon getting away with massively defective 7D2 AF, never even acknowledged. Maybe sometimes it’s better just to stay quiet and let the warranty system do it’s thing for public perception.

    I find it absolutely hilarious that now all the people who don’t have the issue, or didn’t know they had the issue, are all of a sudden upset. It’s so incredibly minor 99% of people would never notice.

    • Andrew

      Just realize this, most people are smart. They will come to a realization of the truth whether today or at another time. When a company like Nikon tries to do right by its customers, that company will get rewarded. So don’t despair for Nikon, they are moving in the right direction. There are some who criticize Nikon because they don’t know any better. And then there are those who are doing it with an ulterior motive. Some people think cheaply of themselves and are willing to sell their integrity to the lowest bidder. They all know who they are 😉

  • CERO

    But then, who is to blame? did they not change their construction materials or systems?
    Why were still building defective shutters?

    • nwcs

      Most likely, since the shutters are sourced from a third party, they had batches of them and may not have made proper distinction between ones from the good pile and ones from the bad one.

      • FromTheNorth

        Are they? Who makes them?

        • nwcs

          I don’t know if Nikon discloses that. But even if Nikon assembles the shutter some of the parts would be sourced through a third party.

  • Simonh2159

    My wife has ad 600 for years loves it no problem at all.i have d800 love it to bits just is amazing camera in every wsy

    • PAC

      Cool story Bro!

      • TheInfinityPoint

        And complete with typos!

  • T.I.M

    We now live in a world where every penny saved on factory cost is important.
    My new car does not have as spare wheel (they give you a “made in China” $5 repair kit).
    I did not complain because next time the car could be sold without any wheel !
    By the way, the car is a pro master Dodge (free publicity)

  • br0xibear

    I’ve never looked at digital camera’s shutter part before, it’s far more agricultural than I thought it would be. I was expecting something more swiss watch like, lol…maybe you have to get a Leica for that type of craftsmanship.

  • vipmediastar

    I’m affected. Ill be sending mine. I sent the D810 for the hot pixel issue. I sent the d800 for the focus shift issue. Df going strong, no issues 🙂

  • jareb

    For me as potential buyer of D750 the most important question about that recall: do cameras with infamous “Err” problem at last included in the list or not. Because I do want a camera, a tool, not a lottery ticket.

    • RC Jenkins

      Depends on the nature of the “Err” problem. I had it with a D750 a few years ago where the shutter would lock stuck. The problem disappeared when they replaced my shutter after the recall.

      • jareb

        The one where a camera from time to time shows “Err” and mirror getting stuck , especially with short shutter speeds like 1/4000. Nikon never acknowledged that problem officially. More over in some cases even after servicing such cameras the problem appeared again.

        • RC Jenkins

          Yep, same issue I had.

          New shutter fixed it for me, and never once came up after my shutter replacement–years (and many tens of thousands of actuations) later.

        • TheInfinityPoint

          Yes I have that issue too, though I can’t confirm if it’s more likely at shorter shutter speeds. Although I do have examples where I took 2 1/4000 shots one after another, the first one is waaaay over exposed, shows “Err” and the mirror stays up, but when I take a second shot the exposure was correct. Importantly, my camera IS included in the recall, before this new service advisory that came out today.

  • I thought everyone knew they were faulty… They are only 1/4000 sec. shutters, lol. In all seriousness, The D7100, D7200, D7500, D800, and D810 all have 1/8000 sec. shutters. There is no way the D750 should have had a 1/4000 sec. shutter. This is obviously a cheaper shutter and this move by Nikon to save a few bucks probably cost them much more than putting a better 1/8000 sec. shutter would have.
    Would be nice to shoot at wide apertures in places other than in the shade

    • This “crippling our cameras thing” with 1/4000 shutter speed is like shooting yourself in the foot with a gun. Never understood why camera companies are doing this – there are enough other specifications between camera models of the same manufacturer that influence a purchase decision.

      • Sawyerspadre

        How do we know it’s not the same shutter, limited in software to 1/4000 for marketing positioning reasons? It would make sense to have just one type of full frame shutter for production efficiency and repair stock.

        • PhilK

          Quite a high possibility, I’d say.

          It’s oftentimes cheaper to use the same shutter in a lower-end model and just cripple some of its capability than build/buy a separate inventory of shutters just for the lower model. Saves on design, production and inventory costs.

  • An American in Canada

    Maybe, but that does not at all relieve Nikon of responsibility. Quality control has been on a downward trajectory for quite some time now.

    • Andrew

      A recall after 3 years, what’s up with Nikon. My high-definition TV came with a 90 day-warranty.

      • Sawyerspadre

        It is a good thing that Nikon is repairing these. If the defect was in the shutter, they may be charging-back the shutter vendor for the repair cost.

        • Frank O’brien

          It is a DUTY, nothing more. They are not smiling for sure because it costs a huge amount of money which I am sure they didn’t consider in their future lost.

    • Andrew

      The (1) Df camera, no problem. (2) D810, no problem. (3) P900 83x Optical Zoom, no problem. (4) Nikon 1 J5, no problem. (5) D7500, no problem. (6) D7200, no problem. (7) D5600, no problem, and (8) D3400, no problem.

      • TheInfinityPoint

        The D810 had a problem. I think it was something related to pixels on the sensor, can’t remember off the top of my head. But I do remember the “check for the black dot in the tripod socket” to see if the issue was fixed.

        • Andrew

          You are correct, a bright spot (noise) was “sometimes noticeable in long exposures, and in some images captured at an Image area setting of 1.2× (30×20).” It shows you that if you look long enough, something might come up especially after a camera is released and tens of thousands of professionals are using it in every imaginary way.

        • J.Coi

          You can google exact problem detail with less work than to write this comment.

          • TheInfinityPoint

            And you could have googled and written the exact problem if you weren’t preoccupied in criticizing others.

  • Alex Ionas

    Perfect, they might just exchange them for a D7650 without problems then.

  • Ian Hanson

    Why am I not surprised. I’ve had both of my D750’s in either two or three times and the issue is still not resolved. Reminiscent of sending in my 70-200 multiple times last year to have them fix an issue they neglected to fix the first time around. Honestly no faith in Nikon’s service at this point.

    • An American in Canada

      I just got home from the Nikon Service Centre which drives me bonkers without fail every time; it’s frustration at a premium cost, and it’s just ridiculous. I say: “I would like you to clean the aperture blades of oil on this 35 f2.” To which they respond, “Full check and cleaning, new grips, B2, expensive as shit!” To which I respond, “Argh, fine just do it, I drove all the way out there…” only to arrive and see oil still on the blades. Thanks for wasting my time and gas, charging me a premium to do a bunch of stuff I didn’t want while not doing the one thing I wanted, and making me wait more than three weeks. I am also convinced after multiple rounds of similar nonsense that the majority of agents – not those doing the service – as pretty clueless. I will no longer send my less complex lenses to them, it just isn’t worth it when third party providers do just as good of work for half the price.

      • Ian Hanson

        I could not agree with you more.
        Me – “How come my camera isn’t ready yet?”
        N – “Well, we don’t have the replacement grip and we’re waiting for it to ship from China so when it’s in we’ll get it fixed and sent back.”
        Me – “I didn’t ask you to replace the grip, I just wanted you to fix the hot shoe that did not work.”
        N – “We will ship it back to you when it’s ready.”
        Me – “So you’ve been holding this repair up for a couple extra weeks because this little tiny piece of rubber is on a slow moving ship coming from the other side of the world?”
        N – “When we have all of the parts in we will complete the repair.”
        Me – “I think the real question is, what kind of a repair center doesn’t have the obviously most often used piece in stock, considering you must do this with every camera for every customer without ever being requested to do so.”
        And that’s the theme every, single, time.

        • Sawyerspadre

          Was that on a D700?

          I have a D700 and a D300s that could use new grips. Luckily, I had my D750 shutter replaced a year ago, so I can take pics without a sticky grip…

          • Ian Hanson

            Funny thing was on that D700 (from the little story) the grip was fine. My D750’s grips fall off almost continuously. On every side. I’m a real whiner today, uff da.

          • PhilK

            You can usually find those commonly replaced parts on ebay or elsewhere online, and replace them yourself if you like.

            Some are original, some are knockoffs, but all of them are probably better than sticky-gooey ones that have outlived their service life. 😉

  • guibo

    Anyone have any experience of how long it takes in Canada for turn around? I don’t want to be without my camera for long.

    • An American in Canada

      Just had some serious work done on my D800 and it took just over two weeks. Can’t imagine, unless there is a serious backlog, that it would take much longer for this service.

    • Kartken

      Just drop off my d750, bought in Sept.2014, at Mississauga, Ont. Service Center.Was told should be ready within 2 weeks, just in time for my upcoming Baltic cruise.

  • Ted Gersdorf

    Can’t wait for the new mirrorless……. Let’s see, if it’s introduced this Fall, we should have a working model by 2020. Alright Nikon! Woo Hoo!

    • RC Jenkins

      Define “working”…


      • tomskyphoto

        Doing something – unexpected…

        2nd gen. will do the expected.

  • RC Jenkins

    I went to the Nikon service advisory site yesterday, saw a D750 shutter recall marked for July 12, and couldn’t believe it.

    I told myself it was perhaps just listing the current date (it said “as of…” in the title).

    Guess I was wrong. Wow.

    Nikon: please stop going cheap and trying to reduce costs on the most important bits of your cameras. I will never accept less than 1/8000 shutter speed on any camera from you going forward because I’ll know exactly what it represents.

  • Oh my god, Nikon! Two steps forward and one step backward. How can you gain market share with this? You are loosing against Canon big time.

  • Kyle

    I’ve had a lot of folks trying to get me to move to Canon.
    Just seems like Nikon keeps going downhill. Come on man!

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    Hope you can get some money back from Nikon especially paying for these twice and outlaying some serious money for the repairs

    • Herman Au

      To my surprise, I got a check from Nikon today refunding my repair!!! I wasn’t going to even bother to ask for a refund and they actually did it out of courtesy. TWO THUMBS WAY UP.

  • TheMeckMan

    What’s the turnaround for this kind of work? I’m going on vacation with the family in late August…

    • RC Jenkins

      Heavily depends, but a few weeks. I think mine took 2 weeks door to door. You’ve got about 6 weeks starting from today. So you could have time.

      But if it hasn’t really been noticeable enough to affect you, it shouldn’t be an issue. This isn’t a catastrophic issue that prevents your camera from being used again. Even when the shutter sticks with the “ERR” message on the 1/4000 shutter speeds, the solution is to turn it off and turn it back on, and it will work fine.

      If you really want to get it fixed, send it in ASAP, but have a backup plan just in case.

  • Aldo

    you are paying 1/3 less for cameras excluding inflation… what do you expect

  • Michael Turner

    People are saying this is an over hype issue? My shutter collapsed after 9 months. And mine is newer than the last recall. I think it comes down to “how much are you using it?” I just got lucky mine broke while under warranty.

    • MB

      So yours is newer than September 2016 and it is already more than 9 months old … tough luck 🙂

      • Michael Turner

        Haha… It’s newer than the July to September 2014 recall. It would’ve been included in this new recall but it’s already been serviced. Think they’ll service it again? I could use a free sensor cleaning.

  • RC Jenkins

    Nikon seems so proud of anniversaries. Do you think they’ll celebrate this annual D750 recall as well?

    Celebrating our 3rd annual D750 shutter recall!

    • North Polar

      It’s not a recall though. 😉

  • navKristapa

    3 weeks ago went 250 km to nearest Nikon service center to change shutter, because I had dark banding at the bottom of image. Busted my cars windshield on the way back. Turned out the shutter was fine, but mirror module was faulty so I had to go again. Now, 1000km later of which 200km was done without windshield, they are saying I could have replaced my 300 000+ actuation, but perfectly working shutter for free… How unlucky one person can be?

  • Tom Bruno

    Sigh. Meanwhile, Canon has opened a new high-tech service center in Burbank. Seems like they’re all over customer service and repair issues, but Nikon isn’t.

    • RC Jenkins

      To be fair, Nikon’s cost cutting does seem to be causing them a higher proportion (maybe even volume) of customer service and repair issues to deal with…

      Seems that this could have been avoided if Nikon just didn’t avoid going cheap in the first place. Hopefully they realize how much this cost them (directly & indirectly) and actually learn from their mistakes.

      If Nikon wants to save a few pennies on a shutter, they better be prepared to reinvest much more than that money into both service & marketing.

  • Captain Megaton

    OH vey – my camera is affected.

    Anyone actually had problems with their shutter? Mine seems fine – what are the symptoms?

    • Kyle

      Mine died on me 15 minutes before the start of a wedding ceremony in Feb 2016. I had had it for almost 1 year when it did. I literally had a few days left in the warranty.

      Sent it in on Monday and had it back in 2 weeks with a new shutter.

      Haven’t had any issues since and I’m shooting exponentially more now than I was in 2015 and 2016.

      • Captain Megaton

        Yikes that’s bad.

        I’m mulling over whether to take the preventative step or waiting until a problem shows up. It’s not clear from the notice if all the listed serial numbers have bad shutters, or just some of them only they don’t know which ones.

        The D600 oil problem was easier: if you had oil spots, you went and got it fixed. The D750 issue is more along the lines of “well it could fail in the future”.

        I guess I’ll send mine in at some point, maybe in the fall after the current panic has died down.

  • theGorilla

    Great, I had shutter issues with 2x D600, 1x D610 and now with my D750… great.. I am an idiot.. I should have bought the D810..

    I also get (from time to time) an err message.. nothing works.. i have to unplug my battery before everything is working again..

    • You’ve had that many issues with Nikon, and you still use them lol. I had a d7000 that was back focussing, that Nikon refused to fix, that was enough for me to leave Nikon.

      • theGorilla

        your right.. but I invested alot of money in glas.. I talked with nikon support and they told me: “take the d750, the shutter is way better and has no problems” <- that was way before the shutter problems popped up….

  • Ben

    This news is like throwing a bloody steak to the wolves.
    Nobody is perfect, but with the string of negatives occurring the last few years, Nikon truly need to be perfect the next few years to break even in public image.

  • Carlos Ferrari

    What about the constant freezes / lockups when photographing. It happens randomly but the camera freezes and won’t turn off. I need to take the battery out…

  • animalsbybarry

    It is so frustrating looking forward to the next exciting new Nikon camera, but being almost certain you will have to choose between buying it right away and getting a defective camera, or waiting till all the competition releases newer cameras and buying a year old Nikon after the problems are fixed

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