Nikon deals update: D750 now with a free battery grip and more

Nikon introduced some new discounts this weekend - check the details here.

Just like the D500 and D810 now also the D750 comes with a free battery grip in addition to the $200 off (Adorama | B&H). There is also a new $40 off on the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G lens (Adorama | B&H) and new D3400 price drop.

The Nikon lens-only rebates are still going on at B&H and Adorama till 1/1/2017.


Amazon offers a free 1TB Seagate hard drive and 1 year Amazon Drive plan:


You can get the Sigma savings listed on this page after applying coupon code LENSFRIDAY at checkout (free shipping, valid through December 19th). Several lenses include the Sigma USB dock, rewards or both.

Lexar also has a new sale on memory cards.

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  • decentrist


    • Fly Moon

      Why? I love it when the Admin tells us about good deals?

      • Yes, there are new Nikon deals that now include a free grip in addition to the $200 off on the D750, new discount in the 50mm and D3400 as well. All those started last night and of course I will post them online.

      • decentrist

        Do you really believe these are good deals?

        • Yes, the new D750 is a good deal and just started and so is the 50mm lens

        • Captain Insane-O

          Some people want official point of sale nikon gear, thus making this deal relevant.

          If you don’t want to see deals, then don’t click on the appropriately named posts.

          For someone whom has 100k followers, I’d assume that some of them would care.

          • decentrist

            don’t tell me what to do unless you want to back it up. my opinion only, having looked at the links, is that they are not all good deals.

            • Captain Insane-O

              My point, is this site wasnt created for you, rather the community. Fact, over 100k people come here.

              You might not find it relevant, but others do.

              Don’t complain, and people won’t tell you what to do.

            • Photobug

              +1 for your reply

        • Jaroslav Charvát

          Here in Bohemia the best deal from a reasonable retailer (the cheapest offer from a known webshop, not a dubious one) is about equivalent of USD 1865 including all taxes for D750 body only. Throw in a 1 TB USB drive (about USD 75), a Lexar SDXC 128 GB (about USD 75) and a somebag (about USD 40). Of course to you it may not seem appealing, to me neither, because I am not in the market just exactly for this, but I can imagine very clearly that there are people who would probably jump at it.

        • Fly Moon

          Yes. Unless you want them for free!

        • Sawyerspadre

          It would seem like a better deal than a week ago when the D750 had no free grip. 😉

        • Troy Phillips

          They are if your going to buy the product anyway.
          I just got the Nikon d500 w/battery grip and a free camera bag from B&H

  • silmasan

    Both D810 and D610/D750 replacements coming…

    • Troy Phillips

      Yes these discounts always are a sign of things to come. For the d500 I bet the price will drop $200 soon as the standard price

  • nwcs

    Almost wish I was in the market for a D610 or D750.

  • I’ve got the D610 and the two 2.8 lenses. Been wanting to upgrade to the D750. Someone talk me out of this please.

    • Jaroslav Charvát

      Don’t. It’s not worth it. The update is coming. It will be something like D760 with some better features. Probably. How about that?

    • dclivejazz

      The D750 is a good camera with several improved features compared to a D610 (AF, flip screen, video operation) but their image quality is actually about the same. I’d consider waiting for the upgrade to the D750 since it will likely be out fairly soon. It will cost more, but you won’t be buying them both.

    • Spy Black

      If there should be a replacement coming, wait for it. Not necessarily because you may want it (although you may), but because the price of the D750 will probably have a significant drop.

    • Captain Megaton

      The slimmer, more rigid body, deeper grip, and more legible OLED viewfinder display make the D750 an appealing upgrade from the D610. There’s also the flip screen.

      IQ is the same, so it comes down to how much you are willing to pay for the above perks. (In my book that’s about $300-400, which is less than it would cost me unfortunately since my D600 isn’t worth much in today’s market.)

    • Ritvar Krum

      this is easy – do not even think about it – same sensor = same IQ (for stills) even for higher isos – latest cameras iso bumps are only marketing (we have in millions now) – but trust me – your d610 in 25600 looks the same as d750 in 25600 – they both look complete shyt and if you want push that grainy shyt for anoother stop – do it in post). in fact even if you had not d610 at this point – I would tell you to find a deal on d610 and compare it to d750 – might be a better choice because both cameras will feel old after few years (like d750 with its video capabilities – please – only in 2010 those would be concidered adequate) – so their both resell value will plumet. only thing about d750 that one could get excited about is AF and low light AF – yes there d750 is way better than d610.

    • tomherren

      Once you are used to the almost perfect ergonomics of the body of D750 together with a battery grip (a USD 90 Meike in my case) you would risk to literally drop your D610 ☺

  • rich

    got the d750 since release date, been waiting for the battery grip to drop, still no sign of that after 2 years. I got a knock off but that didn’t do too well in the rain, and the occasional battery drain for some odd reason.

    • Photobug

      Also got mine about one month after the release date and a discount on the battery grip. I use the grip 2 or 3 times per year and it’s terrific, especially for vertical shots. However, I will say with the improvement in battery life on the D7100 and D750 I don’t use the battery grip as much as I did with the D300. For me it’s the ergonomics on vertical shots that makes the grip worthwhile.

  • Reilly Diefenbach

    Whoop de doo, a battery grip I don’t want!

    • Spy Black

      I know, just discount the body on it’s own.

      • Ethan

        I walked into a localcamra store with a mb-d17 grip for a d500 and they offered me $300 cash. Would you buy a new d500 for $1499? If you know what your doing you can turn the grip into a good chunk of. cash quick.

      • KnightPhoto

        I got a D500 for $550 off on Black Sunday here in Canada (no grip deal here). Is my 2nd D500.

  • Eric Calabros

    For some unclear-to-me reasons they don’t like to put it lower than $1800 range, give away grip or Adobe subscription or external HDD, but don’t cross that line.

  • woah, new lens =))
    Nikon 85mm f/1.5G

  • cdstum

    The grip can be a pain on the D750 as every time the camera locks up you have to unscrew the grip and remove the other battery from the camera to get the stupid thing to switch off. Instead of offering deals with free grips, Nikon should concentrate on fixing the glitches in some of their cameras.

  • Jay Goldz

    How long will these last? The Amazon 810 deal is incredibly worth it

    • I think most of them will expire at the end of the year.

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