Refurbished Nikon D500 for $1,496.95 (coupon code included)

The authorized Nikon dealer BuyDig is currently selling refurbished Nikon D500 cameras for $1,496.95 with coupon code DXPRO2X50 (limited quantity available, limit 1 camera per order, free shipping, 45-day return policy, 90 days Nikon USA warranty).

New Nikon D500 body only now costs $1,796.95 and comes with a free grip. The Nikon MB-D17 grip alone costs $371.49.

Be aware of the many fake listings on Amazon offering refurbished Nikon D500 cameras for $298.

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  • animalsbybarry
  • Andrew

    The only mistep Nikon can make is not to give the soon to be released D7300 the innards of the D500 within the constraints of the smaller form factor. No doubt the aggressive bundle pricing of the D500 is clearly a reflection of the slow economy.

    I wonder whether those refurbished D500 are brand new cameras which were simply opened, inspected, and then “quickly” labelled refurbished. Whatever the case, it seems like an awesome deal to me 😉

    • jstevez

      I bought several refurbished Nikon (D300s, D7100 some time ago) and never a problem, even the shutter count were below 100, they looked new. Got’em from Adorama and Cameta.
      P.S. But in this case buy new and sell the grip

    • I’ve purchased refurb lenses and bodies from Nikon directly and from Adorama. Never a problem. There is some opinion that you actually get a “better” product because they undergo a more comprehensive inspection and adjustment individually than do cameras and lenses coming directly off the manufacturing line.

  • Capo99

    Price finally coming down in Canada. Just picked it up for $2010. Lowest I’ve seen since its release.

  • Eric Calabros

    If Nikon really wants to make a replacement for D500, it better be full dual grip body like D5, and it shouldn’t be much more expensive, $2200 could be nice (They’re already giving a free grip with D500 for only $1800). Serious wildlife shooters, and we big hand males, will appreciate that, and those who prioritize size/weight will be fine with upcoming D7200 replacements.

    • M09

      i’m waiting for better low light performance, people say there is no more space for that, but how come FX (but also low end DX) keeps improving and improving ?DxOMark, low light performance
      -maybe they kept in the closet like gold in a vault the extreme achievable sensor characteristics-
      because if you give out the best of the best with the D7100, what will you come out with with a D7200 or a D500 ? equal performances ? there will not be that many people willing to shell out more money.

    • M09

      D5500 (01/15) 24.2 MP = rated 1438, limited under many other characteristics otherwise one would buy this and save money but then they would not make the D7200.

      D7200 (03/15) 24.2 MP = 1333
      in synthesis, with 24.2 MP you can obtain a better low light performance, you do not need to lower the MP.
      eventho, the D7200 is ‘newer’ than the d5500 (should have improvements, no, unless they dont want for future release reasons)

      D7100 (02/13) 24.1 MP = 1256

      D500 (01/16) 20.9 = 1324, ofcourse this has been optimized, has crazy AF (the best out there right now) buffer, weather sealings etc.

      this is only about hi-iso performance, nothing more.
      im not saying other X cameras are overall better than Y

      • decentrist

        DXO numbers are not relected by the sooc images outputed by those cameras.

        • M09


      • Lee Smith

        Blah blah blah.

        Who cares? Buy a camera, use it to make pictures. Replace it when it dies.

        I still use my D90 without issue. The low light performance of almost any camera out now is so good that if you are complaining, it’s you who is the issue, not the camera.

    • Pat Mann

      Replace in 3 more years. What they really need to sell this camera is WIDE DX PRIMES. Shame on me for shouting, but this is ridiculous.

  • doge

    Why would there be refurbed D500s? Are these just resold overstock items from Nikon? or just slightly used?

    • Lee Smith

      May have failed initial QC.

      • Pat Mann

        Returned by underqualified user, undoubtedly.

  • Politics_Nerd

    Saw it for $1399 the other day.. Still waiting for $1200 grey or refurb.

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