Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals *UPDATED*

Official Nikon deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Third party lenses deals for Black Friday:

Black Friday deals by stores:

More deals after the brake:

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I will be adding more deals to this page as they become available. Additional Black Friday deals can be found here.

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  • Curtis

    Does anyone know of any stores that sell Nikon that are offering a “percentage off” discount for anything in the store?
    (For those of us that don’t want or need any of the small number of items Nikon has on sale.)

    • FountainHead

      Adorama is doing a gift card deal.
      Looks like if you buy gift card > $200, they add on 10%.
      No idea about fine print.

  • Coastalconn

    Just saw refurb D750 from Buydig via eBay for 1249 with $25 back in eBay bucks for anyone looking..

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    So many products correctly priced

  • chromedome

    Amazon does offer the grip with the D500 bundle, but the link to B&H only has a grip/lens/d500 bundle, no d500/grip bundle.

    D810 link to B&H shows no grip bundle at all, but Amazon has it.

    Maybe B&H already sold out? This is the same situation at both place as existed a couple days back when the offers went live, so B&H would have had to sell out almost immediately…..

  • Matt

    That D7200 kit is a USA refurb, not gray market.

  • Li

    Ordered the D500 on B&H… It’s a no brainer to choose USA model since you can always get the combo with grip and sell the grip/memorycard/camera bag and get at least 400 bucks to match gray deal, and still have full USA warranty coverage.

  • Amal Zerrouki

    Getting a “The code you entered is no longer valid” when using code “LENSFRIDAY” on adorama :-

    • Hmmm, I don’t know – maybe try later?

    • I emailed Adorama, they will probably fix it tomorrow.

      • Amal Zerrouki

        Thanks !!

        • You are welcome, I usually check all deals before posting but this time it was too much to go over.

          • Amal Zerrouki

            Not a problem. Thanks are in order for the work you do for the Nikon community ! Very appreciated ! Happy Thanksgiving !

      • ZoetMB

        Maybe Sunday, but not tomorrow since Adorama does not work Friday afternoons or Saturdays.

        • yes, I did it last night, but you are right, it was still “today”

          • Amal Zerrouki

            Tried again LENSFRIDAY at Adorama Today on the TOKINA 24-70mm, still getting the same message. The code is working on other lenses, just not the one I want. So frustrating.

            • I emailed Adorama about it. Will let you know.

            • ok, the coupon expired for the Tokina lens but it is still valid on the Sigma lenses till tonight at midnight (EST)

            • Amal Zerrouki

              Thank you checking. I contacted adorarama via phone and tchat. They hung up on me !! Starting to wonder if it were ever valid…. sometime Adorama does that…don’t buy much from them for that reason. Thanks for checking though. I really want the Tokina, it does so much better than the sigma or even the Nikon on the D810

            • The Sigma rebate was valid 100% because I tried it, not sure about the Tokina listing. Sorry about that – I could not try all listings.

            • Amal Zerrouki

              Thanks Admin.

  • Fly Moon

    Thanks Admin.

    This link is dead:
    Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary lens (includes free sigma dock): $799 after coupon

  • MonkeySpanner

    Never any good discounts on the 70-200/4. Guess it is a good seller – and rightfully so.

    • KnightPhoto

      70-200 f/4 was also noticeably missing from a recent UK cashback program (as was 300PF).

    • Captain Megaton

      Probably more to do with lower profit margins on that optic. Relative to it’s selling price it is probably quite expensive to build.

    • dabug91

      It typically never goes for more than $100 off, though used ones in perfect working condition can often be had on eBay for around $900.

  • Fly Moon

    Just ordered the Sigma 150-600 from adorama.
    Thanks Admin

  • WesPaul

    Huge thanks for this. I just bought my dream kit and saved a lot of money through Adorama and KEH due to your website. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for being a reader!

    • BTW, KEH also has a deal today – I added is to my post late last night.

      • Spy Black

        Not sure how much of a “deal” you’re gonna get at KEH, I noticed their D7200s cost more than the refurb lens kit listed here. 😀

        • This is more for their used gear.

          • Spy Black

            Those ARE used gear. 😀

            • ok, I see – I think KEH also sells new gear

  • Black Friday……. another unwelcome American import

    • Spy Black

      You can always pay full price if you want…

    • Fly Moon


    • TwoStrayCats

      I know. It ranks right down there with electricity and aviation. We’re always pushing our stupid ideas on other people.

    • FountainHead

      What are you waiting for? White Supremacist Wednesday?

  • Carlo

    No Nikon black Friday in Switzerland.

  • Any news for DF II?

    • MonkeySpanner

      Maybe a dead end product?

    • Captain Megaton


      • Fly Moon

        I hope they don’t slap a Snapbridge on it and call it “DF II”

        • Captain Megaton

          Well there’s no mic jack to remove and no flash to de-power, so we know for sure it won’t get the full D3400 treatment.

          • dabug91

            I could see the Df2 using the D5 sensor and costing $3500.

  • LFC

    Picked up the D500 body-only at B&H. The deal included a free grip and $200 off so about $570 off for a $1,797 total price. They also throw in a SanDisk 64GB SD card and a Lowepro pack. As of now (Sunday at 1:00 EST) the deal is still up on their site.

  • FountainHead

    Expired on Black Friday I think.

    • Khawa

      How did you find out about this GC deal? So that I can also track it that way.

      • FountainHead

        I am a customer/on their e-mail list.
        they e-mailed about it every day lasy week.

  • BVS

    I know it doesn’t get much love, but $499 for the D3400 new with two lens kit seems like a pretty good deal.

    • dabug91

      It’s actually not that good of a deal when you consider that the 70-300 lens included in that kit does not have VR, and that the D3400 is basically a downgrade from the D3300 despite it’s sensor still being top notch.
      D3300 18-55mm VR II + 55-200mm VR II kits are a better deal than the D3400 18-55 VR and 70-300 non-VR kits.
      There’s virtually no reason for the D3400 to even exist other than Nikon meeting it’s ~2-2.5 year release cycle on the D3xxx series, even less of a reason to purchase one.

  • decentrist

    There’s more links here than Ken Rockwell’s house of brats

  • Here’s one for the Tamron SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD Zoom Lens for Nikon I jumped on last week, brand new w/either 6 yr. Canada warranty or 1 yr. international. Contacted seller and the 6 yr. Tamron Canada warranty is available for US customers and they will mail a prepaid UPS label and cover return shipping for warranty repair, and they have near perfect feedback with trivial negative ones.

    Ends Nov. 30th.

  • Cesar Sales

    D810 deal on Amazon is throwing in a Lowepro bag, 64gb card and battery.

  • Nikita

    Not associated with them; just by way of helpful info, I got about 10% off the going price on a new US warranty D7200 kit through Greentoe, Very helpful guys and straightforward. A friend got an even better deal on a D750. Might be worth giving them an email.

  • Cesar Sales

    Ordered the D810 package from Amazon – one day shipping is stuck on “Shipping info coming soon”. Looks like they’re backed up – time to ask for a shipping refund.

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