What to expect from Nikon at Photokina


The new Nikon Photokina booth


You can still spot Nikon 1 cameras on the inside walls

Unless I am missing something, it seems that Nikon has nothing major to announce at Photokina this year. The big wild card of course is the new Nikon mirrorless camera with a "large" sensor:

The case of the elusive Nikon mirrorless camera

Nikon mirrorless camera concept1
I used to receive a steady amount of rumors about the new Nikon mirrorless camera and then everything stopped a few months ago when Nikon started delaying the launch of their latest products. I see a few possibilities here:

  • Nikon delayed the launch of their new mirrorless system (the most likely scenario, given all other recent delays)
  • Nikon managed to keep their mirrorless cameras secret - this pretty much means that nobody outside of Nikon Japan knows anything about it (unlikely, but possible)
  • Nikon will show the new system under glass without a release date just to keep everyone interested (unlikely, but Nikon did similar introduction with the KeyMission and few other products in the past)

Obviously Canon has not yet given up on mirrorless and will soon announce a new EOS M5 camera. I still believe that Nikon is working on a new mirrorless solution, but for now I have more questions than answers.

Nikon KeyMission cameras

nikon-keymission-80-camera-with-aa-4nikon-keymission-170-camera-with-aa-1b Nikon-KeyMission-360-camera
The three Keymission cameras will officially be launched on September 19th. Shipping is expected to start in October and Nikon is planning to release many different accessories for the KeyMission line.

Nikon D620, D760 or D820


Nikon booth at the 2014 Photokina show (credit: Photokina)

I do not expect a D610, D750 or D810 replacement to be announced at Photokina. In fact, I have received zero tips on a new DSLR camera (with the exception of the D3400). So yes, it is possible but I seriously doubt it. As usual, I prefer to be conservative and accurate in what I am reporting instead of being sensational and wrong (a few days ago a few crappy websites published a fake picture of the D760 with some made up stories that the camera is coming for Photokina).

There have been two new Nikon cameras registered at the Indonesian Communications Agency, but this could very well be for the two new KeyMission models.

New Df-like camera is rumored for Nikon’s 100th anniversary in 2017.

Nikkor lenses


Nikkor PC-E 19mm f/4 tilt shift lens patent

Here is the list of rumored/expected lenses (I do not expect all of them to be announced at Photokina, the 19mm tilt shift is probably one of the lenses that will be introduced):

Nikon press conference on September 19th

Nikon has a press conference scheduled for Monday, September 19th at 4pm (CET) but the official announcement can happen before the actual press event (this has been the case in previous Photokina shows):

In their official Photokina press release Nikon mentioned upcoming "exciting announcements", so we should see:

"Visitors can expect to be the first to hear exciting announcements, and will be given hands-on access to the latest products at the booth in Halle 2.2 at the Koelnmesse."

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  • If you zoom into the rendering of the Nikon booth, you’ll see some Nikon 1 cameras. I am curious if Nikon will promote the Nikon 1 line at Photokina. If anyone is going to Photokina, please send me few pictures. Thanks!

    • novak miler

      Or if nothing is shown can someone ask them at the press conference please!

      • Nikon does not answer this type of questions.

      • Eric Calabros

        and you really expect a clear answer from a Nikon representative?

        • manattan

          No, but a good public humiliation of the representative asking why any customer should stay with Nikon for waiting years to update their mirrorless cameras while pointing out that Canon just introduced a new mirrorless camera could be entertaining.

    • DLynch

      I think the DL line was the replacement line for the N1. The V3 hopefully was their last misfire in this venture. Investing big money in small sensor cameras was a bad idea and they proved that.

      • nwcs

        Actually it was a great idea but very poorly executed.

        • Poorly executed…. and priced.

          • sickheadache

            At Nikon Headquarters. We need to produce a different line of lenses .so our fan boys will have to buy!

            • I believe you are talking about 58/105 mm. Those are pro lenses so fall in different category. One cannot fault nikon’s decision in this case. Mind you I am not defending nikon but cannot fault it either. But in case of 1″ sensor cams they fall in amateur/prosumer category. So price becomes a very important factor.

            • sickheadache

              Let me say first…I was truly talking…if Nikon decided to produce a new camera system, that also required them producing a new line if lenses. I would be very wary if Nikon did this. It would be like let’s start this all over one more time.

            • ZoetMB

              If they’re going to do a mirrorless in which the primary selling point is size/weight, then you almost have to have a different lens line, otherwise, there’s almost no point.

              Sony has this problem. The A7 bodies are small and light and there are a few lenses that are also small and light, but once you get into the good stuff, it’s just as heavy and large as the Nikon big boys, if not heavier/larger. And if the lens size and weight is that large, then the size/weight of the body is almost insignificant. And if that’s the case, why use mirrorless at all?

              The Sony 35 1.4 is 1.39lbs. The 50 1.4 is 1.7 lbs. the 28-135 f4 is 2.68 lbs. The 70-200 f4 is 1.85 lbs. The G Master 70-200 f2.8 is over 3.6 lbs.

        • EnPassant

          It would have been a great idea if N1 was a series with 1″ zoom compacts. Nikon could have owned that market by now. As a system it clearly was a fiasco.

    • Spy Black

      Being as the D5 and D500 are now out of the way, so to speak, it would be interesting if Nikon finally released a truly professional V4 to compliment the D5 and D500. There’s certainly enough of an existing infrastructure to support it, and they could even finally release the macro and any other proposed N1 lenses that never came out. That would certainly make for an interesting mirrorless release. Yes, certainly a long shot, but you never know.

      • Yes, this is the last chance for Nikon to do something about the Nikon 1 line. If nothing new is announced, we can be sure that the Nikon 1 is discontinued.

      • sickheadache

        I am waiting for the V20 with 36 mp…forecast …soon…2040!

  • Nemmondom Meg

    Sony might show the new fullframe dslr, and a7 mark 3. Hasselblad had shown a big sensor mirror less. Fuji is about to show it’s version. Canon created a mirror less. To be honest if they have only 2 lens and the 3400 fir the bigest camera show, than it is waste of money to rent a place on the show. Would be easier to announce that “lads we will do nothing just sell out what is on the self, and quit the camera market we might do lens for mobiles.”

    • I think they did have plans to announce a new Nikon mirrorless, not sure if they will.

    • Eric Calabros

      Attention please. we just wanted to release two lenses that many of you pro photogs begged us to release for years, but because it was not enough we decided to quite the camera market. Thanks and bye!

      • Nemmondom Meg

        Pros are a small market. Yes they buy dear things, but I bet entry level dsls and their kit lens made bigger nett income than the full frames, and pro lenses. If they don’t satisfy average consumers, than in few years they will be like contax. Just a once big brand from the past. In it no one can sit and let others innovating giant’s died. Novel, sun. And Microsoft is dying as well. Ok that will still take a while, but it’s market is decreasing.

    • animalsbybarry

      I am absolutely certain Sony will not show a new full frame dslr
      Sony does not make dslr cameras and is not going to begin now

      • Novak


        • animalsbybarry

          Sony does not make SLR cameras….!!!!

      • Novak


      • Novak

        A mount?

        • animalsbybarry

          Sony does not make SLR

          • Novak

            Still has a mirror and that’s what he meant by dslr made by sony

            • animalsbybarry

              Totally differrent system !!!!
              SLR has flaping mirror
              Downside.. Vibration, viewfinder blackout, complex flip up mechanism etc.
              SLT is a fixed semitransparent mirror that only reflects a small portion of the light to the AF sensors and does not move
              This allows electronicic viewfinder, and eliminates the Obote limitations at the cost of a slight ( .3 f stop ) light loss.
              It is a completely differrent system despite the the fact that some statistical analyzer so arbitrarily ( and inaccurately ) put the two systems in the same category.

              Sony will never return to SLR, furthermore Sony has essentially moved on to mirrorless and it is widely believed that A mount is dead.

              DSLR is also dead, but Canon and Nikon , as well as most of thier users, do not realize it yet.

              This makes a high end mirrorless system essential for Nikon to have, whether DSLR lives or dies .
              Mirrorless is here to stay, and Nikon needs to be part of it…!!!!

            • Marc W.

              We get it, you’re a Sony fan.

            • animalsbybarry

              No Marc, you don’t get it

            • Marc W.

              I love you anyway.

            • El Aura

              EVFs have their own kind of viewfinder blackout though it is more of a ‘freezeout’. And that viewfinder ‘freezeout’ isn’t shorter than the viewfinder blackout in DSLRs and can be more distracting than a blackout when following action in the viewfinder.

            • animalsbybarry

              My point was simply that Sony does not make SLR
              Several commenters here posted answers that indicated the did not understand the differences between SLR and SLT, so I explained the differrence
              I am fully aware that there are pros and cons to all 3 systems ( SLR, SLT, and Mirrorless)
              Interestingly… If digital had been invented before film, neither SLR or SLT would exist
              SLT was an attempt to eliminate the flaping mirror… Now that mirrorless is evolving it is obsolete
              I do not expect Sony to continue A mount. If the do so at all it will only be a token gesture for existing A mount users

              The primary barrier to full mirrorless dominance is AF speed.
              That barrier is soon to fall
              Film users clung to film cameras long after digital took over.
              There will be holdouts against mirrorless
              I hope Nikon will be part of the transition to mirrorless rather than a holdout that seeks to obstruct it.

              Nikon should provide a mirrorless choice, Nikon users should be able to choose the SLR or Mirrorless Nikon of thier choice

            • Since you’re so knowledgeable, can you pray tell how is that barrier soon falling? I mean, from the point of view of technology. I’m curious to learn how CDAF, potentially with on-sensor PDAF, can be more discriminatory about actual lens focus vs. subject position than off-sensor PDAF with its larger dimensions.

            • animalsbybarry

              Both Canon and Sony have a full array dual pixel technology
              Canon is putting this on the new EOS M5
              Sony also has full array dual pixel, and ” 4d focus” but I do not know which new Sony system Sony will introduced next.
              This is a Sony patent for a new focus system on a 4 layer RGBC sensor with two layers of PD pixels in a three dimensional array. This system will go far beyond any AF system currently available for any system.

            • animalsbybarry

              Both Canon and Sony have a full array dual pixel technology
              Canon is putting this on the new EOS M5
              Sony also has full array dual pixel, and ” 4d focus” but I do not know which new Sony system Sony will introduced next.
              This is a Sony patent for a new focus system on a 4 layer RGBC sensor with two layers of PD pixels in a three dimensional array. This system will go far beyond any AF system currently available for any system

              I have tried twice to include a link to this patent description but either Discus or Admin removed it
              Here is my comment without the link. Admin can put the link back if he chooses to.

            • “This system will go far beyond any AF system currently available for any system.”

              Wow, that’s a strong claim. Any proof for it? And you still haven’t explained how on-sensor PDAF has worked around and solved the low separation issue….

            • animalsbybarry

              I posted the link several times but it keeps getting removed !

            • animalsbybarry

              I have tried several times to post a link but it keeps getting removed
              Here is just the illustration from the patent

            • It’s the spam filter probably.

            • Interesting, but very few details to convince me.

              Basically whenever someone makes big claims as you did, I’m very skeptical, and want actual proof. The dual layer on-sensor PD will probably be better than current on-sensor PD, but what will make it better and faster than off-sensor PD?

  • I’m very surprised and confused about what Nikon is doing. It makes no sense, unless they started a huge reorganisation of all their product lines, to be in suspend like this.

    Doing a huge reorg would make sense, both with the 2017 anniversary and with a new focus. But then I’d expect you Admin would have heard something.

    Very confused, and feeling sorry for Nikon.

    • Well, a big change in management already happened few months ago and I did report it here on the blog.

      • Was not clear to me whether it’s a real change or just managers being shuffled around.

        I was more thinking about product line changes.

        • Not sure to what extend the changes impact the way the company operates.

          • Thom Hogan

            At an R&D and product development level, not much. But it changes the gauntlet a product has to go through to get approved into the release cycle.

      • Thom Hogan

        The big change in management happened a year before that. Nothing really changed this year other than some minor shuffling and reiteration of the Precision guys being in charge at the upper levels.

    • Eric Calabros

      I understand feeling sorry, but confused? Why? Sony sensor fabs are not fully recovered yet. You cant release a body without sensor.

      • Nemmondom Meg

        You can still announce them with a later delivery time. Customers need to know what is in the pipe what they can expect, as they lose trust if they see a dying slow giant out of ideas.

        • Yeah, like DL’s and keymissions.

          • Thom Hogan

            Exactly. Nikon already has the “announced but not released” problem. They don’t need to compound it at this point. If they have nothing to ship, they should keep quiet, IMHO.

            But again, as I’ve noted before, the whole deal of relying upon big trade shows to announce/release products comes into question if you can’t guarantee to hit those dates. CES, NAB, IFC, Photokina, Photo Expo+, and a few others are all more than million dollar propositions for Nikon just for booth and personnel expenses. Not sure about CP+.

            As the camera business continues to contract, we’ll start see companies pulling out of the big trade shows, I think. They’re years late in doing that as it is; the Internet can be used to amplify announcements just fine, and in some ways better than a trade show.

      • And yet, other companies are announcing new things, no?

        • The way that earthquake hit, sony and nikon are (most) affected for sensor fabs. Canon, not at all.

          • Thom Hogan

            Yes, we expect Olympus for instance, to announce a camera that won’t ship immediately. And we have folk like Fujifilm that are sensor constrained at the moment with existing announced cameras. Sony and Nikon are most affected because they’re the biggest market shares using Sony sensors, but the quake impacted pretty much everyone except Canon in terms of image sensors.

      • sickheadache

        It is like an Irwin Allen Movie over there…Earthquakes, Floods, Fires, who will survive, a night of Blazing Suspense! Next Akihiro Nikon, the President of Nikon…will blame Mothra! Poor Mothra!

  • Eric Calabros

    so everything is possible but unlikely to happen. I wish it was the other way around: impossible but likely to happen 🙂

    • That is pretty much where we are today unless Nikon found a way to eliminate all leaks – I doubt that’s the case because there were plenty of D3400 and lens rumors for the last announcement.

      • Frank D Karlsen

        There wasn’t much rumors about the D500 or the Nikkor 105 mm as far as I remember. So guess there is a new “bomb” coming. 620 with a tilt screen and nfc, and no anti alising filter will be a nice upgrade .

        • HD10

          A 24mp sensor with a Bayer CFA with need an AA filter to prevent moire. If the D610 will stay at 24mp, it will likely have an AA filter.

        • Du322

          And it’s not like recent rumours have been particularly accurate either. Take for example the April rumour that we were getting not one but two new versions of the 70-300 FX zoom. Instead we end up with a DX version of the same focal length! Time will tell but it would seem Nikon is doing a better job of confusing the rumour mill!

      • El Aura

        Isn’t the chance of quelling leaks much better if what you are going to announce won’t ship until five months later?

  • HD10

    Hasselblad is about to ship its mirrorless X1D (50mp 44mm x 33mm medium format) on Sept. 15. It is slightly wider but thinner and shorter than a D750. At 750g, the X1D weighs 90g less than a 840g Nikon D750. Price may be a barrier but this could be an interesting camera to those who can afford it. For the moment, lens selection is limited to 35mm and 70mm (36mm x 24mm FOV).

    Even before Hasselblad can get any market traction, Fuji is scheduled to announced its own 50mp 44mm x 33mm medium format digital mirrorless. Rumor is that there will be three lens that will be released with the camera. What will be interesting to see is whether this will have the same lens mount as the Hasselblad X1D.

    Canon will soon be releasing a dSLR-like mirrorless APS-C EOS-M5.

    With these, it’s almost a given that Nikon will release a mirrorless F-mount DX/FX this year or next year.

    • It’s a given that Nikon *should* launch their own mirrorless line. But whether they do it is another matter…

      • HD10

        Nikon did …. with the Nikon 1 (CX). =)

        I am certain that Nikon will release a mirrorless DX/FX Its the only way that Nikon can be profitable by lowering the cost of the entry and mid-level cameras that constitute the bulk of their sales.

  • Captain Megaton

    2016 is Nikon’s “annus horribilis”.

    They got the D5/D500 out with no major issues. Be thankful for small mercies.

    • nwcs

      I think it depends on your definition of major. The D500 certainly didn’t run out of the gate flawlessly. But regardless, Nikon hasn’t exactly executed well this year.

    • sickheadache

      No one has struck Oil, yet! Lol

    • VanHoff

      If Nikon doesn’t awake once for all and take advantage to surpass the crippled video capabilities of the 5D Mark IV by giving us a D820/D850, that beyond plain 4k gives us the option of decent video worflow (With FF 4K readout) instead of that crappy 4:2:0 color sampling… I mean what we need is 4:4:4, alongside with a proper codec for 4K (yeah that will need XQD cards), Sony already does that (A7rII) flawlessly, Canon already offers 4:2:2 and I’m 400% sure that fact alone will CHANGE the Nikon Dslrs sales worldwide, -Nikon af-D glass still has the ability to produce real Cinematic Images (Lower count elements) over the competition-… But guess what? Stupid Nikon executive board in Tokyo will be so afraid of
      releasing a possible D820/D850/D760 having those video capabilities over the already crippled (in video regard) D5/D500, given the absurd chances of sales cannibilize (And I ask: How many D820/D850/D760 with proper 4K Nikon will sell vs D500/D5’s?) that it definitely will never happen. Another sunk boat like the DL line. This situation just reminds me about Kodak.

  • animalsbybarry

    Do you think we might see a Nikon mirrorless camera with a comparable sensor to whatever Sony releases next (A9) ????? And if so do you think the Nikon and Sony cameras might come out around the same time ????

    • Did you even bother to read my post before you asked this question?

    • Thom Hogan

      Simple answer: no.

      More complex answer: no. Really complex answer: no.

      Nikon’s need isn’t a premium mirrorless camera. All that would do is move demand from cameras that sell well in their category to something different, and there’s high risk in that, as Sony themselves found out when the A7/A6xxx models killed the SLTs. No gain in market share.

      Where Nikon needs something to happen is at the low end, where they absolutely need to lower their costs and increase their margins. e.g. D3xxx, D5xxx. Note that Canon is essentially doing this with the EOS M5. That will put even more pressure on Nikon at the lower level, which is where all Nikon’s productive volume really is.

      The D3400 isn’t a good sign. It got released late, and if you look closely there are a lot of cost reductions made to it. It won’t hold serve, is my guess. But coming so close to Photokina, Nikon isn’t going to release a mirrorless competitor that challenges the D3400.

      Frankly, only at a few points in time has Nikon historically had clear insight into what happens next and produced correctly to that insight. The D1 was one of those times, the V1 was not.

      • EcoR1

        “Sony themselves found out when the A7/A6xxx models killed the SLTs. No gain in market share.”

        I think you are wrong here Thom. Sony never got the recognition with the SLT-line they wanted. SLTs didn’t drive the marketshare up, because they couldn’t differentiate themselves enough from CaNikon. In some ways SLTs were always seen as an inferior product, because of the 0.3f light loss. That’s the thing people always grasped when talked about Sony SLT-models. I believe Sony’s market share would been far smaller now, if they continued with SLT-line. They cannibilized themselves for the right reason.

        Now it’s a completely different situation for Sony. Finally they can differentiate themselves and have virtually no competition in mirrorless fullframe market. They have created a clear product line (A7, A7r,A7s) and have a fast iteration cycle, which is needed to drive the technology forward. They probably won’t have a big market share gains in the near future, but they will be one of the most profitable camera companies, because of their target group.

        “Where Nikon needs something to happen is at the low end, where they absolutely need to lower their costs and increase their margins. e.g. D3xxx, D5xxx. Note that Canon is essentially doing this with the EOS M5.”

        If rumours are correct and the M5 carries the the dual pixel sensor, then the product is not positioned to compete in the low end. Look at the price of Canon 80D and you will get an approximate price for M5. Yeah, not a low end product.

        • Rick

          Sony’s marketshare was widely reported as being in the 13-15% range prior to mirrorless. I seem to recall even hearing 18% at one time.

          According to sony’s IR day investor report for this year, they are sitting with a 12% marketshare with MILC’s and a 2% marketshare with DSLT’s – for 14% combined.

          So thom is correct, and probably even more .. because….

          Sony’s IR day marketshare is based upon “value” which includes both lenses and cameras and god knows what else really. Their “make believe” slogan also applies to their marketshare information.

          In actuality I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony’s actual unit marketshare to be around 10% since they’ve sliced out the bottom / lower value units out of their product portfolio.

        • Thom Hogan

          Based on my discussions with Sony officials at that time, I believe that their initial expectation was that the SLT would retain some reasonable portion of DSLR market share and that the mirrorless line would extend that. That’s not what actually happened. Sony actually began to dip in ILC market share during that transition period, which caused them to make an all-or-nothing decision to go one way or the other. Coupled with the directives from the top at the time, there was a strong emphasis on cost reduction, too. Mirrorless is less expensive to produce than SLTs, all else equal.

          Canon’s in a tricky place at the moment. The M isn’t just one model (I suspect the 10 and 3 will continue and get updated), but it’s likely building a similar line of of cameras that compete with Canon’s own crop sensor DSLRs initially. Which means that Canon is willing to cannibalize themselves. They can still mess this up by pricing too high or delivering too little. But Canon is clearly on a path that Nikon is not, and the same path that Sony paved before them. That’s my point.

          • El Aura

            I feel the SLT cameras somehow combine the worst of both systems: No optical viewfinder and no compact lenses. It might have been a worthwhile gamble as an in-between solution but I think it rather turned out to be what we call in German ‘sitting between two chairs’ (you are trying to take a position somewhere in the middle but you are trying to sit down in the gap between two chairs which at best is pretty uncomfortable and at worst can be rather painful … when you hit the ground).

            And I know you have a different position but I fear a mirrorless system with the F-mount puts in you a similar position (no optical viewfinder, no compact lenses), something that is neither fish nor fowl. Why should it fare better than SLT? The only advantage compared to SLT is that doesn’t have the 1/3 stop light loss and is cheaper to produce (no mirror, no off-sensor PDAF unit) but at the cost of worse AF (at least with part of the lens lineup).

  • Travis

    Any news on a 70-200 VRIII?

  • Jacek Siminski

    Yeah, nobody expected the D500 too.

    • Lukasz

      well, they did, only few days before the announcement but they did..

      • not only few days before the announcement – see the links I posted above

    • Not entirely true – many, including myself, just did not believe any D400/D500 reports any more because they have been going on for almost 10 years, but there were plenty of rumors, for example: https://nikonrumors.com/2015/09/15/what-to-expect-next-from-nikon-4.aspx/ https://nikonrumors.com/2015/11/09/what-to-expect-next-from-nikon-5.aspx/ https://nikonrumors.com/2015/12/27/still-no-reliable-inforumors-on-a-new-nikon-dx-flagship-dslr-camera-d400d500.aspx/

      • Well, the mirrorless rumors are going on for a while as well… but not 10 nor 5 years yet, true…

        • Thom Hogan

          It’s clear that Nikon has been thinking about and working on several different approaches to mirrorless. But I’m not sure that they aren’t just getting entangled with arguing with themselves over what is the best approach.

          Let me begin by saying that the Nikon 1 would have succeeded if they: (1) had priced it right; (2) didn’t force new and bad UI into the system; and (3) produced the right lenses to make the small sensor shine. Indeed, the DLs seem a lot like doing all three of those things, but dropping the interchangeable lens aspect of the camera.

          Why would they do that? Because they think they’ll have a DIFFERENT mirrorless entry, almost certainly. And that’s where those arguments are probably happening. Do you just go for targeting yourself (e.g. a D3400 competitor) and stealing your own business? Do you try to preserve the DSLR business but ADD a mirrorless business? And with m4/3, APS, full frame, and MF mirrorless competitors, exactly where are you trying to punch?

          Nikon does well on the high-end DSLRs because they had a great platform that simply needs iteration to (a) add performance; (b) add features. They’ve done a pretty good job of that over time, and I don’t expect that to change.

          Unfortunately, it’s in the DL through D5xxx range that most of the camera sales are going to be made, and it’s there that Nikon seems the most confused at the moment. And it’s a marketing confusion, first and foremost. I’m 100% confident that if management/marketing could define the right product target that Nikon engineering could create it.

      • Proves that sometimes it is better to believe cry wolf’ers.

    • …but otherwise yes – it is possible that Nikon will announce something that we don’t know about.

  • Glen

    I think they will need to at least pre-announce something or they will thoroughly embarrass themselves. The 19 PC-E is great but it appeals to a narrow slice of their high end users. In 2012 we had the D600 and 2014 the D750. Maybe they can’t ship in volume but they at least need to tip their hand. They also need to stop worrying so much about Canon, Sony and to a lesser extend Fuji are the real threats for leaking users. If I personally were going to jump ship it would be to Sony and not Canon.

    • saywhatuwill

      Did you really say “embarrass themselves”? Seriously? Just because they aren’t dumping a boatload of new products at Photokina doesn’t mean they don’t have new things to show. What did they bring out this year? The D500, the D5, and a unique 105mm f/1.4E and you’re saying they’re embarrassing themselves? For shame. For shame.

      • Glen

        D5 and D500 don’t count as the release was too long ago. 105 f/1.4E is also been out too long to drive interest. For the record I do think they will at least pre-announce something substantial even if they are not ready to release product but you are deluding yourself if currently announced products will be enough to be considered a success.

        • saywhatuwill

          Too long ago? Yeah, right before the Olympics which was in August, 2016. OMG, you can’t be serious. I hate to see how you feel about car companies since they only announce things maybe once a year. Oh wait, that’s too long ago. I need instant satisfaction and need the 2018 model announced right after the 2017 model is announced or it’s too old.

          • Glen

            D5 / D500 was announced in January, not “right before the Olympics” as you suggest. Every Photokina that I can remember has had a very interesting new body announced right before the show. Most recently we had the D600 in 2012 and the D750 in 2014. I expect they will announce something of that magnitude in the next week, we shall see.

            • saywhatuwill

              I’m all for them releasing something at Photokina, but it might be that 19mm lens or, hopefully, that fisheye zoom. I don’t think it will be a camera body since next year looks to be the year for Nikon since it’s 100 years old. We’ll see.

            • ZoetMB

              I don’t buy the argument that Nikon is going to do something special for their 100th anniversary. They did nothing for the 50th anniversary of the Nikon F in 2009. They used to do some anniversary editions, sold mostly in Japan. But the last one was the SP2005 Black (“Nikon Eye Candy”) with 35mm lens that they released in 2005 for $6000. The only made 2500 of them.

              I don’t think Nikon is going to do anything that they don’t think they’ll make a lot of profit on. With sales so far off, they don’t have the luxury of doing special projects.

              If they happen to release a body next year, sure, they might tie it to their 100th anniversary, but that’s just a coincidence. Or they might not. Those types of appeals do not work with younger people and sometimes even turn them off.

  • Because of all the patents for sub-aps-c sized glass, I wonder if the rumor of a bigger sensor still working with CX mount is still viable….perhaps they will drop that CX+ or whatever platform and unveil some of those new lenses they had patented…like those crazy waterproof zooms and faster glass we never got. Maybe with a new V4 with that bigger CX sensor.

    Or am I just projecting here? I can’t imagine they would let all that r&d work go to waste, which might be why they are trying to make a better sensor that would still work with CX glass.

    I can safely say after taking another couple thousand shots with my J4 and 18.5mm wide open at 1.8 underwater these past few weeks that the glass is superb, autofocus, chromatic aberration, size, and most importantly to me wide open resolution – it runs out of pixels far before the lens is an issue.

      • That has me worried…worried that they will pull a Sony and ditch the F-mount for a new mirrorless body only mount. I can’t really think of many positives that outweigh the negatives of that, though I don’t mind using an FT-1 like solution if it isn’t $400. The CX mount works well, it just needs the love and attention it has never really had. 18.5mm 1.8 with J4 and WP-N3 September 8th 2016.

    • nwcs

      I have read that some patents are defensive in nature. They don’t intend to make it anytime soon (or at all) but they don’t want anyone else to either. And sometimes they license these things to others to make and get revenue that way.

      • Well they need to be dunked into a pool…so I can force them to have their pictures taken in slow motion with a portrait lens. They really don’t know how great a platform they have. Still frame grabbed from some fantastic video.

    • EnPassant

      Most of those patents actually were a couple of years old, made before Nikon stopped the development of the Nikon 1 system. The latest patent look more like a 1″ superzoom compact.

  • DieMusik

    Thanks admin as always.

    When people refer to Nikon’s mirrorless solution is it a totally new mount, or if not F-mount then something that could maintain compatibility via an adapter? Their 1 camera was a new mount but could be adapted to F-mount. Do you expect the new solution to be similar to that? Thanks.

    • I’ve heard both rumors – using F mount and introducing new mount. Not sure what is going to be.

      • DieMusik

        Thank you.

    • HD10

      Canon chose a new mount (EF-M) for its mirrorless APS-C that allows Canon to make a smaller (but not much lighter) camera with a lighter and smaller lens. To address the initially limited selection of EF-M lenses, Canon released an adapter that would enable the EOS M camera to use standard Canon dSLR EF and EF-S lenses.

      Whether Nikon will take this route or use the standard F-mount remains to be seen. Nikon already has the DL 1″ series to address those who want small and compact with a plethora of model to address the different lens needs. To me, it would be best for Nikon to stick to the F-mount.

      I think Nikon will stay with the F-mount for its mirrorless. One indication of this is that several new DX F-mount lenses does not have VR indicating that the new mirrorless wil, be F-mount and will have IBIS.

      • Yes, Nikon introducing a third lens mount will not spread confidence among Nikon users. They just had to make the Nikon 1 mount to be compatible with larger sensors.

        • EnPassant

          I think the lack of rumors and annoncements is because Nikon have some big decisions to make.

          They can naturally continue use the Nikon 1 mount for a mirrorless camera with a bigger sensor.

          A 4/3 sensor would fit. There is even place for a slightly bigger sensor with 1.7x FF equivalent factor.

          My personal favourite would be a circular 25mm sensor! Great not only for circular Fisheyes and normal images in circular format like in some early Kodak box cameras but also no longer a problem keeping the camera straight without tilting left or right. And any format can be used. Simply perfection. Lenses are after all circular, just like the sun! But I doubt Nikon are that innovative and able to think outside the box.

          The problem with all these suggestions is what sensor it will use? Using a 4/3 sensor in a different mount than MFT would maybe seem strange as these sensors so far have been exclusive for Panasonic and Olympus.

          Keeping the N1 mount would also set a limit for the use of a larger sensor. And Nikon’s worst competitors, Canon and Sony both have mirrorless mounts for APS-C that are compatible with FF sensors as well, although only Sony have such cameras. Can and dare Nikon really be different after the lesson they learned with Nikon 1?

      • EnPassant

        If Nikon do not make a proper mirrorless camera with a short flange distance people will continue the migration from Nikon (DX especially) to other mirrorless camera brands.

        Some of the reasons Nikon lost market share is that they haven’t got a decent mirrorless system with a sensor bigger than 1″ nor yet any 1″ zoom compacts. Canon on the hand has both and with more than one generation.

        The Nikon 1 system was a BIG mistake as the 1″ sensor is a great choice for premium zoom compacts but too small for a serious ICL system.

        • True, but Canon’s mirrorless cameras were not a big hit either, at least they are still trying.

          • EnPassant

            It seems it now sells quite well despite the limitations, if mostly because of the Canon name, but also because of decent prices.
            With the M5 they start become serious at least for photographers.
            I think it is quite clear Canon held back the EF-M system to protect their DSLR sales and try find the ideal way to phase buyers from EF-S entry level to EF-M. They can easily later add more lenses and cameras later. Unlike Nikon who is behind all other brands (including Leica!) except Pentax competing in the mirrorless market with larger sensors (minimum FT).

            • I think the problem with Canon mirrorless cameras is that it was sold mainly to existent Canon users, they did not really get many new users.

            • DPV

              Canon EOS M5 will address that problem and have a wider appeal if EF-M lenses follow.

            • EnPassant

              I agree. Until this M5 the cameras was very unexciting and slow. But Canon is number one and sell just because of that. Though I doubt Nikon did any better in that respect, except when they had a sale.

              Nikon did however do the fatal mistake of choosing a sensor such small that it would lose the competition versus zoom compacts. Anybody with a vision (Like me! I never understood the reason buying N1 instead of MFT for general use and therefore didn’t even buy one at the sale.) could have seen that coming.

              The Nikon board simply had a collective mental breakdown when they decided about N1 as nobody dared or could talk sense to the others.

              Such things actually happen quite often because humans are social creatures who tend to accept what the majority says despite how crazy it may be.

          • DPV

            The EOS M5 is designed to correct that and I think it will succeed , provided it’s priced right and more native EF-M lenses follow on quite quickly.
            What’s not to like ?

            • It’s almost as big and heavy as a small APS-C based DSLR camera. Again, I am all for choices and every camera manufacturer should offer mirrorless cameras.

            • DPV

              So what ?
              Solid and stable is good, and I suspect the M5 will be noticeably smaller .
              I see the EOS M5 as Canon putting down a marker and showing their intentions.
              Canon’s Rebel class of APS-C DSLRs could now well now migrate to a new range of ‘M ‘ models plus an expanded EF-M lenses.
              Some bodies with / without viewfinders and bigger/ smaller options , just like M4/3s and Fujifilm ‘X’. A proper mirrorless APS-C system, and in tandem with their FF DSLRs.and FF lens system .
              Canon mirrorless is about to become serious with the arrival of the EOS M5 , and not before time.
              Nikon have not yet commited to mirrorless , in the meantime sadly appear ‘clueless ‘.

            • I agree, more choices for the customer is a good thing, I was just saying what I think is wrong with the M5.

            • DPV

              I see nothing wrong with the EOS M5 in the context of a new M system, more EF-M lenses and Canon is in the game .
              M 4/3s and Fujifilm ‘X’ systems both have size/ spec options.

        • manattan

          There is no reason to choose the Canon M3 with one of its lenses over say an SL1 with with a 40mm pancake. Until Canon actually makes a compelling reason to go mirrorless there mirrorless cameras will not sell well, and why should they? Canon has arguably the most DSLR lenses of anyone. Nikon made the somewhat a similar mistake with mirrorless in that they purposely handicapped the shooting experience of the N1 cameras and priced it where DSLRs would not feel pressure. The result was too expensive and felt too child like. Canon has finally listened and is producing a more professional M5 with dual pixel video and integrated view finder (which matches their DSLRs); hopefully they will include a silent shutter.
          If Nikon wants to get serious about mirrorless, then they should convert the D750 and D5500 successors into mirrorless cameras. These two models have flip out screens and would be perfect to help push a video focus, which plays well to the strengths of mirrorless (e.g. Flip out screen with touch to focus or real exposure updates in the viewfinder).

          • EnPassant

            If what you want is a compact 64mm FF equivalent lens. Not many lenses for the EF-M system yet, especially primes. But if I could find a used M3 with that sweet 22/2 for $250-300 I would be more interested in that than a SL1 with the EF-S 24/2.8 for same price.

            Canon and Nikon both have been protecting their APS-C DSLR sales.

            Nikon decided to use a format that didn’t directly compete with their DX cameras. That may at the time made sense in the board room. But they didn’t think about the fact it didn’t compete well with other mirrorless systems.

            Canon on the other hand used their APS-C sensor but crippled the system from the beginning by not making a serious (= with built-in EVF) camera from start and develop the system very slowly. The idea is to slowly phase in EF-M as a replacement for EF-S without losing sales.

            By now its quite clear which strategy have been the best. While many advanced users still don’t think EF-M is mature enough I’m sure it will be much more developed in the next two years with more interesting lenses and cameras.

            My opinion is that Nikon should develop and release a serious DX mirrorless system as soon as possible. The mirrorless train is moving on in a steady pace. And if Nikon do not board it soon they will be left behind with Pentax and can only dump their entrylevel DSLRs in Africa and Afghanistan.

      • DieMusik

        Thanks. That is also the direction I hope as well.

  • br0xibear

    “a few days ago a few crappy websites published a fake picture of the
    D760 with some made up stories that the camera is coming for Photokina”
    Lol, that was an mock up I made and posted on nikonrumors. It was clearly marked as a mock up, I even posted this information on one the websites, but instead of leaving my comment up, they deleted it and instead posted a thank you to make it look as if I’d made the mock up for that site ?
    Oh well.

    • Lol, this is how some (sorry, many) rumors websites operate today 🙂 I can tell you stories… maybe once I retire one day.

    • TwoStrayCats

      I wish you’d faked a D5x to make me tingle a bit.

      • br0xibear

        Lol, that’s just a D5 with an “X” added ?…

        • Thank you Broxi, now I will start getting emails asking about the D5x and then I will have to publish a post that such camera doesn’t exist… just like the D760 🙂

          • br0xibear

            You saw it here first, lol.

          • Scott Cove

            While we’re at it, I’m sure I heard somewhere that the D5x will have a stacked sensor arrangement, using the new 100mp sensors, giving 200mp equivalent resolution, along with shooting these at 20fps, 8k video, a 3D IR AF, allowing it to focus down to -6EV, and WiFi tat actually works! 😉

            • Coastalconn

              You had me up until the point of saying WiFi that actually works, lol…

            • Scott Cove

              I had to put that, lest someone actually think I was being serious, hehe.

  • TwoStrayCats

    You know, I feel terribly disappointed right now. I feel like my imaging company just let me down. Of course its not MY company and I shouldn’t feel this way at all. But I do. And I’m still clinging to some hope that Nikon is going to surprise me with something I want at the big show.

  • nwcs

    That’s really lame if that is all Nikon had to show for itself this year at the biggest show. Whether they have great products now is kind of irrelevant. People want to see if they have any vision for where they are going. People need excitement even if they won’t but it. The sizzle sells the steak as much as the taste.

    • I agree 100%, Nikon has plenty of good cameras and lenses available today. What Nikon users want to know is what is coming next, what is the future of Nikon gear. We already know that Nikon can make very good DSLR cameras and lenses, but we don’t know how Nikon sees the future.

      • Doug Laurent

        It’s crystal clear where Nikon has to go if they don’t want to be #3 on the market behind Sony and Canon forever: release cameras like a mirrorless 4K D820 with F-mount.

        Simply combine everything that is already great in Nikon cameras, with the great features of an A7R2, and stuff like the great video autofocus of Canon. But DON’T do that with a new mount, smaller sensors or new lenses, NOBODY needs that!!!

        Regarding lenses, nearly in each focal length the offerings of Canon or third party manufacturers are optically a bit better. But that’s not a major issue, as the lineup in itself fits the needs.

        The new 19mm tiltshift is a good start to fill the gaps compared to the Canon lineup. Something in the 11-24mm range would be necessary and welcome, as well as a strong 100-400 lens.

        Nikon could be huge if they would release stabilized primes and not let Tamron lead that market. That’s a lens category that is urgently needed and could bring some consumers back to Nikon.

        Canon has a stabilized 24/2.8, 28/2.8, 35/2, and Tamron has the 35,45 & 85/1.8. If Nikon would present a lineup with fast 18, 24, 35, 50, 85 and 135 lenses, that would be a major attraction!

        • HD10

          That Nikon did not release any stabilized f1.8 prime lenses and even removed VR from some of its new DX lenses to me suggest that Nikon has IBIS in mind for its upcoming DX/FX mirrorless F-mount cameras.

          • Doug Laurent

            Body stabilization would be even better of course. In any event we are heading towards 2017, and all these things are not unrealistic wish lists anymore, as other companies have proven that it works. Nikon just needs to realize that they are not in the decade long slow innovation race with only Canon anymore, and need to keep up faster technologywise.

            • HD10

              Panasonic and Olympus shows the way in combining lens IS with camera IBIS. Olympus and Pentax even used IBIS to implement multi-shot pixel shift to overcome the Bayer CFA limitation and products higher acuity photos that is usable for some applications. Nikon would do well to learn from these companies.

        • EnPassant

          For the expensive D8X0 series a hybrid OVF/EVF solution is much better. Although it would be possible to make a special mirrorless version of the regular D820 with mirror such a camera would be much more expensive just because it would be a special version.

  • Trent Mitchell

    Nikon NEED to release more professional grade DX lenses for the D500 and future DX cameras. There is a huge gap in their lens line-up. They could produce compact f2 primes 20, 24, 35, 50, 85, and two new pro zooms 16-55 2.8 and 50-140 2.8 just like Fuji – wake up Nikon!

    • Max

      Or even cheap ones. A 24mm to sit alongside the current 35g dx would fill a big meaningful gap.

      • So you mean a 16mm 1.8g DX? Because that’s what I want. I wouldn’t mind a 24mm 1.8g DX either because that would translate to 35mm FX FOV.

        • HD10

          Might as well add 10-12mm.

          • Then I could leave my 14-24mm at home when I want to travel very light. The D500 plus 18-140mm works great not too big fast focusing and good VR, cheap enough that I can use it dangerous places, and surprisingly water resistant. Just doesn’t go wide enough…that extra 2mm at 18mm may seem small numerically but it’s enough to cause issues when it’s all you are packing.

            • HD10

              Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 or 11-20mm f2.8 then?

              Downside is that these two are not light and have no VR. A mirrorless F-mount DX with IBIS should address the lack of VR.

            • I have zero interest in those, because I have faith, that in X amount of years Nikon will release a 8(10?)mm zoom that goes out to 16mm and will be 2.8-4 aperture.

              Because that design already kind of exists for the 1 series, with VR elements even. The 6.7-13mm VR UWA will be replicated in a larger size and Nikon will gain back a segment they have ignored. If they can make it fairly inexpensive don’t you think it would fly off shelves?

              Has anyone spotted a patent for this theoretical lens, from Nikon? I cannot recall, too many to keep track of.

              Woulb be a great new kit lens for a new generation of photographers who want wide right out the box, what with this being the gopro generation and smartphones with dual cameras becoming mainstream.

            • EnPassant

              I don’t have your faith. But then I then I haven’t got a D500, nor will I buy one in the near future.

              The Nikon 1 wide zoom is a slow 18-35 FF equivalent, not exactly what you ask for.

              What Nikon could do is produce their version of Canon’s cheap and slow but optically excellent 10-18mm EF-S lens.
              But as Nikon have less market share than Canon and maybe are thinking about a mirrorless system they may have other plans.

            • El Aura

              If you just scale up the 6.7-13 mm design by a factor of two (to get the same equiv. focal length on DX), you’d keep the same f-stop (doubling the entrance pupil and doubling the focal length keeps the same ratio aka f-stop). Having a f/3.5-5.6 design is quite a long way away from having a f/2.8-4 design.

        • Max

          I mean a 24mm dx (ff equiv fov of 35mm). And yes, I would also want a 16, most definitely!

    • Trent Mitchell

      The thing is – Fuji just released a d500 competitor and they have a lens ecosystem that is high quality, diverse, useful and affordable for the APS-C format. Nikon HAVE the camera. They don’t have the lenses to support it. A D500 is only as good as the lens mounted on it.

      • EnPassant

        D500 is the perfect “teleconverter” for Nikon’s long lenses. It is not the perfect camera for wide lenses. For that Nikon’s FX cameras and lenses are much better.
        If Fuji is what you like, then buy it. It’s called choice, even if there is no perfect choice. But that’s life!

        • Trent Mitchell

          I know the “choice” exists BUT this is a WISH list mate hahahaha end of story.

          • EnPassant

            I understood that. I’m just telling you that what you wish may not be possible. You can dream the rest of your life if you like or make a choice.

            • Trent Mitchell

              Its really simple. Because the D500 exists I believe there should be a complete pro-level lens ecosystem to go with the DX format. Its not impossible.

            • EnPassant

              It’s not that simple. The use of APS-C sensors in DSLR is a compromise because of the cost for full frame sensors. Had the price not been a problem APS-C (DX) DSLRs may never have been made.

              APS-C DSLRs never were made from scratch to be a complete system. Instead a smaller sensor was implanted in a full frame system for which the F-mount was made. Mirrorless systems for APS-C and MFT on the other hand have from the start been designed to be able to use optimal lens constructions.

      • Specific DX-lenses are only meaningful if they are either small (2.0 primes) or wide angle lenses. Most D500 users are wildlife or sport photographers who use telephoto lenses anyway, and they are pointless to make DX-specific.

        • Trent Mitchell

          I disagree with the pointless part. There would be nothing at all wrong with a complete lens ecosystem that is designed specifically for the smaller image circle of the DX format. Smaller, lighter and more affordable pro level quality lenses that resolve the DX image circle correctly would be welcomed by many photographers. They gave us the pro level quality DX camera?!

          • EnPassant

            The lenses Nikooles is talking about are pro lenses like 200/2, 300/2.8, 400/2.8, 500/4, 600/ and 800/5.6. It make no sense to make two versions of these lenses for the same mount as the size and weight would be almost the same, as well as the price. Nobody would buy a version that only cover the APS-C format if they are almost the same.

            A complete lens ecosystem for APS-C only make sense if the mount is not shared by a full frame system, like Nikon F, Canon EF and Sony A- and E-mount. So again what you look for is Fujifilm X-system or Micro Four Thirds.

            Do you even own a D500 or plan to buy one? Is that why you are such concerned about “missing lenses”?

    • EnPassant

      High quality f2 primes that are compact are physically impossible to make for APS-C DSLRs. Only for mirrorless cameras with a short flange distance such optical constructions are possible.

      • Trent Mitchell

        cool, well a set of light weight primes f2 or 2.8 make total sense for a format like DX. Like an update of the old 2.8 primes with similar thread sizes.

        • EnPassant

          If Nikon thought they would sell well they would have been made.
          The problem is now also mirorless lenses exist and people will compare lenses between different systems.
          The old Nikon 20/2,8 for exemple is quite big compared to Fuji’s 18/2 which is one stop faster.
          Nikon would have a problem explaining why their APS-C lenses are so much bigger.

    • ZoetMB

      Yes, there’s always been this huge cry for more lenses, but the reality is that most consumers never buy another lens beyond the kit zoom that comes with the camera. Japan industry-wide, the average number of lenses sold per body so far in 2016 is 1.71. In calendar 2015, it was 1.66. For Nikon in fiscal 2016 it was 1.46.

      Pros are certainly different, but there’s fewer pros all the time. Nikon can no longer succeed just by pros.

  • MB

    Aren’t keymission cameras mirrorless? Not a biggest sensor but better than nothing, right?

    • EnPassant

      They are compact cameras.

  • sickheadache

    Does Large Sensor mean? medium? Or large size MP?

    • Larger size than the Nikon 1 – so APS-C or full frame.

    • Speculation I’ve seen is that it’s the largest sensor that the CX lenses can still cover and is somewhere between m43 and APS-C.

      If true then it’s strange. I can’t see that working for Nikon.

      • HD10

        Somewhere between m43 and APS-C … there is no such sensor in production.

        • KnightPhoto

          In between CX (2.7 crop) and DX (1,5 crop) there are three sensor sizes in production:
          – m4/3 2.0 crop; and
          – Sigma 1.7 crop; and
          – Canon 1.6 crop,

          • manattan

            Maybe they will follow through on the 1.7x crop and call is SX for sigma ;). It would be all electronic so technically it would be SX-E.
            I’ll see myself out LOL

          • HD10

            Aye … but I was referring to sensors that Nikon can buy to use in its camera. I do not see any chance of Nikon realistically buy the sensor from Sigma or Canon. Do you?

      • sickheadache

        I had to truly think for a moment..what a CX was? Lol

  • sickheadache

    I got a live satellite feed..and Akihiro Nikon, the President of Nikon, has just announced, there will be no announcements from Nikon! Sayonara!

  • geofflivingston

    I hope they do offer a full frame mirrorless. I have a lot of F mount lenses, and feel to vested to move, even though several competitor bodies offer the ability to use these lenses through a converter. Not sure if I am patient enough to wait another year, though.

  • Bill Ferris

    Nikon not making any major announcement(s) for Photokina would be really disappointing. Personally, I’ve been banking on a D760 announcement, which would set the table for a D820 early in 2017, a D620 in the spring of next year and their 100th Anniversary edition Df…whenever. Does anybody really care? It boggles the mind that Nikon would hang their centennial anniversary brand on something as forgettable as the Df.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    could they make a full frame mirrorless with the same mount ? it would be the thickest of them all if they did… 🙁

    • lazlo toth

      The d5500 is pretty darn small – take out the mirror and penta-mirror and it’s even smaller. Damn good little camera too.

    • My guess is yes, they can use the Nikon F mount, but the lenses have to be bigger (just like Sony full frame mirrorless lenses are) because they have make up the missing flange distance. See those posts on that topic: http://petapixel.com/2016/04/04/sonys-full-frame-pro-mirrorless-fatal-mistake/

    • tomskyphoto

      Whatever they do I hope they do not recycle F-mount one more time. Too many issues like the small diameter, large flange distance, mechanical aperture control. Of course the latter could be skipped in favor of an electronic diaphragm (E-Nikkors) but that would render even more recent F-mount DSLR glass useless for the new system.

      In my opinion they should go for a native fully electronic mount with a large diameter (50+ mm) – avoiding Sony’s parts bin mistake with E-mount which is only marginally wider than F-mount – and a reasonably short registration distance around 20 mm. Even when initially introducing only a DX variant the lens mount specifications should be absolutely future-proof and take FX into consideration from the very start.

      Nikon could still make their own electronically fully integrated adapter for using F-mount DSLR lenses, including an electromagnetic actuator for the aperture of non-E lenses. They could even take it that far to make more complex adapters with screwdriver autofocus or the Ai aperture coupling if market research showed buyer interest in these features.

      With an adapter going from narrow (F-mount) to wide (FM? as in” F mirrorless”?) like in a DSLR with the mirror box there most likely wouldn’t be any serious issues with internal reflections or the need for light baffles. The large mount would of course also be beneficial in the design of native FM optics.

      And as DX and FX glass are the same when it comes to the mount specifications that adapter itself would work on DX and FX mirrorless bodies alike while the all new “FM-mount” would open up opportunities when it comes to third party glass with adapters like Sony’s A7 cameras did.

      Limiting – and also crippling – a new mirrorless system by tying it to an old, and arguably not the best lens mount wouldn’t be a particularly smart move IMHO. But then we know about Nikon and “smart moves”… just keeping my fingers crossed they get it right this time.

      • El Aura

        I’d say a screwdrive AF adaptor is very unlikely. AFAIK, there is no such thing for the E-mount (even from third-parties).

        • tomskyphoto

          I only mentioned it as a mere possibility illustrating Nikon’s technological options and wouldn’t actually expect to see one too. As both the adapter and camera would be proprietary Nikon designs they could actually do it without the need for reverse engineering the lens communication protocols. Particularly these seem to be the big show stopper when it comes to 3rd party adapters from Nikon F to Sony E.

          • El Aura

            Sony was in the same situation … and they said screw those (screwdriver) lenses.

      • KnightPhoto

        Could Nikon make two mirrorless camera lines – one with native F-mount and the other with a new mount as described by TomSky…

        The issue, well described by Thom Hogan, is if you change the mount you immediately wipe out the 100 years of legacy lenses advantage and have to begin afresh, as use by adapter has proven to be less than ideal.

        So… could they make both an F-mount line and a new-mount line (that also takes an F-mount adapter). The latter would need a slowly growing lens line up at least in the wide-angle to normal lens range. Short telephoto to super-tele, long flange doesn’t matter does it…

        Serious photographers could mix and match, perhaps owning some new-mount bodies for wide angle and some f-mount ones?

        Would that work as a strategy? Could they survive on this – 2 different mirrorless lines and the SLR line retained eventually just for the D810, D500, and D5 lineups.

        Canon is in a little bit different position as their DX lenses aren’t usable on their FX cameras. So it doesn’t hurt them as much to have come up with yet another DX mount.

        So… given the above trying to please everybody approach, a DX mirrorless line with new mount and an FX mirrorless line with F-mount?

        Personally DSLRs with either hybrid viewfinder or optional EVF mountable in the hot shoe would satisfy my needs better than a mirrorless camera. I would use this camera 95% in OVF mode but 5% of the time in EVF mode for mirrorless advantages in silent shooting, video, etc.

  • Albert

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a new 70-200 f/2.8 coming out?

    • It’s on the list, not sure if it will be announced at Photokina or later.

  • Espen4u

    Some wide dx primes would be nice. A 24mm eqv and a 35 mm eqv.

  • Adam Brown

    I think the earth quake caused major delays for everyone using Sony sensors. Sony also has no new products. Canon was unaffected… So they have stuck to their schedule with the 5d4.. The forthcoming m5. Nikon and Sony have been thrown months off course.

  • Kyle

    So they’re going to have this amazing nice looking booth , and not have some good stuff to show off?

    I think they’ve got secrets like the surprise D500.

  • MonkeySpanner

    So, maybe cash is getting tight in the camera business and r&d cash is hard to come by. Product cycles lengthen.

    • Sports

      Assuming they do QA on new products, TIME is very much needed for fixing the issues they find. I’m sure they have found many issues with previous releases, but simply not had time to fix them – in order to not delay the release.

  • fotograf

    What about the recent D810s price drops?
    Don’t know if it really counts, but it was also published here – a grey market version, repairable in the US for 1.999,99?

    Isn’t that usually a hint, that something is going on?

    • TwoStrayCats

      I would think so. It certainly looks like an attempt to clear out inventory.

  • animalsbybarry

    Due to the earthquake Sony has a sensor shortage.
    Sony will most likely deal with this issue by fulfilling the need for sensors for Sony cameras first , and sell to third parties ( like Nikon ) when production catches up.
    If Nikon uses Sony sensors for new camera models, such as a new mirrorless camera, then the Nikon camera will likely not be introduced until after the Sony camera is in production
    If , as I hope, this is the case we will likely see the new Sony A9 introduced first and the Nikon mirrorless camera introduced later
    This is of course speculation on my part , based on current events

  • Come with the mirrorless camera, for now we have waited long enough ….

  • DPV

    Canon is about to make the first serious move into mirrorless APS-C from the big two, with whats looks to be, on paper at least and depending on price, an interesting option.
    More native EF- M lenses will surely follow, and EF ‘FF ‘lenses can be used via the Canon adaptor. Make a lot of sense to me at least , both for existing Canon FF users and mirrorless newbies wanting a proper Canon mirrorless option.
    Nikon remain sitting on the fence , always an uncomfortable place to be !

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Well, the Canon faithful don’t seem to be too impressed with the 5DMKIv, either:


    So maybe Nikon should take their time to make the D610/D750/D810 “Great Again”?

  • petervandever

    I expect the D7300, D850 and some off the wall wild card…maybe that mirrorless…. I wish Nikon would not get in the mirrorless race.

  • Tom Taubert

    “I am Nikon” can compete with Siri, OK Google…

    Nikon, Please take a picture of my girlfriend (make sure to show t and a) and post it to facebook. You figure out the details. Make sure to remove that zit.

  • J. Effingham Bellweather

    Still no news of a D810 successor? Depressing.

    • What can you upgrade on the D810? It is too early to get the new D5 AF system and the only bigger sensor is 42MP.

      • J. Effingham Bellweather

        There are plenty of features to upgrade on the aging D810. Better damping, better weather resistance, better AF, More MPs (>= 50), improved IQ, silent “quiet” mode, focus screens for MF lenses, etc.

        • That’s not a real feature list, but rather a wish list. MF focusing screens? No camera has that today. Quieter Q mode? It’s already quiet enough.

          I’ll give you the better AF, but that’s about it.

      • TwoStrayCats

        A D5 body with an “X” on the end. Give it the clothes it deserves, plus the speed and buffer to go with it.

  • Rimon Awad

    I just wish that Nikon would improve their liveview focussing, and remove the retarded crop modes in video mode, so that their cameras can be actually used for video.

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