Weekly Nikon news flash #374

Firmware update version 1.1 for Nikon Coolpix S7000 camera released.
Firmware update version 1.1 for Nikon Coolpix A300 camera released.
→ Several changes on the Nikon director level.
→ A year-end dividend of ¥10.0 per share was approved.
Nikon D5 wrongly reviewed by DxOMark?

→ Photography tips from Nikon Ambassador Joe McNally for taking fireworks pictures at Epcot.

→ Nikon SnapBridge remote shooting demo.

→ Nikon D500 vs. Canon 7D Mark II hands-on comparison by DigitalRev.

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  • Eno

    I saw errors in DXO measurements starting with D600 (look at ISO 25.600 in D600 vs D610 which by the way are the same camera – oil problems), GX8 with 1/3 stops under evaluation etc.
    Both D5 and D500 are wrongly measured by 0,5 stops up until higher ISO values and D5 at ISO 200K shows almost to stops deviation from reality.

    I understand there can be some sample variances between the cameras measured but they should test more samples before drawing any conclusion, and I very much doubt there can be a two stops deviation from sample variance.

    Vat are your thought on the matter?

    • Eric Calabros

      download DPR raw files and process with Canon’s own software (do the same with D5 samples), while Adobe is Canon friendly, there is possibility ACR is adding some color noise.
      However it won’t change the fact that they are unreliable. they tested a 24-70 lens that clearly is a bad copy. (funny that Sony’s new equally-expensive 24-70 2.8 is not much better than that bad copy lens).

  • fanboy fagz

    “Several changes on the Nikon director level.”

    lets hope theyll change their stubbornness a bit for the better

  • nzswedespeed

    Admin – have you heard anything more about the 3 (well the two unreleased and unannounced) nikon action cameras?

  • ego

    hopefully nikon does listen and change the memory banks more like the d7100 user 1 and 2 , memory banks that dont remember base settings , useless imo , id buy a d500 today if they had better banks

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