Nikon D3400/D3500 rumors

Some additional info on the upcoming Nikon D3400/D3500 DSLR camera (still not sure about the exact model name):

  • No 4k video
  • SnapBridge compatible
  • 24MP sensor
  • The D3xxx line will remain DSLR and will not go mirrorless
  • Announcement before Photokina, delayed because of SnapBridge issues

The current Nikon D3300 camera is already listed as discontinued.

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  • Yach

    “The D3xxx line will remain DSLR and will not go mirrorless”
    Does that mean that other lines will go mirrorless ?

    • No, but there was some talk that the D3xxx line may go mirrorless.

      • BrainBeat

        In a way it is a shame they did not go mirrorless. I have a Panasonic G7 and love it with all of its controls and could see a Nikon camera built similarly could be a great option for someone starting out. When I bought the camera I did look at the Nikon option but the sensor was just too small (not the m43 is a lot bigger) and did not have the control or features I was looking for. The problem is to get all these extra features in the body it would have to increase in price significantly which would reduce its appeal as an entry model.
        I do hope Nikon might make a APSC mirrorless option soon that has pro level of controls for a reasonable price in the near future. While I certainly still see a place for DSLR bodies there are just some things they can’t do that are very useful especially to those learning.

  • Micha Quär

    … Just lame

  • I want something as small and as light as possible to act as a back up for my D7100 (no a pro).

    The D5500 fits the bill, but would have been even nicer if this was a new mirrorless body that took my current lenses with autofocus etc. in tact.

    • bbsp

      D5500 is excellent. Hard to beat on ergonomics. Only negative is the small dim viewfinder.

      • No doubt the dynamic range, ISO and overall IQ are actually better than my D7100, but I’d miss the extra mode dial, top LCD (and backlight), 100% viewfinder coverage, weatherproofing etc.

        Would really welcome the rotating screen though! Not sure why the D7200 didn’t have that. It’d be a real boon for those low down shots.

        A second hand D5500 might just do the trick…

        • Bob Thane

          Heck, everything from the D5200 to the D5500 are great backup cameras. Cheap, light, great IQ, only weakness really is AF and weather sealing. If you can find a used one for $200-$300 you’re set.

    • Spy Black

      Why not get another D7100? They’re going pretty cheap nowadays.

      • It’s purely down to weight and space saving in my bag, which is why the tiny D5500 appealed. Ideally it’d be a Fuji XT-10 if lens adaptors did everything 🙂

        • Spy Black

          Weight, probably. Space? I doubt you’ll save much of that. When weight is an issue I just go out with my Panasonic GM5 M4/3 camera, Sony RX100 III, or occasionally Nikon 1 J4 and forego the big Nikon gear, which is what I usually I do just walking around.

          • Captain Insane-O

            My d5500 and 50 1.8g is literally half the size of my d750 and 85 1.8g, yet get nearly the same shots.

            I love my d5500, but I agree that af is lacking and would add battery life being much lower than the d750.

            The touch screen can be configured to act as a top facing lcd as well as conduct a command when using the ovf.

            • Spy Black

              A D7100 is smaller. I don’t see you saving that much in space:

            • Captain Insane-O

              The d5500 is also smaller than the d3300.

              Dimensionally it might be 10% smaller, but it dramatic. I know the d750 is bigger than the d7100, but I don’t have the d7100 on hand.

            • Spy Black

              Like I said, weight? Sure. Space? You’re not going to be saving that much.

            • Captain Insane-O

              Well, I beg to differ. That small difference makes huge impacts. A 5 series isn’t that much larger than a 3 series, but it feels so much larger.

              You’re absolutely correct on the weight being the largest impact, especially with primes. And it’s going to take up nearly the same luggage space, but feeling in the hand is something a picture can’t give.

              The d5500 feels like a screen with a grip, while the d7200/d7100 feel like they have endless buttons and controls on every corner.

            • Allan

              What those cameras are doing, is illegal in my state.

            • Captain Insane-O

              The d5500 + 35 & 50 1.8g lenses makes an awesome travel kit. Even a decent backup.

      • DG

        As a Nikon film shooter who owns Fuji/Canon digital how is the d7100 or even how is it compared to the d7200. I’m looking to get into Nikon as a digital body finally. May sell the Xt-1. Love the images but it’s autofocus doesn’t even keep up with my Rebel camera and if I want to do manual focus I just reach for film.

        • Captain Insane-O

          The d7200 has an excellent af system. I never used the d7100 so I can’t speak to its af, but if it’s anything like the d5500 it can be problematic in anything but bright light.

          • DG

            Thanks for the information. Appreciate it.

            • If you can justify/afford the cost, the D500 is on another level…. arguably the best AF system of any camera in the market (obviously on a par with the D5 that uses the same system).

              The D7200 is a great camera in its own right, but as an update to the D7100 it was a disappointment in that not much changed. I’m hopeful of a much improved D7300/D7500 using some of the tech from the D500 before too long. At least I wish they’d ad a tilty, flippy screen…

  • Jirka

    Ok.. so there wil be nothing new (just SnapBridge).
    24 mpx senzor from d7100 and d3200… well…

    I hope there will be new D820/850 with 4K video (no 4 minutes limit), zebra/peaking/slog, tilting screen, on sensor PD, electronic shutter (for timelapses).

    • peter w

      In for a D820, 36~45 MP with D500/D5 AF and even quieter/better shutter. Electronic shutter is OK (for macro photography), the rest of your requests is just for you ;).

      Updates are not for present D3300 users but for new clients, to avoid them turning to a different brand with more features. Nikon has to bring offerings that appeal to new buyers.

      • 42.4MP seems like a good bet (same as Sony A7 rii). 4K video would be dumb to omit. The other video/live view features are something Nikon needs across its product line but I’m not holding my breath.

        • NikonFanboy

          well it could also be the new 75mp sensor which sony is planning to release…D820 would be great with this sensor and 4K video..Sweet!!! Grooling over the specs already….

          • peter w

            But what to do with the pictures you get.
            I am rather worried about the software handling of the losless compressed RAW-files. What kind of video card would take that? Capture One Pro 9 fills up my 8 GB RAM in handling like five D800 files. 75 MP would require like 32 GB RAM, I guess. It gives a bit like the idea of early versions of Capture NX.

            • NikonFanboy

              I agree…one thing we can do upgrade the h/w …;)

            • Henri De Vreese

              32GB is dirt cheap nowadays. You can get a system with 6-core intel, 32GB ram and SSD storage for under 1000$ brand new. A GTX 750Ti makes short work for acceleration in photoshop.
              There are barely any lenses that could resolve 75mp’s though… I’d like to have the A7RII sensor.

            • Allen_Wentz

              8 GB RAM has been a bit of a low number for real images work for 5 years now. I am hoping the next (Skylake) Macbook Pro allows 32 GB RAM.

      • sickheadache

        You Gurls are dreaming to think Nikon is only going to do a 45mp..That aint happening. Get real …It will be 70-80mp for sure. Sony already got that puppy first for the Sony A9 then comes Nikon 820/900 45mp that is a freaking giggle.

        • peter w

          I fear you may be right. And I get something like a headache of the thought… ;).

    • Spy Black

      The problem with DSLR video is that they line skip to create the final image, creating aliased imagery. If you want high quality video, simply invest in a dedicated video camera. You’ll be much better off.

      • othesick

        definitely. the autofocus seems to be better in the dslrs than the videocameras but the weight, the size the price, not much of a justification there especially if you are fliming on the go. youtuber casey neistat uses a canon 80d for his videos and they look great but the thing is heavy as hell. he usually has to adjust the exposure in the middle of filming, dont know how uses an electric skateboard and holds that thing, let alone adjusting the exposure at the same time. majority of people would recommend going the way you recommend. just easier

  • MonkeySpanner

    These updates are just lame. D5300 – D5500 really was no update at all. Looks like this one will follow suit. There are lots of interesting things Nikon can do without taking the D3xxx line mirrorless. They can offer more value – that would be one thing. The D3xxx line sells roughly at the same price as the Sony A5xxx – which offers a lot more value for the $$.

    • Indik

      Ergonomically, D5500 is an awesome upgrade over D5300 and most cameras in similar price range. Grip is the best I`ve experienced in a small-ish cameras and Fn touchscreen makes changing focus points(and other settings) quicker and easier than in most pro cameras. And miles better than click-click-click-click-click on the Sonys aps-c cameras.
      Usability is what matters, not the raw specs.
      If the D3500 gets just touchscreen + new grip + snapbridge working right, it will be a great camera.

    • TylerChappell

      The Nikon D3300 is a far superior camera to that of the Sony A5000. The A5100 may be a bit more comparable, but it’s still generally more expensive than the D3300.
      I bought an A5000 for my mom to have a nice camera with a good sized sensor that would be substantially better than her smartphone, but Sony does take a lot of unwarranted shortcuts with their A5000 and A5100. For instance, the A5000 didn’t even come with a rear lens cap or a body cap! I had to buy them separately. It also comes with a really dinky microUSB charger, which is extremely inconvenient since it plugs into the camera directly, so you can’t use the camera while charging. Therefore, I also had to purchase Sony’s AC wall charger separately for like $35.
      Furthermore, the amount of menu diving you have to do on the Sony Alphas can be really tedious, and the firmware updates take excruciatingly long to complete (seriously like 20min) vs just a few seconds with Nikon DSLR’s.
      For a long time, the Sony A5000 was selling for as cheap as $300, and frankly, that’s the price it should have remained because a $400 Nikon D3300 provides much better value despite the added bulk.
      Overall though I like the A5000 and it is plenty good enough for my mom, but it’s nowhere near worth its $450 asking price. Best time to get it was Black Friday 2014 with the 55-210mm lens bundle, camera bag, and memory card for $450.

    • othesick

      its marketing. ask a random person on the street if they would buy a dslr or a sony a5000, or something similar, if they wanted the best image quality. people see pros using dslrs they instantly assume its the best. thats why sports companys such as nike and adidas pay professionals to use their equipment and then make cheaper replicas for the general public to buy. you make that connection subconsciously.

  • Alvis Ozols

    I hope they discontinue this before it even launches… what is the selling point of this camera? a SnapBridge? that is it? will someone upgrade their D3X00 for this? answer clearly – NO. then who will buy this? new costumers? there is none – no new people will enter cheap dlsr market (new costumers – either they are looking for mirrorless hype or are fine with smartphone sensor size cameras and if they do want to step up – then not in cheap crippled dlsr segment)

    • Piooof

      Yes, SnapBridge. I believe Nikon’s marketing reasons like this: people are used to the convenience of snapping with their phones, they just want better image quality. Thus we’ll focus on making it as convenient to shoot with a DSLR as with a phone (regarding social networks, instagram & co, cloud archiving etc) by providing a fast link to their phone. This is an intelligent departure from their previous straegy of offering own-brand cloud-based software services. It may well work. If you’re not interested in that kind of stuff you’ll find the update bland, for sure.

      • MonkeySpanner

        I have an eye-fi card that I bought about 4 years ago (I think). I use it in the second slot of my D7000 where I send small jpgs. It, without any input from me, sends the small jpgs to my cell phone. I don’t even have to think about it – it just does its job and I have all the images I took on my cell phone. This is the best system I have seen. All the others that require you to select images and make connections to transfer files – all of those are awkward and don’t compete with cell phones.

        • Indik

          It wont hurt if those who dont know about eye-fi cards will have the same functionality as default with their cameras 🙂

        • Piooof

          Yes, that’s a good solution, but are smartphone users aware of it? Besides, SnapBridge works with Bluetooth LE so it should tax less the batteries and still allow high-res image transfers. And of course you’ve the convenience of remote controlling your DSLR if you want (I believe people will brag about that one and never use it, but it’s still a selling point).

        • Mike

          The D3xxx line has a single card slot. Most “consumers” don’t think like you. Your camera was double the cost of the D3xxx at the time. You record to RAW in slot 1, small JPEG to slot 2. Most consumers don’t know what RAW is or why they would need two card slots. I’m sure their faces glaze over when a sales person starts talking about its virtues.

          “Listen sales person, I just want to take pics of my daughter’s dance recital or fill-in-the-blank-event and beam the pics to my phone to put on social media or send to my parents quickly across the ocean/country. 2 slots? I-fi? Too complicated for me”

          “Ok, we have Nikon D3500. Uses low power Bluetooth to stay in touch with your phone all the time. Soon as you take a pic itstores it on the single card for later and and the same time sends it to your phone. It’s a basic camera as far as the Nikon line up goes but far exceeds the image quality and of your iPhone or “pro” mode on your Samsung.”

          “That’s what I’m talking about!”

        • I’ve held off on trying Eye-fi owing to decidedly mixed reviews. But rereading the reviews, most of the negative reviews seem to be from people who had unreasonable expectations. I may give it a shot since — short of actually providing a proper REST API over wireless This is exactly what I want.

        • Allen_Wentz

          Thanks for that. I did not know eye-fi actually worked. Maybe I will try it on the D500 since Snapbridge remains just talk.

          • MonkeySpanner

            Yeah, eye-fi works great. Doesn’t seem to eat up huge amounts of extra battery (D7000 as my reference). And if you leave your camera turned on – it just happens without you taking any action. It is pretty great.

      • John Albino

        If a significant number of unsophisticated (image-quality-wise) people truly appreciated “better image quality,” professional photography wouldn’t be a dying occupation. The masses want Fast, Cheap, and Good Enough.

        • Piooof

          Well, yes and no. People want to have photos that look as nice as (no, nicer than) their neighbors’. And if one of their photography-savvy friends shoots great pictures, they’ll want the same camera (because everybody knows that the camera takes the pictures). Chances are their expert friend uses a DLSR. So they’ll buy one, thinking their crappy phone is the only thing that prevents them from getting Nat. Geo. grade pictures. I believe this is the main market for entry-level DSLR.
          So I suspect that professional photography is dying not because of disregard for quality but because people believe that at the digital age they can do as well as the pros.

    • JXVo

      Yes there is a steady, albeit declining stream of customers for DSLRs. This is likely one of Nikon’s best sellers and they need to keep it fresh. Snapbridge is designed to address a major shortcoming with respect to the instant gratification requirement of modern media devices.

      Easy for us who own more advanced equipment to look down our noses at this little camera but it has 24Mp and similar image quality to a D7200 in a small light cheap package. I am in the market for a good but small light camera for hiking/cycling/climbing trips. Every time I get tempted by Fuji’s excellent XT1 I remind myself that a D3300 or D5500 can do the same or better at half or less the cost because it is compatible with all my existing F mount lenses and flashes and software. So there is a market among some existing Nikon owners too. I may even get some ‘disposable’ kit lenses to go with it – they are now much better optically than 10 years back.

      • ZoetMB

        We talk all the time about how the photo market has declined and it has declined from its peak. But it’s really not lower than it was years ago.

        For the first four months of this calendar year, CIPA companies shipped 2.623 million DSLRs (10% below 2015) vs. 4.58 million in 2012. But it was 2.1 million in 2009, 2.59 million in 2008, 2.17 million in 2007, etc. So while we’re way below the peak, we’re not really below the typical year. And I bet we’re still way ahead of what was typical for 35mm SLR’s before the advent of digital cameras.

        Even iPhone sales have declined after shipping numbers that no one would have believed ten years ago for any consumer product. If the camera makers thought that every year was going to be like the peak year, they were fooling themselves.

        Eventually, the sum of all the iterative changes will cause some consumers to reach an upgrade cycle again, although the problem is that smartphone cameras also keep getting better.

        Having said that, I only use my smartphone camera when my DSLR isn’t with me and there’s something unexpected happening that I want to capture. I never felt that the quality was good enough for more than ‘snapshots’. A few weeks ago, I passed a movie shoot and made some shots. I post-processed them last night and was amazed just how good they did look. Not as good as my D800 (or even my old D70) and lacking shadow detail among many other issues, but amazingly close and certainly good enough for the average consumer who would operate their D3xx or D5xx on ‘Auto’.

    • Indik

      You may be surprised by the percentage of people who doesn`t even know what “mirrorless” is.
      Mirror-less? Does this camera lacks a mirror? I dont want my camera to lack something! Give me this big camera instead! 🙂

      Seriosly though, for people who are not into photography, dslr or mirrorless doesn`t matter. I have 3 friends who changed DSLRs for mirrorless for compactness and that I-can-take-it-with-me-everywhere feeling, and their mirrorless cameras are still collecting dust on the shelf 95% of the time – same case as was with their DSLRs. They take pictures with their phones.

      • DG

        Yep. Regular folks who step up from a basic smartphone just go for canon or nikon whether a dslr or point and shoot. They could care less about all this mirrorless and dslr talk. All that crap is like pc vs consoles, yankees vs mets…boring internet stuff. I keep thinking of selling my Fuji xt1 not because it’s bad but because my dslr does better and if I want small I just grab the Ricoh GR or the trusty Pentax K1000/Nikon Fm3a

        • DG

          And just to add. I do think Fuji does jpegs amazing. Some of my favorite pictures this past year came from my xt-1 but I’ve shot some canon and nikon bodies this year of friends and they were fine.

    • The D3x00 line is probably their best selling product, that’s the point. Why does BMW update its 3 series every year?

    • Rock Kenwell

      The point of this camera is to have an offering against Canon’s entry-level APS-C DSLR.

    • Matt

      People who buy a D3300 aren’t upgrading cameras upon release of a newer model. They use them for 5 years as their “nice camera” or upgrade to something more substantial.

    • Allen_Wentz

      You asK;
      “what is the selling point of this camera? a SnapBridge? that is it? will someone upgrade their D3X00 for this?”

      I say yes, real _working_ Snapbridge would sell new Nikons. Unfortunately Snapbridge has been and remains vaporware marketing for years now.

  • Robert Robinson

    At least have a touch screen.

  • Funny how people complain that it has no significant upgrade. Well yes, it is definitely a minor update. People forget that this is an entry level DSLR, it targets consumers that are new to DSLR or plainly your average user. You don’t buy this to “upgrade” your current camera. If you are currently in the D3xxx line, you’ll definitely looking at a D7200 or even a D500 as better option for upgrade.

    Why would you buy 2016 Toyota Prius if you have a Prius 2014? Unless if you love it that much?

    The rumored D3400/3500 will surey have the same price like the D3300 had. Nikon obviously wants the camera to sell, and snapbridge will be a major feature for an entry level camera.
    Mobile phones are killing the entry level market, camera companies like Nikon and Canon has to update their current line of entry level cameras to be able to interact with users mobile devices. Gone are the days that a mom has to get back home to share the photos online. People has this habit of “I’m here” social media activity as opposed to “I was there”.

    • Spy Black

      “If you are currently in the D3xxx line, you’ll definitely looking at a D7200 or even a D500 as better option for upgrade.”
      Unless someone really wants to get serious with photography, they’ll just stay with the D3xxx.

      “Why would you buy 2016 Toyota Prius if you have a Prius 2014? Unless if you love it that much?”
      Although I know where you’re coming from with this, that’s not really a good analogy.

      “The rumored D3400/3500 will surey have the same price like the D3300 had.”
      No, the price is always higher on the new models. It will still be entry-level priced, but it will cost more.

      • Captain Insane-O

        Yeah. Non enthusiasts aren’t going to upgrade beyond the 5000 series, and will likely stay in the 3000 series due to not needing the better features.

        They don’t even know what iso is and just spin the dial to a green camera and click.

        For instance, my mother shoots her d3200 in jpeg and full auto and frames her travel photos. She gets lots of complements, but I see flat images that need raw + LR. Differences between those who do and those who don’t.

    • Max

      Except maybe if you were a D3100 owner. The D3200 made a huge leap as it was the first Nikon with the 24mpx sensor (which also made a huge jump in DR and lowlight)

    • John Albino

      > “Why would you buy 2016 Toyota Prius if you have a Prius 2014? Unless if you love it that much?”<

      Perhaps because many hybrid and electric cars are leased — not owned — and two-three years is a good time to lease a new one?

    • Wintermute

      I wouldn’t be so sure that the new model will have the same price. I noticed a lot of new models being more expensive than their predecessors in the past year.

    • Captain Megaton

      It has to be a significant (perceived) upgrade or Nikon won’t sell any! People will just buy a Nikon D3300 (or a Canon) instead!

      Digital cameras are more like computers than cars, the business model is built around a cycle of upgrades and obsolescence rather than physical breakdown.

      Eventually we might get there with digital cameras, but we aren’t even close yet. I’d guess that 90% of all Nikon D200’s sold are still functional.

      • DG

        It would suck if they started going that route. Common folk like me dropping 800 bucks on a camera only to know it will be breaking down within two years. Nikon F3 still going since 1980. Sony walkman still working since 1982. New Apple Itouch hardly works after 8 months. I feel like mirrorless cameras will be the way of cars. They will break down faster then a dslr based on all the additional electronics in them. I already read the horror stories of Olympus and it’s customer service from the em5 mk2 which is a 1000 dollar camera.

        • Captain Megaton

          No no, you misunderstand: I don’t mean that cameras will break down faster, I meant that the business model will transition to a much longer product cycle where most people will own their camera for many years, right up until it stops working. It means far fewer sales per unit owners than what is currently the case.

        • Allen_Wentz

          Whatever do you mean “New Apple Itouch hardly works after 8 months.” That statement makes no sense whatsoever. Apple’s product longevity generally leads the industry.

          • John117

            Source for that statement?

  • Indik

    Snapbridge is actually an awesome feature for target users of such camera. Just make it simple and fix current issues = winner.

    • As long as your phone is Android… Still no iOS compatibility and apparently some serious issues with getting it to work with iOS.

      • Indik

        Thats why I said “and fix current issues” -)
        Snapbridge (if made simple and usable) could be a deal breaker for users of such camera (actually for many others too). Much more usable than peaking/zebras and other “complicated” things (although I wish nikon had included those too).

        • Captain Megaton

          But “made simple and usable” isn’t going to happen, even if Nikon gets Snapbridge working. It’s close, closer than anyone else has come, but it’s not what people really want: namely that all data is saved automatically and instantaneously to cloud storage.

          • Indik

            General crowd really wants to share pictures to instagram/facebook in first place. Making backups is more of a pro`s headache, than an average consumer`s.

            • Captain Megaton

              This is for everyone, pro or consumer. The camera takes pictures, those pictures are edited, shared and archived from cloud storage. It’s not a backup. The SD card, if present at all, would be the backup.

              This is how all cameras will work in the future.

            • Indik

              They will someday. But for now there`s no camera that can transfer photos to a phone/tablet without user direct input (at least I dont know any).
              If such functionality is not “simple and usable” I dont know what is.

            • Allen_Wentz

              Sorry but you are just pipe dreaming. The Cloud bandwidth for 20+ MP images at 10+ FPS is not in anyone’s imminent future.

            • Captain Megaton

              Show a little imagination! It wasn’t that long ago that steaming video over the internet was impossible. It will not be very long at all before pumping a few GB across a mobile network becomes feasible, and that’s enough for cloud storage to be more useful than card storage for most people.

          • Allen_Wentz

            We are talking about 20+ MP image captures at 10+ fps. The want for “all data is saved automatically and instantaneously to cloud storage” is a pipe dream. Far too much bandwidth (and power) would be needed.

            Conceptually Snapbridge and 2 MP JPEGs is fairly ideal, but Nikon has to make it work well, including on iOS. Done fully with BLE (let BLE be BLE and WiFi be separate WiFi) there should not be a security roadblock from Apple, but that does not appear to be what Nikon has done.

            • Captain Megaton

              2MP jpeg is fine for that purpose – but then so is a smartphone camera. There’s your problem in a nutshell. Worse, it splits the image pipeline conceptually between “quick jpegs you want to share now” and “nice NEFs you will edit and share/print later”. The main workflow is still “take the memory card out of the device, put it in a computer, copy files, open editor, save file, upload, share”. This is not just outdated, it is rapidly becoming archaic.

      • Shutterbug

        I bet those issues are more with Apple than Snapbridge itself. Apple is brutal for stuff like that.

        • Spy Black

          The problem is a combination of the two. Nikon however should have just used WiFi, bypassing Apple’s roadblock.

          • Captain Insane-O

            Yeah, and then allow all wifi bodies to use the app.

            I feel scammed!

          • Allen_Wentz

            I disagree. IMO Nikon should just stick with low-power-draw, more secure BLE for lots of reasons.

  • TinusVerdino

    retailers demand new models :p

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Admin, no word on whether it will have a touch screen, D5500’s more slender built or EXPEED5/D5/D500’s new color tuning?

    Truth is, Nikon over-upgraded both the D3200 and the D3300, staying way ahead of Canon’s entry level offerings. If the only feature added is Snapbridge, the new entry level body (D3300S?) will still outperform Canon’s T6 thanks to a much better sensor, 2 more AF points, larger OVF magnification, much faster frame rate for both stills and video, the available mic jack and sharper kit lenses, all for eventually the same price.

    • No other updates, I am also curious about the AF system.

      • BVS

        Hopefully we’ll see some trickle-down with the AF and metering systems:

        D3500 inherits 39pt AF and 2K px meter from D5500
        D5600 inherits 51pt AF and 2K px meter from D7100/7200
        D7500 gets new stripped-down version of D500 AF, like 99pt or something and new 4K+ px meter.

        • Spy Black

          The D7xxx could simply inherit the the full D500 AF system, which production-wise is a straightforward affair, and add Snapbridge and call it a day.

        • Max

          The D7200 has the newer Multi-cam 3500 II af module. They can pass the old one from the D7100 and D300 to the D5xxx series.

      • NikonFanboy

        Hi Admin,

        How about D820 with 75MP camera ..Any chance in next 8 months you reckon?

      • Captain Megaton

        If they don’t change the AF and it’s still 24MP then it is a D3300 since there is really little else you can add at this price point.

        D5500 AF system transplant seems most likely … which would make it an interesting camera in my opinion. I’ve never cared for the D5xxx series and the flip out screen, D3xxx with a decent AF system would be pretty cool.

  • waterengineer

    Boring. However, with that said I hope they sell forty-seven hundred, thousand, million of them so Nikon can afford to research, design and build something interesting.

    • Max

      For some reason I find news and rumours on entry level cameras really interesting. I think it’s because it’s indicative of what camera companies plan on doing. Deciding what to do with these models is currently Canikon’s biggest challenge.

      • Eric Calabros

        so we can conclude they have no plan.

        • nwcs

          The cynic would say they haven’t had a plan in 4 years.

        • Max

          Probably not. I think they are taking the least expensive route. If they are only going to ad snapbridge, then they should make a concentrated effort on really getting it right.

    • Captain Insane-O

      That’s exactly on point

  • mok

    I have a feeling that it will be 3500, not 3400. Recently we see lot of 5’s. Also probably D850.

    • Captain Insane-O

      4 is supposed to be bad luck in Japanese lore

    • Captain Megaton

      D3310 would be more appropriate.

  • EnPassant

    So no 4k, just a minor update. Propably the body will also have the same kind of build as the D5500 as it is cheaper to make and give the camera a distinct new apperance.

    More interesting will be if the D5600 coming next year will have 4k. With its articulating screen that is the camera Nikon really should push for video. At least until they have a serious mirrorless option (not counting the current Nikon 1 as it is all but dead).

  • nwcs

    Kinda disappointing. I was really hoping Nikon would show us where they are going with mirrorless. *My* ideal setup is a system with a true TTL OVF and TTL EVF option. If that’s 2 bodies that can share the same lenses then perfect. If it’s 1 body with some form of TTL hybrid viewfinder then perfect. I personally don’t care about short flange distances as I’d rather use the same set of lenses without adapters. I’d love to have OVF when I want it and EVF when I want it and not have any control and usability differences. Instead I have 2 systems: my Nikon and my Fuji.

    • Antonio

      Why do you feel disappointed by a rumor about a camera you will never buy?
      This kind of stuff points to a different market segment and if having it in their portfólio increase Nikon revenues it will probably contribut to keep the manufacturer in the market and will increase the chances for you to get a new line of mirrorless cameras in the future, so it should make you fell good instead.

      • nwcs

        I said it was kind of disappointing. Even if I wouldn’t buy *this* one it would tell us a great deal about where Nikon sees themselves in mirrorless. That is very interesting *to me*.

  • Champ Davis

    D5 firmware update, what the hell, why does Nikon do this crap, always a update, pathetic, GET IT TOGETHER NIKON, if you loose business its cause you have sucked for too long, it on you

  • AYWY

    Needs a flippy-touchy screen with snapbridge that actually works properly. Any of this missing and I’ll call it the usual sh**y Nikon management style of intentionally crippling their own product to justify selling more expensive equipment later. No sir, can’t let the peasants have the good stuff so cheap and quickly.

  • AlphaT

    They should bundle this with an Android phone/device.

    • Captain Insane-O

      I’d like to see them make an Android phone that connects with body via pcie lanes and is the rear lcd, like samsung. With nvme memory that could be an amazing pro tool. Not for a 3000 series, but possible 900 series.

      Or even just thunderbolt accessories. Nikon is missing a lot of innovative decisions

      • AlphaT

        For stills and videos, even SATA II is sufficient enough. Though I agree, PCIE nvme storage is mind blowing in my NUC6i7KYK skull canyon.

        • Captain Insane-O

          But usb 3.1 or thunderbolt can give uncompromised connectivity between computers, additional drives, even processors. Even though modern SATA controllers are good enough, they can’t allow off camera imaging processors. Imagine adding an 8k video module, or an adobe Lightroom processor module that allowed you to fully customize your jpeg engines………………………………………………

          Nikon needs to be more innovative. Workflow doesn’t need to be archaic.

          • AlphaT

            Cameras need to be modular, so we can customize it however we want it. 🙂

            • Captain Insane-O

              Completely agree!

  • sickheadache

    Nikon watch out..your old 24mp is becoming like Canon’s 18mp and Fuji’s 16mp. Oh to the others out there..that is sarcasm…and Your Spin is not required. Bless You All…I feel a sick headache coming on…you all need to lie down.

  • Eric Calabros

    I don’t know why everybody here fantasizing about D810 replacement. While its the best DSLR available, that segment of market is pretty small. entry level DX is far more important. Instead of questioning Nikon plan against A7R series, we have to ask what they gonna do about upcoming A5100 replacement?

  • Justtakethepicture

    Damn Nikon, I thought you were going to do something different. As a long time Nikon user I really would like them to stay in the game, but I think their inability to truly innovate will be their downfall.

  • David Peterson

    Was hoping for 4K! 🙁 🙁 Oh well, go with Panasonic/Sony instead

  • Sripal TAD

    i think nikon d3500 will have 36mp or 20.9mp like d500

    • tomanatura

      I think that it will have medium format sensor like new Hasselblad. Because sensor is the MOST important thing!! And few thinks that doesnt matter…. D3300 mettering system produced 1/3EV-2/3EV darker images than other cameras, so Im expecting that D3500 will produce 3EV darker images than other cameras and of course shutter mechanism, it has to be crippled! Why not?! Good deal from Nikon, I cant wait 🙂

  • Jim Huang

    I currently have a D3200 and D7100. My brother has a D5300. To be honest, I really enjoy using my D3200 for casual use. The AF is good enough, the sensor is good and the form factor is really welcomed. Basically I take my D3200 is me all the time, D5300 for landscape (it a built in GPS and D7100 for more serious work.
    I really hope Nikon put AF fine tune for all the camera models, even the D5XXX and D3XXX line. They have cheap 35mm DX and 50mm f1.8G primes that may require some adjustments.
    I’m currently using sigma lenses with USB dock to overcome that problem, but still…..

  • MonkeySpanner

    I don’t know what the the D3xxx will have – but one thing is certainly clear – Nikon MUST do something to address the lack of smartphone integration with the image taking process. Their wireless transfer solutions have been less than appealing. This is 2016 – and this is a cheap camera – if you can’t find a way to quickly and simply get the images to a smart phone – it is going to be a hard sell over just using a smart phone.

    • Captain Megaton

      You are right, but the irony is that this is 2016 and the only way to quickly and simply get the images to a smartphone is to take them with the smartphone in the first place!

      (Snapbridge is the right direction, but it’s gonna be 2017 at least before the technology becomes either quick or simple. Or “available”? KEKEKEkeke)

      • MonkeySpanner

        I don’t know – my 2014 eye-fi solution works pretty dang good. Don’t have to think about transfers, just shoot away, and when I am finished, pull my phone out of my pocket and – boom – all my images are there. Could not be easier. Don’t know why no major manufacturer has made a system this good.

        • Captain Megaton

          Really? That sounds impressive. I tried the Toshiba FlashAir equivalent and while it worked… you had to turn on the camera, then you had to open the Toshiba app on the phone – you could browse the images on the card and select which of them you wanted to transfer. All the while worrying about the camera time-out timer kicking in and switching off the camera before everything was done. And it was quite slow, even for 10MP jpegs.

  • Albert

    I’m guessing touchscreen too.

  • Pavel

    No 4k video? They may as well not launch it at all.

  • John117

    Even my 112€ Oppo Find 7 smartphone from 2014 has 4K video recording support..Nikon is lame. It would be easily possible now in 2016/2017, but they don’t want that. Ok.

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