Three new Nikon cameras registered in Indonesia

Three new Nikon cameras registered in Indonesia
Three new Nikon cameras were registered in the past few days at the Indonesian communications agency (all three cameras will be produced in Indonesia):

Customer Equipment Model Manufacture Update
NIKON INDONESIA Digital Camera Nikon N1529 INDONESIA 03/03/2016
NIKON INDONESIA Digital Camera Nikon N1514 INDONESIA 03/03/2016
NIKON INDONESIA Digital Camera Nikon N1511 INDONESIA 02/25/2016
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  • Sigma1750mm28

    What does this mean admin? DSLR updates?

    • Not sure.

      • Kevin

        Maybe a d610 or d750 update? They should be updating these two in the year 2016 following their traditional cycle.

        • or a D3300 update

          • Eric Calabros

            Why every time we got a hint about products registration its from Indonesia? is there any special thing about that country?
            I’m really curious to see what they do for D3300 update, it have to be very good, but not that good to make D5500 obsolete. The worrying news is Canon’s 1300D not going to make any pressure.

            • No, we get them also from Thailand, Korea, Russia, etc. I just saw this one today:

            • Eric Calabros

              do they make any DSLR body in Indonesia? I thought that’s coolpix only and some batteries.

            • I don’t think they do but I am not sure.

            • Max

              the d3000 and 5000 cameras are too close. They should space them out a bit more so that the 5000 sits more in the middle between 3 and 7xxx. Throw in an extra FN button or dial, little bigger ovf. And maybe ad micro lens adjust. Or otherwise just completely scrap the 3000. Then people must just an extra $100 and buy the 5000.

            • I agree – one entry level DSLR is enough.

            • David Peterson

              Add in a top LCD! There is even a Canon Rebel with that now

          • ZoetMB

            Or Coolpix updates. Let’s not get too excited. How do we know these aren’t the A300, A100 and A10, which show up on the Nikon international and Japan websites, but not the U.S.?

        • Eric Calabros

          There is no “tradition” about those two cameras. D600 was a response to A7 if I’m not mistaken, and 610 was a forced update because of dust issue. D750 created a new category, maybe to absorbe some of D700 owners who weren’t convinced about 36mp files. The only clue we have is that these are “consumer” bodies so the update is not supposed to take longer than 2 years. of course D750 has higher priority, in a same way they released D610, to refresh the minds, to forget defects.

          • Eric Duminil

            D600 was announced 1 whole year before the A7.
            And yes, the D750 is perfect for anybody who doesn’t believe the 36MP hype.

            • Eric Calabros

              Oops, yea, D600 was Sep 2012 🙂

          • Justtakethepicture

            You are mistaken.

        • KT

          Somehow, I doubt both the D610 and D750 will be updated before the D810 is replaced. The 610 and 750 will have some trickle-down tech from the D810 successor. More likely a D3300 & something else below the D3300, say D2500

        • I think the D610 and D3300 are high on the replacement list.

          • Thom Hogan

            The general predictive matrix says D3300 and D810 are absolutely due for updates. We have no history on D6xx or D750 yet, but the fact that the D600 has essentially gone four years without an update coupled with the fact that I think Nikon never wants to issue the word “D6xx” again after all the grief it gave them, suggests a different course for it. The D750 should be on two year update path ala the D810, but we’ve never had an update so it’s unpredictable until we do.

            As I’ve been trying to hint, what if Nikon chose to take the low-end of the DSLRs and start transitioning them to mirrorless? It would help with cost controls, it would show that Nikon knows what the future will really be like, and if done right at the low end of the lineup (D3xxx and D6xx) doesn’t really hurt their high end if they gauge the performance right.

            • ernestkoe

              SONY’s already made this transition with the A6000/6300 and shaped the market’s expectations. It’s probably wishful thinking but it seems to make sense if Nikon would choose this time them to abandon the low-end DSLR route in one massive push and not suffer the 2-3 years’ worth of painful confusion between mounts, lenses, and adapters that SONY struggled through.

            • Thom Hogan

              The only real way around the lens problem is to use the same lenses. That alone would cause an issue with Sony’s E-mount offerings (not FE, which has its own problems). But it would have been far simpler had Nikon just made a full set of DX lenses in the first place.

              If Nikon goes to a different mount, I’d say they don’t understand the situation they’ve put themselves into, and they’ll suffer because of it.

            • harvey

              a different mount with wickedly good adapters would also work – especially as that would allow them to sell a whole new lens line-up. This would follow the Sony path except for their poor adapters.

            • RBR

              Isn’t the real problem that no matter what choice Nikon management takes the company will suffer in the near term much as Canon did when they changed mounts? If they choose wisely, the company suffers once. If not the suffering goes on much longer.

            • Thom Hogan

              If Nikon stays with the current mount, ala Sigma’s recent mirrorless intro, I’m not sure what the near term suffering would be. The long term suffering of that decision would be the same as what it has been for DSLRs: keeping legacy alive puts limits on what they can do.

              If Nikon moves to a new mount, it sends a massive signal to the faithful that legacy is dead, and I’m sure it would have a short term effect. I simply don’t see them doing that. For instance, note the SB-5000, which preserves legacy and introduces something new. They’re still operating on that notion: preserve legacy, add technology.

            • ZoetMB

              But what if Nikon thinks that’s exactly what they’ve done with the DL line? And even though the starting point of the DL line is more expensive than the current selling price of the D3300. I find it interesting that the DL24-85 lists for exactly what the D3000 originally listed for ($650) and the DL18-50 lists for slightly below the original price of the D5500 ($850 for the DL, originally $900 for the D5500, now $750).

              I guess we’ll find out by the end of this year when we’ll know whether there was a D3400 or not and whether it’s another iterative DSLR or mirrorless.

            • Thom Hogan

              Then they’d be making a mistake, IMO. In so many different ways, too.

              Don’t mix something up. The sweet spot for ALL cameras, regardless of type, is US$500 to US$1000. That’s the range at which you’re still low enough to be in the “affordable” slot while high enough to generate useful GPMs. Above that and it becomes a household budget discussion (or only for the rich with lots of disposable income). Below that and your GPMs get squeezed so tight you risk losing a lot of money if you make wrong decisions, as virtually all of the Japanese camera companies have discovered.

              The Japanese spent decades convincing people that ILC was the goal for great photography, that lens choice was necessary. If there’s no advantage to ILC, then Nikon’s whole world comes crumbling to a halt.

      • Karhai

        Could these just be the DL cameras?

        • usually the filing is before the announcement – that’s why they use code names

  • MichaelSNC

    Three at once, probably not DSLR’s, but I could be wrong, I have no idea.

    • Antonio

      Not that important and not that faraway in time but not all at once, just two of them. )-:

    • Emanuele Aymerich

      Nikon 1 I think.

    • RBR

      Die Nikon 1!

  • RMJ

    Nikon 1 updates ?

    • Fry

      yeah, the Nikon J245 is already obsolete, the new icon design in J246 makes it so much better !

      • RMJ

        More likely 4k and expeed5A update.

  • Shutterbug

    How long does it usually take from registration till announcement? Could that be something for Photokina?

    • It could be few weeks to few months.

      • Thom Hogan

        Sooner rather than later in this case, I believe.

        • Are you saying that another announcement is coming soon? I have not heard anything.

          • Thom Hogan

            Depends upon definition of “soon.” I understand that there will be another announcement before July. Not sure what it is, but might be lenses.

            Still, one thing that’s clear is that Nikon was somewhat silent in 2015 because they were making a big push for 2016 products. From what I hear, there are at least two additional, and maybe more, DSLRs in the queue for this year.

            • Karhai

              I’m still holding out for a V4 (yeah, right). Or at least, shooting my N1 birding rig till there’s something that gives me better results at 800mm at a comparable size.

            • Thanks!

            • MonkeySpanner

              Any word on the possibility of a new ilc mirrorless system with DX or fx sensor?

            • Thom Hogan

              It’s been worked on, and in multiple incarnations, I believe. The question is what will Nikon decide to actually do and when? Unclear. I know there was strong debate about this internally, even as far back as the Nikon 1.

              Thing is, time changes the equation. Other than shot noise, large sensors get less and less advantage as generations pass. So where is the “good enough” line drawn on shot noise? Likewise, output needs actually went down (don’t 300 dpi for 36″ prints, you need HD or 4K, which is a far lower bar). So where is the “good enough” line drawn on pixel count? Those things all interact.

            • MonkeySpanner

              I would be perfectly happy with a 1″ system if it could at least match my d7000 in shot noise. I don’t think that is a very high bar, as the 16mp sensor in the d7000 is from 2009.
              I would also be pretty happy about a 1″ system similar to the Sony a7s – 12mp sensor with much better noise performance.

            • Thom Hogan

              Shot noise is subject to the area being captured. Photons are random. The bigger the area, the more the randomness “evens out.”

              So, assuming equal technologies, smaller sensors will never equal larger sensors. That’s why I pointed to the “good enough” decision points.

            • MonkeySpanner

              Totally agree, smaller sensors will never be as good as larger sensors assuming they are using the same technology. So, yes, it is about good enough. I bought and sold the J4 twice. It is almost at the good enough point, just not quite there.

  • MonkeySpanner

    No amount of body updating will make the 1 series relevant. A fast normal and tele zoom are the only solution. Wake me up when those are available.

    • Pat Mann

      A V4 with integrated finder and the new sensor would make it relevant to me. Lens selection could be better, but at least it’s better than DX lens selection – there are actual wide primes designed for the system.

      • MonkeySpanner

        Well unfortunately for Nikon just being better than the dx is not good enough since they’re also microfourthirds options. If your only use case is during stellar lighting conditions then sure the Nikon CX mount makes a lot of sense. But if you are Photography includes anything less than stellar lighting conditions this CX gets very noisy very fast.

        • Eric Calabros

          Today 1 inch sensors give almost same performance of D300 in noise, or a bit better in DR. There are lots of great images taken by that DSLR.

          • MonkeySpanner

            There were also lots of great images taken on film. But I do not want to go back to film, or working with a noisy sensor that takes lots of work and pp to get really good images from.

            • Eric Calabros

              going back to film doesn’t give you size/weight/speed advantage, with 1 inch format you get them.

      • preston

        The 1 system only has a single wide angle prime – the 10mm. DX users can use the 20/1.8 or 20/2.8 FX lenses if they want a close equivalent. So I wouldn’t exactly call that a huge advantage over DX in wide angle lens selection.

        • Eric Calabros

          Yes they can but 20/1.8 is too big to be just a 30/2.5 equivalent. I mean yea there is option, but doesn’t work for many people.

          • preston

            I agree that there should have been a 20/2 for DX about 10 years ago (although a 16/2 and a 24/2 would have probably been a better option). My comment was mostly to point out that there aren’t wide angle primes (plural) for the system. Just a single slow f/2.8 prime. Not really worth bragging about. At least the large FX option is f/1.8.

            • MonkeySpanner

              I think if we are dedicated to the DX sensor size, it would be good to look around at other systems and the DX sized lenses they offer. Or even m4/3.

            • preston

              Yes, absolutely. I personally use Nikon FX (for professional type work) and m4/3 (for casual stuff) and am very happy with what those provide. DX doesn’t give me enough of a size advantage over FX. But the mirrorless APS-C systems are more attractive than Nikon DX as well.

        • pjpo

          Correction, it has a 6.7-13mm (18-35mm) which is quite good but slow aperture. So that would be similar to a DX w/ 12-24.

      • Max

        Yes. DX needs wide primes and a proper portrait one too.

    • pjpo

      I agree that it has needed faster lenses. If anything, the DL cameras make much of the system irrelevant since they are fast and even more compact. While the 1 needs a faster normal to compensate for the 1″ sensor size, I think a DL50 could be a cool model with a compact 18.5mm f/1.0 (50mm f/2.7 equiv.). The DL’s and a J5 with 70-300 and 18.5 f/1.8 would be a fine kit.

      • MonkeySpanner

        I think the dl’s pretty much make the 1 system obsolete. Even if they did produce a fast normal zoom at this point, a v body and the fast zoom would be about triple the price of the DL 24-85.

      • David Peterson

        A vote here for a DL50!

    • Andy Aungthwin

      People like you need to see the world. Go to a place like Indonesia/Thailand and you will see what is relavant – to THEM.

      I saw hundreds of local “pros” who take tens of thousands of photos of tourists each day and then selling them stuff like themselves riding elephants or rafting.

      As a tourist you can’t take a photo of your entire family going down a river.

      When you get off they sell you a 4×6 taken with whatever, usually a simple compact, for a couple of bucks.

      And guess what? They sell!

      Do you seriously think that the whole world is full of narrow sighted people like you?

      Keep sleeping while people in Indonesia and the like are making a living with simple cameras.

      • MonkeySpanner

        Welcome to photography. You have a long journey ahead. Enjoy.

      • whisky

        the N1 is a very good idea that was, IMO, poorly executed. that said, i can’t see them abandoning the N1 line either. not yet — and for precisely some of the reasons you’ve outlined.

        Nikon needs to reforge the N1 into something their Dx/Fx customers can appreciate and feel they must buy. a complementary compact system based on performance, “good enough” IQ, and a wider set of lenses. Nikon has the imagination, tech, and skills to do it. the only thing we’re uncertain about is whether Nikon has already dedicated the investment capital and the time to make this possibility so.

        • Andy Aungthwin

          For the US and European markets I think you are right. But for the Asian markets where people are smaller build, the N1 is IMO an independent system where compactness is what they are looking for.

          If you remember the V1/J1 were a big hit in Japan.

      • ZoetMB

        A market of “hundreds” of “pro” photographers using the lowest-end cameras is not a viable market.

        If you look at CIPA stats, what you’ll see is that point-and-shoot camera unit sales fell 25% worldwide in 2015 after falling 35% in 2014, 41% in 2013, 22% in 2012 and 8% in 2011. In 2010, 108.6 million p&s cameras were sold compared to just 22.3 million in 2015. It should be pretty obvious to everyone that smartphone photography has replaced the P&S market. Frankly, I’m surprised that Nikon just released six new models. Nikon is projecting only about 6.2 million units for fiscal 2016 (ending 3/31/2016). There’s no future in this market. Fiscal 2017 will probably be around 5 million units. That’s nothing for a line in which there’s only a few dollars profit per camera.

        • Andy Aungthwin

          Nowhere did I say lowest-end cameras. I said simple cameras.

          I saw entry level DSlRs, ICL cameras as well as Point and Shoots.

          We went on an elephant safari of sorts. When we got dropped off back at our hotel the guided handed us a CD with images of our day.

          She could have taken those photos with her phone for all I cared. What was important was that these people are giving their customers a product that doesn’t need thousands of dollars of investment for them.

  • Jeff Hunter

    Just ordered the 85mm f/1.8. Thanks Peter!

  • Cameron K. Fong

    Coolpix? Especially if they are manufacturing in Indonesia, DSLRs have been made in Japan and Thailand and the Nikon 1 in China… Coolpix (which has been made all over the place in the past) would be my guess.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    FF mirrorless?

    • It’s too early for that 🙂

      • DouglasGottlieb

        I hope it isn’t too late! 🙂

        • Eric Calabros

          Never too late to remove something from DSLR, It maybe becomes too late to add things.

  • Fox sweN Lies

    Finally, the mythical D400 will be released.

    • Politics_Nerd

      For all practical purposes, the D750 is the D400. That is made clear by the shared AF system with the D4s. Of course, it is a FF camera but you can use it in DX mode. So maybe its the D400fx, if you will…

  • Hilaladdiyar Muhammad Nur

    Nikon full frame and mirrorless aren’t popular in Indonesia, but not for it’s entry-level cameras such as nikon d3000, d5000, and d7000 series. My guess… There will be updates for those line-up with new 17-55mm lense. Or maybe those are nikon DL cameras or new coolpix cameras, since coolpix is also very popular in indonesia.

  • MonkeySpanner

    No, I was at work earning a living. Believe it or not some people still do that.
    What I was getting at is – we were having a very specific conversation about a very specific mount by a very specific manufacturer. Then you come and say the sky is blue. Yes, it is blue, good observation. But it doesn’t add to the conversation we were having.
    Yes, I am fully aware that most of the world could care less about high end cameras. But the people who frequent this website, for the most part, do.

    • Andy Aungthwin

      No, the thread is about what Nikon is doing in Indonesia. Do you know anything about Indonesia?

      I have been there a number of times and I can tell you the type of cameas that they use.

      What did you add to the topic by telling people what YOU want?

      • MonkeySpanner

        Did you ever think that maybe these early registrations mean Nikon might release a new product in many different regions, not just the one place it was registered. Anyway, the topic shifted to the possibility of a new 1 series product – that is what I was commenting on.

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