Weekly Nikon news flash #356

→ The new 5daydeals.com deal on the Complete Photography Business bundle is priced at $87 ($1,900 value).

Commlite Nikon F-mount to Sony E-mount autofocus adapter 3Tokina-14-20mm-f2.0-AT-X-Pro-DX-lens
→ Now in stock:

→ Sigma announced new EF-630 flash for Nikon (pricing not yet available).

→ TopazLabs DeNoise 6 released (more info available here).

Henry's confirms the Nikon price increase I reported a week ago (the Nikon D500 is now listed at Amazon Canada).

Nikon Film Festival
The results from the Nikon Film Festival are out.

Nikon supports AFC Champions League 2016
→ Nikon supports AFC Champions League 2016.

Nikon SnapBridge: how to connect your Nikon Camera to your smart device.

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    Canadian photographers: with our prices going up in April, that means if you have used equipment to sell, it would be best to wait until then to put it on the market.

    • zorwick

      Well the price incrase happened in EUa few months back for new Nikon items. Some went up to 30%. Some time has passed already since and I missed to buy a new 24-70. Now the price is 400 euro higher, but the second hand price is the still the same as before, around 1000-1200. Same goes for the 14-24. 50 mm 1.4. Soo I dont know, the used market did not change to much here.

      • Mike

        Everyone who sells used on Craigslist or Kijiji usually knows that the lowest retail price is in their area. In Toronto, Aden typically has the best price. So sellers of gear will reference that as well. Conversely if someone is selling privately for current retail then the aware buyer will call them out and say “Aden has it for this much, no incentive to buy from you”. With retail going up, people will now be able to sell items at around what they bought it for.

    • blp

      i thought they had a price increase not so long ago.

    • Bogdan

      If you need some second-hand, buy it now. In Romania, prices were raised by 30% on the professional zooms. And now, people are selling their 70-200 f/2.8’s for a little bit more than they spent on Black Friday 2014. So they used a professional grade lens for 1.5 years and now they are selling it for more than they paid for new. Because “it’s in great condition, still under warranty, and if you don’t like the price, buy it new!!”. Some stores are making “rebates”, where they sell their old stock, at prices equal to those “full prices” from 3 months ago. I’m glad I snatched the 24 1.8G for a good deal ($850 equivalent, instead of $1100).

      • Pat Mann

        They’re not really getting more than they paid for it, because what they get is worth less now than it was when they originally bought it. They’re only getting more if what they’re buying now is locally-made goods that are at the same prices as before. That’s just the way inflation and currency fluctuations go. Hard to play at that game and win.

        • Patrick O’Connor

          Valid point but most people don’t live within a global market. The money they put back in the bank, from the sale of the lens, is more than the money they would have left in the bank had they not bought it.

          • captaindash

            And if they keep the money and the currency fluctuates the other way, their used goods sale from a year or two ago may actually increase in value. You retroactively get a higher price. Yay!

            • Patrick O’Connor


  • Eric Calabros

    Why Topaz doesn’t make a DeNoise for video?

    • Spy Black

      HitFilm Pro has video NR.

    • Patrick O’Connor

      Neat Video works pretty well too.

  • Richard Hart

    the commlite adaptor looks too good to be true (part from the price) It says it will be shipped in 45-60days of purchase. There is no protection for buying this! There are no independent reviews either

    • QuantalQuetzal

      I thought there was no adapter that was able to support auto functionality like AF… ?

  • TylerChappell

    Is the 5-day deal bundle even worth it? Or just a gimmicky hot mess?

    • nwcs

      Gimmicky. If you investigate some of those things in the bundle you’ll find the source web sites and you’ll see how everything is super inflated (including their egos). Besides, there’s the smell test. Is anything truly valuable discounted 95%?

      • Michiel953

        Of course not. Would you do that? It’s like a two (kit, zoom) lens camera bundle. You want the camera, not the lenses, even if they’re only a hundred bucks each.

        • nwcs

          Thing is, the lenses can be resold because they actually have some value. Most of the things in this list is really just stuff you could easily find for free with a google search or youtube search (for the video stuff).

          • Chris

            It seems to me that it’s a better business for them to write these books rather than focusing on their own photography business. If I have a golden clue I will not give it away.

            • nwcs

              Reminds me of something in Dilbert once: beware the advice of the successful – they don’t want company

      • TylerChappell

        Lol that’s what I had figured. Thanks for just a little more affirmation 😉

  • whisky

    i hope Henry’s and Amazon.CA will honor their pre-order prices.

    • Fly Moon

      i am going to pre-oder D500 from amazon.ca

    • KnightPhoto

      Never had an issue pre-ordering, always locked in the price for me in the past here in .CA

    • captaindash

      Honour or not, I can’t justify giving up $700 extra now, or $1250 extra later if they go up 20%. I can afford it, but I just can’t bring myself to pay it. It feels like paying down a high interest credit card. I work just as hard for the money but the extra disappears because of currency fluctuations?! Nope. I’m out.

  • Matt

    Can we talk about that SnapBridge video? They’re using a D3300 in that but.. the D3300 doesn’t have that feature. So what are we looking at here – Is this just an error on the part of whoever made the video, or an inadvertent D3400 announcement?

    • This was just for demo purposes, this camera did not actually run the new SnapBridge. They should have used the D500 instead.

      • PhilK

        The Snapbridge video I saw on the NikonUSA site a couple weeks ago showed a quick shot of a DSLR that didn’t appear to exist yet: something in the style of D7200/D750 with a Bluetooth logo on the top LCD – and not a D500.

        Perhaps it was just a testing prototype.

  • Spr Cmd

    I hope to see some lens rebate soon in March.

  • I’d just about kill to get my hands on a D500 and Tokina 14-20 2.0…

    • Patrick O’Connor

      Let me know when you would kill. I have a list that you could choose from. 😉

      • What, you don’t think I have my own list?

        • Patrick O’Connor

          Sure, but who’d give you that camera and lens for working on your own list!?
          By the time you got half way through mine, you’d be looking for a new place to keep all your new gear!

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