Nikon DL additional coverage

The one and only Nikon DL cameras hands-on report (for now) with sample photos can be found at

Update: there is now also a DL 18-50 preview on the same page.

Nikon 1" DL camera sensor size comparison:

Nikon USA has a nice dedicated page on the new DL cameras.

Updated Nikon DL pre-order links.

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  • doge

    Is this video shot with a DL?

    • sickheadache

      It is shot with Sony A7rll 4K. lol

      • Cinematism

        Nothing is impossible, but sure you are wrong, I don´t see the typical artifacts from Sony 🙂

  • doge

    This is a 100% marketing brochure. Not much new here.

  • waterengineer


  • Mike

    Interesting that he likes to shoot at the wide end of that lens where as 24mm is in the ‘middle’ of the 18-50. What’s appealing of the 18-50 too is that it has a built in ND filter. I don’t think the 24-85 does.

    • Shutterbug

      Correct it does not. 18-50 gets you nanocoating and ND filter, 24-85 gets you built in flash and 1:1 macro but omits the others (and vise versa).

      • Mike

        Ya, flash and macro don’t interest me. ND and Nano coating does though.

        • vFunct

          24-85 has an ND filter. The original reported specs were wrong.

      • jarmatic

        It does. It’s listed in the tech specs.

        Electromagnetic 7-blade iris diaphragm (built-in ND filter: -3 stops)

        • EnPassant

          It’s NikonUSA messing up facts as usual as they seem to write their own text rather than using the international marketing texts from Nikon.

          If you look at the page for DL18-50 there is nothing about a built-in ND filter in presentation or spec. sheet. At least not what I could find.

          Every other source say a built-in ND filter is inside DL-18-50 but not inside DL24-85.

          • Cinematism

            You are right, usually Nikon France has more info and more sample images

        • Shutterbug

          I hope you’re right but I’m pretty sure that is a typo.

    • Eric Calabros

      It does. DPR got it wrong I think, cause I read somewhere in Nikon website but now I can’t find the page. However, the people in Nikon who are responsible to help customers easily distinguish models, need to be fired 🙂

      • Mike

        Good to know. Lol

      • EnPassant

        No, the DL24-85 has no built-in ND filter. Nikonusa messed up the facts. Se also my comment below

    • Eric Calabros

      and one thing more, he didn’t mention the buffer. With mechanical shutter it does only 5fps, but for 100 shots. With electronic shutter it does 20fps (with AF) or 60fps (fixed focus), but for only 20 shots. Not gonna work for those who hoped to get something higher than J5. BUT if it means they reserved the big buffer thing for V3 replacement, I call it good news.

      • Mike

        For what I would do, 5 fps is actually pretty good. I’m not really a machine gun shooter. More like the guy in the video. I need to read up on the specs more. If it can do time lapse in camera…. I’m gonna preorder.

        • Eric Calabros

          “the camera shoot continuously while the shutter-release button is half pressed, recording 10 or 20 shots before and after the button is fully pressed.” and then let you select the best one.

          It does time-laps but for “maximum length of 10 seconds”. I don’t know they meant the entire clip length, or the time between shots.

          • Dewsy Sipos

            I think you can set the actual time as you wish, but the end result maxes out in 10 seconds.

        • Cinematism

          I have read yes, time lapse in camera, 4K and slow motion 120 FPS in FHD or 240 in HD

    • Shutterbug

      Correct, the 24-85 does not have a built in ND filter (or nanocoating). It gains a pop up flash, and true 1:1 macro mode over the 18-50 version.

      • BVS

        According to the Nikon USA site the 24-85 does have an ND filter, on the product page -> Tech Specs -> Lens -> Aperture.

        • Shutterbug

          You sir are correct – I confirmed this with a Nikon rep as well. Good news for all.

  • Kyle

    Really liking the idea of the 18-50 for general purpose travel.

  • Mike

    Beautiful looking and great images coming out of this. I’m quite astonished actually that what I’m seeing is from a 1″ sensor. Other than the sensor size, it’s a better functioning camera, it seems, than Nikon’s entry level DX cameras. This could be a a beta test of sorts, for a bigger sensor mirrorless body. This tech in a D3300 sized body, APS-C or FF, would be lights out.

    • Andy Aungthwin

      What, you only noticed now how good the IQ from a 1″ sensor is?

      IQ has been great since the V1 came out.

      Where are all the “geniuses” that said that the 1″ sensor was too small?

      • Mike

        Yes. Lol. It is too small for my purposes. For me it fits in the world of “don’t need my DSLR for this (or want to bring it), but I want better than my iPhone”. Other brands and Nikon’s 1 have been tempting but, “meh”. This ticks many boxes.

      • Cinematism

        Nowadays there are a lot of “experts” who are really mad about sensor´s size (yesterday they were mad about the megapixels), but a tiny sensor, if its a good sensor, has it´s own advantages. For example, I am almost sure that this cameras will bee very sharp even wide open, with my Sigma UWA lens and my FF camera body I need to close to f/11 to obtain an acceptable sharpness.

        • I think that’s the lens, not the sensor size.

          With my Samyang and Tokina UWA lenses, I get great sharpness, even at f/2.8.

      • neversink

        I own a Nikon 1 for fun. For assignments and serious work I only use Fx. Once enlarged, one can see the much lower IQ immediately. But these 1″ sensors are fun, and once in a blue moon I have sold a few images from them.

        • Andy Aungthwin

          Yes, the 1″ cameras are for fun, although of course you can make some great images with them.

          People seem to forget this. I have a D800 and a D600 but they are for serious work.

          The day I take both my FX bodies on a family vacation is when I know that I take photography too seriously.

  • mikeswitz

    I know I would by this camera, if it were a completely different camera and half the price.

    • vasras

      Best comment, made me laugh 🙂

    • jonra01

      So would I, but it doesn’t have 16k video at 600p.

  • Jonathan Björklund

    Looks good!

  • nwcs

    I’m tempted on these cameras. The 18-50 or 24-85. I can’t make up my mind. I think I’ll wait to see if Nikon 1 goes away or if a V4 comes out that really revs things up.

  • The interface of the camera is confusing. Exposure dial but no general command dial (e.g. changing aperture in A mode, or speed in S mode)? Or can it be customised to do whatever you want? Sadly I can’t seem to find the manual for these…

    Looking forward to reviews and to see if one of these will replace my Coolpix A.

    • hje

      you have one dial around the lens to change aperture and such stuff.

      • Shutterbug

        The MF ring cannot be assigned to anything else. There is a command dial on the back of the camera which will presumably be used for A and S modes.

        • Argh, why make this different from the DSLRs?

          Anyway, thanks for the info.

  • Cinematism

    I was already very interested with the first rumors published here about a UWA lens compact, but now with all the details revealed: ND filter, Nanocoating, VR, 4K, 20 fps, 171 phase and contrast autofocus points, I am really convinced. I also love the retro design and the deep black color, Its beautiful. A little detail that I liked too: DSLR menu instead of Nikon 1 or Nikon Coolpix menu.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Focus peaking! On a Nikon! And about time!

    • MonkeySpanner

      Totally. Welcome to 2011 Nikon.

  • Phillip

    Lowest ISO 160 ???

  • JJ168

    Would like to have the 18-50 version, maybe when they are on sale.

  • Shark

    more compacts.
    when i need shitty quality i have my smartphone.
    for me… at least aps-c or you can keep it.

  • Vagn-Ebbe Kier

    The best is the +/- 5 EV Exposure Compensation at the thumb. All other brands have only +/-3. This is the real modern tool for creating exposure expression on the fly for faster creativity.

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