Nikon D600 in the Philippines

Nikon D600 in the Philippines20
Nikon D600 in the Philippines is by Jan Berounský (website | Facebook):

Nikon D600 in the Philippines8
Nikon D600 in the Philippines9
Nikon D600 in the Philippines10
Last year I got offer to document a science project at Philippines. Our place to stay was Bohol island. I stayed here for almost 60 days.

I have been very excited from this trip because I live in middle of Europe and this is totally different culture for me.

Nikon D600 in the Philippines13
My equipment was Nikon D600 mainly used with Nikon 35mm f/2, Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8, Nikon 135mm f/2, Nikon 50mm f/1.8 and Samyang 8mm T/3.5 Fisheye. All packed in Tamrac Evolution 6 bag.

Nikon D600 in the Philippines6
For video I used Glidecam HD-4000 and DJI Phantom 2 with GoPro.

Nikon D600 in the Philippines11
Nikon D600 in the Philippines5
In this sunny place it was necessary to use ND filters on primes to get high apertures in video.

I was very afraid from high humidity there for my toys. Everyday in morning I have some wet spots on my D600 information display. After few hours the wet was gone.

Nikon D600 in the Philippines1
Because it was science trip I spent almost the whole day in corn and rice fields. Only last week when we were finished and we could enjoy some beach.

Philippino people were very friendly so we weren‘t worry too much about our safety.

Nikon D600 in the Philippines12
Nikon D600 in the Philippines3
Weather was changing there so quick from rain to sunny all the time. We also “survived“ two typhoons.

I also tried waterproof case Dicapac WP-S10 but it was not so good because my wide lens was a little tpp big for that.

Nikon D600 in the Philippines2
I didn’t have any problems with the equipment. Everything went well, only Glidecam was little rusty after few days.

If you want to see more of my photos you can see it on my Facebook page or my website. All photos from this trip you can find also on Facebook.

Nikon D600 in the Philippines4
Nikon D600 in the Philippines7
I have done small clip mixed from Nikon, Phantom and GoPro in underwater scenes. So enjoy!

Actually I‘ve arrived from another trip to Philippines. This time it was only vacation for five weeks with my friends.

We have explored five islands in Central Visayas (Bohol, Pamilacan, Negros, Apo island, Camiguin)

You can see whole gallery also on Facebook.

Manilla from air
Manilla from air
Boat on Bohol island
Boat on Bohol island
Chocolate hills
Chocolate hills
Cock fights on Pamilacan island
Cock fights on Pamilacan island
Turtles in Apo island. By GoPro Hero 4
Turtles in Apo island. By GoPro Hero 4
Kids playing at Camiguin airport
Kids playing at Camiguin airport
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  • Borgar Tessem

    Inspiring pictures and video, i will for sure follow those lines next time in Brazil or Asia! Nice work, a good evidence that D600 can do nice stuff, dont need higer clas cameras!

    • vousplaisentezouquoi

      The photographer (and the lens quality) is more important than the camera.
      And today you don’t need 90% of what the cameras can do…

      • fanboy fagz

        in good light any camera is good. after 3200 iso, thats what sets them apart. good lens helps a lot as well.

    • Hardcore_Fanboy

      in those situations even a D80 would make same quality downsampled web images…

      • FroBro

        oh you sound bitter.

        • Eledeuh

          But right. Those are ~900x600px, that’s 0.5MP.

          The photographer is what made most of this happen, although the D600 is a great camera it is doubtful that a considerably older one (like the D80) wouldn’t have been able to produce these images.

    • FroBro

      @BollaNiko:disqus No reason to wait until you travel to make such pictures. I’m sure your own home land has lots to offer.

    • captaindash

      The D600 had the second highest IQ of any DSLR ever when it came out, and it’s still about as good as it gets. (and no, 99.9% of people to this day will not be able to tell a D810 or brand new flagship of any maker image apart from a D600 image). For some reason the 4000 shutter speed and plastic build have people thinking it’s some ghetto cam. IQ wise it’s absolutely off the charts. Anyone scoffing at what it will produce hasn’t thought it through. It was an absolute steal for the money.

      • It still is.

        • captaindash

          Yup. I’m super happy that cameras aren’t obsolete in 2 years anymore. The growth has slowed considerably and it’s great. Processing too. My nearly 4 year old Macbook Pro still edits RAW files pretty much instantly.

  • Aldo

    Pleasure to read. Im a fan of your pictures.

  • Sometimes it’s refreshing to see the good views of my home country, Pilipinas. Now I just missed home.

  • ritmatt

    Love the photo with the three girls and the pig! Thanks for sharing.

    • nightoil

      Yes. Very natural. And nice use of the long lens.

    • fanboy fagz

      yes nice image. I wonder if the pigs name is savory or succulent.

  • ZZ

    Enjoyed the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  • Patrick O’Connor

    Nice photos and video.

  • D700s

    Nice job with the video. Enjoyed it very much.

  • TheInfinityPoint

    The 5th photo down with the blue-green water: I’m confused why the right water/sand edge is blurred out? And there is a blue-green cast in the middle of the photo on right where the trees are. Otherwise nice photos.

    • Jan Berounsky

      It’s because of the underwater case Dicapac. The plastic lens on it is not so good quality and also there were some water drops on it.

      • TheInfinityPoint

        Ah I see thanks for the clarification!

  • vousplaisentezouquoi

    Fresh and positive mind!

  • Martin K

    Very nice photos! AWESOME VIDEO!!!

  • fanboy fagz

    very nice pictures…eh, the fisheye picture with the kids in yellow..they are the nikon factory workers? maybe thats why the bad QC?

  • Mato

    Dovolená dle mých představ. Dobrý video.

  • PhilK

    Nice work… thanks for sharing.

  • And here i am from the Philippines, looking for an official Nikon center for my Nikon D600. Does any Filipino here know where to get the cleaning program Nikon officially stated?

  • preston

    love the chocolate hills photo!

  • Chocolate hills look so cool

  • Im sorry but the pictures are awful, most of them are exagerated hdr’s. I do applaud that you showcase different photographers but i don’t think this should be featured…. The video looks good…

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