Nikon has a patent for a smart watch that emits fragrance

Nikon watch
In December 2015 a new Nikon patent application was published in Japan for a smart watch that can emit fragrance:

Nikon smart watch fragrance patent
The patent was filed in June, 2014.

Via Egami, picture: eBay

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  • Melkor

    [French] Hein?!?!?

    • T.I.M

      French don’t have time for that, too busy having …. well, you know !

      • Melkor

        No, just saying that I was speaking french, my native language (I live in Quebec 😉 )

        • T.I.M

          C’est aussi mon language, mais je vis en Floride (un peu plus chaud que le Canada !)

          • abyssal

            Lucky man
            Sadly i live in france overtaxed

            • T.I.M

              I’m a Ch’ti (born 100m from Belgium border)

          • nwcs

            Glad my 6 years of French classes paid off now 🙂

        • Sebastien

          Super de voir d’autres gens du Québec !

  • Spy Black

    Can you program it to emit fart smells? Could come in handy when there’s people around you don’t want hangin’ around…

    • Paco Ignacio

      Well… We don’t need a watch for that

    • harvey

      beans, many beans …

    • Jebagi Erol Paker

      You rather need it for fully concentrated but unintentionally farting photogs while taking pictures next to you

    • Bo Dez

      ha ha haaaaaa

    • stormwatch

      That would be very useful in the case of theft. If the clock would emit strong farting odours right into the thiefs face. When I think a bit better about this idea, Nikon should install this anti theft farting device in any future product….and retrofit the older ones.

      • Spy Black

        Right. From Smartwatch to Fartwatch…

  • Wally Brooks


  • catinhat

    I think this would work better in a camera, after all you put your nose to it.

  • j j

    I hope it will also emit pheromones and come with a fedora. Females will be attracted to my big 200-500mm and then the fragrant pheromones will send them right over the top. Between that and the fedora, no female will be able to resist.

    I will be a chick magnet muauauuaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa…

    • harvey

      until someone shows up with their Canon.

      • JasonsArgonauts

        Yeah, everyone knows that white lenses are more sexy.

        • harvey

          No, everyone knows that once you go black, …

          • JasonsArgonauts

            I wasn’t going there… 😉

            • harvey

              PC, be damned …

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    Τhats not the hands on review of D500 and full res raw samples i am waiting for

  • Nimloth

    Your patent stinks.

  • ZoetMB

    Can you watch movies made in Smell-O-Vision on it?

  • Mr_Miyagi

    So Nikon engineers were spending time working on smelly watches instead of mirrorless cameras? The whole idea of this watch stinks. It’s time for Nikon to get back to business.

    • harvey

      anything for a yen.

  • wapiti

    Oil release based on D600 sensor technology.

  • usa

    A Nikon product Jared Polin is qualified to review.

  • Max


  • Julian

    Is it Japanese April 1st on Feb 3rd?

  • FredBear

    If no one notices you purchased this watch then you can provide them with a hint such as “If you hear something and smell something it’s me!”

  • Michiel953

    Synasthaesia anyone?

    Anyway, this announcement does it. I’m switching to Canon.

    • Max

      Canon will never randomly announce a smelly watch. So boring.. Nikon does weird and random shit. I love Nikon.

      • Michiel953

        Canon doesn’t have a smelly watch. They’re sane.

        • silmasan

          OK, from Google translator it is mentioned as “fragrance”. Bing translates it as “air freshener”.

          Either way it uses a “cartridge”, and the possibilities are endless. Roses, hallucinogens, aerosolized cyanide maybe? Or the essence of… flatulence. You guessed it.

      • silmasan

        Hahaha. Seriously though, easy to see the line of reasoning:
        Why Apple wasn’t first, no idea, but since they’re kinda working together, maybe they’ll work it out.

        • silmasan

          OK, from Google translator it is mentioned as “fragrance”. Bing translates it as “air freshener”.

          Either way it uses a “cartridge”, and the possibilities are endless. Roses, hallucinogens, aerosolized cyanide maybe? Or the essence of… flatulence. You guessed it.

        • silmasan

          OK, Google translates it is as “fragrance”. Bing translates it as “air freshener”.

          Either way it uses a “cartridge”, and the possibilities are endless. Roses, hallucinogens, aerosolized cyanide maybe? Or the essence of… flatulence. You guessed it.

      • harvey

        Canon – M mirror less cameras.

  • Nikos Delhanidis
  • Sawyerspadre

    Smokescreen for a BIG announcement. I can smell it coming …

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Put this away and get to work on that FF mirrorless.

  • jarmatic

    The watch will offer real time, turn-by-turn directions based on triangulation of your position using GPS, or Global Positioning Smell-oscope.

  • nwcs

    Perfect to pair with my smellovision TV set.

  • neversink

    Phew!! Something stinks in here!!

  • Jebagi Erol Paker

    something like this would be better for eye tired phototogs

  • Jebagi Erol Paker

    seems Nikon finished this year’s to do items

  • Mike

    This willbe good for previous D600 owners who miss the smell of shutter lube in the morning.

  • Bo Dez

    fck’n LOL

  • Bo Dez

    what it forgot to mention is it sprays out the scent of a darkroom.

  • Noor

    Not sure this one passes the smell test.

  • whisky

    the concept of tying scent to our circadian rhythm is not new. this could be a bargaining chip in a patent pool with apple or some other technology provider. it’s difficult to know w/o the reasons that led to patenting this invention. JMO.

  • Cool.

    Next up: A DSLR that waterskis. An impressive Nikon promo video will depict the camera doing a waterski jump right over a shark.

  • jsvfoto

    It’s Nikon’s subtle way to let its loyal crowd know to “wait” for the sweet smell of amazing new things. In time the baby D4 and the baby D5 shall arrive…just wait for them.

  • dbltax

    I wonder if it works the same way that citronella bark collars do for dogs, emitting an unpleasant smell when the photographer does something that they shouldn’t… Like chimp, shoot photos of their lunch or use the pop-up flash.

  • Aekn

    This seems more like a Pentax product to me.

  • Clubber Lang

    The only thing I smell is a fire sale and When it hits I’m going to have one of these hickermajiggers for each wrist and ankle. I’m going to smell like sweet honeysuckle on a vine.

  • Max

  • Serge S Frolov

    So this is what Nikon is wasting R&D time and money on….

  • MY OB

    So, after we eat a can of beans, can we load our own fragrances?
    How about other fragrances….
    like, say, OLD DOG “fragrance”?
    How about BEER “fragrance”?
    or maybe, INDIAN FOOD “fragrance”? That should clear a room!

    I wonder if they will have a Capture NX-D “fragrance”. No, if there was ever an OUTHOUSE SMELL THAT COULD CLEAR A ROOM, that would be it!!


    How about you spend the effort to bring back Capture NX-2 and bury that embarrassment you market called NX-D? That might be time better spent because the fragrance coming off NX-D is a true STINKER!

    Just a thought.

    Because, if I was in charge, Nikon, I would be REALLY embarrassed about now and maybe take the executive who said, “WE WILL GIVE THEM NX-D”, and strongly suggest seppuku! Just a thought. Or maybe throw him off the building or out a window. That would work too.

  • Alexander Thomas

    Excuse me while I quietly switch to Sony… *sigh*.

  • Curtis

    So Nikon has figured out how to develop smelly watches, but can’t seem to figure out how to fit wifi into a giant $6500 camera?

  • Fred

    “A rose smells. You, madam, stink”!

  • aarif

    free with every purchase above 500$

  • SomeGuy

    Why on earth?
    Imagine pouring the time and resources into other more important things that are needed for us and this world.

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