Check out these Nikon cameras

→ Another Nikon F3 NASA camera on eBay.

Nikon chocolate camera
→ This is it - the best Nikon camera: it costs only $36 and is made out of... chocolate. Spotted by Arnaud Zufferey in Vienna, Austria.

Pre-release ultraportable DSLR.
Pre-release camera #2.
→ Check out also this mini-Nikon on flickr.

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  • Patrick

    The F3 was a wonderful camera…

    • PhilK

      Mine was stolen from me by a mob while shooting the Rodney King riots. Along with my 35/1.4 and MD-4. 🙁

    • RMJ

      Still is.

  • Spy Black

    That chocolate Nikon looks like it dates back to when the FM was popular…

    • Paco Ignacio

      Looks like it’s made out of poop.

    • Phil Harris

      The FM(/2) is still popular…

    • Amy Enyart

      The chocolate has “bloomed,” it’s not might not be old.

      • Spy Black

        It was a joke…

  • T53

    I still use an F3. Marvelous Camera

  • ZoetMB

    Wasn’t there some Japanese candy that had a “prize” of a miniature Nikon F (not working, of course). I always wanted one of those.

    I still have an F3HP and MD-4 as well. It was my father’s and while he was a pro, he was not a war photographer, but this camera looks like it’s been through the war. I’ll admit that I haven’t used it in several years. Sometimes I pull it out for b&w film work. I do love that large viewfinder and the ability to really see focus.

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