Nikon accessories sale at Adorama

Nikon Accessories Sale
Adorama currently has several Nikon accessories on sale  - check them out here (mainly batteries and lens hoods). Free shipping included. Offer ends on February 2nd.

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  • chromedome

    FYI: B&H’s normal prices for these batteries come out to less than this deal at Adorama (depending on where you live) because Adorama charges sales tax, B&H does not.

    • Spy Black

      Sales tax or not, the prices for some are cheaper. The “sale” price of the ML-L3 IR Remote Control Transmitter at Adorama is $18.99, while the regular price at B&H is $17.95. Granted, I’ve bought things at Adorama that have been cheaper than B&H.

      • CERO

        and sometimes they are even cheaper at Amazon.

  • T.I.M

    Well, I know it’s batteries, but they still charge a lot for them !

  • How is EN-EL15 on D810, does it last a day long shoot (i.e. travel)? I haven’t use the one that came with my D810 as I’m using EN-EL18a always.

    • Bar b q

      Depends on how much you use live view and the temperature you’re using it in. Assuming normal temperatures and tasteful use of live view, I’d say one battery can get you through a day but I’d be more comfortable with 2.

      • chromedome

        I agree: I seldom go run the battery in the grip down during a day of shooting — unless I need to be using the screen a lot. I always have the second battery in the camera body, but I drop a couple extras in the bag anyway.

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