Deal of the day: refurbished Nikon D800E for $1,969

A refurbished Nikon D800E camera is now $1,969 with free shipping when you use code RULEOF3RDS (expires 01/18). This is a new low price for the D800E.

See all refurbished Nikon deals at BuyDig.

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  • Ric of The LBC

    here is the description on the link.

    “Handling agility fused with Nikon’s 12.1-megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor, the D700 assures professional image quality with low-noise, high-ISO performance”
    eh, wat?

    • John Picking

      Finally the D700 replacement…

      • Michiel953

        And that for only 2k!

      • catinhat

        Speaking of D700 replacements, a nice D3S can be had nowadays for less than the D500, not to mention the $400 grip.

        • …and ebay is loaded with really clean, low mileage D700s for way under a grand. Remember when it was the camera of the century?

          • catinhat

            It looks like with each new generation release, the TOL of the previous generation loses about a third of its value. When D4 came out, D3S drop to under $3500. With D5 release, D3S is in the $1600-1700 range.

            • PhilK

              Unfortunately, most of those D3 series have a million miles on them. And when they don’t, they aren’t $1600, at least they certainly aren’t around here.

              There’s one on craigslist in that range, it has 140,000 actuations on the ticker.

            • catinhat

              Well, you take chances even with a brand new body. The shutter of a D3S is rated at 300K, so it may last a while, depending on the level of abuse. Shutter replacement, if and when you need it, won’t cost a fortune, assuming there are still D3S replacement shutters to be found at that time. It is all a gamble anyway and nothing lasts forever. Would I pay $1600 for a body with 140,000 clicks?– not sure, it doesn’t sound like a huge bargain, but it doesn’t seem to be a major ripoff either.

            • PhilK

              Having purchased lots and lots of second-hand camera and electronic equipment over the years (a significant portion of which had hidden defects that could not be ascertained until owning it a while), I tend to not take obvious risks, especially on complex mechanical things. So until I am personally well-acquainted with a used-equipment seller, I tend to stick with camera equipment that could be described as “pristine”, or at least buy from someplace that has a strong warranty. Especially for items where the cost of a repair will often come perilously close to the price I paid for it.

            • catinhat

              Adorama and KEH both give 6 months warranty on used gear IIRC, may try to look there.

            • PhilK

              Last used body I purchased from a vendor in VA that has a similar warranty, they work through Amazon so no setting up new payment arrangements or worrying about security issues, the item was straight-up mint condition including the box and everything inside, had ~2200 actuations, had a nice talk w/ the store owner before they shipped it and everything works perfectly. Happy as a clam. 😉

          • PhilK

            Shhhh…. let them all buy flimsy D600s and D750s… , more nice extra FF bodies for me.. 😀

        • jarmatic

          But how will I focus if I can’t poke the screen?

          • catinhat

            Yes, you won’t be able to focus with your nose.

        • stormwatch

          And D3s is still THE MACHINE!

          • catinhat

            it sure is.

  • T.I.M

    You can’t go wrong with the D800E (D300+D500)

    • Aldo

      Actually I would advice for a used or refurbished d810 against this deal

      • Andrew

        True. And besides, with the release of the D5 in March 2016, one can expect the D820 will be launched this fall in 2016.

        The D810 was released in June of 2014 following a 2 year release cycle with the D4s coming out four months earlier in February of 2014. The new AF system and EXPEED 5 image processor will make the D820 a formidable upgrade.

    • MonkeySpanner

      D400 + D400 😉

  • whisky

    wow … you can almost buy a D500 for that.

    • VanHoff


  • I don’t think I could bring myself to buy this when adorama has d810 refurbs for $2279

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