Nikon released firmware updates (version 1.03) for the D7100 and D5200 DSLR cameras

Nikon released new firmware updates (version 1.03) for both the D7100 and D5200 DSLR cameras. Here are the details:

Nikon D7100 firmware version 1.03 change log

  • Reduced noise (horizontal lines) in movies shot with 1280×720; 60p or 1280×720; 50p selected for Frame size/frame rate.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the display to darken when images were viewed by pressing the (playback) button.
  • Fixed an issue with the menus for some languages where continued scrolling would cause the camera to freeze.
  • Fixed issues with the virtual horizon displayed using the Viewfinder virtual horizon option.
  • Fixed an issue with the camera freezing when the Clean image sensor option was used.

Nikon D5200 firmware version 1.03 change log

  • Reduced noise (horizontal lines) in movies shot with 1280×720; 60p or 1280×720; 50p selected for Frame size/frame rate.
  • Fixed an issue with the camera freezing when the Clean image sensor option was used.
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  • Jim Huang

    If they can also fix the noise issue for D7100 film at full HD then it will be awesome…..

  • fred

    The usual ‘update’ warning, be wary if you are using non-Nikon batteries, they may not work after you install this update…

    • Matthew Fleisher

      Last time I updated firmware on two of my cameras, I lost a battery grip and a lens. If I could unupdate I would, and I’ll never do it again.

    • valdazis

      Just uploaded the FW for my D7100 and my 3 party batteries work well.

  • Good for D7100/D5200 owners. I’m still waiting for the Nikon advanced/subscription based firmware program (the one announced here back in spring) for D8xx, etc.

    One can still dream, even in the face of reality, right? I don’t understand why Nikon doesn’t do that, given the responses we had just on this forum.

  • stormwatch

    This is strange, they could fix the horizontal noise in 1280×720 modes, but can’t do that in 1080 and stills. It just tells me that somebody in Nikon said that firmware of D7100 must brake down the superb hardware, otherwise no one would ever by another DX camera.

    • Jim Huang

      Exactly my point!

  • T.I.M

    I wish Nikon have a firmware update for my mother-in-law, to much noise…

    • Hardcore_Fanboy

      next time take a FX (full size) mother in law – you can not hear those bit_ches till iso 3200

    • nwcs

      It’s a feature of the D900. Just wait till next month.

      • T.I.M

        October 28th, I’ll be at NY for the release, I still don’t know if it will have GPS (48mp, clean 800 ISO)

        • whisky

          just to be clear … Nikon typically “announces” cameras from Japan (first), and then releases them afterwards from their non-north american factories. 🙂

          • T.I.M

            yes that’s true, I must have drink to much of you.

        • nwcs

          Ever watch Field of Dreams?

          • T.I.M

            no, I’m too busy posting crazy comments on NR

    • Photobug


  • BrainBeat

    While I do have a D7100 I do not see any reason to update it from stock.
    If only Nikon would actually use updated to significantly improve their camera and not just fix bugs like Fuji for example seems to. Then I am sure I would be more happy to risk updating it that is unless they also charged for the update.

    • Photobug

      Oh that is coming….charging for updates.

      • I do hope it comes, paid or not. There’s more to the hardware, I believe, than the original firmware allows/exposes.

  • gadabra

    Hi Guys, this may not be the most appropriate place to ask a question but maybe someone out there can help. I have a D5200 with a ‘feature’ that drives me nuts – in the Release Mode you can select various shutter options including single shot, low speed continuous, high speed continuous and 2s delay. If I select either S, L or H when I press the shutter for a second time after the first shot the camera has (not unsurprisingly) remembered the shutter setting and continues to use it. However, if I select the 2s option the camera only uses it once and forgets about for the second and any subsequent shutter release. So when the cameras set up on a tripod for a long exposure I have to continuously select 2s every time I take a picture. Why?

    • CaMeRa QuEsT

      That’s how Nikon has set its consumer DSLRs to work. If you need a fixed timer release position, you will need to buy a D7100 or up.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    C’mon Nikon, just port the D7200 firmware for the D7100. The shadow banding issue hasn’t been on any other Nikon camera before or since, it is thus a design/manufacture flaw. Be humble, “repair” the damage and earn back the trust of your customers.

    • chkchkboom

      Then we won’t buy D7200. I want video histogram!!

  • Eric

    What about the D5300??
    Please, Nikon….give us D5300 users something also!!!

  • milkod2001

    no updates for D750? Image preview is terribly slow even with the fastest SD cards 🙁

  • Luis F. Vidal

    Have those two cameras and I’ve never had any of those issues, except the video relative ones because I don’t shoot video. Never have. My desire of assign movie button fades away again…

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