Deal of the day: Nikon D4 for $2,995.95

Adorama currently has refurbished Nikon D4 cameras for $2,995.95 with free shipping (lowest price so far). This deal is available on their website and on their eBay store. Only 3 units were left at the time of this post. The cameras are refurbished by Nikon USA and come with 90 days USA warranty.

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  • Spy Black

    Make room on the shelves for the D5…

    • Andrew

      It should be awesome with a new EXPEED image processor. But how many people can afford $6,500?

      • Aldo

        A lot

      • Craig John

        The D4s is already $6500, so expect the D5 to push the $7,000 barrier.

      • mikeswitz

        Those that make money with their camera.

      • Come to think of it, According to nikon, if you want a good camera with high frame rate and good built, you will have to buy only an FX flagship as they have crippled or discontinued or stopped updating the other affordable options ( And please do not say the names D810/D7200 because that is not it). As nikon must have made surveys before making these decisions and have data to back them up, obviously Anybody and everybody who could afford D700, D300 would be able to afford D5.

        • Andrew

          The market drives prices and affordability wise the D610 at $1,499 fits the bill. But that price is meant to transition folks to FX based cameras and push sales of Nikon lenses. It also makes full frame cameras for professionals in emerging economies more affordable.

          But per your comment, what other affordable camera option have they discontinued? The D810 (36 MP) at $3,300 replaces the D3x (24 MP) at $8,000. It seems as if Nikon is giving you more at significantly lower prices.

          • The topic is only about high fps-good built quality cameras and not about general do all cameras. According to birders etc, anything below 8 fps is not good enough. Same about built . D700 type built and ergonomics is considered to be a norm. As for D3x, it never fit the fast camera bill. It was a studio camera. And as I said in my post, D810 is not it because of it’s fps.

            • Andrew

              I hear you, let us wait and see what frame rate the new EXPEED image processor adds to the new round of cameras to be released this fall or early spring 2016. But as far as build, those cameras are always going to be bulky and heavy, and Nikon seems to be moving towards smaller and lighter cameras.

            • Amen to additional FPS. Yes pro stuff is bulky and heavy, but that helps their reliability. Also smaller and lighter is good as long as built quality is not sacrificed.

  • Photobug

    This is a sure sign that the new model is on the way.

  • Aldo

    There’s your d700 replacement

    • Neopulse

      LOL, that was perfect. And it has video to boot.

    • Captain Megaton

      Thread. Won.

    • Andrew

      The D700 was Nikon’s biggest blunder, releasing a $5,000 camera for $3,000. Never will that happen again 😉

      What were they thinking? Every smart marketer knows never to raise a customer’s expectations if you cannot continuously meet it. And here they were thinking that the D800 would meet the needs of those wedded to a true classic. Nikon needs to re-release the D700 and be done with it. Nothing will ever take the place of that camera! I knew they were in for trouble when they added a flash to the D800. And who needs video, the D700 was fine as it was without video. Ah nostalgia, that is what makes us so human!

  • Brent Busch

    “new low price”

    Same price I paid two months ago for the same deal.

  • Hell of a deal for a machine like that.

    • kbb

      Unless it has 300,000 cycles on it…with Nikon refurbs, it could. Nikon performs no service or maintenance whatsoever on refurbs.

      • Captain Megaton

        Aren’t refurbs returned, open box stock?

        Are you are suggesting someone bought one, held the shutter down in continuous mode for TWELVE HOURS and then returned it to the store?

      • Scott M.

        Sure they do service on refurbished. Maybe not free everything. You are thinking gray market, I think.

  • MRomine

    Wow that is a great price. I sold my used one last month with 154,000 clicks along with XQD reader and some cards for $3,300.00

    • Spy Black

      Well, now you can buy it back for only $2995.95…

    • Neopulse

      Ain’t so bad the shutter count. You sold it cheaper than expected in my opinion if the body was in good condition still.

      • MRomine

        I wish I could have gotten more. I did a fair amount of research before putting a price on mine. Lots of people have been unloading D4 in the first quarter of this year. I was amazed that many were selling them under $3k with less than 100K shutter actuations. The thing that helped me to sell mine and to get the price that I wanted was the XQD reader and the large CF cards that I bundled with it. It’s a buyer’s market for used D4 right now.

        • I just bought mine for $2900 (¥320,000) from Janpara in Tokyo, full kit a 32Gb one of those funky Sony cards and a reader. Studio use only (body looked mint) 90k actuations, new, boxed battery. Very sweet. Made half the money back in three nights.
          I ahve only one gripe, as with most Nikon cameras. WTF is it with all the focus points on FX clusted uselessly around the centre?

  • Neopulse

    All gone it seems on the eBay and possibly the Adorama store too.

  • Arthur Tazo

    A sure sign that D400 is on the way.

    • I hope you’re right but if not, Samsung has a 28 MP, 15 FPS, CF body, and as soon as they fill out their lens lineup, they will be very competitive. Their lens lineup is expanding quickly and meets or exceeds Nikon lens quality. I know the Samsung is cropped frame, but the D5 will be $6,000 more expensive.

      • Spy Black

        ” Their lens lineup is expanding quickly and meets or exceeds Nikon lens quality.”

        While this may certainly be possible, where do you get this information from?


          I believe I saw a review on their new 50-150 F2.8 in Modern Photography Mag. There are several other lenses that are very high quality. This is a new system with new lenses and they are relatively expensive. This system will not be for the amateur shooter.

          • Spy Black

            I have no doubts Samsung has a serious camera and agenda, but I have yet to see any comparative tests.

            I believe if Samsung sticks with this, and especially if they venture into FF, they will trump not only Nikon and Canon, but Sony, who is probably the main target in their sites for the moment. Samsung has all the resources and drive to do this. Samsung now is where Sony was in the 80s, virtually unstoppable.

            If they don’t wake up, Nikon and Canon will never know what hit them.

            • “Samsung now is where Sony was in the 80s, virtually unstoppable.” Except for their dismal smartphone flagship sales, of course. Samsung is sitting on collossal stock of S6. They shipped 15 million S6 and 5 mill S6 Edge devices. Apparently total sales (according to samsung for both models, not broken down individually) is 10m. That is 1m less than the S5 which was a rather large flop itself. Still, Samsung is a healthily diverse company so it should be able to cover the losses from its other divisions.

            • Spy Black

              You own an iPhone, I see…

            • Yes, actually I do own an iPhone 4s, but you can’t take it: It’s mine.

              I like it, ‘coz it’s small.

  • bgbs

    Have u noticed that the last 20 posts or so on this site are not about rumors? These are just fill-in fluff to create an impressions that something is cooking at nikonrumors when in reality it’s cold turkey.

    • this is normal – every year around this time is very slow, thing will pickup again in August/September

    • dclivejazz

      Well, I’m glad to hear about deals like these, and they have implications about upcoming releases, too.

    • If you’re bored you could always start a rumor of your own? LOL

    • Andrew

      You’re a funny guy, you gave me lots of laughs 😉

  • Michael_Foley

    This or a D810? Sports photography/video work.

    • jojo

      If you don’t know, perhaps it shouldn’t be either?

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