Another new low price: refurbished Nikon D610 camera for $1,049.99

Another new low price: the refurbished Nikon D610 is now $1,049.99 on eBay (it was $1,149 few days ago, regular price is $1,496.95 after the $500 rebate).

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  • AlphaTed

    Wow. Lower than the D7200.

  • fanboy fagz

    nice price to break into FF. from DX to FF, the lenses is where its really going to hurt. still, 10mp dx is not that bad to stick with DX and build up over time.

  • KT

    Deals like this are the reason why Nikon will not invest in development of prime lens for the DX system. They expect all serious amateurs / semi-pro photographers to move up to the FX system, for everyone else, there’s the kit lens 18-140

    • jvm156

      i didn’t buy an FX body till this year but aside from my 35mm prime I always stuck with FX lenses cus they work great on DX cams and let you build up a quality lens collection to eventually upgrade to an FX body

    • TheInfinityPoint

      Totally agree, given the dearth of any new DX lenses outside of kit lenses.

      Nikon always says they “treat FX and DX customers equally.” To them “better DX lenses” means refreshing kit lenses. As far as I can remember into the past ~1-2 years, their new DX lenses were the 18-55 VR II, 55-200 VR II, 18-300 f/3.5-5.6, 18-300 f/3.5-6.3. To me this means they really want their DX lenses to cater to casual photographers.

      I’ve moved to FX a while ago so I’m not actually bitter about anything, but I empathize with those who want better DX specific lenses (whatever their reason for wanting a DX lens).

    • Captain Megaton

      Just use an FX lens. There is no need for more DX prime lenses, except perhaps in the wide end 13-18 mm. Everything else is pretty much covered already.

      • captaindash

        The best part is that if you have both formats, you basically double the amount of zoom lenses you have. I shot a fashion show years ago where I wanted to be around that 70mm range in DX, but on both sides of it. It was frustrating switching between the 24-70 and 70-200 constantly. Now I have both formats so the 70-200 would be perfect in that situation using FX.

    • Deep_Lurker

      Nikon may well expect this, but they are foolish to do so. First, these are fire-sale prices that Nikon can’t keep selling at. Second, DX really is a “sweet spot” for a lot of us, and so trying to move us to FX just isn’t going to work. And third, by going “FX only” they are losing sales to the high end pros and amateurs who want both an FX and a DX body.

  • Remember how everyone was excited prior to the release of the D600 at the prospect of a “$1500 full frame”?

    • fanboy fagz

      people were going crazy here when peter posted refurbed D600/24-85 set selling for $1600 or so.

  • stormwatch

    Just 50$ down and it’s done! FF under 1000$!!!

  • Spy Black

    DX? We’ve heard of it…

    • captaindash

      A slow shutter FX with expensive sensor is great for ‘regular’ (and hi iso) pics. DX with cheap sensor but better shutter and body is great for ‘special’ pics. Same price, just different priorities. DX still has use so they can’t get rid of it. Even Nikon can’t be THAT stupid.

      • In fact where very high iso is not important, Dx works better for me as I can use my 1.8 lenses wide open to get desired DOF whereas with FF I have to stick to 3.2 upwards. Means I get an exposure advantage with Dx. Lightweight is an added bonus. Now if only they could make the VF a bit brighter…..

        • fanboy fagz

          benefit to both formats really. DX is great for wildlife. better DOF.
          FF for better film perspective, high iso.

          shame the clowns in japan are neglecting lenses for the DX crew. I think a D400 is long out but at least bring lenses that people need.

      • fanboy fagz

        “Even Nikon can’t be THAT stupid”

        they made a selfie stick.

  • Nikon1isAwesome!


  • catinhat

    I hope the sensor is properly lubricated.

    • Andrzej Lukowiec

      It is. My D610 (exchanged by Nikon for “faulty” D600), after about 600 shots, already developed spots 🙁

      • mikeswitz

        And you still don’t know how to clean your sensor?!

        • Andrzej Lukowiec

          Well, I do know. I’ve learned the hard way. Having Nikon camera it isn’t a problem 😉 I scratched OLPF on my D5100. I wished, Nikon had learned their lesson. Strange, my other (mirrorless) camera, with completely “naked” sensor, and shutter closing/opening/closing/opening during every picture, has no dust/oil on it… 😀

          • mikeswitz

            One of the advantages of mirrorless. No need for oil.

  • D650 must be just around the corner.

  • decisivemoment

    This is staggering. How much product is in the channel? How much has consumer demand been saturated?

    • Thom Hogan

      You got it. The answers are: “way too much” and “more than has been reported.” I believe that the CIPA forecasts for ILCs for this year may be 2m units too high, and even that would put production above demand.

  • Horshack

    Full frame at near $1k, apocryphal reports of 7DM2 demand drying up after the initial pent-up demand satisfied (and now available for $1199 grey market). Doesn’t bode well for a D400 ever seeing the light of day.

  • CERO

    god bless the price drops!
    I got mine at 1,500 on january.
    and now its at less than 1,100?? D:

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