Nikon Capture NX-D 1.0.3 and ViewNX 2.10.2 released

Nikon released Capture NX-D 1.0.3 and ViewNX 2.10.2 updates. Here is a list of the modifications enabled in those versions:

Capture NX-D 1.0.3

Modifications that apply to both the Windows and Macintosh versions

  • When images were adjusted in any of the following ways using Edit palette functions, and Capture NX-D was then launched again, the results of adjustments were not reflected. This issue has been resolved.
    - When White Balance was fine-tuned after selecting Use Gray Point or using the Gray Point Sample Tool
    - When the Quick Adjust setting under Picture Control was changed
    - When the luminosity curve was adjusted by moving the black-point input slider to a setting other than "0" with Master Lightness selected for LCH
    - When the chroma curve was adjusted by moving the output slider to a setting other than "0" with Chroma selected for LCH
    - When the tone curve was adjusted by moving the Levels & Curves black-point input slider to a setting other than "0"
  • When a settings file, with which the Quick Adjust setting under Picture Control had been changed, was saved, the value saved for Quick Adjust only was "0". This issue has been resolved.
  • When RAW images captured with cameras that support the Better Quality 2013 option for Noise Reduction in the Edit palette were adjusted, and the Intensity setting under Luminance was once changed to "0", subsequent changes to the Intensity setting were not reflected. This issue has been resolved.
  • When the output slider was moved to a setting other than "0" with Chroma selected for LCH in the Edit palette, anchor points could not be added to the chroma curve at the intended positions. This issue has been resolved.
  • When multiple images were captured with a User Custom Curve modified using a camera that does not support Picture Controls applied, changes made to the User Custom Curve during shooting were not reflected in images captured after the User Custom Curve had been changed. This issue has been resolved.

Additional modifications to the Windows version

  • When Capture NX-D was launched with a single-display system after having been used with a multi-display system, an error was displayed and the application could not be launched. This issue has been resolved.
  • An issue that sometimes caused Capture NX-D to freeze when keyboard operations were performed while working with the Edit palette has been resolved.

Additional modifications to the Macintosh version

  • When the keyboard shortcut (SHIFT + 0) was used to delete ratings, labels rather than ratings were deleted. This issue has been resolved.

ViewNX 2.10.2

  • Support for the COOLPIX S6900 has been added.
  • When image files are moved, copied, or deleted in ViewNX 2, sidecar files associated with the image files are now also moved, copied, or deleted along with image files.  However, when image files are moved or copied to destinations outside of ViewNX 2, such as the desktop, sidecar files associated with the images files will not be moved or copied accordingly.

For US readers, here is a link to Nikon USA support page.

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  • Maji

    I wish they work with Nik Software/Google and get the U-points back in to the software again.

    • Eric Calabros

      lack of U-points is the only problem of this software? I dont think so. Look at these bugs.. Its like a student project!

      • Envirobob

        “C” students!

  • Isaac Alonzo

    I thought I’d never say this but, quit on Nikon software and moved towards Lightroom and ACR because the only thing that kept me was the U-point that no longer is featured, so rather got Viveza and the other plugins.

    • yrsued

      I moved towards Lightroom too. I was a Big fan of Capture since Capture 2, When NX came out, it was a BIG Improvement and so intuitive, when this POS came out, I knew I had to find something else. I only do minor Post Production, my business partner does most of the stuff that goes out to clients, but I moved to Lightroom to do minor quick proofs to send off to clients to approve.

      • Isaac Alonzo

        saddens me to move away from it but as soon as I introduced Lightroom to the workflow I can complete a wedding in a couple of hours instead of a couple of days! But with the CC providing constant updates it’s hard to argue the value in it.

  • Harry Lavo

    Ditto Isaac

  • kbb

    It certainly runs as if it were a student project alpha/experiment on my Mac.

    • iIII

      Try windows 🙂

  • Andrew

    I’ve used pretty much everything – View NX, CNX 2, Lightroom, ACR, Aperture, Capture One – I can testify earnestly that in the present form Capture NX-D is total crap and belongs to a trash bin, unlike CNX 2 which is a very solid performer albeit slow at batch.

    • yrsued

      Now that I’m doing Lightroom I’ve figured out how slow NX2 batching really was!!

  • Focuspuller

    Amazingly, ViewNX2 STILL does not talk to CNX-D, yet by default will open an image in CNX2.

  • Mrpong
    • peterw

      D810 wins resolutionwise with about a factor 2. Three slightly blurry “fours” and one very clear (with indeed some noice in the background). I’d choose the D810 from these pictures.

    • Matt012

      Nice! D750 is cleary a winner.

      • D4s

        D4s is much better.

        • Hennry_s

          Do you use both? I work in studio and we have D4s and recently just got D750. In terms of high ISO handling, D750 looks better and smoother.

          • Vadim Calinici

            High ISO in studio??? LOL

        • Matt012

          Much better?

          • D4s

            OK, after down-sampling maybe not, but:

            • Isaac Alonzo

              IMO I’d rather buy 2 D750 instead of a single D4s, if money is an issue I know the D4s is a monster but dual camera setup in a wedding environment is way safer. Still I wish I won the powerball or something :/

            • D4s

              Yes, of course, D4s is a very special(ized) tool 🙂 But anyway, no problem with D750. It is a great camera and can focus in dark.

            • Isaac Alonzo

              Deep down I am going after a couple of D750 but in my heart still dying to get a D4s in my hands 🙁

  • Darin M

    CNX-D 1.0.3 appears to be much faster at generating D810 previews and applying editing commands on my last gen iMac.

    Other bugs still remain, and from the latest info displayed by the installer, applying noise reduction may crash the software.

  • NoMeJodas

    Instead of wasting money and resources on NX-D, Nikon should have a) gone all DNG and b) collaborated with established imaging software companies like Adobe, Corell and Phase One to make sure that their RAW files get supported even before the product is released (See Leica for example). This would have provided much better end user experience than what we have now and allowed their user base to use other (superior?) OS platforms that are not officially supported (e.g. Linux and *BSD).

    • WDF??

      Maybe Adobe and Phase One would rather manage updates themselves instead of jumping with every new DSLR model?

  • Not a single one of my issues has changed.
    – images won’t open consistently to CNX2 or PS SC3
    – Still can’t see slider values
    – very slow redraw of image adjustments and thumbnails
    – cut off Picture Control settings
    – no auto full screen mode for portrait and landscape images

    I’m still using it but hating the experience

    • VicNaranja

      And.. Why are you using it?

      • I do like the conversions, the ability to activate the picture controls (including clarity) I choose, and to export to NX-2 to use the U-points before finishing in PS CS3.
        It’s getting kludgy, I admit. So far it’s the path of least resistance.

  • peter

    Nikon, please stop wasting your money!

  • Mark

    What is considered “…destinations outside ViewNX-2″…? I have my raw post processed photos arranged in a number of different folders on my laptop and external hard drive. I thought my sidecar was saved in the raw file. Is the sidecar now going to be in a separate file that I must keep in sync with the raw file?

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