The first Nikon D810 books are already out

The first Nikon D810 books/guides are already listed on Amazon US:

Here are the listings for few other countries:

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  • chris

    When is the release date for the D750 Admin?

    • The initial unconfirmed date was August 26th, but I doubt it will happened. It should be in the next 3 weeks.

      • Eric Calabros


        “…another point: Photokina announcements are lot like watching a pride of lions eating or Hollywood blockbuster films picking release weekends. It’s a giant scramble to find your own space. If you’ve got something small, you try to announce it early, as Canon did with their new Powershots. That’s because you want a clean launch where every news source picks it up because there’s nothing else launching that day. Launch a small thing on a day where big things get announced, and you won’t see the same level of coverage. So what are the “big” announcements this Photokina. So far the Canon 7DMarkII and the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and X200 would look like the biggest of the bunch we know about. Those announcements are going to try to take prime position in the two weeks prior to Photokina, I think. So watch the order of announcements in August. The earlier, the less confident the company is in the product being able to bully the other announcements.”

        • broxibear

          Hi Eric,
          Thom takes the month of August off, he goes off the grid and doesn’t post anything at all, so he won’t post anything that happened in August until September when he’s back…hence no mention of the D750 by him anywhere.

          • Studor13

            Maybe he and Nikon are not exactly best buddies.

            If I were Nikon and someone continually pis*es me off, I wouldn’t exactly be sending him an early D750 for him to write a book about.

            • Ric

              Or maybe he is testing the crud out of the D750?
              or maybe not.

            • br0xibear

              Hi Studor13,
              I was mearly sayinh that Thom is away for August, he usually does it every year, and that’s why he hasn’t commented on any of the D750 rumours. The quote Eric posted was from something he wrote before taking his break.
              You’d have to ask Thom about how close he and Nikon are or aren’t.

            • Eric Calabros

              Which broxibear is broxibear? That with O but without avatar? or that one with zero and avatar?

            • br0xibear

              Both, when the D4s was coming out there was a troll on nikonrumors who was pretending to be me and others, he/she also used our names in Disqus…that’s why when I post through Disqus it’s as “br0xibear”, Peter knows who I am as he knows my email.
              Sorry for the confusion but it’s not really my fault.

            • nobody cares

              I’ve always been under the impression that the first books out are the least useful. Hogan generally spends at several months working with a camera before he releases a book. And honestly, I’m not sure why Nikon would be pissed. The guy is a dedicated Nikon user. Besides, as I recall, he alluded to a surprise announcement or something like that around Photokina, which I assumed meant a d400 or a d700 update.

  • Jack S

    Do people actually buy these?

    • D810-D5200_user

      I make myself the same question.

    • Jeff Hunter

      I bought Darrell Young’s D800 book two years ago when I was learning to use the D800. This was my first pro-level camera and I was still rather inexperienced regarding DSLRs in general, even though I had quite a bit of experience shooting back in the film days. I found his book much more informative than the Nikon user guide that came with the D800. Young’s book put the camera’s features into context which the Nikon user guide did not do. So for someone that’s inexperienced and wants to get the most out of their camera I highly recommend Young’s books. I have not read any of the other authors mentioned.

    • I think people do. Its amazing how often I see used camera for sale that “include” books like this in the sale.

    • AlexanderKlebe

      Why not? My last camera (Nikon D700) worked well for me and my clients for the past 5 years. I think of these cameras as an investment. Here are my first impressions and I think it´s worth the sum:

  • neversink

    I just can’t wait for very mistitled “Mastering the Nikon D810” where, like every other book in that series, every page refers y0u to the manual for more info. Why not just save your money and read the flipping manual!!!!!!!

  • transferase

    *twitch* gradient background *twitch*

    • There’s nothing wrong with gradient backgrounds. The problem is tasteless backgrounds.

  • Steve Griffin

    Maybe I should get this considering my D810 is in the shop getting “fixed” re’ the White Spots issue and I’ll have time to read it. People have said it only takes 30 minutes to make the changes and yet mine will be away for almost 2 weeks.

  • Forward

    With his many weeks of experience using the Nikon D810 Douglas Klostermann brings you knowledge it would take experts years to master in his stunning new quadrilogy “Nikon D810 Experience – The Still Photography…”.

    Long, long ago, when Douglas first got his …

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