How to tell if a Nikon D810 camera has the thermal issue fix?

Firmware update C1.01

A reader send me a confirmation that Nikon updated the C firmware on his D810 camera to 1.01 in order to fix the thermal issue (white dots) during long exposures:


Black dot in the tripod socket

Several readers purchased a Nikon D810 from the last B&H shipment (see this post) and confirmed the presence of a black dot in the tripod socket:

Nikon D810 camera service advisory for thermal issue white dots
The C 1.01 firmware update for the D810 is not available for download on Nikon's support page. Like I already mentioned few days ago, this is not just a firmware update fix - a "pixel defect compensation" must also be applied to every affected camera.

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  • Joey

    I dropped by the Nikon service center in Mississauga, Ontario this morning and they applied the fix while I waited. I was in and out in about 20 minutes.
    I confirm that my firmware is now v1.01 and they put a little black dot (marker I believe) in my tripod socket.

    • Same here. Nikon Sweden fixed it in less then 10 minutes…

      // Alex

      • Kurt Story

        Less than 10 sounds like a firmware update.

        • and sensor calibration. Got the black dot in the tripod socket to 🙂

  • fjfjjj

    A fine-tipped black Sharpie works great to make black dots in the tripod socket and on prints from long-exposure shots.

    • mikeswitz

      whine….whine…..whine…whine, unless it’s about some of Leica’s stupid shit.

    • It’s just a mark that the product has already been sorted out. lol. HOW ABOUT START READING AND USING SOME “BRAINS”

  • Cyberagent

    My D810 from B&H that arrived today 08/22/2014 did NOT have a black dot on the tripod hole, it’s just silver. However, the firmware versions are C 1.01 L 2.005. Maybe they forgot to mark this one? The Nikon website says the serial number is unaffected, repair not necessary. I’m looking forward to great years of shooting with this camera!

  • Craig

    I’ll take that photo credit now bitches ! by C johnston k thx !!!

  • Pablo Larenas

    when will the new firmware for download to everybody

  • NFan

    Thank you Peter. But, Where are the rumors?

    • NFan

      D750 info any? Any new lens in photokina?

    • tap0

      Exactly, this is primarily a rumor site, but turning out to be a Nikon compendium for already released products !!

      • Why do we have this same discussion every other month?

        • Fly Moon

          Exactly! Why do those guys think that you’re hiding any rumors? If there is something worth sharing I am sure you would! Do they expect you to get rumors out of your a**? Sheesh!!

          • Rob

            Make rumors! Now!

          • Incredulous

            Do you really believe that most of the stuff that’s posted on NR comes from anywhere but Nikon’s PR dept?


          • I like Admin’s extra content. Sure, I’d like fresh and accurate rumours every day, but then Nikon would have to be very busy! 🙂

        • Craig

          Wheres my photo credit ? LOL … look at that shot of my D810 it’s F@#king incredible!!! ©

      • br0xibear

        Peter(Admin) can’t publish every rumour he gets sent unless he can corroborate it with other sources.
        I can give you two other things I’ve heard about the D750. But they come from a single source, so take that caveat on board, and accept that it might turn out to be wrong.
        8 FPS continuous high speed (body alone, ie without adding a battery grip).
        The light body is due to a new moulded magnesium alloy which hasn’t been used in any other bodies.
        If I hear anything else I’ll post it here first.

        • Ken Elliott

          Is this body made using vacuum-assisted casting, or something new?

          • br0xibear

            Hi Ken,
            I have no idea, just that it’s molded alloy.
            The D600/610 use magnesium alloy for the top and rear covers, it’s possible the D750 uses even more which makes it lighter.
            Apart from what Peter’s already posted, and the two things above, I’ve not heard anything else so far.

      • megadon357

        Just skip the non-rumors if you don’t like them. I can’t imagine the admin is holding back any…

    • AM I Am

      There’s a rumor there will be a rumor… sometime.
      Stay tuned.

  • Matthew Saville Baldon

    You could always try taking a long exposure. Just a thought…

  • Same recall thing happened to me on a D5000 a few years ago. Am I just lucky?

    Why can’t they just post a Distributor-Level-Software-Lite program and some instructions and let us fix it ourselves? I’d be so much less annoyed.

  • Fly Moon

    I WILL NOT purchase any new model right away. The first batch(s) usually test cameras! I was bitten by Nikon D600 and Fuji X-T1

  • Mike D

    A firmware update and a black Sharpie dot in the tripod socket. Too funny. So when firmware update 1.01 or 1.02 is released all I have to do is put a black Sharpie mark in my tripod socket??

    Oh, yeah… “pixel defect compensation”. There are those who believe that this is a special long exposure hot pixel map. Others would have you believe that this is just a CYA move by Nikon. Send your camera in so that they can do a hot pixel remap to make sure you don’t have any hot pixels to complain about after the firmware update.

  • The D810 I received from Adorama on 8/22/2014 has a black dot. I also checked the serial number with Nikon USA’s service advisory site to confirm. My other D810 that shipped at release needs to be serviced however.

  • Pablo Casares

    anyone experienced this issue with a D4? i do. I though it was time to take it to service for a thorough clean, even tough i know dirt comes up black in the image, but now that I see this I´m pretty sure is the same problem

    • Mike D

      I do. I also see it in my D800E. The real question is whether there is a more serious (and obvious) issue with a few cameras that most of us don’t see. If I shoot an image (black cap or real) and raise clarity and exposure to +3 EV or higher I see spots in all 3 cameras. Nasim Mansurov did a comparison between D810 and D800E, and the D800E did not have the issue. So go figure.

      I’m sorry if some have a more serious issue. But I see normal behavior that comes from extreme pushing in post. That’s what LENR is for.

  • Mårten Lundgren

    So what about the L firmware (2.005), when will everyone else get the new distorsion control data to their cameras?

    • megadon357

      Good question!

  • Pablo Larenas

    when will the new firmware for download to everybody

  • br0xibear

    “As image resolution and sharpness have been increased with the D810,
    even after cameras are serviced to resolve this issue, bright spots may
    be more noticeable in exposures longer than 30 s than they were in
    images captured by previous cameras with the same exposure time.”

  • Alfredo Maiquez

    I have same problem with my two D600 cameras, after 30 seconds exposure, white dots all over……

  • I own this camera and mine is tagged for recall. I’ve done a handful of long exposure tests (10, 20, 30 seconds) in various low light situations and I don’t see any bright spots. Do you think this issue is something that can come on gradually, or is it a case of you have it or you don’t?

  • Dennis Gauci

    I just purchased two D810’s this week from and both have been flagged as needing the fix by their serial numbers. I will probably take them to the Los Angeles service center to see if I can get them updated while I wait, rather than hassle sending them all back in and waiting.

  • Craig

    if this is fixed we are all FFFFFKED. took this screen shoot of a picture i shoot tonight ISO 6400 1/60th hot pixels everywhere. camera has update .

    • Craig

      ISO 4000 1/125th 100% zoom
      this does not seem right at all

      • fred

        I can see the same white dots in similiar positions on both images above. Use the 3 bright points (triangle) on the lower left of center of both images as a reference point and compare the 2 images!

    • mikeswitz

      I suggest you lock yourself in a closet and then hit yourself over the head with the flat end of a shovel. When you wake up check to see if you are seeing stars….if you are you are definitely not fixed.

  • James Brown

    Mine just came back from Nikon service in Richmond, no black dot but firmware is now:
    C: 1.01
    L: 2.005

    • SkyMeow

      Same here. My D810 firmware is updated to C: 1.01, L: 2.005, but no black dot. I guess they forgot.

      • Black Dot Applied

        When I got my D810 from the service recall, it had a black dot in the tripod mount. It was serviced at the New York service center.

  • oandroplex700

    I think I”ll continue to enjoy my Nikon D800, that doest have all the problems of the D810………just awful about this D810 situation

    • Dan Men

      D800 has its own problems lol

      • oandroplex700

        thats funny, mine seems to be perfect!!

        • Dan Men

          Try selling it

          • oandroplex700

            its not for sale, thank you…….
            it truly creates works of art…….
            I”m sorry that you dont own one…..

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