Nikon D810 currently in stock at BestBuy and OneCall


Nikon D810 spotted at B&H

Update: Amazon currently has Nikon D810 cameras in stock.

The Nikon D810 is currently in stock at BestBuy (both online and stores) and OneCall (you can pay with your Amazon account).

The new Nikon D810 Switch & Save promotions is also now live at Amazon.

The Nikon D810 filmmaker's kit is scheduled to start shipping on July 27th.

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  • d900

    That means, 810 sale is not going bonkers like 800 was in 2012. I had to wait 7 weeks to get mine, and evey where it was wait list…

    • doge

      Marketing wasn’t as strong with this update cycle camera as it was with the brand new D800.

    • Sam Hurd

      or it jus means they made more of them this time… we have no idea.

      • Peter Parker

        Actually there is not bent up demand like there was when the D800 came out. Plus the D810 is not a big jump from the D800. So very few D800 owner will upgrade to it.

        • BillK

          I have an 800 and see no reason to upgrade to the 810 for the kind of cash it would cost me.

    • Yup

      I would think they would have a much better idea of how many were needed this time around. That probably has a lot to do with that. Might be why manufacturing was moved.

      That said, there was a ton of people waiting on a lower cost, high res body from Nikon when the D800 came out. Prior to that, it was either the 12 megapixel D700 or spend a fortune on a D3X. There was also a long lead time between the announcement and release, if I remember right, so way more preorders.

    • UA

      I wait that the initial early buyers price goes away. Should happen quite soon, since D800 and D800E are already discontinued. Nikon probably realized that D800(E) markets had saturated and didn’t want to push the price closer to the D610. With this smallish iteration of D810, they get to keep the price high and increase the demand a bit. Of course they didn’t expect this to be such a seller that D800 was when launched.

    • One More Thought

      There are easy explanations as to why there is not the shortage that was prevalent with the release of the D800.

      First, the D800 was a huge upgrade; a game changer in the DSLR world. And many people had been waiting for the next thing after the D700.

      The D810 is an amazing device as well, but is a much more incremental upgrade. While being a more refined camera, it does not have the wow disruptive effect on the market.

      Second, I would image by now that Nikon is better at manufacturing the unit and anticipating demand.

      So you can’t really infer much from the fact that there is not this huge shortage at launch.

      • umeshrw

        “I would image by now that Nikon is better at manufacturing the unit and anticipating demand.”
        They sure are good at anticipating….. J, V, and S cameras have shown that.

    • KT

      Consider that the small body FF that saturated the market back then were the 12 MP D700. Everyone’s complaints notwithstanding, the leap from D700 to D800 was huge. That market segment today is fully saturated with the D800/E, D610 and to a lesser degree with the Df and the leap from the D800E to D810 is definitely subtle at best. There’s probably more daylight between the D800 and D800E, than between the D800E and D810, but I’ll wait for the DXOmarks and other reviewers to form a more definitive opinion

  • Jorge

    Walked in last night to the bestbuy on Concord Pike in Wilmington Delaware a and walked out with a D810 body. Easy peasy

    • Chimphappyhour

      This is one of the few things I actually like about Best Buy. So easy to walk in or go on the site and get Nikon’s on day of release. (I’ve done that with the D700, D600 and V3.)

    • 3.4K

      Easy peasy. Wallet loosey

      • Jorge

        Wallet EMPTY. no Plastic.

  • pd2009

    Just ordered from OneCall…never used them…what’s the word on off-brand batteries, the En-El 15, I like to have 3 or 4 total (weddings)

    Wasn’t Nikon punking them in firmware?

    • saywhatuwill

      I like One Call. Good company. If something is wrong with your product or you don’t like or need it and you need to send it back, no problem. Crutchfield is the same.

  • Saffron Blaze

    I pre-ordered and got the call on the day of release and went in to pick it up. The store strongly recommended against 3rd party batteries. I buckled and got one extra Nikon battery for now, which I suspect is much in line with Nikon’s wishes/hopes. The margins on these branded batteries must be huge.

    • Jon E. Otten

      You’re actually paying for “legal liability’ from Nikon, rather than low margin, low ‘non-japanise’ safety standards!

      • Saffron Blaze

        If Nikon’s actuarial tables are saying they need $40 of coverage per battery perhaps I should forgo batteries altogether!

    • JT

      It sounds like that dealer is also enjoying the margins on OEM batteries.

    • UA

      So far I haven’t heard about 3rd party battery that would last as long and be as good capacity as Nikon’s own.

      Some chinese 3rd parties could be discarded at QA on Nikon outsourced manufacturing and instead of recycling, they are “stolen” to be sold as 3rd party. The discarding could be anything: higher than expected self discharge, overheating, not able to take as much power as should etc. This is one of the reasons, why many 3rd party mobile & laptop batteries have exploded (friend of mine worked at Nokia related to this topic.. really hard to find reliable outsourcing in China).

      Also, many Chinese 3rd party battery manufactures do not even have QA. They just ship everything, and if the buyer reclaims a dead battery, they just send another. Because it’s cheaper that way. Unfortunately, you might get one that explodes/melts. So only buy “quality” 3rd party batteries, from manufacturers that have a long history.

  • Are they having a dust storm in New York? The camera and lens in the photo is pretty dirty for being the first day of availability.

    • saywhatuwill

      Why do you say that? I’m sure the lens is old but the camera seems pretty pristine. The black dots on the camera are part of the finish.

      • Look at the grip…there’s a light coating of brown dust.

  • Orderer mine yesterday at noon time from MidWest Photo Exchange, arrived at my desk around 9am, . . . .snapping away already!

  • saywhatuwill

    Guess I didn’t need to preorder my camera.

    • photoroto

      And I have to say, life would have been easier if I had not pre-ordered mine! I called my well known pre-order holder, only to be told by recording that my order was still “indeterminate.” OTOH my local BestBuy here in Podunk asked me, “can we hold one for you?” Memories of the D800 intro debacle are still too fresh in many of our minds.

      • Jorge

        I went online to Best Buy. Placed my order. And picked it up on my way home from the office last Thursday!

  • Benjamin Dover

    I have not seen the Animator’s Kit anywhere outside Nikon’s online store.
    It looks promising as you get $200 off the 105mm (a power adapter, software and a num pad)

    • nek4life

      The advertisements that are following me around the internet now after visiting the animator’s kit page a bunch of times say that it’s a Nikon Store exclusive.

  • anon

    I think maybe people aren’t as eager to part with their cash on this one as they were with the 800. The 800 was the BEST thing coming out only to have quite a few problems in the first year. I’m sure Nikon’s questionable QC over the last couple years have planted some resistance in people’s minds. It certainly has in mine.

    I’m waiting to see how the AF of the D810 compares to the D800. I’m not overly happy with the d800 AF, granted it could be my copy but there have been many complaints, also. I think it hunts way too much with 2.8 zooms in moderate to OK light. Plus it backfocuses really often just about the same degree with all lenses. AF Fine tune only helps to a degree sometimes.. For me a d810 is not a replacement for the d800 but a complementary camera. The 810 would become the primary and the 800 would become a secondary or backup depending on if i was shooting with 2 bodies at the time. If the D810 is substantially better than the d800, i’d likely sell the d800 and get a second 810 as a backup. I just couldn’t justify doing that with the d800 due to its issues.

    For those that have the 810s and have experience with the 800s… how much improvement to the AF have they actually added?

    • photoroto

      Just got the D810, so haven’t had time to play with settings, and I normally shoot with manual focus lenses.

      But with the out-of-the-box settings it was hard not to notice that the D810 is much less of a sucker for focusing on wall detail behind a lower contrast human subject. That could drive you crazy with the D800e, as is well known. It’s as though the priority has been been modified to favor the closest object in the field, regardless of contrast. Also, the autofocus seemed to track a person walking up to the camera without rocking focus, much like the Canon 70D which is superb in that regard, and which utterly fails on all previous Nikons I have owned. That will be of major interest to videographers who lack the luxury of a focus puller assistant.

      The justification for me is the electronic shutter, which takes down shutter vibration to a point where you can be pretty sure you’re getting sharp shots with a tripod mounted telephoto minus support bars, bungees and all that drit.

      But otherwise I believe most folks will find the autofocus a big improvement, especially at parties, weddings, openings, etc where background walls are prominent. Good work, Nikon! Glad you’re hangin’ in there.

  • Michiel953

    Jpeg (forgot to set RAW on this brief trial run) with D810/58mm (100 ISO, f2.8, 1/400), today. AF was right on the button, very refreshing.

    • Eric Calabros

      in a sunny day of July, even iPhone Jpeg at ISO 100 looks great
      Please let us know how is ISO 6400, indoor

      • Michiel953

        Of course; I’ll try again next week, and will remember this time to set RAW. Still, downsized to here, what will you see?

        • Eric Calabros

          Flickr is the best place for that

  • Nikon D810 now in stock at Amazon:

    • marker

      As of 6:32pm EST, July 18 – amazon has 10 left. Let see how fast that sells…

      • test

        5 sold in an hour

        • koenshaku

          I’m surprised fake reviewers haven’t started trolling yet.

        • marker 2

          July 18, 11pm… sold out

          moving fast!

          • Marker 3

            July 19, 12pm…. 1 available.

            either someone returned. or nikon is replenishing quick

    • photoroto

      I wonder how Nikon’s allocation politics work? Apparently NYC and LA are starving for these things, whereas there are lots of D810s available my state with with less than 2 million inhabitants. I bet there are some seriously pee’d-off sales staffers out there in the metro areas.

      Anyhoo, this morning at the BestBuy 3 of 5 cameras sold while I was there getting mine. They say they will get new stock on Monday or Tuesday. Time to go have some fun…

  • broxibear

    Nikon D810: BEHIND-THE-SCENES of “Every Moment Counts”

  • Tom

    Traded my D800 yesterday. Loving it.

  • samsunguser

    I am a very prominent and important photographer. I maintain my constantly growing family on my expertise as a photographer and I am very worried that the finish on the flip up flash is not the same as that on the rest of the body. Tell me that I am wrong. Please!

    • Jon McGuffin

      Well, maybe it’s just me but I’m thinking due to your extreme prominence and importance in the photography world, a silly little thing like a different finish on one small piece of the camera body would hardly be cause to be “very worried”. Surely somebody of your level of prestige has bigger things in the world to worry about yes?

      After-all, isn’t it entirely possible that this new finish/material might in fact be an enhancement to the body?

      • FredBear

        I think he was being ironic?

        • Jon McGuffin

          Maybe I was too? 🙂

          • FredBear

            Too obtuse for me 😉

    • FredBear

      Maybe Nikon should supply a free family pack of condoms with each D810? 😉

      • Mike D

        Actually, if your’re busy reading the manual and changing the settings on the D810, you probably won’t need a condom because your significant isn’t going to be very happy that you are paying more attention to a camera than to him/her.

  • ar

    DxOMark #Nikon #D810 results to be released next week !

    • top

      Dxo will surely rate D810 — top of the heap, above all other dslr

  • HF

    First comparison from someone I usually refer to:

    • Carl Showalter

      Wow this is pretty underwhelming. Detail/noise performance looks almost the same (not to say indistinguishable) even in this pixel-peeping comparison. To be fair the D810 has a little less blotchy color noise at ISO 12800 and higher but not worth mentioning imo. I did not expect a major leap in this regard but at least a difference…

      • HF

        The shadow noise in the RAW files developed by Nikon’s software looks indeed better, the 0.5 stops improvement as claimed in the article seems reasonable. Nevertheless, comparing high ISO images always boils down to pixel-peeping for similar sensors, unless you are comparing m43 to FF. I take any improvement, as this means less work later in post-processing.

    • JT

      More than once I’ve seen some rather grandiose claim made on that site which I could not duplicate using my software, ie Photoshop and ACR. So I’m not going to rush to the writer’s conclusions this time, without some testing on my end.

  • NDawg

    well, the new D810 is not really selling very well. Buh-Bye Nikon. Nice knowing you. Don’t forget to turn off the lights after the bankruptcy. lol smh lol.

    • Michiel953

      Enjoying yourself?

    • Mike D

      The only reason I’m upgrading to the 810 is because I made a mistake of not buying the 800E. I really like the extra acuity of the D7100 which also doesn’t have a Bayer filter.

    • Sold out everywhere in Switzerland.

  • photoast

    Just got mine today. Sold back my D800 and D300 so now my setup is D810 + D800 backup. Right off the bat the AF feels faster and snappier, the grip is much better because it is deeper and the ISO performance looks to be better as well. Will test it in the next few days to see how it matches up against the D800 but first impressions are good so far

    • Michiel953

      What I thought. Nicer viewfinder as well.

  • Jason

    I love the fact that someone has already posted a negative review on it… But wait, they don’t even own one? Reported as abused (as well as his other blatant slams on Nikon products that the user likely doesn’t even own.) Needless to say, wish I had $3300 to spare.

    • JT

      I saw that–good god, that anti-Nikon nut is back and he’s early this time. He must be a glutton for punishment LOL.

  • photoroto

    The D810 is one helluva camera! Fabulous image quality, and the improvements in the shutter mechanism alone make it worth the upgrade for anybody shooting with long lenses. I’m almost tempted to say that Mirror Up almost optional now for vibration sensitive shooting. And lotsa other stuff, such as jaw dropping dynamic range. And clean looking enormous prints. By far the best camera I have ever owned, and on that list you will find 8×10’s all the way down to you name it. Could easily be The Best Camera Ever Made…if your purpose in life is creating pictures other than for sports.

    Don’t quite understand the obsession with noise performance, which was already excellent in the D800’s. If you need absolute top grade noise performance, get a D4s or an A7s. If you want top grade image quality, get a D810. This is not rocket science.

  • Disappointed

    D810 Returned – It would not recognize any lens that I put on it. Pretty disappointed. Not sure to order another one or wait to see if this is an issue.

    • Gary

      Please be more specific – what lenses did you try and what was the actual symptom? Thanks

      • Disappointed

        I tried the Nikon 85mm 1.8 and the 17-35mm 2.8.

        It would not autofocus. No change in aperture when spinning the aperture control subwheel. With the 85mm f1.8 it showed an aperture reading of “0”. With the 17-35 it showed an aperture reading of “6”. They never changed. It also showed the little triangle next to the aperture reading which I believe shows it is a manual adjustment for aperture.

        It would not allow me to change focus modes. I simply believe that it was not receiving data from the lens. I mounted and unmounted each lens several times and it made no difference.

        Tried it in M, P, and S modes. No difference. I have the D800 now. I think I know how to operate it. I even (GASP) read the manual to see if anything had changed.

        Have ordered another copy. Will see how it goes.

  • Guest

    D810 in stock at B&H (Jul 28 2014)

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